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The tech news you need to know from the past week covering iPhones, iPads, and related mobile technology. Brought to you by Jeff Richardson of iPhone J.D. and Brett Burney of Apps in Law.


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The tech news you need to know from the past week covering iPhones, iPads, and related mobile technology. Brought to you by Jeff Richardson of iPhone J.D. and Brett Burney of Apps in Law.




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116: Max Reactions, Finely Woven Criticisms, and the End of the Red Envelope Era

Watch the video! Consider SaneBox for your insane inbox: In the News blog post for September 29, 2023: Jeff’s Review: iPhone 15 Pro Max -- titanium, 5x telephoto, and so much more Arthur Shi | iFixit: Unweaving the Mystery: Apple’s FineWoven Case Under the Microscope John Gruber | Daring Fireball: Talk Show Podcast - “Who’s Heef?” with Matthew Panzarino Jason Snell: Take Control of Photos Book Federico Viticci | MacStories: Introducing MultiButton: Assign Two Shortcuts to the Same Action Button Press on iPhone 15 Pro Nelson Aguilar | CNET: 17 Hidden iOS 17 Features and Settings on Your iPhone Brian Heater | TechCrunch: Apple executives break down AirPods’ new features Zac Hall | 9to5Mac: Here’s where you can use your iPhone as your digital driver’s license or ID so far [September 2023] John Voorhees | MacStories: The Mighty Mini Returns: Productivity Powerhouse at 34,000 feet Nicole Sperling | The New York Times: Netflix Prepares to Send Its Final Red Envelope Brett’s iTip: Adding Widgets to the Lock Screen on your iPad Jeff’s iTip: Mini-window for extreme Digital Zoom Consider SaneBox for your insane inbox: Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


115: Overwhelming Apple Week, LIVE Titanium Unboxing, and Non-Timid Zooming

Watch the video! Consider SaneBox for your insane inbox: In the News blog post for September 22, 2023: Michael Potcuk | 9to5Mac: iOS 17.0.1 patches 3 actively exploited security flaws Zachary McAuliffe | CNET: iOS 17 Review: StandBy Mode Is My Favorite New Feature, Hands Down D. Griffin Jones | Cult of Mac: The 50 best iOS 17 features you should try after you update Dan Moren | Macworld: 3 new Apple features I’d literally be lost without John Gruber | Daring Fireball: The iPhones 15 Pro (and iPhones 15) Jason Snell: 5x 2x 1x Jaron Schneider | PetaPixel: Apple Explains What the iPhone 15 Camera Can and Can’t Do – and Why John Gruber | Daring Fireball: AirPods Pro 2, Now With USB-C Charging Case Robert Leedham | GQ: How Apple made the ultimate Snoopy watch: “You wouldn't believe the minutiae” Andrew Cunningham | ArsTechnica: tvOS 17’s extra column of icons is its most useful new feature in years Stephen Hackett | 512 Pixels: Updated iCloud+ Plans Launched Brett’s Favorite iOS 17 Update: Updates in Safari with generally more accessible to tabs from bottom. You can now also set up Profiles. Jeff’s Favorite iOS 17 Update: Use the Level to straighten your pictures. Turn this on by going to Settings - Camera - Composition - Level Consider SaneBox for your insane inbox: Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: I9OR1DPIXENMWJML Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


