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Two-factor authentication and account recovery

Last week we talked about strong passwords, but what if there was a better way to secure your account? We look at options for two-factor authentication, including text messages, apps, and security keys. Plus, security news from Apple, one of Liz's accounts got breached, and Geoffrey wants to celebrate a special birthday. Show notes and full transcript on looseleafsecurity.com


Securing your online account passwords

You've heard for years about how to come up with strong passwords, but are those guidelines really true? Liz and Geoffrey talk about new risks to your online accounts, especially with the news of clear-text passwords being mishandled at Twitter and GitHub, and whether you should trust a password manager to solve all your password problems for you. Plus, what's happening to the green lock icon in Chrome, and should you worry about EFAIL? Show notes and full transcript on looseleafsecurity.com