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Episode 10: Money

Is the “death of cash” a good thing? What happens when we use algorithms to decide how much things cost? What exactly is the deal with Bitcoin, and how are bros using it to profit from the hurricane in Puerto Rico? In our episode on Money we also chat about the "illusion" that is designer clothes, the theatre of branding, and the brilliant economic theory found in Terry Pratchett's Discworld books. Footnotes: FIND US! Intersection of...


Episode 9: Rockstars

Who do we put up on our 'rockstar' pedestals? How does genius status and disruption ideology in the tech sector create the conditions for workplace harassment and abuse? "Move fast, and break things" was Facebook's motto - does the attitude include people too? We interview whistleblower, security expert and all-round badass Leigh Honeywell for her wisdom on these challenging questions, and talk about our experiences with power dynamics in the tech sector. Content warning: This episode...