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Marketing O'Clock is the premier digital marketing news podcast that covers the latest trends and advancements in online marketing, email marketing, SEO, PPC, and social media every Friday. On Tuesday's, Marketing O'Clock interviews leaders in digital marketing in the series, "Off The Clock."

Marketing O'Clock is the premier digital marketing news podcast that covers the latest trends and advancements in online marketing, email marketing, SEO, PPC, and social media every Friday. On Tuesday's, Marketing O'Clock interviews leaders in digital marketing in the series, "Off The Clock."
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Marketing O'Clock is the premier digital marketing news podcast that covers the latest trends and advancements in online marketing, email marketing, SEO, PPC, and social media every Friday. On Tuesday's, Marketing O'Clock interviews leaders in digital marketing in the series, "Off The Clock."




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What The 2019 Internet Trends Report Means For Marketers - Ep 74

This week's digital marketing news features a breakdown of Mark Meeker's 333 slide Internet Trends report (and what it means for marketers), cover new Conversion bidding by campaign rollouts and more diversity in the search results. We've also got the hottest takes of the week from Sarah Burke, a WTH from a webmaster that gave up after the June 2019 Core Update and have a great tool to help do better with Shopping Ads and a Must Read Marketing Article showcasing all of the SERP...


News & Health Sites Targeted In Google’s June 2019 Core Update - Ep. 73

This week's digital marketing news features a rare occurrence of a Google core update announcement, fighting keyword cannibalisation, new facebook ad video creation tools, organic branded content used as Instagram ads, the future (or lack thereof) of political advertising, more evidence building against the Google monopoly and teenagers airdropping unsuspecting strangers memes for fun. Read the full show notes at


Off The Clock: Alexandra Suazo

On this episode of Off The Clock, Greg sits down with Senior Manager of Digital Marketing & Strategy at Mattel, Alexandra Suazo. Listen in as she takes us along her digital marketing journey, how she got her foot in the door, what she has learned, what she is continuing to learn, and how she has managed to create a new digital push for the iconic American Girl brand. Read the full show notes at


Favicons Gone Wild - Ep. 72

In this week’s digital marketing news, Google’s favicons are already causing trouble, Twitter allows up to four people on the same live video, North Face gets shut down after boasting about their brilliantly dumb marketing strategy, this week’s marketing article breaks down an SEO audit, and the first launch of an influencers clothing brand might be the last launch. Read the full show notes at


A Landscape Move for IGTV - Ep. 71

In this week's digital marketing news, Instagram breaks away from vertical IGTV videos, Google welcomes icons into Google Search, Linkedin Ads tab added to pages, Google "forgets" to notify everyone about their new Google Images plan, Tesla makes an interesting choice for its new social media manager, and it's not a big deal, but Google is stalking your every online shopping move. Read the full show notes at


What You Need To Know From Google Marketing Live - Ep. 70

If you didn't have the chance to grab a front row seat to Google's Marketing Live Conference this week, Greg and Jess have come to the rescue. On Episode 70, we dive into the biggest takeaways from Google including gallery ads, 6-second bumper machine videos, Discovery campaigns, connected TV, Performance Planner, and buying directly from Youtube videos. We also cover new Google Sheets features, a guide for how-to snippets, and Google Trips. Plus, you won't believe the stunt fans pulled on...


The New Facebook Video Algorithm - Ep. 69

In this week’s digital marketing news, Greg and Jess cover the evergreen Googlebot, better Google search news coverage and podcast support, updated Facebook video ranking factors, SEO tools, Google dominating the internet, negative keywords introduced to Amazon sponsored ads, digital advertising exceeding $100B for the first time in history, and dogs shopping for their own toys online. Read the full show notes here:


Off The Clock: Kirk Williams

Kirk Williams is best known for his work in the paid search space. He's made the Top 25 influential PPC (3 years in a row) and Top 13 PPC Experts according to Search Engine Journal. From working maintenance on his college campus to owning his own marketing agency, Kirk has come a long way. Today, Kirk runs his own marketing agency called Zato Marketing, regularly writes for Search Engine Land, PPC Hero, and Bing, and is an international PPC speaker at numerous digital marketing...


