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Join us as we go "in the trenches" with the few brands in e-commerce that not just surviving, but THRIVING in the world where everyone wants "Prime". There are no quick fixes, but these executives have cracked the code to help their divisions grow at record pace, even in the marketplace that is tougher than ever. Tune in now!

Join us as we go "in the trenches" with the few brands in e-commerce that not just surviving, but THRIVING in the world where everyone wants "Prime". There are no quick fixes, but these executives have cracked the code to help their divisions grow at record pace, even in the marketplace that is tougher than ever. Tune in now!
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Join us as we go "in the trenches" with the few brands in e-commerce that not just surviving, but THRIVING in the world where everyone wants "Prime". There are no quick fixes, but these executives have cracked the code to help their divisions grow at record pace, even in the marketplace that is tougher than ever. Tune in now!




Authentic DTC Apparel with Adam Sidney from Myles

I’m consistently amazed at how competitive the apparel space is. Sure, it’s a business with great potential for margins, but there are ZERO switching costs and a low barrier to entry. That’s why it was so interesting to have Adam Sidney from Myles on this week. He’s a heavy hitter in the DTC apparel world. He was a serious mover-and-shaker at a little place called Bonobos, has consulted with brands getting off the ground, and is currently CEO at Myles, a DTC men’s clothing brand. We ran the...


Custom Tailoring at Scale with Meghan Litchfield from RedThread

I’ve been blessed enough to talk to some fascinating folks on this show. In fact, the whole idea behind the podcast is that 90% are only talked about behind closed doors. Today’s episode was even more interesting than normal. Meghan left GoPro to start RedThread - the very first women’s apparel brand to ditch standard sizes once and for all and solve the apparel fit issue for all women, of every shape. The coolest thing about it is definitely the tech. Each woman takes a few selfies and her...


The Anatomy of an Outstanding Amazon Listing with Dan Brownsher from Channel Key

Distribution channels have been interesting to me for a long time. After all, amazing products DIE without distribution. A big reason I started this podcast was to figure out how independent product owners can stay free from the clutches of Amazon and their margin-slashing claws. But the more I look at their platform, the more I realize that it’s quite similar to the wholesale or distributor model. I’ll eat my own words here: rather than trying to “beat” Amazon, for some brands it makes...


How To Make Small eCommerce Business Profitable with Dave Rodenbaugh, Founder @ Recapture.io

GUEST BIO: Dave Rodenbaugh is the founder of Recapture.io an automated abandoned cart recovery for Magento & Shopify. Dave started his entrepreneurial career by acquiring businesses and making the developmental changes that turned them into profitable companies. Dave is the host of the Rogue Startups Podcast alongside his co-host Craig Hewitt where they have weekly conversations about entrepreneurship, eCommerce, and marketing. SHOW SUMMARY: Dave Rodenbaugh is the founder of Recapture.io and...


The Changing eCommerce Landscape and Where eCommerce Is Heading with Jordan Gutierrez, COO @ Wishpond

GUEST BIO: Jordan Gutierrez is the COO of Wishpond, a B2B business that builds complete marketing funnels that get leads and customers for eCommerce businesses. He started his business career by buying a coffee machine and selling coffee and donuts on the streets of Mexico City and has now helped Wishpond grow into a 120 person company. Jordan now focuses on the operations of Wishpond and most importantly, pivoting to the wants of their customers to continue to provide the products and...


How To Create Supply Chain Management That Works For Your Business with Alex Royzen

GUEST BIO: Alex Royzen is the Director of Supply Chain Management at Ecentria, OpticsPlanet, and CampSaver. He is an expert at supply chain management and has been part of OpticsPlanet’s growth from $60 million in sales a year to $300 million. He is an experienced leader with brand, product, and project management background, using data to drive the decisions he makes for the companies that he works for. SHOW SUMMARY: Alex Royzen is the Director of Supply Chain Management at Ecentria,...


How GoPro is Creating Conversions With Kathy Ando, Head of Direct Consumer at GoPro

GUEST BIO: Kathy Ando is the Head of Direct Consumer at GoPro with a huge focus in digital and eCommerce. After graduating college, she realized she didn’t want to pursue the path of her biotechnology degree. Kathy worked at the GAP Headquarters in San Francisco and found herself in the right place at the right time. With the rise in marketplaces and eCommerce, she learned about the consumer industry and how digital technology was affecting it. Kathy then transitioned to run merchandising...


How To Upsell Products On Your eCommerce Check Out Page With Jordan Gal, CEO of CartHook

GUEST BIO: Jordan Gal is the founder and CEO of CartHook. CartHook serves eCommerce business owners to maximize average order value and give back control to merchants on Shopify by directing customers to high-converting checkout pages. Jordan’s career started on Wall Street, where he discovered that he wasn’t happy and decided to pursue a new career. He joined his family’s eCommerce business and was able to scale to $70,000 in revenue per month. Shortly after, he sold the company and...


How To Transition From Entrepreneur To Corporate Management with Global Leader Julie Lyle

GUEST BIO: Julie Lyle is the non-executive director and digital advisor to Evolus. She is a global executive, board member, advisor, investor and entrepreneur. During her career, she has established brands and organized teams for startups and the world’s largest companies, like Walmart. She is a leader in integrated marketing, eCommerce, merchandising, operations, digital media, CRM, branding and social engagement programs. Her record for growing sustainable profits for public and private...


