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Marketing O'Clock is the premier digital marketing news podcast that covers the latest trends and advancements in online marketing, email marketing, SEO, PPC, and social media every Friday. On Tuesday's, Marketing O'Clock interviews leaders in digital marketing in the series, "Off The Clock."

Marketing O'Clock is the premier digital marketing news podcast that covers the latest trends and advancements in online marketing, email marketing, SEO, PPC, and social media every Friday. On Tuesday's, Marketing O'Clock interviews leaders in digital marketing in the series, "Off The Clock."
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Marketing O'Clock is the premier digital marketing news podcast that covers the latest trends and advancements in online marketing, email marketing, SEO, PPC, and social media every Friday. On Tuesday's, Marketing O'Clock interviews leaders in digital marketing in the series, "Off The Clock."




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Administrative Assistance: New Tools For LinkedIn Admins - Ep. 92

LinkedIn helps businesses optimize their pages with Team Moments, Facebook's new custom templates help push story placements, Shep plays two truths and a lie with Greg. Google rolls out affinity audiences for search, Facebook gets ahead of the holiday season with shopping insights, LinkedIn connects the online world with the physical one through Events Hub, and Facebook is caught paying the price for inflating video metrics.


The User Generation. Google Shopping Displaying User Images In Review Results - Ep. 91

User-generated images welcomed to Google Shopping reviews, Search Console enhances its video reporting, Quora introduces additional targeting options, TripAdvisor Connect launches on Facebook and Instagram, Instagram's following tab peaces out, a Supreme Court ruling could shift how websites are developed, and Amazon gets caught in the middle of a 5-star scheme.


You’re It! Share Your Tags With The Google Tag Manager Community Template Gallery - Ep. 90

Google Tag Manager's Community Template Library makes sharing tags easier than ever. Google Shopping is upgraded local inventory search, price tracking, and a swanky new "Buy on Google" logo. Instagram is testing a tool to build hype around new product launches and encourage users to make purchases from the Instagram app.


Programming Note - This Week Only - The Show Is Moving To Monday (with a Big Announcement)

Greg and Shep hop on the mic to inform everyone that *for one week only* our show is moving to Monday - due to a big, no HUGE, announcement. Thanks for your patience, we'll make it all worthwhile and you'll hear why on Monday when the cat come out of the bag.. Have a fantastic weekend, see you Monday!


Shop 'til You Drop Your Phone. Pinterest's New Shop the Look Ads Feature Multiple Products - Ep. 89

Shopping becomes more dangerous with Shop The Look Pinterest ads, Google shows advertisers how to reach where audiences are watching, choose more Google search previewing options, another year means another (poorly named) Google Core Algorithm update, 52 experts come together to share the best SEO reporting tools, and Amazon debuts their plans for wearable Alexa technology.


New YouTube "Key Moments" may unlock additional search exposure for creators - Ep. 88

Google introduces algorithmic updates to star reviews, Youtube gives insight into videos with timestamps, Facebook ads are about to get a lot more interactive, Instagram takes action against influencer tea, Amazon is under investigation for manipulating search results, Facebook (finally) allows businesses to schedule Instagram posts in advance, and storming Area 51 just reached a whole other level.


NoFollow No More? Google Announces Link Attribute Changes - Ep. 87

This week Greg and Shep share their take on what a no-nofollow means for the internet ... hint - it will BREAK! we cover new Microsoft Advertising features, Quora Ads, Google Ads bidding options and we have our second ever TAKE-OFF where we pit the blazing hot takes of 4 marketers up against each other in a winner take all. All this, plus an article on AdSense alternatives form Kinsta, and much much more. Show notes:


Weight No More: Google Organic Search Ranking Factor Survey Results Are In - Ep. 86

Google Search Console automates domain verification, SEO experts weigh in on 2019 Google ranking factors, grab some popcorn for the Twitter showdown of Jason Fried vs. Google, Facebook suffers another security breach, Youtube abbreviates subscriber count, Microsoft adds a new function to Excel, The Office helps diagnose technical SEO problems, and Amazon initiates the future of shopping with Whole Foods.


Tis the Seasonality: New Bid Adjustments are Coming to Google Ads

Tis the season for Google Ads special occasion smart bidding, Yelp personalizes their user experience, LinkedIn launches top-secret insights hub, Tik Tok is all the rage, Facebook gets in front of the 2020 election, Twitter works on scheduling feature, Quora's in big trouble, Pinterest fights misinformation with facts, 5 million Google search results are analyzed, and this 2000's start-up company is secretly making a comeback.


