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Official Nerdherder Podcast where we wax philosophical on the comings and goings in nerd culture. Check back weekly for new content, or subscribe via your favorite podcast download device.




We made 2 of them?!

Holy cow, 2 episodes in the same year?! Unprecedented! Just want to say the response to last week's episode was fantastic so we pushed this one out as fast as we could. Listen along for a little Agatha & The Coven of Chaos news, some refocusing of the blame of Dr. Strange 2's dismal run and some reaffirmation of why we're probably not going to see The Flash (even though I want to support Michael Keaton)...We go a little in-depth on Free Comic Book Day and finish up with our review of Shazam 2, as promised from last week.


Welcome back!!

Ok folks, first off, we apologize for the lengthy layoff, we're trying to be more regular. With that said, we do a simple run down of the DC and Marvel calendars and touch on a few things of note within those schedules. We also take a look at some supposedly "over-rated" movies...Are any of these on your list? Did we miss some? Leave us a note in the comments or email us!!


3 Books in Lord of the Rings

Our *mostly* annual (when there's not a pandemic) AwesomeCon Podcast!! We talk panel shenanigans from Friday and Saturday and we look forward to Sunday's wrap-up. We are joined by podcast friend Cate and we shout out a bunch of new friends of the show. And we navigate the convention's "new normal" where everyone is masked, not just the serious cosplayers.


3 Ring Circus

We decided to crank out a quiby...wait, that might be a copyright...a blip? We bring you, a blip! It's a short podcast with some musings on Suicide Squad and Titans. We also look at Disney's crummy track record with compensating their content creators (and actors!).


3 To Get Ready...

We geek out over Umbrella Academy Season 2, Loki and our anticipation of Suicide Squad. There are some key dates coming up for content that you won't want to miss. We breakdown some of those new Star Wars Lego releases and reflect a bit on Jodie Whitaker's run as Doctor. Is Scarlett Johansson's lawsuit a taste of things to come? And yes, I did leave the last minute of raw audio, there's a charm and character to it, I couldn't bring myself to edit it down.


Every Rose has its Thorn

Content Conundrums Batman, Is The CW trying to swipe content? HBO can't seem to migrate content to their platform fast enough. Is Amazon's content release schedule too slow? We review The Boys Ep 2 & 3 and Mulan over on Disney+. We also look at some new toy offerings from Funko and Lego.


Fly To the Angels

This week, we commemorate the life of Chadwick Boseman and dig into possible scenarios for the MCU. Is Mulan worth the upcharge and is getting picked up by a major podcast distributor worth the hassle? We deliver a definitive release date for the PS5, with pricing. Booster Gold in the Arrowverse, is his time now? (see what I did there)? Do you have room in your house for some awesome LEGO sets, because if you do, we take a look at 3 sets of varying price that could be under your tree in just a few short months.


Here we go again, on our own

In this week's show, we ponder whether hiring Joss Whedon is worth the trouble and we take a longing look at the upcoming Neil Gaiman audiobook of Sandman. Stan Lee is (possibly) still churning out hits, even after he's gone and Atari still churning out systems well after their time has come and gone.


Surprise!! We're Still Here!!

We've had some things IRL that sucked away our podcasting time, but we're back to bring you our first impressions of Disney+, The Mandalorian and some of the offerings from Apple. We review some of the shows we've been watching, including the CW offerings AND Nancy Drew. And we discuss the upcoming video game awards. Video Game Awards Nominees


House Hustlepuff

In this week's episode: Disney-Netflix deal looks more like a messy custody battle as the divorce is finalized. Apple resurrecting old tech for a new purpose. Sega's Genesis mini has unveiled all 42 titles that it will have, but is it worth it? Gloomhaven gets even bigger (if that's possible) and we take a look at Star Wars Land as it finally gets revealed to the masses.


A Semiperfect Episode

We just can't let Game of Thrones die. Apple knocks the dust off some old electronics. A deep dive on the Past, Present and Future of network TV and ponder how much of it is worth salvaging. We go down a spin-off rabbit hole (send us your best spin-off tv show). Lastly, we look at potential MCU homes for David Harbour and David Morrissey...and like everything else MCU, this episode has an end credit scene.


Edge of Seventeen

Our review of the Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones' finale with all the feels. We look at a fun new 5th Edition D&D adventure, some Dr. Who audio books and what makes the anticipated new PS5 so speedy. Lastly, we update some Netflix news around Dark Crystal and some Disney+ news in a post-Endgame MCU. 5th Edition D&D - Baldur's Gate Descent into Avernus Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Trailer Dr. Who: The Tenth Dr Adventures Audiobooks Solid State Harddrives - Put one in your computer.


Sweet Sixteen

Our weekly Game of Thrones recap and we discuss the Arrow and Flash finale's. We look at what Disney's control of Fox means for Hulu and why The CW's relationship status with Netflix changed to "It's Complicated". A comprehensive list of the video game-based movies you should never watch (but really, must watch). Stranger Things Lego Commercial A New Hope - Vader vs Obi-Wan Remastered


Free Comic Book News Day

A Deep dive on the health of the comics industry and follow up on Free Comic Book Day. We review Supergirl, the new Star Wars trailer and the recently announced slate of Marvel movies. There's also our weekly Game of Thrones rewind and info about some artists and friends we met at FCBD and AwesomeCon. We wrap up with a few stories about the amazing Peter Mayhew.


Nerdherder's AwesomeCon Spectacular

Our round-table discussion with our fellow World of Warcraft Guildies about all things AwesomeCon...the highs, the lows, the culture, the cosplay, the panels, the stars and those expensive pretzels.


Lucky Number 13

In this week's episode, we briefly recap our last day of AwesomeCon, we discuss Game of Thrones: Battle of Winterfell and the evolving landscape of the Arrowverse. Is Marvel/Disney the 800-pound gorilla in the room? George Lucas is back on a Star Wars set and that's fine by us.


Dirty Dozen

In this week's show, we discuss Luminary's new podcast service and it's potential good/bad effects on the podcasting industry. We sit down with Janice again to discuss episode 2 of Game of Thrones. We catch up with Arrow, Flash, The Legends, Gotham and we prep for iZombie's return. We spoil all of Avenger's: Endgame (j/k) and we see if you really can turn anything into a Monopoly game.


Nerdherder's Game of Thrones Spectacular

In this special episode we go over the Game of Thrones season 8 premier and we do a deep dive on all the players in the game to determine who could end up on the throne and who might die trying.


Pythagoras' Favorite Episode

In this week's pod, we take feedback from listeners and follow up on some previous topics. We discuss Arrow, The Flash, THAT new Star Wars trailer and we spoil Avenger's: Endgame (j/k). And we do a deep dive on all the latest Disney+ and PS5 news.


Little but Feisty

This week's episode is small but stout as we play catch-up on Game of Thrones, AwesomeCon, Kickstarter and Captain Marvel. We dive in to some DC Universe with Titans, Doom Patrol and THAT Stargirl outfit and we finish it all with some thoughts on The Eternals and a look-ahead to Avengers: Endgame.