114: More Nits, Less Leather, and Oh Say Can You USB-C

Consider SaneBox for your insane inbox: Watch the video! In the News blog post for September 15, 2023: Jeff: Why lawyers will love the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Dr. Drang: iPhone 15 Pro facts and estimates Ben Lovejoy | 9to5Mac: iPhone Diary: As expected, the camera improvements sold me an iPhone 15 Pro Max Brian X. Chen | The New York Times: How to Navigate Apple’s Shift From Lightning to USB-C Stephen Shankland | CNET: iPhone 15 and USB-C: Expect a Cable Mess, but It Might Not Bug You Benjamin Mayo | 9to5Mac: Apple stops selling MagSafe Battery Pack and MagSafe Duo Jeff: Why lawyers will love the 2023 models of the Apple Watch Joe Rossignol | MacRumors: New AirPods Pro Feature Lossless Audio With Vision Pro and Additional Dust Resistance John Cook | GeekWire: Worst butt-dial of my life: Apple’s iPhone SOS technology, and an inadvertent wilderness ‘rescue’ Amber Neely | AppleInsider: Woman swallowed her AirPod after mistaking it for a vitamin Brett’s Favorite Announcement: New Modular Watch Face for Apple Watch Ultra! Jeff’s Favorite Announcement: Roadside assistance option for emergency services Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


113: Lightning Eulogy, HomePod Harassment, and Doing the Pay Dance

Watch the video! In the News blog post for September 8, 2023: The Citizen Lab: NSO Group iPhone Zero-Click, Zero-Day Exploit Captured in the Wild Lily Hay Newman | Wired: Apple’s Decision to Kill Its CSAM Photo-Scanning Tool Sparks Fresh Controversy Dan Moren | Macworld: RIP Lightning: In lieu of flowers, please send dongles Felipe Espósito | 9to5Mac: HomePod 2 is exactly what I wanted – but then there’s AirPlay William Gallagher | AppleInsider: Apple launched AirPods seven years ago, and changed the world again Ingrid Lunden | TechCrunch: Apple’s BIS acquisition is a bet on a classical music catalogue, and on building cred in the industry Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: Hands-on: CarPlay in iOS 17 adds SharePlay for Apple Music listening parties, even for long-distance friends Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: Apple Watch Crash Detection comes to the rescue yet again: ‘Amazing technology that clearly impacted a person’s life’ Malcolm Owen | AppleInsider: AirTag and Find My helps traveler bust Brussels theft ring Apple Pay | The Dance Brett’s iTip: Set a default card for Apple Pay by going to Settings - Wallet & Apple Pay and tapping “Default Card.” You can also re-arrange the cards in my Apple Wallet by tapping and dragging them. Jeff’s iTip: Blow your mind with 4K HDR with the following ingredients: 1. Apple TV 4K, released April 20, 2021 2. TV that supports 4K HDR. HDR part is essential; even my Apple Studio Display 5K is not good enough. 3. The YouTube app for Apple TV (free) 4. Visit a 4K (or higher) HDR channel on YouTube, such as 8K Vision Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


112: Potential Titanium Pixie Dust and 3D Printed Dog Legs

Watch the video! In the News blog post for September 1, 2023: Messages, and the Red Badge of Usage Apple to announce new iPhone on September 12 John Gruber | Daring Fireball: Idle Speculation on the Widely-Assumed Switch to USB-C Ports on the Upcoming iPhones 15 Jason Snell | Six Colors: Ultra or not? The evolving world of iPhone marketing Harry McCracken | Fast Company: Why the iPad remains a beautiful disappointment David Sparks | MacSparky: My Current Relationship with the iPad Romain Dillet| TechCrunch: The Eve Play turns any classic stereo system into an AirPlay 2 speaker John Voorhees | MacStories: Longplay 2.0: An Album-Oriented Apple Music Player with Loads of New Features Ben Lovejoy | 9to5Mac: NYC subway security flaw seemingly exposes ‘impossible’ Apple Pay vulnerability Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: Nashville police use AirTag to track down stolen car, drugs, and more William Gallagher | AppleInsider: AirTag-owning husband talked out of tracking down stolen AirPods clone William Gallagher | AppleInsider: Woman & dog swept down canyon by flood saved by iPhone Emergency SOS Brett’s iTip: Touch and Hold Mail App for Quick Access Jeff’s iTip: Touch and Hold Messages app for quick access to text specific people Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


