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Episode 8: Pride

How is YouTube censoring trans creators? What’s up with gay dating apps and the concept of anonymity? What is ‘homo-nationalism’ and how are the military and spy agencies encouraging it, despite their past? Our #Pride episode is bursting with knowledge as we talk all things being Queer on the Internet. There’s a lot of room for our joy too, when we geek out over Queer Eye, Hannah Gadsby, Steven Universe, Sense8, the Getting Curious podcast, and how the web made possible the queer...


Episode 7: Libraries

Are libraries still relevant and revolutionary in the digital age? What does it mean to be a ‘radical librarian’? What role can public spaces play in resisting surveillance, or must they be complicit? Plus, the projects making us excited about these local community spaces one again, and a discussion of information-sorting ethics. We interview library worker and advocate Ian Clark for his insight on all these questions and more. Footnotes:...


Episode 6: Sex

What is SESTA, how is it bad for sex workers and for free speech? In “Sex” we interview OpenPrivacy Director Sarah Jamie Lewis about the details on this dangerous law. Plus discussions on the world of internet connected sex toys and ‘deep fakes’. How is the creepy porn technology having impacts on the nature of truth and politics? Footnotes: FIND US! Intersection of Things: @thingsintersect Sarah Jamie Lewis:...


Episode 5: Health

How does pregnancy lead to increased surveillance, especially for poor women? How is data on our bodies being used to police womanhood? In “Health” we look at some fantastic research into both of these issues, as well as getting into big questions like whose responsibility is health anyway, is self-care a con, and can fitness apps be fully anonymous? Footnotes: FIND US! Intersection of Things: @thingsintersect...


Episode 4: Outrage

In Episode 4 of The Intersection of Things we discuss how we care for ourselves in a world that is constantly triggering. Is it time to mute ‘BREAKING NEWS’ on your feed and choose when to be angry? Plus we get into the attention economy, building empathy, the history of seat designs and the failures of campaigning NGOs to get truly intersectional! Footnotes: FIND US! Intersection of Things: @thingsintersect...


Episode 3: Festival

How are American truckers resisting surveillance? Why is homophobia weaponised in both Palestine and New York? And what does building a healthier, safer activist movement look like? In Episode 3 we discuss lessons from the international digital rights community at the Internet Freedom Festival. FIND US! Intersection of Things: @thingsintersect Ruth Coustick-Deal: @nesient Marianela Ramos Capelo: @undazedandsuch


Episode 1: Consent

Welcome to the Intersection of Things! The Internet is a strange place. It’s full of unexpected intersections. We don’t just mean finding yourself at the Wiki page on turtle-breeding when you started at the history of curling. We mean when how technology and social change collide. This is a fortnightly podcast tackling technology issues from a 'smash the patriarchy' perspective. In Episode 1 we ask what is consent? From #MeToo to check boxes we talk about fighting for autonomy over our...