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Michael and Randolf talk about the Internet way too much.

Michael and Randolf talk about the Internet way too much.
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Michael and Randolf talk about the Internet way too much.




IC 42: Gaming Podcast Now!

In our next gaming roundup episode, Randolf walks Michael through the online first person shooter RPG genre with some recent titles he’s tried. For You’ve Gotta See This, we’re talking about Season 2 of the SNL alumni vehicle Documentary Now! Good Internet, Best Internet has us reviewing some subreddits about PC setups and continuity in … Continue reading IC 42: Gaming Podcast Now!


IC 41: Swedish Telephone Game

A fascinating story about Swedish teenagers rigging a phone system in the 1980s has us talking about communication channels and assumptions of anonymity online. Randolf’s playing a brutal new top-down adventure game. In You’ve Gotta See This, we’re discussing the fun and weird Umbrella Academy, and Good Internet, Best Internet has some cool architecture, Ryan … Continue reading IC 41: Swedish Telephone Game


IC 40: Worse Than Video Games?

Research shows that young men are spending more hours playing video games. Randolf and I get into whether that’s a problem. We check out Apex Legends, the new game that’s keeping the battle royale genre alive. That plus You’ve Gotta See this with Russian Doll, animal moments on Twitter, and much more. If you liked … Continue reading IC 40: Worse Than Video Games?


IC 39: Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts III has been out for a couple of weeks, and everyone’s talking about it. What’s it like so far? Why is it such a beloved series? We discuss where KH3 stands as a successor game and given the state of games today. We also discuss our You’ve Gotta See This movie, Moon (2009), … Continue reading IC 39: Kingdom Hearts


IC 38: The Industry For Your Attention

Lots of news outlets covered Netflix’s letter in which it said to investors that it sees the game Fortnite as its biggest competitor. What does it say that media companies view themselves as peddlers of attention-grabbing products instead of TV shows or other content? Plus, how Fortnite is actually a social networking platform and not … Continue reading IC 38: The Industry For Your Attention


IC 37: Internet Parenting

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch was on everyone’s minds at the start of the New Year, but why is everyone so down on it? We discuss the film (with spoilers!), as well as the games we’ve been playing this week. We also talk about the movie Roma and Syfy’s Happy!, and a number of interesting places we … Continue reading IC 37: Internet Parenting


IC 36: Death Just Comes For You

Streaming took over TV in 2018 according to a recent article. We also talk about (another) Battle Royale mode, this time from CS:GO, and the release of Smash Bros. Ultimate. We discuss our first TV/movie assignments for You’ve Gotta See This, and in Good Internet, Best Internet we’ve found a moral dilemma machine and tracking … Continue reading IC 36: Death Just Comes For You


IC 35: You’ve Gotta See This

If you liked this episode, please consider taking 30 seconds to give us a review, it’s really helpful! Instructions for how to give one are below. Netflix is parting ways with Marvel, and the reason why is a bit more complex than we expected. We talk about a Japanese strategy game and a futuristic Nazi … Continue reading IC 35: You’ve Gotta See This


IC 34: Social Media FOMO

Social media is bad for us, and a new university study has proof. We talk about the impact of “FOMO” that social media causes in younger people, plus the 2018 Game Award nominees are both surprising and unsurprising. Fallout’s new game looks quite bad, and GIBI features a social media site we actually like and … Continue reading IC 34: Social Media FOMO


IC 33: Blizzard’s Diablo Fiasco

Remember that short bit of drama over Justin Bieber eating a burrito incorrectly? Turns out, it was a hoax, but what exactly happened? Plus, Blizzard is in trouble with its fans over the Diablo series, and Red Dead 2 is on everyone’s game consoles. Plus some GIBI with English rural life, Bohemian Rhapsody, and more. … Continue reading IC 33: Blizzard’s Diablo Fiasco