111: Apple Cider Vinegar and a Boundless Canvas

Watch the video! Consider SaneBox for your insane inbox: In the News blog post for August 25, 2023: MacRumors Buyer’s Guide Joe Rossignol | MacRumors: These Are Apple's Oldest Products Still Sold Today Apple Developer Blog: Inside the Apple Vision Pro labs Michael Potuck | 9to5Mac: Apple Card giving select users up to $1,300 Daily Cash back on travel and dining Josh Ginter | The Sweet Setup: The Ultimate Guide to Apple Notes Advances in Infectious Diseases: Prevalence and Disinfection of Bacteria Associated with Various Types of Wristbands Apple Support Page: How to clean your Apple Watch Ed Hardy | Cult of Mac: This pocket-size charger juices up Apple Watch anywhere Brett’s iTip: Once you share a note in the Notes app, you can tap the options button to a variety of things including see “participant cursors,” Show All Activity, Show Highlights, and more. Jeff’s Games: All the Wordle clones! Worldle (from NYT) Quordle (from Merriam Webster) Octordle (from Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


110: The Apple of Our “i” and a (Potential) Fast Pass to Space Mountain!

Watch the video! Consider SaneBox for your insane inbox: In the News blog post for August 18, 2023: John Gruber | Daring Fireball: Disney and Apple, Sitting in a Tree Jason Snell | Macworld: Apple buying Disney isn’t the fairy tale it once was Ben Lovejoy | 9to5Mac: Streaming TV costs now higher than cable, as ‘crash’ finally hits Benjamin Mayo | 9to5Mac: Apple TV+ gives first look at upcoming Godzilla universe TV series, reportedly partly filmed in 3D for Vision Pro Jason Snell | The Verge: How the iMac saved Apple Jeff’s Review: Review: Goodnotes 6 — take handwritten notes on your iPad John Gruber | Daring Fireball: “Pinned” Links in Apple Messages Filipe Espósito | 9to5Mac: Hidden AirTag comes to the rescue for woman in the Netherlands after thief nabs bicycle Malcolm Owen | AppleInsider: Thieves ditch hidden AirTag in Vancouver car jacking Brett’s iTip: You can preserve settings in Camera mode by going to Settings - Camera and toggle on which settings you would like have preserved every time you open the Jeff’s iTip: Find attachments from an iMessages conversation by tapping on a conversation and then tapping the face or circle at the top. Then you can scroll down to see shared photos, links, locations, etc. Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


109: iLabor Day, Dubious App Data, and “Feels Like” Weather

Watch the video! Consider SaneBox for your insane inbox: In the News blog post for August 11, 2023: John Gruber | Daring Fireball: What’s the Deal With Sensor Tower? Jason Snell | Six Colors: Callsheet Provides a Clearn Alternative to IMDB Stephen Hackett | 512 Pixels: According to Foreca’s Weather Data, Everyone in Memphis is Dead Marques Brownlee | MKBHD: iOS 17 Hands-On: Top 5 Features! Filipe Espósito | 9to5Mac: Family rescued from wildfires in Maui thanks to iPhone’s Emergency SOS via Satellite Julia Buckley | CNN Travel: The airline said her bag was lost, but her tracker said otherwise. So she flew to get it Jeff Richardson | iPhone JD: In trouble -- an easy and potentially life-saving shortcut Brett’s iTip: Be aware of “Offload Unused Apps” which was introduced in iOS 11 to conserve space on your iPhone by “off-loadnig” apps you haven’t used in a while. All your documents and data are saved, but the app is “off-loaded” until you tap it to re-download it. You can toggle off this feature by going to Settings - App Store - and toggling off “Offload Unused Apps.” Jeff’s iTip: Don’t Fear the Shortcuts App! You can visit Apple’s Shortcuts User Guide to find out more about this powerful option built into your iPhone and iPad, including many free Shortcuts that you can enable from Apple. Thank you to Sanebox for sponsoring today’s episode! Visit to find out more. Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


