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Manufacturing, technology, hot topics and a bit of banter.

Manufacturing, technology, hot topics and a bit of banter.
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Manufacturing, technology, hot topics and a bit of banter.








16: Is Finance An Essential Part Of Growing Your Engineering Business? | MTD Podcast

Is your company able to grow without finance? MTD CNC Joe Reynolds, Colin Griffiths & Mark Deadman discuss. Joe argues that not all companies need finance he expresses that the subject is very broad and needs to be specified to gauge what companies really need. Colin believes finance is an essential part to stabilise cash flow but suggests a broker may be your better option to a branch. An interesting debate.


15: How measurable are we now? | MTD Podcast

Mark shares his knowledge on metrology and debunks myths that circulate the industry in the perceptions around inspection. He expresses that metrology inspections are usually the last part of the process but now with smart technology and vision systems you can now measure on the machines whilst on the job! All three debate the challenges and perceptions around how much more advanced we are now when measuring metrology. Please rate, review and subscribe so we can make our podcast even...


14: If you don’t automate your workshop within the next 5-10 years, you’re going to be in trouble! | MTD Podcast

Colin is joined by Mark and Joe as they discuss automation including; robots, automation cells, pallet systems which are enabling manufacturers to be more profitable through things like lights-out machining and automatic pallet systems. But won’t automating your workshops mean job losses? Not at all, in fact, the opposite! We discuss the benefits that automation will bring in the workforce of the future!


13: Real motorsport experience when engineering for a F3 racing team | MTD Podcast

Shane Kelly who is the University of Wolverhampton Racing driver for their Formula 3 racing team joins us on the podcast this week. He speaks with us about what students at the University of Wolverhampton can learn when studying on their motorsport engineering courses and what it's like for them to have direct access to the machining technologies and real-world experience to students so that they can easily transfer their skill into careers. We go into what Shane's daily routine is like and...


12: 5-axis machining; why you would choose one type over the other... | MTD Podcast

It's a full studio on today's podcast, we almost ran out of mics! Today's ring leader is Paul who is joined by Joe, Gio and our resident joker, Colin (he's going to love that accolade!). Today we go deep into 5-axis machining. particularly milling and discuss the type of applications you would have and why you would choose one over the other. We also discuss different types of 5-axis machines. It's a great episode which you'll love if you work on the machines and love everything to do with...


11: Is workholding overlooked when buying new machine tool technology? | MTD Podcast

On this week's episode of the MTD Podcast, Paul is joined by Gio and Colin again. They talk about modern workholding solutions and whether workholding is overlooked when purchasing new machine tool technology...


10: Machining with EDM, what does it mean to you? | MTD Podcast

In this week's podcast Paul, Gio and Colin discuss EDM and all the processes used in a modern machine shop. We talk EDM wire cut, sinking and drilling. A meaningful, educational and enjoyable listen.


9: The uncertainty of Brexit Cleared Up by International Finance Specialist | MTD Podcast

In episode 9 of our MTD podcast, we discuss the positives outcomes from Brexit with Sanjay Vallabh, Managing Director of Vallabh Associates Ltd discussing methods which other European countries have used to get the best trade deal with Europe while remaining unchaperoned. Using his extensive experience working with banks and specialising in international finance, Sanjay is familiar with supporting businesses with their international requirements. He has worked with small business all the...


8: Sliding head lathes, would you buy one? | MTD Podcast

In this edition of the MTD CNC Podcast, the team engage in some banter and discuss sliding head lathes. Paul, Joe and Colin record the first podcast of 2019 at the studio, discussing their purposes, why engineers should invest in them and also why engineers already are investing in them. But first, Paul, Colin and Joe get rid of the elephant in the room by shedding some light on MTD’s defeat at the hands of SECO for the Tooling Cup last week. While Paul claims that his managerial skills...


BREXIT SPECIAL: Deal or no deal, what manufacturers should do following Brexit | MTD Podcast

What a week we've endured so far in the Brexit conundrum! The Prime Minister just suffered the biggest loss in Parliament in political history in what the British public are calling the worst time in modern politics. To ensure that manufacturers are well equipped with both possible outcomes from our divorce with the EU, we caught up with Peter Wilding, the man who literally "invented" the word 'Brexit', a term he calls a "sad word" which was first coined when he wrote it in an article...


6: Generative Design Technology With Autodesk | MTD Podcast

On today’s episode, the team sit down with Clinton and Chris from Autodesk to discuss the current and future trends of CAM, and how it consolidates manufacturing; enabling engineers to prosper with the combined use of the technology. Autodesk have been promoting the convergence of designer manufacturing for a number of years in an attempt to create a process in which the method of manufacturing parts influences the design of the parts. We discuss their Generative Design technology,...


5: LIVE from Hurco Christmas Open House Event | MTD Podcast

On this episode of the MTD Podcast, we are live from the Hurco Open house show in High Wycombe, discussing the event highlights for not only MTDCNC, but the overall main attractions at the exhibition. With the team finally recovered after a great Christmas party at the NEC on Saturday night, it was time to get back to business, and what better way than the final Open House event of the year at Hurco. The talking points of the two-day exhibition were the technology displays and the tooling...


4: LIVE from Yamakazi Mazak UK - How Customer Involvement Has Evolved Their Machines | MTD Podcast

On today’s episode, the MTD team records live from Mazak’s 'Mazak Live' event at their European headquarters in Worcester, after a long day of inspecting innovating machinery from Mazak and discussing personal highlights of the event and new equipment on display. The talk of the show was Mazak’s new HCN five-axis machine, which was not only mechanically advanced in the sense of having one the fastest jerk rates on the market with a power of 30,000rpm alongside 80kw, but also accompanied with...


3: How to Build Your Social Media Profiles with Stuart Whitehead | MTD Podcast

Today, Paul and Joe sit down with Stuart Whitehead. Founder of online manufacturing news outlet Jefferson Group, he shares with us the pivotal factors he followed in building a huge online presence in the engineering sector. As we discuss tips on growing social media pages, we also analyse key points such as the relevance of social media followers, the importance of engagement, how pivotal social media is to business growth and where platforms are headed in the future.


2: Additive Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, IoT and setting up a machining workshop | MTD Podcast

Today Paul, Gio and Joe talk about some hot manufacturing topics; Additive Manufacturing and its place within our market place and is it going to take over traditional machining of components? The Fourth Industrial Revolution / Industry 4.0 / IoT is it a myth or here to stay? We also talk about what we would do if we were to set up a CNC machining workshop.


1: What is Advanced Engineering? | MTD Podcast

Paul, Gio and Joe are joined by Jeremy Whittingham from Easyfairs (owners of the Advanced Engineering show) at the NEC in Birmingham. A topical show exploring what can be seen at this popular annual event. In the usual style, the MTD crew challenge Jeremy with some interesting questions about trade shows in general, trends at events and why this particular show has witnessed 10 years of growth. Like this podcast? Check out more at