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Internet of Things Show.






Willow is the digital twin for the built world

Willow and Microsoft are partnering together to empower every person and organization to connect with the built world in a whole new way. This digital disruption is happening today, with Digital Twin technology.


Over-the-air software updates for Azure IoT Hub with

Introduction to a secure and robust over-the-air (OTA) software update process for Azure IoT Hub with, an open source update manager for connected devices. We will cover key considerations for being successful with software updates to connected devices and show a live demo deploying software to a physical device. Learn more about Check out the docs: Join the community: Try Azure IoT for free...


Azure IoT Edge Security Model

Securing IoT, especially the intelligent edge, is a tall challenge that is best deliverable through a transparent community approach of unifying value contributions from various technology expertise to include but not limited to secure chip technologies, cryptography, software security engineering, and secure device engineering. The IoT Edge security model encourages this transparent community approach where we invite the experts to join us in engineering a safe and secure IoT. Is this...


Interknowlogy mixes Azure IoT and Mixed Reality

When Mixed Reality meets the Internet of Things through Azure Digital Twins, a new way of accessing data materializes. See how Interknowlogy mixes Azure IoT and Mixed Reality to deliver not only stunning experiences but also accrued efficiency and productivity to workforce. Travis Schilling and Bret Faller from Interknowlogy show us the SmartHotel360 IoT and Mixed Reality demo which is a complete end-to-end solution involving platforms like Azure Digital Twins and Azure Spatial...


Parkinson's Patient - Before and After Sensoria Smart Sock

Sensoria, is an Azure IoT partner whose vision is The Garment is The Computer®. Sensoria's proprietary sensor infused smart garments, Sensoria® Core microelectronics and cloud system enable smart garments to convert data into actionable information for users in real-time. Davide Vigano shares the vision and the product on the IoT Show and how they partner with Azure IoT. Learn more about Sensoria:


IoT at Microsoft Build 2019

If you missed the Microsoft Build event or couldn't get to the IoT booth, here is a little walk-through showing some of the demos that were showcased. Catch up on all that happened during MS Build for IoT: Try Azure IoT for free today:


Meet our IoT partners: Wipro

Anita Ganti and Calvin Smith from Wipro, one of our IoT Elite partners, joined the IoT Show to share how they became early adopters of the Azure IoT platform and tools to offer solutions in Industrial manufacturing, Aerospace, Defense, Farming, Healthcare, and more. Learn more about Wipro:


Deep Dive: Deploying IoT Edge workloads on Kubernetes

Join us here LIVE on Channel 9 on May 15, 2019 at 9 AM PST (or watch on-demand later) for a deep dive into Deploying IoT Edge workloads on Kubernetes. Guest Speaker, Raj Vengalil, and host, Pamela Cortez, from the Azure IoT team will be doing a technical walk-through of deploying IoT Edge workloads on Kubernetes and go through best practices. More info: Azure IoT Edge now features support for running natively on the Kubernetes orchestrator. This video goes into how the integration works and...


Texas Instruments SimpleLink MCU Platform with Azure IoT

Texas Instruments recently announced a new SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi, dual-band single-chip wireless MCU as a part of TI's SimpleLink microcontroller platform of wired and wireless Arm® MCUs. TI is extending support for Azure IoT development through the SimpleLink SDK and SDK Plugin for Azure IoT and LaunchPad™ development kits. Adrian Fernandez, of Texas Instruments, will discuss the SimpleLink MCU platform and the software that is designed for simplified development within the CCS or IAR Embedded...


Deploying Azure IoT Edge workloads on Kubernetes

Many IoT solutions are business-critical systems that must be reliable and available at the edge. With this new integration, users can use a modern, feature rich and resilient infrastructure layer that Kubernetes provides to run their edge applications. These applications are powered by Azure IoT Edge which provides cloud-managed intelligence by deploying and running AI, Azure services and custom logic directly on the cluster. Edge applications can continue to be managed remotely, securely...


Azure IoT Central - New Integration and Extensibility Features

In this episode, you will learn about all the new features and scenarios that the Central team is presenting at //build 2019, such as the ability to customize the product to your own brand, custom actions through Microsoft Flow or the integration with Azure IoT Plug and Play. Deploy your Azure IoT Central app today:


Introduction to IoT Plug and Play

We're thrilled to announce IoT Plug and Play, which is based on an open modeling language that allows IoT devices to declare their capabilities. That declaration, that we call a Device Capability Model, is then presented when IoT devices connect to cloud solutions like Azure IoT Central and Partner Solutions which can then automatically understand the device and start interacting with it– all without writing any code. Learn more about the Digital Twin Definition Language Find IoT Plug...


Modernizing Windows CE Devices

As new offerings such as Windows 10 IoT have become available, our customers and partners are increasingly interested in the advanced security, platform, and cloud connectivity features that these OS provide. To help customers move to Windows 10 IoT, leverage the intelligent cloud, and harness the full power of the intelligent edge including artificial intelligence and machine learning, Microsoft is developing technology that will allow most customers to run their existing, unmodified...


The Azure IoT team gets ready for Microsoft Build 2019

As we are gearing up for Microsoft Build 2019, the IoT Show goes into Azure IoT's building on the Microsoft Campus to meet some of the speakers who are preparing awesome IoT content for you. Find the full list of IoT content and sessions at build:


Meet our Azure IoT partners: Accenture

Mukund Ghangurde is part of the Industry x.0 practice at Accenture focused on driving digital transformation and digital reinvention with industry customers. Mukund joined us on the IoT Show to discuss the scenarios he is seeing in the industry where IoT is really transforming businesses and how (and why) Accenture is partnering with Azure IoT to accelerate and scale their IoT solutions. Learn more about Accenture and IoT: Try Azure...


Real-Time ML Based Anomaly Detection In Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Stream Analytics is a PaaS cloud offering on Microsoft Azure to help customers analyze IoT telemetry data in real-time. Stream Analytics now has embedded ML models for Anomaly Detection, which can be invoked with simple function calls. Learn how you can leverage this powerful feature set for your scenarios. Learn more : Create a Free Account (Azure):


Redis Edge On Azure IoT Edge

RedisEdge from Redis Labs is a purpose-built database for the demanding conditions at the IoT edge. It has the ability to ingest millions of writes per second with <1ms latency, has a 5MB footprint, and is available on ARM32, ARM64, and x64 architectures. Learn more: Create a Free Account (Azure):


Azure Blob Storage on Azure IoT Edge

Azure Blob Storage on IoT Edge is a light-weight Azure Consistent module which provides local Block blob storage. It comes with configurable abilities to: - Automatically tier the data from IoT Edge device to Azure - Automatically delete the data from IoT edge device after specified time. Learn more: Create a Free Account (Azure):


Securing your IoT application with Azure Security Center

Protect your IoT Solution with Azure Security Center: Get a unified view of security across all of your on-premises and cloud workloads, including your Azure IoT solution. Automatically discover and onboard new devices and apply security policies across your workloads (Leaf devices, Edge devices, IOT Hub) to ensure compliance with security standards. Continuously monitor the security of IoT devices, machines, networks, and Azure services, including your Azure IoT solution from edge devices...


Introduction to Windows Server IoT 2019

Learn about the new embedded server offer, Windows Server IoT 2019. Part of the Windows IoT solution, Server IoT securely handles large edge workloads, providing a gateway for information to the cloud. Learn more: https//