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Tech Ketchup

Season 2 kicks off in a big way as Neal Tardy joins Indy GeekCast as a permanent resident of the show and talks tech news while catching up with regular host Matt Ray. We talk about yet another new Facebook “scandal”, the reality of virtual reality as seen in the hit film and book Ready Player One, and more. Intro Bump: “Piratos” by WOWA [Web]


Tiffney McElroy

Guest: Tiffney McElroy, Serial Entrepreneur and Owner of Connect4 Quick note: This was reorded in a coffee shop and definitely has some background noise. Maybe you dig it as a one-off experience or maybe you don’t. Either way, let me know how it lands with you, please! When I think of someone who has a lot going on, I always think of Tiffney. She is oved by engineers for her focus on cultural fit when looking to matchmake a candidate with a local company. She is working on a clothing...


Agile Games

Guest: Britney Earwood for Agile Games To celebrate the 1 year “birthday” of Agile Games in Indianapolis, the crew with Agile Games put on a series of games styled after the “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?” improv show. So, this episode is a recording of that Agile Games session and Britney Earwood, one of Agile Games’ meetup coordinators, providing some context both before and after the live recording. If you have heard of Agile methodology for project management or just enjoying hearing...


Jeff Reklau

Guest: Jeff Reklau, Business Relationship Manager at Community Health Network Longtime friend and one-time coworker Jeff Reklau comes on the podcast and provides valuable insight into his career progression from the days when we didn’t know what we didn’t know to being a highly competent connector of ideas, resourcing, and prioritization on top of the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare. Yeah, and he didn’t even pay me to say that! Jeff is fun, engaging, and provides a great glimpse...


Justin Kittle

Guest: Justin Kittle, IT Operations Manager at OurHealth Weaving in free plugs for Amazon Pantry, Prime, and Now, Justin Kittle talks about the impact of cloud computing via Amazon Web Services, the future of drone-based deliveries, and more. He also does a great job of talking through how OurHealth differentiates itself and is impacting local businesses ability to offer wellness-focused engagement for their staff. Intro Bump: “Sonic Theme Song Trap Remix” by Eem Triplin [SoundCloud]


Joel Nowacki

Guest: Joel Nowacki, Owner and DJ for Track Seven DJ Musician and DJ Joel Nowacki pops by to chat about his start in the industry, how powerful word of mouth advertising has been for his business, and the importance of being and having a mentor. We also take some time to catch up about his passion for being a musician (will we hear more from him soon?) and getting on the open road with his motorcycle. Intro Bump: “Halo Theme Remix” by Cole Mikel [SoundCloud]