Bing Ads Becomes Microsoft Advertising - Ep. 68

In this week's digital marketing news, Bing Ads evolve into Microsoft Advertising, Google My Business is on the hunt for money, Microsoft Advertising takes on Google with unique features, Facebook turns to the future of privacy with a design makeover, Amazon is on the lookout for a doorbell crime journalist, and we break down the must-know content marketing statistics. Read the full show notes at


What Slowed Growth in Paid Search Spending Means For You - Ep. 67

On this episode of Marketing O’Clock, Merkle reports on digital marketing trends for Q1 of 2019, ads may become inevitable for Netflix, we learn how Google Data Studio can be utilized for Facebook ads, Vimeo launches Showcase, Greg goes on a Twitter rant, Hertz website design nightmare becomes a reality, and Instagram begins testing different ways you can see your total like count. Read the full show notes at


Facebook Ad Manager Gets A Facelift - Ep. 66

In this week’s digital marketing news, Facebook Ads Manager announces updates including a new interface design, Google delivers on publishing real URLs for AMP, you can become teammates on Linkedin, and cell phones may steal the #1 position for seeking out entertainment in 2019 (sorry television).


A Major Google De-Indexing Bug And More Facebook Ad Controls - Ep. 65

In this week's digital marketing news, Google’s search index is back to normal after some technical issues, brands have greater control over what Facebook content their ads are shown with, Google Discover data comes to search console, we check out the most interesting 2019 blogging statistics, and so much more. Read the full show notes at


Facebook's Ad Library Now Catalogs More Than Just Political Content - Ep. 64

In this week's digital marketing news, Facebook users get a backstage pass to how ads are targeting them, call-to-action buttons are added to Bing ads, Snapchat turns into a Bitmoji gaming system, Greg orders 40,000 cucumbers from our local Walmart, and apparently whispering into a microphone is important for your brand... Read the full show notes at


Off The Clock: Kyle Pucko

Kyle Pucko first got a taste for hard work at the age of 14 when he was hired to pick strawberries in his hometown. Those valuable lessons would stay with him all throughout college where his digital marketing career began to take form. From working as a tour guide and college admissions counselor, Kyle soon found himself running the digital marketing department at his school. Since then, Kyle has taken it upon himself to find the best and easiest solution for common everyday digital...


Goodbye Google AdWords Editor, Hello Google Ads Editor - Ep 63

This week the gang covers the deathknell of Google AdWords (thanks to a shiny new & bright Google Ads Editor), some new custom Audiences in Bing, a Google blunder with pagination and so much more digital marketing news. In addition to an awesome resource for finding royalty free photos, Greg and Jess talk about an amazing source for Data Studio reports, rad new dynamic Gmail elements that keep you up-to-date in real time, and humans are becoming more of a luxury than technology - YEEEEE!...


Deep Dive: Shoppable Ads on Google Images

Google images has become the go-to for searching images on the internet. And for years it operated as an ad-free zone. At least, until last year. Google images now hosts sponsored shopping ads at the top of their image search results which means, it's a new way for businesses to reach potential customers. Listen to this episode of Deep Dive where Greg and Jess cover the 5 ½ W’s (who, what, where, when, why, and how) of Shoppable Ads on Google Images. Read the full show notes at...


Insta Carte Blanche - Ep. 62

This week in digital marketing news, Instagram becomes an online shoppers paradise (designer litter boxes and all), Facebook takes action against the negative side of targeting, and Google finally announces their official core update name. Plus, the true spending of political ads on Facebook is revealed and Brian Peters from Buffer shows us the art of caption engagement. Read the full show notes at


Off The Clock: Eric Enge

Beginning as an engineer, Eric Enge slowly found his way into the world of SEO. Learning from his family of university professors, Eric developed an edge in the engineering industry which eventually led to his future career in marketing. But Eric's most notable award will always be winning the 1985 foosball world championship (Greg's dream). Eric Enge is a US Search Personality of the Year winner, Landy Awards: Search Marketer of the Year winner, co-author of "The Art of SEO", founder of...


Actionable New Metrics For Facebook Ads - Ep. 61

Today, Greg and Jess broke down the granular new metrics that Facebook is releasing, talked about a new Google Core Update - aka the Core March 12th 2019 Update, aka Florida 2, aka The March 2019 Core Update 😕, and talked about Policy Manager, a new tool that helps you keep your slammers in check! We also compared everything to Black Mirror and included some hot Nic Cage chat. In the WTH of the week, we pontificated about how sweet our codec avatars will be, we featured a cool new Chrome...


Deep Dive: Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization Migration

We've got major news. Well, technically Facebook has major news. In a few short months, you will no longer be able to set budgets at the ad set level in Facebook Ads. Instead, Facebook's campaign budget optimization will become the default setting for all campaigns. Listen to this week’s Deep Dive as we unpack everything you need to know before this major September 2019 update.