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Come grab your coffee and relax! These Midwest mommas are discussing their everyday, messy lives!

Come grab your coffee and relax! These Midwest mommas are discussing their everyday, messy lives!


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Come grab your coffee and relax! These Midwest mommas are discussing their everyday, messy lives!




Hoosier Sister: Gretchen & Heidi

Please join us as we chat with sisters Gretchen and Heidi as they share their business, Hoosier Sister. These sisters have an eye for putting all things vintage together to accent your home decor. They share how Hoosier Sister got started and how designing space for people is a work of art. Spring is just around the corner, and Heidi and Gretchen have great ideas to spruce up your home! We hope you enjoy!


Molly Reed Grayson: Songwriter & Sunday Bakes

Get ready for a refreshing episode of Midwest Mommas, featuring Molly Reed Grayson! We were honored to sit down and chat with her about being a songwriter and also hosting Sunday Bakes on Instagram. She shares with us her journey through it all and is an open book. From inspiring people through songs and making yummy food, Molly is the real deal. We hope you enjoy!


Alaina Fingal: The Money Organizer

We are kicking off 2020 with the Money Organizer, Alaina Fingal! She shares helpful tips and tricks when planning out your budget and staying organized with your spending. What better way to start off a new year by getting out of debt and sticking to your budget?! We hope you enjoy!


House of Jade: Erin & Kirsten

We are thrilled to bring you our newest conversation with House of Jade Interiors, Erin and Kirsten! These lovely ladies share with us their story and how their dream all got started. They shared some great tips on decorating your home on a low budget, even during the crazy busy holidays! We hope you enjoy!


Holly Jolly Gift Ideas!

We are counting down the hours until Black Friday, how about you?! Join our holiday special episode as we share some great gift ideas for kids, men, and women this holiday season. We discuss some of the great deals out there for 2019! We hope you enjoy!


Jessica Lynch: Entrepreneur

We celebrate our 30th episode with local entrepreneur, Jessica Lynch! She started her own business, Yoga Baby Clothing, and most recently opened a miniature golf course and restaurant with her husband. Birdies in Westfield, Indiana is a place for the whole family to spend time together and just have fun! She shares with us how she balances her work and family while traveling to support her husband who is a professional hockey player. She has strong roots that have helped her become the best...


Gwendolyn Rogers: Founder of The Cake Bake Shop

Founder of The Cake Bake Shop, Gwendolyn Rogers is as delightful as her elegant cakes. Currently featured on Oprah’s 2019 Favorite Things list, Gwendolyn shares with us her journey on starting her business out of her kitchen to the growing empire it is today. We were able to get all the feels when sitting down with Gwen at her beautifully decorated shop while listening to Christmas music, and leaving with a variety of delicious slices of her cake. Thank you, Gwendolyn for reminding us to...


Keeping it Real w/ Manda Carpenter

Please join our latest conversation with Manda Carpenter. She is a writer, speaker, and advocate. She is also an inspiring foster momma who has a passion for the foster care system and wants to make a difference in this world. We hope you enjoy this raw conversation!


Savhera: New Beginnings

Please join us in our latest episode with founder of Savhera, Vanessa Bouche. Savhera is an amazing company that has a powerful mission. Savhera offers premium, organic essential oils to values-driven consumers while combatting sex trafficking by providing dignified employment to survivors of sexual exploitation. This is a conversation you don't want to miss! Enjoy!


Savhera: New Beginnings

Please join our latest chat with Vanessa Bouche, founder of Savhera. Savhera offers premium, organic essential oils to values-driven consumers while combatting sex trafficking by providing dignified employment to survivors of sexual exploitation. This is an episode you don't want to miss! Enjoy!


Hospitality with Leslie Verner

Please join us as we chat with author, Leslie Verner in our newest episode. In her debut book, Invited: The Power of Hospitality in an Age of Loneliness, she shares that when it comes to hospitality, we can't hold out for ideal circumstances. Leslie offers readers to move past trying to be perfect and reach out for true connections. Enjoy!


Beauty Tips with Katie Norton

Please join our conversation as we talk with the lovely Katie Norton on all things beauty! She shares the importance of checking makeup products used and finding a healthier option in Beautycounter. Enjoy!


Brooke Brown: Think Outside the Box

We are thrilled to have our first TEACHER on our show!! Please join us with Brooke Brown, a teacher, blogger, TpT author, and momma of 2! She shares with us some of her tips and tricks in the classroom and how she incorporates STEM and Makerspace activities daily. Enjoy!


Jessi Strother: Salty Truth, Sweet Grace

Please join us in our sweet conversation with Jessi Strother. Jessi is a pastor's wife who started her own ministry, Salty Sweet. She shares her journey on how she started her ministry and becoming a writer and speaker. Jessi inspires us all to be kind to one another and to be mountain movers. We hope you enjoy!


Barefoot Preacher: Jennifer Magnano

We are so glad to have had the opportunity to chat with blogger, yoga instructor, postpartum doula, wellness coach, and momma, Jennifer Magnano! While she wears many hats, she discusses tips on motherhood and balancing a busy life. We hope you enjoy this conversation! Thanks for listening!


Our Favorite Things!

We're back!!! We have been away for a bit but are so excited to be back! We decided to share some of our favorite things with you all. We hope you enjoy!


Beth Guckenberger

Please enjoy our real conversation with author, speaker, and mom Beth! She shares how God is present in all things and how the start of becoming a family was different but better than she could have ever imagined.


Founder of Sseko: Liz Forkin Bohannon

We are so excited to have Liz Forkin Bohannon on our show to discuss her company Sseko, where she uses fashion to create opportunity and community for women globally. She shares her passions and discusses some new exciting things coming up in her life. Enjoy!


Alexandra Kuykendall: Author of Loving my Actual Neighbor

Join us in our conversation with the endearing author Alexandra Kuykendall. We learn more about her journey to becoming an author and why it was important to her to share her beliefs. Enjoy!


Fashion x Fairness = Opportunity: Tanja Cesh

Today on our podcast, we are chatting with the founder of Mulxiply, Tanja Cesh. Mulxiply is a sustainable fashion company focused on jewelry and accessories where everything is made in Nepal. These products are made by people who are at high risk or survivors of human trafficking. Tanja candidly shares her personal experiences and how her outlook on fashion changed after she visited Nepal and saw the need to help others. Please enjoy this powerful story!