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“How would I know that?” Optimization strategies; Pokémon

Happy birthday, Nice Games Club! Your nice hosts celebrate two years of publishing a new episode every single week by announcing a break from new episodes for the next couple of weeks! Why break the streak now? Well, take a listen to this week's episode and find out! No worries, we'll be back with new episodes in January, and starting next week you'll hear "Nice Replays" of some of our personal favorite episodes, pulled from our first two years in the clubhouse. Meta Widget Satchel is coming...


“Game Workers Unite!” Game Dev as a Day Job; Unions

This week on Nice Games Club we talk all about the labor of love that is making games for a living: how it can be great, how it can be not-so-great and how it could get better. Mark reports back from a conference, Martha gets on her soap box and Stephen realizes this podcast has been about documenting his career journey this entire time. Meta Joggernauts by local developer Space Mace is on Steam and Switch! Joggernauts soundtrack by Robert Frost III Adobe MAX [0:11:44] Game Dev as a Day Job...


Self-education, et al. (with Neat Corp’s Freya Holmér)

Freya Holmér, co-founder of Neat Corporation (makers of VR stealth game Budget Cuts) and creator of Shader Forge, joins the clubhouse remotely from Sweden, while your nice hosts join Freya on her regular gamedev Twitch stream. Freya outlines her theory of gamedev self-education, touching on themes from her Glitchcon 2018 keynote presentation, but wait, there's more! It's an episode that ends half-way though its running time but keeps going anyway, as we branch off into a wide range of...


VR Workflows (with Krista McCullough)

On this week's episode, your nice hosts talk with local artist/developer and VR Creative at Pixel Farm, Krista McCullough, about VR workflows and a lot more! Our Nice Guest: On Twitter: @knm_xyz On Instagram: @knm_xyz Notes: Pixel Farm VR Joyce Minions on Twitter Udemy game development courses Sculptris (free 3D sculpting software) Mike Blackney's exploration of spline-based modelling


“All That and a Bag of Chips.” 90s Consoles; Video Game Soundtracks

This week your Nice Hosts turn the Club House into a time machine to discuss 90s consoles and listen to some wicked video game soundtracks. Mark teaches us about LaserDisc, Martha is an 8-bit jukebox and Stephen ignores sick burns on jazz. Radical! Meta 90s Slang [0:06:35] 90s Consoles Solving the Zelda Timeline in 15 Minutes - Polygon BBC Domesday project [0:38:30] Video Game Soundtracks Kingdom Hearts Insider Portal (jump pad song) Video Louie Zhong’s Bandcamp Polygon Sims jazz piano video


Code Comment: “Adjacency”

Video Link: This week’s episode is another edition of Code Comment, where your nice hosts look at the project, code, assets, and design of an indie game to see how it’s made. This week we are joined by Farzan Fatemi of Sleepy Macaw to show us behind the scenes of his abstract puzzle game Adjacency, which is available now on Steam and Itch! Martha steals Mark's line, Stephen and Mark discuss the idiosyncrasies of Unity and at the end of the episode Farzan reveals...


“They don’t call it ‘full.'” Space Exploration Games; Gaming Habits

This week, Stephen promises he can stop whenever he wants, Martha gets there eventually, and Mark earns 100%. Meta If you like The Good Place, check out The Good Place: The Podcast! [0:06:18] Space Exploration games "Elite: the game that changed the world" - Adam Lusher, The Telegraph "BBC releases computer history archive" - BBC "‘Fuel Rats’ pull off their biggest rescue ever, from beyond the galaxy’s edge" - Owen S. Good, Polygon "New Book Chronicles The Continuing History Of EVE Online" -...


“Pass them Laughs (Haha!)” Nice Games Jam Special

This week on Nice Games Club we are trying out a new type of episode: Nice Games Jam! We get a topic from Martha's boyfriend Dylan and then attempt to create a playable game by the end of the episode. We then include the rules here in the show notes for you to play at home! Let us know what you think of this episode format on the feedback from! Pass them Laughs (Haha!) Rules: Materials: standard 52 card deck, one six sided die per player, Toad! (or some other stuffed trophy in the middle, a...


“Safety gone!” Hub Worlds and Safehouses; Environmental Storytelling

This week on the program, Mark starts playing Spider-Man, Stephen ignores your narrative, and Martha is very smart. Meta: Optica is out now! Buy it, buy it, buy it! You can get it on iOS and Android. And while you're at it, pick up its spiritual antecedent, Strata, on iOS or Steam. "The 'Spider-Man' Puddle Controversy Is One Of Gaming's Dumbest" - Dave Thier, Forbes [0:09:09] Hub Worlds and Safe Houses "Destiny 2 Will Let You Play 'Fully Scored Soccer'" - Alex Walker, Kotaku "Gearbox and...


