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The MS Mobile Show is a show created by fans for fans of the Microsoft platform of devices. We look forward to bringing you the latest news & great guests!

The MS Mobile Show is a show created by fans for fans of the Microsoft platform of devices. We look forward to bringing you the latest news & great guests!
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The MS Mobile Show is a show created by fans for fans of the Microsoft platform of devices. We look forward to bringing you the latest news & great guests!




Becoming Fluent In Fluent

While we discuss our initial thoughts on Fluent, we also look at specific examples of it already seen in several core apps available on Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring. 02:27 Tip of the Episode OneNote Mobile has now got a ton of new features, and one of which is the ability to use multiple windows (shift click on the launch icon in taskbar or Start Menu), and also the ability to manage page versions. This follows up on previous comments about how we want to see Office Mobile get multiple...


Clifton Thomas of TekBeard Talks of Dying Mobile Platforms

We are finally able to get fellow podcaster, mobile historian, and friend of the show, Clifton Thomas, on the show! The two spend the first 10 minutes catching up and talking about how podcasting and "internet friends" have impacted their lives. 10:20: Cliff compares the "death" of Windows Phone to the end of webOS. 23:11: Then he shares with Vernon what he would like to see if Microsoft makes a new style of "mobile" device. 27:33: We learn more about Cliff, as he shares stuff that...


Windows 10 S & Surface Laptop

Microsoft May Event had a strong emphasis on Education and all the ways Microsoft was working to improve technology in the classroom by providing schools with inexpensive, secure tools that empower schools, teachers, and students to do more. Primary Focus was on Windows 10 S And S stands for School edition? Secure edition? Store edition? Something for people to be confused and argue about edition? Try all of the above, because there's definitely some confusion out there about what this...


Across the Pond, with Sean Michael

Sean Michael shares a bit about the journalism industry, university in the 'States versus the UK, married life, American football, horseback riding, and some favorite pieces of tech. Plus, it wouldn't be a show without a bit of Windows Mobile discussion on episode 085 if the MS Mobile Show. You can follow Sean on Twitter @Sean_Michael_UK Thanks for joining us again this week, friends! If you'd like to continue the conversation, you should follow us on Twitter: @MSMobileShow,...


Windows Mobile: Pandemonium! The Sky Is Falling!

Ep 84 is the one where we speculate, as wildly as humanly possible with no basis in reality, whether or not there's a future for Windows 10 Mobile after being announced that it was being tossed out an airlock into the cold, dark, vastness of space... or something like that. Pandemonium! The Sky Is Falling! But first, we start off with a public service announce as the tip of the week, discuss some candid feedback about Skype Universal's SMS Relay, and if we can't keep Windows 10 Mobile,...


Greg Murphy details the Cerulean Moment by WhartonBrooks

We get a deeper insight into not only the Cerulean Moment, but a few new surprises from WhartonBrooks as well! Join us for episode 083 as Vernon and Aaron chat with Greg Murphy. Diving into the interview, we discover all the details of how the Moment came to be and learn that the Moment isn't the only phone model on the agenda! 01:01 - We start out with some getting to know you details about the man behind the dream and find out that he and Aaron have a...


Cerulean Moment, Continuum v. DeX, & Cleaning Up Duplicate Skype Contacts

Episode 082 gives us a chance to dig into the future of Continuum; especially since the WhartonBrooks Cerulean Moment has been officially announced. Aaron has a great tip for cleaning up duplicate contacts in Skype and Outlook. Vernon paints a picture of how the casual user could use their mobile in three years. 1:45 Tip of the Episode: Aaron shares how to clean up contact duplication after the Skype Preview messes them up. 1) Make sure you turn off SMS Relay for now. 2) Go to Skype app...


James Mundy of Foundbite

James Mundy, the creator, founder, and developer of the social "Sound + Photo" app, Foundbite, joins us for episode 081. We hear the story of the Foundbite journey, including the why it is shutting down. Foundbite James on Twitter James' website Thanks for listening! We always appreciate your feedback and interaction. If you enjoy the show and don't want to miss an episode, be sure to subscribe using your favorite podcast app. Continue the conversation with us on Twitter at...


New Co-host Aaron Hall (@GoodThings2Life)

For episode 080, we introduce the new co-host, Aaron Hall! Tip of the Episode: Opening multiple instances of OneNote. The Mobile Minute: Aaron's HP Elite x3 Top News: Vernon and Aaron talk about their recent home-buying experiences. Insider Feedback Item: Make a Bluetooth taskbar flyout that works like the WiFi Flyout. Personal Media Picks: Sling TV Twisted Sister The 5 Love Languages The Accountant The MS Mobile Show Episode Sponsor: We want to give a big thanks to the...