Google Ads (sort of) Standardizes Bidding Delivery - Ep. 84

Google Ads delivery for search and shopping decelerates, Twitter adds more video bidding options, Youtube may stop targeting kids with ads, Pinterest brings us behind the content classification scenes, Bing keeps being the little engine that could, Google delivery icons disappeared just as fast as they appeared, all SEO strategies don’t need to be identical, and a motorcycle accident turns into an (alleged) sponsored photoshoot.


Clicks Half Empty - Less Than Half Of Google Searches End With a Click - Ep. 83

Google Webmasters tweet third-party hosting advice, the Google monopoly continues to dominate, the secret is out for how to successfully rank locally, manage all your hashtags in one Cool Tool, buy movies within Facebook ads, podcasts continue to be trendy, Tumblr is on the market again for a record low price, and posting to Instagram could be the easiest way to make a million dollars.


Google Trips Has Departed. Google Maps For Travel Now Arriving. - Ep. 82

Google Trips may be gone but their features live on through Google Maps, Pinterest’s shopping hub expands catalog capabilities, agencies speak out against Google going behind their backs, tracking competitors Facebook ads has never been easier, interest targeting heads to Spotify, Yelp is changing phone numbers, Youtube viewer records aren’t as factual as they seem, and learn how to see what pages are ranking or driving traffic from Google.


Google Ads Close Variants Roll Out To Phrase & Modified Broad Match Types - Ep. 81

Google Ads close variant matching sends the PPC community into a frenzy, Facebook allows advertising in its search results, Google Analytics can now easily report across platforms, apps join the Google Discover family, Snapchat's new Instant Create ad tool focuses on smaller advertisers, Facebook unveils the Business Manager makeover, learn how to make Google Sheets work for your SEO needs, and Chase chooses machines over humans when it comes to copywriting.


Introducing Microsoft Advertising Experiments. More Testing Campaigns, Fewer Testy Advertisers - Ep. 80

This week sees big news from Microsoft Advertising (the platform formerly known as Bing Ads), as well as new Facebook News Feed leaks, a GTM Library from the Maestro himself - Simo Ahava and more. Plus Greg and Shep breakdown the cons of sleeping in a moderately used Wienermobile, discussed the magic of Top Gun Algo Update names and did a first ever dramatic reading from a Tweetstream in this week's Take of the Week.


Demographics & Audiences Make Their Way To Google Search Ads - Ep. 79

Facebook rolls out its new Ads Manager platform, Twitter's desktop feed redesign goes live, Google search targeting gains the same capabilities as display targeting, Youtube makes it easier for creators to earn revenue, Nick Kolenda shares 31 tricks to improve your writing, Buffer helps with analyzing social media performance, and beware of any apps that want to own your face.


New Facebook Monetization Solutions Make Cents For Content Creators - Ep. 78

Microsoft gives advertisers the ability to create hundreds of different ad variations, Pinterest adds new video capabilities, Facebook focuses on its creators, 30k followers gives you celebrity status, we explore Data Studio Explorer, and The Rework Podcast squeezes a six-hour interview into a must listen search engine optimization episode.


'Bot Time: Robots Exclusion Protocol Becomes Official - Ep. 77

Google robots dominate the news with unsupported rules, open sourcing and an exclusion protocol specification, reach estimates return to Facebook, Linkedin Ads includes retargeting, Youtube pushes for augmented reality ads, Twitter works on hiding tweets, Flux Guard allows us to track website changes, and the future has arrived with FaceTime eye contact correction.


Google Text Ads Take A Test Ride On The Carousel - Ep. 76

Google text ads are trying out the carousel, Google My Business intensifies competition against Facebook pages, Linkedin pages introduce five new call-to-action buttons, the secret of converting Instagram ads is revealed, testing your video ads with Youtube's mockup tool is free, and branded proposals are the latest in influencer trends.


Pinterest’s ‘Complete The Look’ Pushes E-commerce Efforts Closer to Checkout - Ep. 75

In this week's digital marketing news, Google's under fire for stealing content, Pinterest gets technical with their new Complete The Look system, we look into how much traffic Google is taking for themselves, Facebook announces its new Libra cryptocurrency, we debate Google's daily budget rules, Julia Olennikova gives us 39 PPC tools for paid advertisers and more. Read the full show notes at


What The 2019 Internet Trends Report Means For Marketers - Ep 74

This week's digital marketing news features a breakdown of Mark Meeker's 333 slide Internet Trends report (and what it means for marketers), cover new Conversion bidding by campaign rollouts and more diversity in the search results. We've also got the hottest takes of the week from Sarah Burke, a WTH from a webmaster that gave up after the June 2019 Core Update and have a great tool to help do better with Shopping Ads and a Must Read Marketing Article showcasing all of the SERP...