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The Modern Financial Advisor podcast, by Truelytics, explores topics related to transition management and business optimization for the wealth management and insurance industries. The show is hosted by Mike Langford and features a variety of guests.

The Modern Financial Advisor podcast, by Truelytics, explores topics related to transition management and business optimization for the wealth management and insurance industries. The show is hosted by Mike Langford and features a variety of guests.


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The Modern Financial Advisor podcast, by Truelytics, explores topics related to transition management and business optimization for the wealth management and insurance industries. The show is hosted by Mike Langford and features a variety of guests.






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Episode 82 - How To Secure Financing For Your RIA Or Multi-Advisor Wealth Management Firm

Jeff Conyer, CEO of Wealth Advisor Financing joins Mike Langford for an expansive conversation about how financial advisors and RIA firms can secure the financing they need for M&A deals and succession.


Episode 81 - How Financial Advisors Can Grow Beyond Being Accidental Business Owners

Robert Russo, CEO of Independent Advisor Alliance joins Mike Langford for an in-depth conversation about how financial advisors can navigate the transition from "accidental business owners" to owners of high-performing wealth management firms.


Episode 80 - Why Helping Clients Build Wealth Is Smart Business For Financial Advisors

Calvin Williams Jr, CEO of Freeman Capital shares why he sees massive opportunity in serving overlooked financial consumer segments who need help building wealth.


Episode 79 - Serving Women Investors Better Is A Recipe For Growth For Financial Advisors

Lacy Garcia, Founder and CEO of Willow sheds some light on the tremendous opportunities available to financial advisors who learn to serve women investors better. With 70% of widows changing advisors after the death of a spouse and 80% of divorcees changing advisors after their marriage ends... there's a case to be made for learning to better serve women investors is a defensive strategy as well.


Episode 78 - What Younger Investors Expect Of Their Financial Advisors

Natalie Wolfsen, CEO of AssetMark shares some key insights into the expectations millennial and Gen Z investors have of their financial advisors. She also offers some key strategies for advisors to scale their business and provide a more modern service experience by leveraging outsourced solutions.


Episode 77 - How RIAs Can Avoid A High RON By Investing In A Few Cybersecurity Basics

David Kakish, CEO of RIA WorkSpace says that financial advisors often like to ask about the ROI of investing in cybersecurity solutions... that's the wrong question. They should be asking what's the RON (Return On Negligence) of not investing in cybersecurity. On this episode, David shares some simple tips that RIAs and independent financial advisors can use to boost their firm's cybersecurity to better protect their clients and their business. David and Mike Langford also share a few other...


Episode 76 - Helping Advisors Thrive At Work, At Home, and In Their Community

Kyle Simpson, Head of Field Strategy at FS Investments joins Jeremi Karnell and Mike Langford to explore the benefits of investing in programs designed to help financial advisors thrive in all areas of their lives. The key takeaway? A well-rounded and balanced professional is more likely to avoid the pitfalls that keep many advisors from reaching their full potential.


Episode 75 - How To Host A Successful Online Event As A Financial Advisor

Chuck Failla, CEO of Sovereign Financial Group shares how what was supposed to be a small online event that he was going to host for 20 to 30 folks grew to a large national event with premier speakers from the wealth management industry. Now, he's co-hosting the RIA Labs with InvestmentNews.


Episode 74 - How Financial Advisors Can Grow Their Business by Serving Entrepreneurs In Transition

Laurie Barkman, CEO of Small Dot Big makes the case for why financial advisors should focus on serving entrepreneurs and business owners who are selling or retiring. Laurie and Mike Langford also explore how financial advisors can attract entrepreneurs and business owners who are on the cusp of a transition. BTW: Much of this conversation is also relevant and helpful for RIAs and independent financial advisors who are considering their own transition.


Episode 73 - Financial Advisors Can Finally Embrace Client Testimonials

Brian Thorp from Wealthtender explains how financial advisors can embrace client testimonials and endorsements from referral partners, friends, and their wider network thanks to new recent SEC rule changes. Brian and Mike Langford also discuss how financial advisors can level up their online presence by focusing on solution-based and client-specific content marketing.


Episode 72 - How Financial Advisors Can Grow Their Business To Over $1 Billion In AUM In 10 Years

Gil Baumgarten as a solo advisor grew his business from $200 million AUM to over $1.2 billion AUM in only 10 years. His firm, Segment Wealth Management has only 9 employees serving 210 households and operates as an "extraordinarily simple business."


Episode 71 - Scaling Your Financial Advisory Firm Amid Industry Consolidation

Pepper Anderson, President and CEO of Chilton Trust shares her insights on how modern financial advisory firms can scale in the face of a rapidly changing business environment.


Episode 70 - Most Advisors Are Not Growing Their Business - Here's Why That's a Problem

Kieran Bol, Head of Platform Operations at PriceMetrix by McKinsey joins Mike Langford for a deep dive into "The State of The North American Retail Wealth Management" market. Specifically, Kieran and Mike examine the lack of real growth for individual financial advisors. Why are so many advisors not adding new clients or new assets?


Episode 69 - How To Ensure Your Wealth Management Firm is "Sale Ready"

If you wanted to sell your RIA or independent financial advisory business to an internal successor or a third party would you be able to? Josh Patrick, Founding Principal at Stage 2 Planning Partners and author of "Sale Ready Company" shares what you need to do to make your firm sale ready even if you have no plans to sell.


Episode 68 - Using Compassion As A Tool For Business Growth and Stability

Land Bridgers, CEO of Integrated Financial Group (IFG) shares how the use of compassion has become a core cultural strength for his firm when it comes to recruiting new financial advisors and clients. Additionally, because compassion is a fundamental ethos across all advisory teams at "The Brain Trust", as IFG is affectionately known, there is a tremendous amount of cultural glue with the relationships between advisors, staff, and their clients. This has created a lot of stability for the...


Episode 67 - Transitioning a Financial Advisory Business for Continued Growth

Bill Trigleth, Executive Director of Certifications at Cannon Financial Institute offers an actionable roadmap for transitioning a financial advisory business from one that relies on product sales and AUM to a modern firm that serves clients more holistically.


Episode 66 - How Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Add Value to a Modern Financial Advisory Business

Laura Gregg, Senior Vice President, and Director of Practice Management & Advisor Research at Northern Trust’s FlexShares ETFs joins Mike Langford to share some powerful results from a new survey the firm conducted on diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Episode 65 - How Truelytics and Consultants Work Together

The ecosystem of consultants and professional services providers who work with RIAs and independent financial advisors is extensive. Yet, most providers lack the ability to evaluate the value and performance of a modern financial advisory firm. In this episode of The Modern Financial Advisor podcast, Owen Dahl, Head of Professional Services at Truelytics and the original architect of the company's software, shares his insights and vision for how consultants and practice management...


Episode 64 - Why Financial Advisors Should Teach Financial Literacy

Andrew Crowell, Vice Chairman of Wealth Management at D.A. Davidson & Co. shares why financial advisors should actively participate in educating their community on the concepts of financial literacy.


Episode 63 - How to Increase the Value of a Financial Advisory Business with Tax Planning Services

Most financial advisors do not offer tax planning and strategy services to their clients. Why? Well, according to Steven Jarvis, CEO of Retirement Tax Services the answer is simple. Most advisors aren't CPAs and they lack the skills "in-house" to deliver tax planning services. But now it's possible for advisors to use a firm like Retirement Tax Services to offer more value to their clients.