Kevin Harvell of The Tech Informist, Everything VR & AR, & the 2GuysTalking Podcast Network

As the podcast climbs out of the self-induced hiatus with episode 080, we bring back one of the original founders of the show, Kevin Harvell, of the Tech Informist, Everything VR & HR, and the 2GuysTalking Podcast Network. Kevin also led the STL Tech Talk and Who's Who In St. Lou podcasts. Vernon and Kevin reminisce about the early days of the podcast, which was over two years ago already! We hear about what led Kevin to the place in which he was able to launch the MS Mobile Show, and...


Reemergence - The Show Returns

More You are listening, to the MS Mobile Show! My name is Vernon E. L. Smith, and I am excited to be recording this! There's a good chance that if you are hearing my words right now, that you've been a longtime listener of the show, and to you, I want to share my heartfelt gratitude for all the support, kind words, and even some well-deserved criticism that you've been generous enough to send my way. If this is your first time hearing my voice, I want to welcome you...


78 - Picks and Predictions

Vernon shares his predictions for what will be announced at the October #MicrosoftEvent. We get to hear the previously-cut personal picks from recent guests: Blake Latson (@BlakeLatson), David V. Kimball (@DavidVKimball), and Adam Doud (@DeadTechnology). Thanks for listening! We always appreciate your feedback and interaction. If you enjoy the show and don't want to miss an episode, be sure to subscribe using your favorite podcast app. If you would like to continue the conversation...


77 - App Fatigue and AI Takeover, with Lloyd Moritz

Lloyd Moritz has great insight into the direction major tech companies are heading when it comes to what we think of as artificial intelligence. AI, Machine Learning, Bots, and Virtual Assistants. These are all somewhat different, but still employ some of the same tech and will end up achieving the same general goal: To think for us. Thanks for listening! We always appreciate your feedback and interaction. If you enjoy the show and don't want to miss an episode, be sure to subscribe...


76 - Disenchantment

Admittedly, we often take a more positive view of Microsoft than perhaps the average consumer may. This episode is an exception. David has had about enough of Microsoft lately, so we asked Adam Doud to join us so that we can properly criticize the company, and especially, Windows 10 Mobile. True to form, Adam has to remind us how webOS has paved the way for everything that is good about the current reigning mobile platforms. Also, the Cubs game was a good distraction during the show....


75 - Understanding Microsoft's Financials

Too often, technology enthusiasts do not fully understand the financial choices made by the companies they value. Recently, Vernon tried to explain the news of Microsoft buying back stock from shareholders, and failed pitifully at it. Listener of the show Blake Latson offered to help explain what some of the financial announcements really meant, and Vernon gladly accepted! Blake shares with us the Microsoft products and services he uses in his daily life, both professionally and...


74 - Surface, Skype, Outlook, and Ignite

Since David was unavailable this week, we were fortunate enough to have Aaron Hall (@GoodThings2Life) join us for episode 74. Both Aaron and Vernon discuss some of their experiences regarding the two keynote sessions held on Monday. Skype Rooms Systems, the ridiculous number of Skype apps, changes to OneDrive Selective Sync, and leaked Surface peripheral devices are talked about. The discussion continues, with the topics features moving towards parity among Office apps on all platforms,...


73 - Choosing Tech For Others

Many technology enthusiasts end up playing tech support for their friends and families. Often our loved ones rely on us to make the right choices for us, when it comes to a meaningful purchase of a piece of tech. Vernon and David talk about some new devices for their family members on the horizon. Also, the two hosts ask for listener feedback, and, (dare we say it?) ask for you to take action! Thanks for listening! We always appreciate your feedback and interaction. If you enjoy the show...


72 - No Notes, No Direction, No Worries

This is one of the very few shows that we've recorded without putting together any host notes. We just share an enjoyable conversation. Miraculously, Surface AIO, Word Flow for iOS, Cerulean Mobile, HP Elite X3, and Microsoft Ignite do manage to work their way into the show. Below are the details. Enjoy! Vernon reminisces about the Glance and Go podcast episode with Sean Johnson in which he had to re-record an entire episode because he powered off his PC. Hear "Passing The WinPhan Baton"...


71 - "The Fun Picker"

This week we have a little bit of everything. David has finished his mod and it is now available for your enjoyment! Vernon shares his newly-revealed addiction to old cheese. Both of us are truly excited about the news that WhartonBrooks has a new Windows 10 Mobile device in the works, going with the brand name of Cerulean Mobile. If you click only one like in these show notes, take a moment to check out their progress by listening to the WhartonBrooks / Cerulean Mobile podcast on...


70 - Facebook Connect apps, UWP resurgence, & RIP Blab

Vernon and David discuss Twitter and Slack feedback. We discuss how to disconnect Facebook apps Windows Phone apps like Amazon are going away, but UWP app versions are coming out Darrell gets an Xbox Live gamertag: TowJam Fitbit and Health Vault no longer integrate Discussion about using Microsoft apps or 3rd party ones as the primary app Yammer apps have gotten updates on iOS and Android Third party Discord app Clamour coming soon to Windows Phone App picks: Vinci photo app, Clamour...