IC 32: Spiderman Selfies

Facebook has another breach of user data – when will enough be enough for users to quit it? Plus some mischievous hackers are making PS4 users brick their consoles. Randolf’s getting through a JRPG remake, Michael’s all into Doctor Who right now, and some GIBI with video game selfies and sound-based subreddits. If you liked … Continue reading IC 32: Spiderman Selfies


IC 31: Unwanted Songs and Cut Scenes

News of Telltale Games shutting down leads to questions about their production model, original IP, and stories of overworked developers. Randolf has lots to say about Spiderman on the PS4, and Michael tried the Black Ops 4 battle royale mode a while back. That plus a GIBI with great streaming TV, some weird Twitter videos, … Continue reading IC 31: Unwanted Songs and Cut Scenes


IC 30: Twitter and Other Birds

Michael’s having a reflective moment about his Twitter usage. When is this often frustrating platform actually good for us to use? And when should we reconsider using it? Randolf keeps finding this weird, clever moments on Reddit threads. Lots of games TV/movies we’ve seen lately, plus a slew of fascinating subreddits, mostly about birds and … Continue reading IC 30: Twitter and Other Birds


IC 29: Pokemon Don’t Go

It turns out that using your phone numbers to identify yourself online is pretty unsecure, as a recent T-Mobile hack shows us. That plus Pokemon Go is in the news again, and it isn’t any good news. Randolf’s playing a pun-tastic game, Michael’s seen a cringe-inducing but excellent indie movie by Bo Burnham, and GIBI … Continue reading IC 29: Pokemon Don’t Go


IC 28: Mattress Wars

What happened to the one guy who ruled over the entire online mattress market with his review site? We discuss that ridiculous story, as well as Game of Thrones Season 8: who will live, who will die, who becomes a zombie? Plus some gaming nostalgia, Randolf continues to serve up some very odd subreddits, and … Continue reading IC 28: Mattress Wars


IC 27: Real World Memes

There’s a statue in the middle of London of a shirtless Jeff Goldblum, and of course someone’s complaining about it online. Do memes belong in the real world, or should they stay on the Internet? The DC Cinematic Universe keeps trying without much success. In What We’re Playing/Watching This Week, Randolf’s spent hours on a … Continue reading IC 27: Real World Memes


IC 26: Westworld, MMORPGs, and Nightmare Comedy

Was Westworld Season 2 actually any good? Michael and Randolf discuss (with spoilers) the show’s pacing and compare it to other premium TV dramas. Plus, Randolf does a deep dive into a Final Fantasy MMORPG, Michael is stressing out over Darkest Dungeon, and we’ve found some surreal and adorable subreddits for Good Internet, Best Internet. … Continue reading IC 26: Westworld, MMORPGs, and Nightmare Comedy


IC 25: Roguelike Games 101

For our 25th episode, we’re talking all about gaming. We discuss What We’re Playing This Week, including a game that got looked over because of Breath of the Wild. Then, we discuss roguelike games. What’s with these super tough, unforgiving games, and what are some of the best examples of the genre? Randolf walks Michael … Continue reading IC 25: Roguelike Games 101


IC 24: Parenting and Flamethrowers

Plenty of media outlets have been paying attention to Elon Musk for his antics with flamethrowers. Is he trying to avoid scrutiny of Tesla? Randolf’s found a blogger who found a bug in a 17-year-old game after a full year of sleuthing. Kingdom Hearts lets us down, what we’re playing this week, plus a renamed … Continue reading IC 24: Parenting and Flamethrowers


IC 23: Is This A Meme?

Forget Yanny or Laurel, we found a sound debate that’s even weirder. Plus, Reddit’s seeing huge design changes and Michael’s asking about the meme that’s the new hotness. Gaming Corner has some classic RPGs and a single-player farming simulator. In our altered Good Internet, Bad Internet, some lawful Good Internet, Boston Dynamics is creating our … Continue reading IC 23: Is This A Meme?