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Episode 076- Award Boys

NEWS: Switch has best sales week ever over Black Friday-Cyber Monday FTC will investigate lootboxes Sony patents new game cartridge tech Nintendo gets rid of Creator program, streamlines content guidelines for Twitch and Youtube Epic Games plans to release a steam rival, promises devs 88% cut of game sales across the board Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition bag controversy TOPICS: The Game Awards 2018 - Our picks, who will the industry judges pick, and game reveal...


Episode 075- Fighting Fujos

NEWS: Pokemon sells 3M in one week, best Switch game launch so far, 4th best selling Black Friday item Ubisoft reverts Rainbow Six graphic content changes NPD October- best October for revenue since 2008, PS best console October console sales since 2002 Switch update temporarily stopped the physical hardware exploit used to hack it Smash Ultimate leaks early, what does this mean for Nintendo? Nintendo of America gets 60% of revenue during holiday season Playstation exclusive "Agent"...


Episode 074- Sony Breaks the Rules

NEWS: EA partnering with Petroglyph to remaster Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert THQ Nordic has 35 unannounced games in the pipeline US Army starting their own Esports team Sony will not be attending E3 2019 PS5 specification rumors/release date, have we seen next gen launch titles already? Rumor that disk-free Xbox One S coming as soon as Spring We set our next gen release predictions Fortnite wins golden joystick game of the year award Fallout 76 scores, crashes,...


Episode 073- Live From Microsoft City

NEWS: Hajime Tabata leaves Square Enix as all FFXV DLC is cancelled, Square posts 33 million loss Patrick Soderlund starts a new studio, Embark, with backing from Nexon Day Z enters "beta" version after half a decade The Game Awards promise to have biggest news lineup yet, we lightly discuss some nominees Prima Games, creators of most of your strategy guides, is shutting down after 28 years XO18 Microsoft Conference news round-up TOPICS: Playing Second Life as an exploration...


Episode 072- The No Bone Zone

NEWS: Fallout 76 uninstalls itself NES and SNES Classic surpass 10 million sales Smash Bros Direct roundup, we examine the grinch leak post-mortem Blizzcon announcements/Diablo Immortal Controversy Ubisoft altering Rainbow Six Siege worldwide to remove blood, skulls, and gore for Chinese market NPD data releases from the 90's: best selling games on N64 and Gameboy Color EA announces Project Atlas, their next gen development platform TOPICS: Diablo III on Switch Red Dead...


Episode 071- Friendship Ended With Sony

NEWS: Smash Bros Ultimate Leak allegedly reveals remaining new characters Xbox GamePass coming to PC Library of Congress allows DMCA exemption for server code/game code, opening path to game preservation Playstation Classic reveals full games list Switch reaches 22.86 million sales, investors worry they won't meet their target for fiscal year Red Dead Redemption 2 has biggest opening weekend of any entertainment product ever at 750 million Sony forcing Japanese devs to submit all...


Episode 070- Raided For Cheat Codes

NEWS: Rockstar gets search and seizure warrant for homes of alleged GTA V cheaters Local game stores won't get Red Dead Redemption 2 in stock until November Obama says he doesn't care about Pokemon Days Gone delayed until April Level 5 looking to revive Ushiro, a cancelled PSP project Intellivision announces the Amico; their new console coming in 2020 Nintendo rolls out a Labo-in-classroom initiative Bethesda releases an odd letter ahead of Fallout 76's Beta DMC V $8000 special...


Episode 069- Thank You Treyarch, Very Cool!

PSN name changes finally on the way Halo Infinite won't be at XO18 PS4 Message has potential to brick consoles, allegedly fixed Rumors that MvC Infinite will be relaunched as Marvel vs. Capcom 4 after major update Future of Arc System Works games? Red Dead Redemption 2 has 700 voice actors, 300k animations, and 500k lines of dialogue. Some Rockstar employees working 100 hours a week on RDR2, we discuss crunch time TOPICS: Call of Duty Black Ops IIII in depth discussion Assassin's...


Episode 068- The Next Future

NEWS: Switch revision coming as early as summer 2019, focus on enhancing screen Nintendo wants to be remembered as an entertainment company, not a video game company Next gen Sony console officially under development, backwards compatibility rumors What generation will the next consoles be? Remaining Telltale employees laid off, Skybound Games to finish Walking Dead Microsoft announces Project XCloud, a new game streaming service Microsoft allegedly close to buying Obsidian; the...


Episode 067- Terminated For Crimes Against Disney

NEWS: Sony allowing crossplay with select third party games, starting with a Fortnite beta Oculus Quest announced; 2nd gen VR? Vader Immortal: Star Wars game with Ninja Theory help for Oculus platform No Playstation Experience this year Mojang making dungeon crawler spinoff for Minecraft Harry Potter RPG footage leaks online? WB hirings foretold this? Game Freak, Creatures Inc, and Nintendo trademark "MonPoke" Google debuts beta for playable game streaming through Google Chrome,...


