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Thought-leadership insights, trends and real-world cases from top industry experts and visionaries. Dive with Creatio podcasts into a world where digital, IT and business leaders create low-code companies.

Thought-leadership insights, trends and real-world cases from top industry experts and visionaries. Dive with Creatio podcasts into a world where digital, IT and business leaders create low-code companies.


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Thought-leadership insights, trends and real-world cases from top industry experts and visionaries. Dive with Creatio podcasts into a world where digital, IT and business leaders create low-code companies.




Digital Transformation: removing the roadblocks in the path to building a low-code company

We invited Barton Goldenberg, Founder and President, ISM Inc to provide insights on how to create a low-code company. Ready to learn how to avoid pitfalls on your route to an agile, adaptable and resilient enterprise? Tune in now!


COVID-19 Digital Transformation Trendsetters: lessons learned from the past year and how to apply them going forward

A year after the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the world, many organizations have found new ways to reshape their operational models using technology in order to survive. We’ve invited industry-leading experts: David Lashar, partner at Keen360, Tolga Artan, Chairman at LuckyEye and Harshan Senadhira, Head of Product Implementation at Mitra Ventures to discuss the strategies organizations have defined after prospering through 1 year of the pandemic and what you need to do now in...


Communication Service Providers | Accelerating Digital Transformation in a Post-COVID Economy

The new normal, fueled by a never-before demand for connectivity and disruptive technologies, will continue to change the way Communication Service Providers (CSPs) innovate and adapt to changing consumer expectations. Listen for an expert-led discussion with Harel Givon, Division President of EMEA, India & Telefonica global Amdocs to learn how technology helps CSPs accelerate digital transformation initiatives in 2021 and beyond.


Embracing Low-Code CRM Solution as the Driver of Business Innovation

Join an interactive interview session with Mir Tariquzzaman, CTO & GM at IDLC Finance Limited, to learn about the keys to business transformation success based on IDLC’s first-hand expertise in leveraging technology innovations, managing changes, and driving business growth at an accelerated pace.


How Digital Transformation Will Reshape the Business Landscape

Drastic COVID-19 implications for businesses have shown the importance of technology and digital transformation success. Business leaders team up with CIOs and IT leaders in search of the right technology to transform their business models and operations and ensure business continuity.


Problem-Solving Secrets of the World’s Most Innovative Companies

Wondering how to join the list of the world’s most innovative and successful organizations? Then creating a low-code company is one of the keys focuses for you. Listen to our new episode with the Innovation Catalyst Keith Harmeyer to hear the secrets that will help you down this path!


The Challenge of the Novacene - Human-Machine Interface in an Age of Acceleration

Businesses have operated in the reality of a fast-changing environment for decades. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many to further accelerate the adoption of new solutions to automate processes and eliminate manual work. In this episode, Dr Chris Parry, Rear Admiral, CBE PhD Churchill College, Cambridge, will discuss the challenges the human-machine interface might bring and how to address them.


Benefits of Using Low-Code CRM in Banking. The End User View

How can the banking industry benefit from low-code development solutions? What are the main business pain points that a low-code strategy can help banking institutions to eliminate? Why using a low-code CRM can take the bank’s operational efficiency to a new level? Find the answers in the new episode of Creatio Low-Code Podcast.


Accelerating business success with a low-code strategy: Ivy Ventures' best practices for turning into a low-code company

Milan diPierro, Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Ivy Ventures shares his vision of Creatio as a tool to create unique business solutions that led the company to discover a range of benefits of low-code development. Listen to get inspired by Ivy Ventures' success and learn more about their approach to creating a low-code company.


9 Things Your CRM Solution Should Have in 2021

Explore imperative digital functionalities of a future-ready CRM solution to ensure business continuity and resilience for the now and beyond with Sam Biardo, Founder and CEO at Technology Advisors.


Disruptions Ahead - How Business, Technology, and the Economy Will Impact Industries in the Decade ahead and Beyond

#1 Forecaster Jason Schenker according to Bloomberg will share his mind-expanding ideas and predictions on how the world might change by 2030. Get a peek into the future and learn how to adapt your business model for the next decade and beyond.


Digital Transformation 2021: Future-Ready Best Practices & Trends

Barton Goldenberg, CRM pioneer, the founder and president of ISM Inc. and the author of ‘The Definitive Guide to Social CRM’ shares practical insights on how companies are leveraging disruptive Digital Transformation technologies. You will learn Top 5 technology trends and examples of how organizations are applying them to achieve digital transformation success.


The Changing Face of Business Transformation in a New Normal

In the interview Paul Greenberg, Managing Principal of the 56 Group, LLC, the author of the best-selling "CRM at the speed of light" is answering the most pressing questions on how the business transformation has changed and what organizations can expect in the future.


Are Business Leaders or IT Responsible for Customer Engagement in the Digital Age?

Who in your organization is responsible for customer experience, service, and engagement? Who makes sure that customer experience excellence is achieved in an enterprise-wide way? Which role should own customer experience in an organization: business leaders or IT? Join the Creatio Arena with Sam Biardo, Founder Technology Advisors & StarfishETL, University Professor, Podcaster, & Avid Golferto and Sebastien Forget, President & Owner at Solutions Metrix, and weigh in on the arguments of both...


Grow Revenues in 2021 Using AI and Low-Code Technologies

One of the most important initiatives for organizations in 2021 is fast tech-enablement and company digitization. Find out why business leaders of various industries choose low-code-powered customer engagement solutions with AI capabilities with Alan Joenn, Account Director at Collier Pickard and Richard Ainley, Regional Sales Director at Creatio.


Top Use Cases of Leveraging Low-Code Technology to Accelerate Customer-Facing and Operational Processes

Learn why organizations are choosing low-code platforms to build apps and processes they need and how low-code can help budget-challenged IT departments to create new solutions faster


How-to Session | Step-by-Step Guide to Low-Code Approach Realization

Creatio product experts are discussing how a step-by-step low-code strategy can look like at your organization.


Will CIOs Be Tech Executives or More Like General Managers in The Near Future?

As the market continuously changes, so does the role of the CIO within a business. But how exactly will CIOs’ roles change in the near future? Will CIOs continue to be responsible primarily for technology implementation, or will they become increasingly responsible for overall strategy and management as technology remains vital for business growth?


Invest in Innovations or Preserve Resources until Things Get Back to Normal?

Is the current crisis a good time to invest in innovations to help a business overcome challenges ahead? Or is it more rational to wait for better days? Does the economic slowdown mean your business should put your modernization initiatives on pause? Which strategy should your company adhere to in times of market uncertainty?


Online vs Face-To-Face: Will the Way We Do Business Change Forever?

Can virtual replace most of the in-person interactions? Will online take over a face-to-face approach after quarantine ends? Will most businesses try to virtualize as many operations as possible? Or we’ll be fighting for in-person experiences? Leading experts will debate on the topic and share their argument.