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Learn how today’s matchmakers define the new economy.

Learn how today’s matchmakers define the new economy.


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Learn how today’s matchmakers define the new economy.






How Digital Platforms Are Revolutionizing The $100B Flower Biz

Karen Webster talks with John Tobis, CEO of the Bouqs, about why he thinks his direct-to-consumer and subscription model can make the company stand out in a crowded field — a move that requires payments to play a big role, given all the players involved. Sustainability is also part of the equation — but will consumer really catch on?


Weddings, The Millennial Way? There’s A Marketplace For That

Younger consumers — reflecting larger trends — wanted weddings as unique as they are and Mayflower Venues shares how it steps up to the challenge.


Can African eCommerce Get a Boost from Digital Escrow?

In this episode of Matchmakers, Ibrahim Oladele, co-founder and CEO of Vesicash talks about why using a new payment process in Africa could encourage more online sales and build more trust around eCommerce.


Mapping the Maps for Self-Driving Cars (and Drones)

Mapillary has created a platform that uses crowdsourcing to map the world’s streets – in real time. Machine learning and other technologies help transform images into information so that logistics become logical and even autonomous cars can learn on the road (literally) as Mapillary CEO Jan Erik Solem tells Karen Webster.


How Down To Shop Channels Infomercial Love Into A QVC-For-Gen-Z App

Down to Shop explains how a quirky, gamified infomercial format, with a heavy dose of home shopping, is getting people, especially Gen Z, to tune in and buy.


How To Make Gig Workers Feel Smarter About Taxes

In this edition of PYMNTS Matchmakers, Paul Koullick of Keeper Tax discusses how digital technology can prevent workers from overpaying or underpaying taxes.


Will Marketplaces Take Over eCommerce Completely?

The world is becoming one big marketplace — even of the marketplace doesn’t always look like one.


Platforms And The Future Of Product Development

The hunt for technical professional services can be frustrating - a situation exemplified by the world of electrical engineering where there are many more jobs that need doing that engineers obviously available to fill them. But, CEO and Chairman Matt Barrie told Karen Webster, it’s a situation they’re working on with Arrow Electronics with a new platform that matchmakers electrical engineers to the jobs that need them.


It’s Always 5 O’Clock Somewhere

Shots Box discusses its online subscription retail service, providing liquor samples from craft distilleries, and the opening of its own brick-and-mortar store.


Can Digital Tech Help Teachers Afford Homes in Pricey Areas?

Karen Webster talks with Landed’s Alex Lofton about a new way to bring home ownership to workers who make cities function.


Utility Data’s New Identity

While most people are familiar with toting a utility bill to the DMV when it’s time to get a new license, most of us don’t look at it as a potentially powerful tool. The reason, Urjanet CEO Sanjoy Malik told Karen Webster, is that that information wasn’t able to be easily or directly share digitally. But a decade and six thousand utilities and added to the platform, he said, and they are aiming to change that in a big way.


Can Visual Search Help Retailers Find New Sales?

In the newest edition of the PYMNTS Matchmakers interview series, Slyce CEO Ted Mann makes the case for why visual should take its place among the top retail tools.


Why Waiters On Demand Could Be Hospitality’s Future

Jitjatjo's marketplace platform offers hospitality and restaurant industry players access to vetted workers on demand, seeking to attract and pay talent well.


Why Solopreneurs Need A Turnkey Procure-To-Pay Process

HoneyBook was built to be an all-in-one platform for solo entrepreneurs, linking every step of the business process from proposal to invoice and payments.


Making Market For Real Estate A More Expansive Place

Spring brings three things consistently every year - birds, flowers and home buyers. And, according to Homelight COO Sumant Sridharan, 2019 is shaping up to be a busier than expected year.


Recreating The Classic Department Store With A High-Tech Twist

Given the rather distressing news out of physical retail in earl 2019 - Neighborhood Goods plan to re-invent the department store might seem strange. But according to CEO Matt Alexander, consumers don’t hate department stores, they hate what they’ve become.


In the UK, Fair Labor Exchange via Union-Backed Gig Economy Marketplace

In the U.K., says Labour Xchange Co-Founder Jonathan Key in the latest Matchmakers podcast, millions of people are underemployed. Matching ad hoc employees with work they want to do and employers who need them right away can help create sustainable career paths, he said, while paying them living wages. Thus an anomaly in startup land: A trade union-backed online marketplace.


With This Ring, I Thee Pay — And Buy, And Authenticate

Wearables are hot, and are moving beyond fitness tracking to take on more payment and authentication tasks. But there are more to wearables than devices that wrap around consumers’ wrists. In this episode of Matchmakers, Tejash Unadkat, CEO at Motiv, tells Karen Webster why rings can give users more comfort, and can enable all sorts of tasks vital to daily consumer living in this digital world — tasks that include can include...