108: Amazon CarPlay, Spatial Meetings, Tracking House Plants

Consider SaneBox for your insane inbox: Watch the video! In the News blog post for August 4, 2023: David Sparks | MacSparky: Increasing iPhone US Market Share Hong Sodoma | Microsoft: Follow conversations with ease using Spatial Audio in Microsoft Teams Matthew Cassinelli: Apple Adds New Shortcuts Action For Camera Modes in iOS 17 Benjamin Mayo | 9to5Mac: Philips Hue Review: The Enrave is a sleek smart ceiling light for your home Leander Kahney | Cult of Mac: The cheapest and easiest way to add wireless CarPlay to any vehicle Julia Buckley | CNN Travel: Passenger uses AirTag to track the bike his airline lost Fox 29 Philadelphia: 'Vigi-plante': Fishtown couple says they tracked down stolen potted plant using Apple AirTag Brett’s iTip: Quickly filter messages in the Mail app by tapping the filter button in the bottom left corner, than tapping “Filtered by: Unread.” There you’ll see additional options for what messages to include in your “filter” such as Flagged, who it was addressed to, only messages with attachments, etc. Jeff’s iTip: Use Remind Me to come back to emails later by tapping the “Reply” arrow and then “Remind Me” where you can have the Mail app remind you about the message in “1 Hour,” or “Tonight” or “Tomorrow” or a custom date & time. Consider SaneBox for your insane inbox: Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


107: FindMy Frequencies, Flighty Almighty, and Fighting Piñatas

Watch the video! In the News blog post for July 28, 2023: Michael Simon | Macworld: It’s very important to update your Apple devices this week Dan Moren | Macworld: Three overlooked Apple apps you should start using right now Ann-Marie Alcántara | The Wall Street Journal: People Have Begun to Love Apple’s Most Hated Product John Gruber | Daring Fireball: Using AirPods as a Hearing Aid Filipe Espósito | 9to5Mac: Flighty 3.0 makes it even easier to track your friends’ flights Rikka Altland | 9to5Toys: Tested: Belkin’s new BoostCharge Pro is the perfect Apple Watch travel companion with built-in fast charger RORRY Portable Apple Watch Charger that Brett purchased: Apple AirTag 4 Pack on Amazon: Brett’s Gadget: Weber iGrill - use Bluetooth to track the temperature of your grill with the iGrill app! I use the iGrill Mini but there is also the iGrill 3. Jeff’s iTip: There are many news sources, newspapers and magazines that you can read in Apple News+ for $10/month including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, Wired, and many more. Or even better subscribe to AppleOne Premier for $33/month and adds News+ and Fitness+ to Music, TV+, Arcade, iCloud+. Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


106: Magical AirTags, iPhones Standing By, and No Time for New Romans

Watch the video! In the News blog post for July 21, 2023: Adriana Linares | New Solo Podcast: The All-Mac Edition: The Episode For Mac-Curious Attorneys Andrew Cunningham | ArsTechnica: So long, Calibri: Microsoft has settled on a new font for its Office apps MacStories Team: An In-Depth Look at StandBy and the StandBy Chargers We Recommend Jason Snell | Macworld: Why everyone should be running the latest betas on their Apple devices Stephen Hackett | 512 Pixels: Welcome to the Wild World of HomePod mini Stands Howard Sneider | The Gadgeteer: Eve Flare smart LED lamp review – HomeKit or Matter to fit your mood Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: Review: Beats Studio Pro are here, and they make AirPods Max impossible to recommend (for now) Wesley Hilliard | AppleInsider: Apple reveals US tax holiday rules for six states Kelsey Vlamis |Insider: When an airline made his bag disappear, a magician bought another plane ticket just to get back in the airport and track it down with an Apple AirTag — and found it sitting right on the tarmac. The Underdogs: Swiped Mac | Apple at Work Brett’s iTip: Avoiding Tolls in Google Maps and Apple Maps. Especially helpful when you’re in a rental car driving from airport and you want to avoid the incredulous tolls charges. Jeff’s iTip: Travel in the Future Using Maps. Choose a future departure or arrival time: Tap Now (below the Directions list), select a time or date for departure or arrival, then tap Done. The estimated travel time may change based on predicted traffic. Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