How Technology can help with Customization and Grow Your Online Business with Cassie Fossum

Guest Profile: Cassie Fossum is a self-confessed shoe addict. Naturally, she loved how designer heels made her look but was less enthusiastic about how they made her feet feel. A particularly painful night on the town set her on the path to find her ideal shoe, a pair that was as comfortable as it was fashionable. Her research revealed that the technology of women’s shoes had not changed in decades, so she assembled a team of experts who have developed a patent pending 360° comfort system...


Improve Conversion Optimization and Enable Continuous Revenue Optimization with Jon Macdonald

Guest Bio: Jon MacDonald is passionate about ridding the web of bad eCommerce experiences until only the good remain. Beginning as a web designer/developer during the dot-com boom, he has worked with dozens of brands such as Autodesk, Apple, Columbia Sportswear, Comcast, Linksys/Cisco, General Electric, Harley-Davidson, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Nationwide Insurance, Nike, Nokia, Red Bull, UPS, Vodafone and Xerox. Jon’s company, The Good, has turned online browsers into buyers for some of the...


How To Take Over An Online Niche Using Lean Business Strategies with David James

GUEST BIO: David James is the founder of TotalCarCheck.co.uk, a vehicle background check website. David started this company as successful entrepreneurs do, by solving a problem he encountered. After his parents bought a stolen car and found themselves at a $5,000 loss, he created a website that wouldn’t allow this to happen again. David’s focused and realistic mindset has supported TotalCarCheck.co.uk in running background checks on almost two thirds of all the vehicles in the United...


How To Grow A 7-Figure Ecommerce Business Using Only Email Marketing with Sully Sullivan

GUEST BIO: Tyler, “Sully” Sullivan is the CEO of Bomb Tech Golf, a premium golf product ecommerce website. Sully has grown Bomb Tech Golf into a seven-figure ecommerce business and has since opened a marketing agency to help other ecommerce businesses find the same success. Sully’s initial interest in ecommerce was sparked when his very first product sell came while he was on a boat. He immediately realized the ability to capitalize off of ecommerce, while continuing to live the lifestyle...


How To Run A Successful Brick and Mortar and E-Commerce Business with Osprey Packs

GUEST BIO: Kami York-Feirn, Social Media Specialist. VP of Product Design and Marketing and Rob BonDurant are part of the marketing team behind Osprey Packs. Osprey Packs is one of the largest outdoor backpack brands in the USA, found in REI and other major outdoor brick and mortar stores. Recently, they have launched their e-commerce store and in 2019 they will officially launch their ambassador program. Osprey packs was started in 1974 as a personally customized backpack company. Customers...


How To Dropship Like The Experts with Charles Palleschi

GUEST BIO: Charles Palleschi is the founder and CEO of Spark Shipping, an ecommerce company that acts as a third party between vendor and manufacturer. The idea for Spark Shipping came from Charles’ initial drop shipping business. After finding that there wasn’t a virtual tool to organize orders and vendors, he created one to help his business. Shortly after, he discovered the business opportunity of making this tool public and shifted his focus from dropshipping to Spark Shipping. Spark...


Become an Expert At Hiring Freelancers and Growing Your Business with Nathan Hirsch

GUEST BIO: Nathan Hirsch is a 28 year old serial entrepreneur who is an expert in hiring online and building eCommerce businesses. He co-founded his first eCommerce company out of his dorm room in 2009, drop shipping products on Amazon.com and built it to sell over $25 million worth of product over 5 years. While scaling, Nathan discovered the power of outsourcing and ended up building a remote army of freelancers. In 2015, Nathan co-founded and became the CEO of FreeeUp, an online hiring...


How To Turn a One Time Client Into a Long Term Client with Annie Mosbacher

GUEST BIO: Annie Mosbacher is the Vice President of Customer Engagement at NationBuilder, a software for political candidates, non-profit organizations and brands. Their customers are individuals who are working with organizations, building a community, or advocating for a cause. Annie’s day to day involves the long term health and retention of their customer base. Annie’s passion for non-profit organizations and the power political candidates have to make change led her to work with and...


The Future of Talent Acquisition and How AI Will Become a Leading Player

GUEST BIO: Travis Kessel is the Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at Jet, acquired by Walmart ECommerce. His initial job as an accountant motivated him to move from Virginia to Chicago, where he landed his first recruiting job. Shortly after, he confidently opened his own staffing agency only to be shut down two months later by the collapse of the Lehman Brothers. After one more short stint as a recruiter at another agency, Travis became the Vice President of recruiting at Edelman, the...


Developing A Customer Service Team That Excels

GUEST BIO: Mike Hoffman is the Head of Operations at popular women and children’s clothing brand, Rainbow. At fourteen years old, Mike convinced his mother to let him get a fake ID so he could start working. His hustle continued through college, where he studied computer science and business. After graduating, Mike became a real estate agent and shortly after started his first company helping real estate agents utilize technology. When the opportunity for Mike to open an online book company...


How To Be Profitable in a Saturated Market with Chris Squires

GUEST BIO: Chris Squires is the Co-Founder of Ten55 Brewing Co. Together with his co-founder, JP Vyborny, he brews and sells his own craft beer, called Ten55. In 2018, they expanded their business and opened a house-made sausage and beer food restaurant in downtown Tucson, Arizona. SHOW SUMMARY: Myth: New businesses think they need massive distribution to be profitable. Today’s guest is Chris Squire, the Co-Founder of Ten55 Brewing Co. in Arizona. Chris has proven successful in maneuvering...