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Monica and Craig discuss recent e-discovery cases and developments, including Facebook’s decision to create a “one-button” tool to collect user data on its social media site.

Monica and Craig discuss recent e-discovery cases and developments, including Facebook’s decision to create a “one-button” tool to collect user data on its social media site.
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Monica and Craig discuss recent e-discovery cases and developments, including Facebook’s decision to create a “one-button” tool to collect user data on its social media site.




Re-Regulating Lawyers: Updating Rules for Modern Law

State regulations for lawyers are meant to serve two main purposes: protecting the public and increasing access to justice. But with an estimated 50-80% of Americans unable to obtain legal help when needed, many regulations are in the crosshairs for reform. Dan Linna welcomes Jayne Reardon to discuss current trends toward updating regulations for legal-services delivery. Jayne describes some of the changes proposed in California, Utah, Arizona, and other states and offers insight into the...


Practicing Modern Law—Using Innovation to Deliver Superior Legal Services

How can firms define and measure their innovative efforts? In this edition of Law Technology Now, host Dan Linna talks with Lucy Dillon and Nick Long of Reed Smith LLP about how to practice law with modern tools and in-depth metrics. They discuss how they approach new projects within their firm’s innovation program and stress the importance of listening to clients’ needs. They touch on how Reed Smith’s Summer Technology Associate Program works to equip new lawyers with tech skills needed...


Ingrained Innovation: Creating a Resilient, Efficient Law Firm

The legal industry is not immune from the basic economic trends affecting every other business. Firms must get better, faster, and more efficient to keep up with modern demands for legal services. Stephen Poor of Seyfarth Shaw LLC joins Law Technology Now’s Dan Linna to discuss how implementing beneficial thinking methodologies can help law firms ingrain innovation into their culture. They explain the process firms should go through when choosing the methodology that best suits their...


Access for All: How Justis Connection Brings Lawyers and Clients Together

Kisha Brown’s goals are twofold—empowering communities with access to justice and enriching the practice of law for attorneys of color. Kisha joins Monica Bay and Sean La Roque-Doherty to discuss the challenges minorities face in the legal system. She describes what led her to develop Justis Connection, a platform for connecting lawyers of color to new clients, and together they explore how new legal technology is increasing access to justice for all. Kisha A. Brown is CEO and founder of...


Innovation: Legal Industry Trends and Opportunities

Some think the word ‘innovation’ has become a meaningless buzzword, but Dan Linna and David Curle believe its meaning simply needs to be more clearly defined. In this episode, they discuss the scope of current innovation practices in different areas of the legal industry. Together, they survey trends in the legal space and give their take on the most effective and profitable ways firms can pursue innovation. Later, they discuss the landscape of data-driven practice, artificial...


Innovating on a Global Scale

Sometimes innovation is born in someone's garage. Other times, it takes the resources of a huge multinational law firm. Baker McKenzie senior associate Danielle Benecke joins Law Technology Now host Dan Linna to discuss the innovation strategy Baker McKenzie employs to evaluate and address legal and tech issues today and anticipate those of the coming years. They also cover the impact AI will have on the legal practice, what law students should think about when choosing a firm, and how...


Closing the Gap: Innovating in a Fast Paced World

Law firms have a reputation for being slow to adapt, but clients operate in a world of rapid change. As the gap between expectations and practice threatens to widen, law firms are being pushed to develop ways to catch up with their clientele. In this Law Technology Now, host Dan Linna talks with Wendy Butler Curtis, Chief Innovation Officer at Orrick and the Financial Times 2018 Most Innovative Lawyer of the Year. Wendy discusses the work she and her team are doing at Orrick, the role of...


How AI Streamlines Daily Operations for Lawyers

Too many lawyers have cumbersome business processes that could be automated to save time. In this episode of Law Technology Now, hosts Sean La Roque-Doherty and Monica Bay talk to Ryan Steadman and Alex Babin of Zero about how lawyers can streamline daily operations with AI. Ryan and Alex talk about their background and what led them to develop AI email management. They emphasize the importance of having a deep understanding of legal business processes and describe how firm morale gets a...


2019 Am Law 100: Trends and Insights

In this episode of Law Technology Now, host Dan Linna discusses The American Lawyer 2019 Am Law 100 data with Gina Passarella and Nick Bruch. They dig into the survey data and give an overview of how various firms ranked—discussing their insights on new trends, looking at what drove growth, and talking about how this data can be strategically applied in law firms. They follow this with comments on their expectations for the Am Law 200 and how it may differ from 100 data. To close, Gina and...