105: Rapid Responses, Roach Motels, and Revealing Betas

Watch the video! In the News blog post for July 14, 2023: Juli Clover | MacRumors: Apple Releases Revised iOS and macOS Security Updates to Fix Actively Exploited Vulnerability and Safari Bug David Sparks | MacSparky: Evernote and Getting Too Big For Your Britches Harry McCracken | Technologizer: For your eyes only, my unedited 2013 TIME Magazine story about Evernote Allison Johnson | The Verge: iOS 17 is a lot of little updates that make a big impact Dan Moren | Six Colors: First Look: iOS 17 Public Beta Frederico Viticci | MacStories: iOS and iPadOS 17 After One Month: It’s All About Widgets, Apps, and Stage Manager Dan Moren | Six Colors: First Look: watchOS 10 Public Beta Alex Guyot | MacStories: watchOS 10: The MacStories Preview Justin Meyers | Gadget Hacks: The Volume Trick You Never Knew You Could Do on Your iPhone John Gruber | Daring Fireball: Threads Oliver Haslam | iMore: An AirTag helped put a doomed burglar behind bars Bartosz Ciechanowski: GPS Brett’s iTip: Quote highlighted text when sharing a link in Messages. Jeff’s iTip: If you copy a web address and paste into the Mail app on the iPhone or iPad, the link quickly changes to a graphical preview of the website. That looks pretty, but sometimes you just want the plain text link. Tap the preview once and then an arrow will appear to the right of it near the top. Click that arrow and tap Convert to Plain Link. Especially important as more folks learn about the dangers of clicking on links in emails that could be phishing attempts. Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


104: Apple’s iLaptop, Near-Field Focus, and Becoming a HomeKit WiZ

Watch the video! In the News blog post for June 30, 2023: Fernando Silva | 9to5Mac: iPadOS 17 features that makes your iPad Pro even more of a computer replacement Dan Moren | Macworld: iOS 17 is finally tapping into the iPhone 6’s full potential Lance Whitney | PC Magazine: Write This Down: 15 Things You Didn't Realize Apple's Notes App Could Do Dan Moren | Six Colors: Apple’s Fitness Streaks Need More Humanity Justin Meyers | Gadget Hacks: 7 Things Hiding in Your iPhone's App Icons You Probably Haven't Noticed Yet Bradley Chambers | 9to5Mac: HomeKit Weekly: WiZ light bulbs gaining Matter support is a huge win for Apple Ben Lovejoy | 9to5Mac: Vision Pro safe area limited to 10×10 feet for VR experiences Ben Lovejoy | 9to5Mac: Hiker with broken leg rescued by helicopter thanks to Emergency SOS via Satellite Brett’s iTip: Use Your Apple Watch to get insight into your sleep habits. In order to best track your sleep, you’ll need to wear your Apple Watch overnight while you sleep, and the Watch must be in Sleep Mode. And this works in conjunction with the Health App on your iPhone where you set up your Sleep Schedule. Jeff’s iTip: A few tips on how to organize your home screens. You can hide and show Home Screen Pages. You can also move multiple apps at the same time and use both hands to independently move between screens. One trick to create a “blank” screen on your iPad you can use the Widgetsmith app. Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