Episode 066- Universal Appeal

NEWS: Sony reveals Playstation Classic Red Dead Online announced Sony announces the PS Vita will end production in 2019, effectively killing the handheld console Spiderman sells 3.3 million copies in three days, outpaces revenue of Homecoming, opens door for more Marvel games DMC V to have microtransactions Target introduces 30% discount on games with pre-order temporarily (DEAL HAS CHANGED) Xbox announced XO18, a big Xbox event for November Virtual Console data found in Switch...


Episode 065- It's a Secret For Later

NEWS: AMD says they're working on "secrets" for both Sony and Microsoft Nintendo Direct news roundup; all the games, announcements, and controversies: Smash Ultimate, Luigi's Mansion 3, Lots of Final Fantasy ports, Katamari Damacy, Town (Game Freak), and much more. Assassin's Creed Odyssey coming to cloud gaming service for Switch in Japan Capcom Vancouver (Dead Rising series) ceasing all projects, no word of employee relocation Fortnite cited in 5% of UK divorce...


Episode 064- Criminal Enterprises

NEWS: TGS/Death Stranding Pre-talk THQ Nordic picks up Kingdoms of Amalur; the game Rhode Island made Next Zelda game still targeting the Switch Some Switch games won't support cloud saves, will the paid-internet be worth it? Tencent/China introduce new campaign to limit children's playtime, and also freeze game licensing Sony TGS Preshow games: Project Awakening, Crystal Chronicles, Samurai Shodown, Judge Eyes, KH3, Prelude Rune, Space Channel 5 VR Too Kyo Games- new studio from...


Episode 063- Not of This Realm

NEWS: Games are being altered in Belgium/Netherlands to not allow purchase of lootboxes with real money Nintendo forces takedown of Pokemon Essentials; a popular tool used to make fangames Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida says no crossplay because "PS4 is the best place to play," Mike Ybarra from Xbox responds PS5 codename potentially revealed in Unreal Engine 4 backend "Erebus" Battlefield V delayed four weeks to November 20th, blames Fortnite Square Enix and Tencent team up for a new AAA...


Episode 062- Xbox Conspiracy Web

NEWS: NPD July is out; Octopath best selling in US, Switch wins console revenue and most units sold Xbox All Access bundles a console with memberships much like a phone contract, for a very low fee Investment paper covers cloud gaming and the failure of OnLive service, are their excuses valid? Bandai Namco MMO Bless Unleashed coming first to Xbox in 2019 Nindies Showcase Summer 2018; all the games and announcements Assassin's Creed will be skipping 2019 Dotemu bring back Streets of...


Episode 061- Gamestop Without Guilt

NEWS: Patrick Soderlund is leaving EA THQ Nordic acquires rights to Timesplitters and Second Sight Steam's streaming service accidentally launched, can it compete with Twitch? Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime make changes, drop pre-order discount. Spyro Reignited is delayed for a couple months, why? Rumors of Switch upgrade; why they're likely fake Nintendo Nindies shows off new indie titles coming to Switch Nobody seems to want Battlefield V TOPICS: Major game announcements/new...


Episode 060- Legality is a Buzzword

NEWS: Bethesda blocks sale of "new" copy of Evil Within 2 on Amazon claiming false advertising Bethesda plays hardball with Sony over Elder Scrolls Legends on PS4: Cross-play or no release Switch online service will go live in late September, will it be viable? Monster Hunter World pulled from China after a few days; impact on Tencent, and why it got banned. Emuparadise taken down; we talk a ton about game preservation and cataloging industry history Dark Souls for Switch finally has a...


Episode 059- Negan For Smash Bros

NEWS: Sega of America has a new president NES Classic outsold all consoles last month Octopath Traveler shipped 1 million in three weeks Fortnite skipping Google Play Store for Android to avoid fees Fallout 76 won't be on Steam Nintendo confirms the NES pronunciation, and are bad people for it Persona Q2 gets Japanese release date and a ton of new info IGN writer allegedly plagiarized Boomstick gaming review of Dead Cells Game/DLC Announcement Roundup from EVO TOPICS: Kill la Kill...


Episode 058- A Fortnite of Betrayal

NEWS: Epic Games projected to be worth 5-8 Billion, more than Square Enix, Capcom, CD Project Red. Q1 sales data; Switch barely under 20 million units, PS4 breaks 82 million, Sony's pace beats Nintendo. Spectrum ISP kicked out of New York for throttling online games and streams, as huge game companies move towards streaming, how will internet service be handled? Gamestop stopping their Elite Pro membership program, Amazon UK axes the 20% discount on new games, and Best Buy Gamer's Club...


Episode 057- Codename Scarlet

NEWS: Microsoft planning to show off new Xbox hardware and accessories at Gamescom in August Rumor; Microsoft developing TWO new consoles under "Scarlet" codename, could put Sony in tough spot Microsoft developed a new streaming technique to reduce latency issues in game streaming Octopath Traveler restock sells out in 3 hours, but down to 16th in the UK Charts. Crash still #1?! TOPICS: Game Freak and the future of Pokemon Nintendo sues two major ROM distributors, let's talk about...