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RealTalk about 'RealTeam'!

If you’re a Case CATalyst reporter and you’ve recently heard of RealTeam, then you’ll find this podcast has TREMENDOUS VALUE. As a Case CATalyst reporter, I will confess that I’ve been envious of Eclipse reporters with Connection Magic for many, many years. Stenograph took longer than we may have hoped to develop a similar feature, but now that it’s here, it was WELL worth the wait. Case CATalyst, version 20, includes the highly-anticipated, game-changing feature, RealTeam. In this episode,...


Practice Proves Perfect

This week, ‘Realtime Rich’ joins us and talks about his ‘100-day Challenge, 15 Minutes of Daily Steno Practice’ program. Rich Germosen, realtime speed champion in several states, as well as at the national level, explains why he started this program in 2014. What started as an obscure group of dedicated writers quickly grew into a large group of loyal and committed reporters on a mission. Practice, Practice, Practice! Research shows that it takes three weeks to form a habit, and a few of...


Making the Leap from Analog to Digital in the Legal Industry

By now you know that technology is the key to staying relevant in any profession. But how can technology transform the way you do business in the legal industry? Today on the Legal Tech Tips with Eve podcast, Eve interviews Dane Heptner, a visionary young attorney who is stepping outside the comfort-zone to network, speak and shape the future of law in Florida. Dane explains how technology can be utilized to save time, space and money when it comes to brick-and-mortar law firms. What does...


Expedite Salutes Our Military

U.S. Army Colonel Rich Whitaker joins me this episode as we pay tribute to our military. The goal of this podcast initially was to talk about his time as a JAG officer with the military, the legal aspect. But as I started creating the outline for the interview, the topic quickly veered in another direction. After all, this is an interview of a successful full-bird colonel in the military. His loving wife and family are all motivated, dedicated, ambitious individuals, and THIS is the story I...


Technology in the Legal Field: Comfort in Chaos

I am excited about this episode of “Legal Tech Tips with Eve”. I recently had the chance to sit down with THE Tom Stanton, who’s an intellectual property attorney, entrepreneur, tech guru, sensei, guitar player, volunteer extraordinaire…too many titles to list here as his list of impressive accomplishments never ends. This guy has a lot of creativity and all this energy, and he hails from Montana. I almost started getting distracted during the interview because Tom is very intelligent and...


Lifestyles of the Talented & Adventurous: An International Realtime Reporter's Story

Today’s podcast is called, “Lifestyles of the Talented & Adventurous: An International Realtime Reporter’s Story”. The lovely Leah Willersdorf sits down with me to share her journey as she pursues her passion. If you love reporting and you love traveling, you will enjoy this episode. I promise!


Transcending the Transition

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be an official in the courtroom? Is the grass greener on that side of the fence? In this episode, we interview a former Florida freelance reporter who has transitioned to a federal official position in Tennessee. Rebekah Lockwood explains the process of how she faced her fears and followed her dreams to emerge on the other side with new-found confidence and endless possibilities. It was not an easy journey, but she set her goals, met deadlines and...