103: Flexible Stages, Face Plants, and Name Drops

Watch the video! In the News blog post for June 23, 2023: Jason Cross | Macworld: iOS 16.5.1 is released with important security updates and a Camera Adapter fix Jason Snell | Six Colors: WWDC 2023: More responsive iOS camera apps Tim Hardwick | MacRumors: 5 New AirDrop Features Coming in iOS 17 John Gruber | Daring Fireball: On Scanning QR Codes with your iPhone Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: iPadOS 17 brings much-needed changes to Stage Manager and widgets Zac Hall | 9to5Mac: Five new features coming to AirPods Pro 2 this year Benjamin Mayo | 9to5Mac: Apple execs discuss third-party watch faces and watchOS 10 design decisions in new interview John Voorhees | MacStories: Apple Services Preview: Better Integration, Increased Customization, and Sharing Options Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: Apple planning to bring Wi-Fi 7 support to the iPhone next year, here’s what that means for you Paige Barnes | Local12: Apple Watch saves local woman's life from deadly blood clot Brett’s iTip: Spoken Content and “Speak Screen.” Go to Settings - Accessibility - Spoken Content so you can swipe down from top of screen to have it read the text, and a small control box appears as well. Very useful! Jeff’s iTip: Turn off auto-play of videos. Go to Settings - Accessibility - Motion and toggle off “Auto-Play Video Previews.” This will stop apps like the App Store from automatically playing video previews. Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


102: iOS Beta Scenes and Mini 4K Screens

Watch the video! In the News blog post for June 16, 2023: Michael Grothaus | Fast Company: Exclusive: Apple software chief Craig Federighi on iOS 17’s new privacy features, why he’s afraid of AI, and why he’s not Gabriel Zamora | PC Magazine: 12 Exciting iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 Features We Can't Wait to Try Ed Hardy | Cult of Mac: Hands on with long-overdue improvements to the Files app coming in iPadOS 17 Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: iOS 17 lets you undo passcode changes with a 72-hour grace period Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: Hands-on: iOS 17 adds interactive widgets for the Home app Zac Hall | 9to5Mac: Ping My Watch comes to iPhone in iOS 17 Stephen Hackett | 512 Pixels: Apple’s Original Vision Products Were a Line of CRTs Andrew Cunningham | ars technica: Apple is going out of its way to make sure Vision Pro doesn’t look dorky Federico Viticci | MacStories: Apple Vision Pro: A Watershed Moment for Personal Computing Myke Hurley | Cortex podcast: #143: Apple Vision Pro: Experiencing the Future Evan Selleck | AppleInsider: Sony has been hyping Apple Vision Pro display tech since 2022 Michael Potuck | 9to5Mac: Readdle Scanner Pro for iPhone upgraded with automated Expense Reports Brett’s Gadget: AirPods Max Jeff’s iTip: What do you do with a wonky AirPod? The first three steps are usually all that I need: put in case, wait 30 seconds, use them again. Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


101: A Visionary Firehose of Future iOS Updates

Watch the video! Jeff: Why lawyers will love iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 Apple: iOS 17 Preview Apple: iPadOS 17 Preview Apple: watchOS 10 Preview Brett’s Sites: Apple has “Preview” pages on its website - simply visit and hover over the tabs at top, and look for the “Preview” link to more of what they are planning. Jeff’s iTip: Use widgets now on your iPhone and iPad! They are going to get better and show up in more places very soon. Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


100: Apple’s Vision of the Future

Watch the video! Vision Pro from Apple’s Website Marques Brownlee: Apple Vision Pro Impressions! Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


99: Messages, In a Bottle, and the Police

Watch the video! In the News blog post for May 19, 2023: Kevin Purdy | Ars Technica: Drobo, having stopped sales and support, reportedly files Chapter 7 bankruptcy Evan Selleck | AppleInsider: Pepsi giving out free Apple Music subscriptions in new ad blitz Tammy Rogers | iMore: This is the most popular Apple Music song, ever John Voorhees | MacStories: Apple Adds Live Music Features to Maps and Music James Vincent | The Verge: OpenAI launches free ChatGPT app for iOS Alex Cabrero | Business owner tracks stolen AirPods to Woods Cross hotel Julia Buckley | CNN: This woman left her AirPods on a plane. She tracked them to an airport worker’s home Apple Press Release: App Store stopped more than $2 billion in fraudulent transactions in 2022 Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: iOS 16.5 now available: Here’s everything new D. Griffin Jones | Cult of Mac: 5 hidden features in iMessage Eric Slivka | MacRumors: iPhone Driver's License Feature in Wallet App Now Available in Georgia Brett’s iTip: Show battery percentage for the power anxious by going to Settings - Battery and toggle on “Battery Percentage.” Some people like this, and it makes other very anxious. Jeff’s iTip: Recover a specific text message or an entire thread, but it only for the last 30 days. In the Messages list, tap Edit in the top left corner, then tap Show “Recently Deleted.” You will see deleted messages, and on the right it will tell you how many days you have left before the message is gone forever. Tap on a message or group of messages and tap “Recover.” Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