“Put it in a WordSpace!” Modding; Self-publishing Must-Haves

This week on Nice Games Club your nice hosts talk all about Modding and Self-Publishing Must-Haves. Stephen explains different viewpoints on mod-ownership, Martha goes fishing on easier mode and Mark makes too many gifs. Meta Claw Breaker is out on Steam and - Go buy it, it is fun! Join us over on the Glitch Discord channel to talk about the episodes. [0:05:00] Modding Who owns the mods? - Yonnie Ming Kow and Bonnie Nardi, First Monday. The Requiem mod team tells its community about...


Code Comment: “Verdant Skies”

 Video Link: This week’s episode is another edition of Code Comment, where your nice hosts look at the project, code, assets, and design of an indie game to see how it’s made. This week, we look at Verdant Skies, the sci-fi life-simluation game from Howling Moon Software, available now on Steam, Itch, and Humble Bundle! We're joined by two of the game's developers, Andy and Beth Korth, as well as their little one, Gabe. All three are making their second...


“Don’t start with me.” Pitching to consoles; Turn-based RPGs

This week, Mark doesn’t respect your secrets (but will keep them), Martha tells us where D&D really comes from, and Stephen reveals that he will play a Kirby RPG if someone makes one for him. Meta Claw Breaker is out! Buy it on Steam or Itch! More info on the official website. [0:05:11] Pitching to Consoles PlayStation Information is on the PlayStation Partners site. Your first step is to fill out their company registration page. Xbox Information is on the ID@Xbox site. Before submitting...


“100 times nice.” 100th Episode Special

In this episode, your nice hosts celebrate 100 episodes of Nice Games! We reminisce a bit on how the podcast has been going and go behind the scenes on what it takes to release one of the episodes. Thanks for listening to us 100 times! [0:00:27] 100th Episode Special Our evil counterparts, Evil Games Club, have released two episode specials... so far. Here are some pictures of Martha and Stephen in the Clubhouse. We use these microphones and audio interface to record episodes. It's been...


Code Comment: “Fingeance”

 Video Link: This week’s episode is another edition of Code Comment, where your nice hosts look at the project, code, assets, and design of an indie game in development to see how it’s made. This week, we are joined by Lane Davis, Charles McGregor and our co-host Stephen McGregor to take a look behind the scenes of their cooperative shoot-em-up Fingeance! Lane shows us how he and Stephen design levels for different difficulties, Stephen explains how they use...


“I like naps.” Developing Ideas; Game Dev Success

This week, a listener gives Martha a great topic, Mark establishes a Do-ocracy, and Stephen has trouble with transitions. Submit a topic for a future episode of Nice Games Club by sending us an email ( or by contacting us on Twitter (@NiceGamesClub). [0:05:48] Developing Ideas The book Martha recommended is "If You Want to Write" by Brenda Ueland. It has been described as "the best book ever written about how to write" but its advice applies equally well to all types...


Virtual Reality (with Andrew Fladeboe)

This week on Nice Games Club we interview VR Developer Andrew Fladeboe about his dream-like VR experience/thesis project Oneirogen! We explore the infinite and paradigm changing possibilities of VR, learn how Andrew brought his virtual experience into the real world as an installation and get his advice for creating change- make more weird art! Picture is a screenshot of Oneirogen by Andrew Fladeboe Our Nice Guest: Buy Oneirogen on Steam Early Access here! Follow Andrew on Twitter and...


“But WE Know What We’re Talking About.” Level Design, HUDs

This week on Nice Games Club your nice hosts discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of Level Design and Heads Up Displays. Mark has opinions about Sonic, Stephen picks his hill to die on and Martha brings in a pinch hitter. Picture from this Reddit thread on MMO HUDs Meta Mark’s wife Dale and friend of the show Felix have a new podcast- It is called Felix drags Dale through the Marvel Universe and it comes out on July 30th! [0:14:19] Level Design “Ten Principles of Good Level Design (Part...


Code Comment: “Metro Nexus”

 Video Link: This week’s episode is another edition of Code Comment, where your nice hosts look at the project, code, assets, and design of an indie game in development to see how it’s made. This week, we look at our first non-Unity project (!!!) as Mark walks us though the ActionScript codebase of Metro Nexus, his in-development homage to the classic(?) arcade-era game City Connection. We also look at the art asset workflow Mark designed for the game.


“Somebody’s first episode.” The Language of Games; Sequels

This week, Martha admits to piracy, Stephen tells Nintendo to just stop making GameCube controllers already, and Mark tells his favorite video game story which is about buttons because Mark is boring. Meta You can wishlist Widget Satchel and Claw Breaker on Steam right now! You can also add Widget Satchel and Claw Breaker to your collection! “Amazing Mario 3 Speedrun Is Full Of Setbacks And Sportsmanship” - Heather Alexandra, Kotaku [0;11;31] Language of Games When snarky players...


Visual Novels (with Gloria Kim and Lane Davis)

The clubhouse welcomes back Lane Davis and new guest Gloria Kim to discuss developing and releasing a visual novel in 2018. We talk through the process of creating their visual novel, Ruler by Default, as well as hear their insights about being successful in the genre. Notes/Links: You can find Ruler by Default on Steam! Also take a look at its funded Kickstarter campaign. Lane and Gloria are part of Pistachi Studios, which is on Facebook and Twitter.