Legalweek 2019: The Life Of The Director Of Legal Project Management

In this episode of Law Technology Now from Legalweek 2019, host Dan Linna speaks to Casey Flaherty about what it means to be the director of legal project management and if the community has been successful. They discuss relationships inside a law firm and whether attorneys should be coached and mentored to improve the community. They also talk about if project management helps solve proper allocation in work and diversity with law firms. Casey Flaherty is the director of legal project...


Legalweek 2019: LegalMation’s AI for Litigation

LegalMation has taught AI to speak legalese — how can lawyers use this in litigation processes? In this episode of Law Technology Now from Legalweek 2019, host Dan Linna talks to James Lee and Thomas Suh, co-founders of LegalMation, about how artificial intelligence can transform the practice of law. Their AI tackles the tedious tasks of litigation to free up attorneys for higher level work. They discuss the continuing growth of the system in more complicated areas of the law for...


Legal Innovation: Imagining Creative Solutions for Clients

Sometimes new legal solutions can be developed by reframing the way lawyers look at a problem. In this episode of Law Technology Now, host Dan Linna talks to Katie DeBord about how her role as chief innovation officer at Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner helps the firm stay aggressively relevant in solving problems for their clients. They talk about how her multidisciplinary innovation team works to provide resources and training to lawyers to help them improve their legal service delivery....


What’s Going On At Legal Week New York 2019?

Legal Week New York is just around the corner and we want to know everything that’s going on. In this episode of Law Technology Now, host Sean La Roque-Doherty and Monica Bay welcome guest Zach Warren, to talk about what Legaltech News will be focusing on at the show, what’s different about this years Legaltech and if Legal Week has improved in the last couple years. Additionally, they talk about what technologies they are excited to see on the exhibit hall floor. Zach Warren is the...


Achieving Success at Law Firms through Technology

Do we have to change the way we think about transformation and innovation in law firms? On Law Technology Now, co-hosts Monica Bay and Sean La Roque-Doherty are joined by TJ Johnson, to discuss what technology projects law firms are implementing today, whether or not law firms are generally successful with new technology, and how firms can dress their non-lawyers for success. TJ Johnson is the practice development lead - professional services for Olenick, global leaders in software...


How Microsoft Promotes Legal Innovation

Microsoft’s Trusted Advisor Forum was designed to ask this question: Do clients need to actively engage with their law firms to drive innovation in legal service delivery? In this episode of Law Technology Now, host Dan Linna talks to Jason Barnwell about the Trusted Advisor Forum and how his team at Microsoft is working to build the practice of the future. They discuss the many aspects of Jason’s role and give insight into how innovation, diversity, and use of technology in the processes...


Inside the Growing Platform of Hiring Lawyers Online

With technology consistently on the rise, the hiring of lawyers online has become a big part of the legal industry. On Law Technology Now, host Monica Bay and co-host Sean La Roque-Doherty are joined by Raad Ahmed to discuss the growing platform of hiring attorneys online, assisting small business owners with attorney hiring, and take a look at LawTrades as a marketplace, a platform, and a network. Raad Ahmed is founder and chief executive officer at Law Trades, the fastest growing platform...


Integrating Technology and Encouraging Innovation

In this episode of Law Technology Now, new host Dan Linna talks to Connie Brenton about her experience as a legal innovation expert who integrates technology into Corporate Legal Departments. They discuss the benefits of having a multidisciplinary team, creating a culture that accepts mistakes as opportunities to improve, and the different aspects of data-driven lawyering. She also shares advice for successful collaboration between legal departments and law firms. Connie Brenton is chief of...


Harnessing Innovation for the Legal Industry

Real change in the industry will happen with commitment and discipline, not just good ideas. In this episode of Law Technology Now, host Monica Bay talks to Dan Linna about how lawyers should think about technology and innovation. He shares his experience demystifying technology for students and what lawyers should think about when they approach the idea of innovation. Daniel W. Linna Jr. is a visiting professor of law at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law. His teaching and research focus...


Managing Your Legal Marketing

Marketing can be intimidating for lawyers, but companies exist that can help practices manage their communications department. In this episode of Law Technology Now, host Monica Bay talks to Christy Burke about what drove her to start her own legal technology marketing company. She discusses her involvement with the Legal Technology Media Group, her experience running a company as a mother, and her advice for other legal tech companies like hers. Christy Burke founded Burke & Company LLC in...


Using Technology to Balance your Workload

Working at a law firm doesn’t have to be all-consuming; technology can help you balance all your tasks. In this episode of Law Technology Now, host Monica Bay talks to Jeffrey Brandt about how he manages to write a daily newsletter while working full-time with a firm and the automation that allows him to practice law efficiently. They also discuss the Association of Legal Technologists (ALT) conference, the types of content the conference covers, and what differentiates it from ILTA...