98: Apple’s Canary Trap, The Final Cut for iPad, and Classical Music Magic

Watch the video! In the News blog post for May 12, 2023: Ed Hardy | Cult of Mac: Apple busts major iOS 17 leaker with spycraft ‘canary trap’ Jason Snell | Six Colors: Final Cut and Logic arrive on iPad: Questions and (some) answers Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: iOS 16.5 to be released next week; here’s everything new Glenn Fleishman | TidBITS: AirTag in the News: NYPD Recommends, Apple and Google Propose Industry Tracking Standard Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: AirTag credited with helping investigators locate $1.1M in cash stolen from armored truck Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: Apple Watch helps save woman’s life after collapsing in a hotel room from a ruptured aorta Filipe Espósito | 9to5Mac: Ivory for Mastodon gets updated with Safari Extension and other enhancements Joe Rossignol | MacRumors: Shazam Now Supports Apple Music Classical D. Griffin Jones | Cult of Mac: 8 secret features in Apple Maps Brett’s iTip: When I search for a restaurant in either Google Maps or Apple Maps, I usually select “Sort by Distance” so I can see what’s closest (default is “sort by relevance”). Wish I could set this as default, but haven’t found that setting. Also in Google Maps, I use the “Measure Distance” tool that lets me drop multiple points to get an accurate measurement of the total distance from point to point. Jeff’s iTip: Words to the Wise: Displaying Siri text on the Apple Watch. In the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, go to Siri - Siri Responses. Or on the Apple Watch: Settings app - Siri - Siri Responses. You can “Always Show Siri Captions” ON / OFF (Show what Siri says on the screen) or “Always Show Speech” ON / OFF (Show a transcription of your speech on screen). Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from


97: Rapid Security, Static Islands, and Skydiving iPhones

Watch the video! In the News blog post for May 5, 2023: Kyle Barr | Gizmodo: People Put Nearly $1 Billion Into Apple Savings Accounts in First 4 Days John-Anthony Disotto | iMore: Ford stands by CarPlay despite General Motors opting to leave Stephen Hackett | 512 Pixels: CarPlay’s UI Needs a Revisit in the Age of Large Screens Jeff’s Article: Apple's first Rapid Security Response update Adam Engst | TidBITS: What Are Rapid Security Responses and Why Are They Important? Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: New York City tells car owners to use AirTags to stop theft, will hand out 500 freebies Darryl Dsouza | The Mac Observer: Top 10 Incredible Dynamic Island Wallpapers for iPhone 14 Pro Chance Miller | 9to5Mac: The downfall of Brydge: iPad keyboard company folds, leaving staff unpaid and customer orders unfulfilled Joe Fedewa | How-To Geek: 10 Apple Maps Features You Should Be Using Brett’s iTip: Control how Siri announces text messages by going to Settings - Notifications - Announce Notifications and un-toggle the announcement for specific apps. But I also add “Announce Notifications” in the Control Center so I can temporarily mute them. Jeff’s iTip: For apps where you can send a reply, like the Messages app , Siri repeats what you said, then asks for confirmation before sending your reply. But to send replies without waiting for confirmation, do any of the following: On iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Go to Settings - Notifications - Announce Notifications, then turn on Reply Without Confirmation. On Apple Watch: Go to Settings - Siri - Announce Notifications, then turn on Reply Without Confirmation. Support the showBrett Burney from Jeff Richardson from