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A podcast from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO). Amy Glasscock and Matt Pincus interview guests (state CIOs, NASCIO members, strategic partners and colleagues) to get their unique stories and perspectives on state information technology, leadership and lessons learned.

A podcast from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO). Amy Glasscock and Matt Pincus interview guests (state CIOs, NASCIO members, strategic partners and colleagues) to get their unique stories and perspectives on state information technology, leadership and lessons learned.


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A podcast from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO). Amy Glasscock and Matt Pincus interview guests (state CIOs, NASCIO members, strategic partners and colleagues) to get their unique stories and perspectives on state information technology, leadership and lessons learned.




Hiring a More Diverse Workforce with Ohio CIO Ervan Rodgers

Matt and Amy have Ohio CIO Ervan Rodgers back on the podcast to talk about concrete steps he's taken to hire more women and minorities, the importance he places on mentorship, and his approach to responding to challenges in his career.


How Data Visualization has Transformed DOT Maintenance in Pennsylvania

Amy and Matt talk with Shawn Crane who is the manager for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT)’s Maintenance Management and Reporting Systems. We discuss their award-winning Maintenance-IQ project, why they needed it, the successes, and Shawn's favorite thing about living in Pennsylvania. You can find the Maintenance-IQ award submission here:


What's Going on in DC? (And How Does it Affect Us?)

Amy and Matt discuss the new Congress and administration in the context of NASCIO's federal advocacy priorities. Matt shares updates on NASCIO's top federal issues, insights and predictions for 2021. NASCIO's Federal Advocacy Priorities: GAO Report on harmonization of federal cybersecurity regulations for states:


A Decade of Service with Georgia CIO Calvin Rhodes

With a median current tenure of 22 months, for a state CIO to make it to ten years is rare and remarkable. Amy and Matt talk with Georgia state CIO Calvin Rhodes on his 10th anniversary in the role. We find out how Calvin found his way into the public sector, his advice for other CIOs and what he thinks the future holds. See NASCIO's publications on chatbots featuring Georgia here:...


From Corporate America to Kansas State Government with CTO Stacy Mill

Matt and Amy have a conversation with Kansas Chief Technology Officer about her years in corporate America, what she's most proud of from her role in the pandemic response for the state, her passion for mentoring women in technology, and the advice she would have given herself one year ago. See our conference sessions on remote work here:


2020 Reflections with NASCIO's Doug Robinson

Amy and Matt talk with NASCIO's executive director, Doug Robinson about his perspective on the events of 2020, virtual conferences, leading an association and a staff through the pandemic, what he's looking forward to in 2021 and his thoughts on his favorite bourbon.


NASCIO Top Ten 2021 with Eric Sweden

Matt and Amy talk with NASCIO's own Eric Sweden once again about the newest NASCIO Top Ten priorities list for 2021. Listen to find out how the pandemic shaped state CIO's top priorities, what has stayed the same, what has changed and what Eric hopes won't change back to normal after the pandemic ends. Find the list here:


Leadership Through the Challenges of 2020 with Minnesota CIO Tarek Tomes

Amy and Matt talk with Tarek Tomes, the Commissioner of Minnesota IT Services (MNIT) and the State of Minnesota’s Chief Information Officer. We cover his fascinating personal and professional background, his priorities, the culture he is creating at his organization and how he's leading his staff through the unique challenges his state has faced this year. You can find NASCIO's 2020 conference sessions on our website and on...


2020 Election Security Retrospective with Lindsey Forson of NASS

Amy and Matt talk with Lindsey Forson, Director of Cybersecurity Programs at the National Association of Secretaries of States or NASS to talk about the successes and challenges of the 2020 elections, the importance of state and local government collaboration, and how election security has evolved in a short amount of time. Link to NASCO Annual Conference Recordings:


How Data Informs Better Decisions in Virginia's Opioid Epidemic

Amy and Matt talk with Virginia's Chief Data Officer, Carlos Rivero, about their recent NASCIO Award on their "Framework for Addiction Analysis and Community Transformation (FAACT). More information on the award here:


The Election and Modernization in PA with CIO John MacMillan

Amy and Matt talk with Pennsylvania CIO John MacMillan about his role in the 2020 election in one of the most watched states, the influence of the pandemic on state government, his advice for new CIOs after five and a half years, and the importance of music in creating shared experiences. Find NASCIO's 2020 Annual Conference Sessions here: For the emerging technology governance session featuring John MacMillan,...


Mapping with Drones in North Carolina

Amy and Matt are joined by Mike Griffin and Mike Ware with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality. We discuss the project that won them a State IT Recognition Award at the NASCIO 2020 Annual Conference and all the things that NCDEQ is able to do with drones as well as the efficiencies gained. See more about their award here:


NASCIO's 2020 Annual Conference Preview with Emily Lane

Matt and Amy talk with NASCIO's own program and brand director, Emily Lane about what attendees can expect from NASCIO's 2020 (virtual) annual conference. We talk about session topics, networking events, themes, our give back partner and the challenges of planning a virtual conference.


How States Are Spending CARES Act Funds with Gail Emery of MeriTalk

Matt and Amy talk with MeriTalk reporter Gail Emery who has been researching and writing about how state and local governments have been spending money from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. We discuss the legislation in general, state examples, helpful changes in future legislation and Gail's list of famous people who are invited to her dinner party. You can find her recent article here:...


Exploring State Broadband Offices with Pew's Anna Read

Amy and Matt talk with Anna Read, research officer with the Pew Charitable Trust's broadband research initiative. We talk about Pew's report on state broadband offices, five promising practices of state broadband offices, how the offices are defining success, and how COVID-19 has highlighted the problems with broadband expansion. You can find Pew's report here:


Agencies as Customers with CO Chief Customer Officer William Chumley

Amy and Matt have a conversation with Colorado Chief Customer Officer William Chumley. We discuss why Colorado hired for this position, what he does, why agencies are really strategic partners and how the pandemic has affected his work. You can find NASCIO's publication on CRM here:


Perspectives from the Hill: A Conversation with Nick Leiserson

Amy and Matt are joined by Nick Leiserson, Legislative Director for Rhode Island Congressman Jim Langevin (arguably the leading voice for cybersecurity efforts on Capitol Hill). Nick works on cybersecurity issues for the congressman. We discuss how Congressman Langevin has focused on cybersecurity, the Cyberspace Solarium Commission, election security and Nick's new pandemic hobby.


Science, Law and Government: How Michael Leahy's Unique Background Informs His Work in Maryland

Amy and Matt talk with Maryland Secretary of Information Technology, Michael Leahy on how he became the state's technology leader, the importance of data privacy, Maryland's One-Stop Business Portal, legacy modernization, cybersecurity and giving work-from-home employees the best possible experience.


Data Analytics and COVID-19 with Indiana CPO Ted Cotterill

Amy and Matt talk with Indiana's State Chief Privacy Officer Ted Cotterill, who works in the Indiana Management Performance Hub. We discuss how data-driven decision making is assisting in Indiana's COVID-19 response, how the chief privacy officer role works with the state CIO and CISO and why Ted is living out his childhood career dreams. Mentioned in the episode NASCIO's publication on state chief privacy officers:...


Developing the Cybersecurity Workforce with Montana CISO Andy Hanks

Amy and Matt talk with Montana Chief Information Security Officer Andy Hanks about his work developing the cybersecurity workforce in Montana, cybersecurity legislation, differences and similarities between the private and public sectors and what's he's learned about himself since the pandemic started. This publication is mentioned in the podcast: