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“Somebody’s first episode.” The Language of Games; Sequels

This week, Martha admits to piracy, Stephen tells Nintendo to just stop making GameCube controllers already, and Mark tells his favorite video game story which is about buttons because Mark is boring. Meta You can wishlist Widget Satchel and Claw Breaker on Steam right now! You can also add Widget Satchel and Claw Breaker to your collection! “Amazing Mario 3 Speedrun Is Full Of Setbacks And Sportsmanship” - Heather Alexandra, Kotaku [0;11;31] Language of Games When snarky players...


Visual Novels (with Gloria Kim and Lane Davis)

The clubhouse welcomes back Lane Davis and new guest Gloria Kim to discuss developing and releasing a visual novel in 2018. We talk through the process of creating their visual novel, Ruler by Default, as well as hear their insights about being successful in the genre. Notes/Links: You can find Ruler by Default on Steam! Also take a look at its funded Kickstarter campaign. Lane and Gloria are part of Pistachi Studios, which is on Facebook and Twitter.


“Who are you wearing? Nintendo.” Rogue-likes, Crowdfunding

This week, your nice hosts cover the topics of Rogue-likes and Crowdfunding while sneaking in a third topic about E3. In this episode, Mark discusses his previous crowdfunding campaigns, Stephen discovers his new love for an old genre and Martha proposes a new E3 uniform rule. [0;00;28] E3 Here’s the official E3 recap website if you missed any news. “The Real Stories Behind E3’s Glossy Game Demos” - Patrick Klepek, Kotaku “HitRecord, Beyond Good & Evil 2 and the #nospec backlash” - Jeff...


Code Comment: “Widget Satchel”

 Video Link: This week’s episode is another edition of Code Comment, where your nice hosts look at the project, code, assets, and design of an indie game in development to see how it’s made. This week, we scamper though Widget Satchel, a mascot-based platformer Mark and Stephen are working on. We took a look at the game right in our Ludum Dare Extravaganza Nice Play episode but the team has done so much more work since then! Learn all about the cool tools...


“Press A to Jump” Code Libraries; Tutorials

This week on Nice Games Club your nice hosts discuss Code Libraries, Tutorials and all the juicy pre-E3 news that was available at the time of this recording. Stephen debates the merits of show vs. tell in tutorials, Martha complains about the WordPress theme and plug-in search and Mark doesn't fall for Pokemon propaganda. Picture: a diagram from this Wikipedia article of the iconic World 1-1 from Super Mario Brothers which was a tutorial in disguise! [0:00:00] Meta [0:05:17] Pre-E3 News...


“A mean secret that stays in this room.” Media Relations; Star Trek Games!

Stephen is still in missing in Chicagoland, so we once again retained the services of guest co-host Holly Harrison for an episode featuring two topics that could not be more completely unrelated to each other. First, Holly teaches us some media relations skills that gamedevs need to know (even if they don't want to), and then, because Stephen isn't around to stop us, Mark and Martha (but mostly Mark) talk about the history of Star Trek games! [0;01;25] Media Relations Hey you, indiedev,...


The Gaming Press (with Game Informer’s Ben Hanson)

For an episode 18 months in the making, Ben Hanson, video producer for Game Informer and host of the excellent gaming podcast The Game Informer Show, finally enters the clubhouse for a wide-ranging discussion about which games and developers get the attention of the gaming press, developing games for modern audiences, and creative leadership in both AAA and indie teams. Stephen is away showing off his games at the Anime Central convention, so we're also joined this week by our new...


Code Comment: “HoverboardVR”

 Video Link: This week's episode is another edition of Code Comment, where your nice hosts look at the project, code, assets, and design of an indie game in development to see how it's made. This week, we're looking at HoverboardVR, a movement prototype that uses a DDR Dance Pad for locomotion in VR, created by Martha and her brother Henry. You may have heard us talk about this project on the show before, and how you get to see it in action. NOTE: For the...


“Not for me I hate them.” Platformers; Player Agency

This week, your nice hosts take a moment to celebrate Glitch's 8th birthday! Also: Martha doesn't like jumps, Stephen talks in a British(?) accent, and Mark calls Mega Man ugly. We talk a lot about Glitch on the show. Its HQ is where we record the show, and it's how your nice hosts met each other and became pals. If you're not familiar with the organization, here are some helpful links: Glitch's website Glitch's event calendar Glitch on Twitter, Facebook Sara Ferret's Glitch fellowship...


Workflows (with Aubrey Jane Scott)

This week we interview Aubrey Jane Scott, game developer for Monster Games, and discuss game development workflows. We go in-depth about keeping on task and making sure you're able to complete your projects. Links You can find Aubrey on her Twitter and website (currently down but up soon!). Aubrey competed in the North Star Roller Derby. Her name on the team is Glitch Please! Mark mentioned social jet lag that he’s just recently discovered. Jesse Schell is one of Aubrey’s mentors, who...


“We should go outside!” Game Demos; Physical Games

This week your nice hosts discuss making game demos and physical games! Martha is nostalgic, Mark eats some marshmallows and Stephen can't remember his childhood. Oh, and Mortho likes sports. But you probably already knew that. Photo credit- Neat Corporation press photo of their game Budget Cuts. Have you played the demo? Meta GLITCH Bday Organ Temple VR, Sara's VR game Oneirogen, Andrew’s VR game Here is the cool print out of Mark's play-through of Oneirogen! The marshmallows Mark bought...


Code Comment: “Claw Breaker”

 Link: This week, your nice hosts have put together a new video format for the show, called Code Comment, where we take apart a game from our gamedev community, looking at the project, code, assets, and design to see how it's made. For this first edition, we chose Claw Breaker, a game jam game turned upcoming commercial release made by a team that included Martha and Stephen. It's how they met! For the first few episodes in this format, we'll be looking at...


“This is why I subscribe.” Video Game Nostalgia; The PC Games Market

This week, Mark returns from San Fransisco, your nice hosts get the math wrong, and everyone agrees that Claw Breaker is worth real money. There's still time to get a $50 "Friends of Martha" discount for her talk at MinneWebCon 2018 on April 23rd! Just use the promo code friends50 at checkout! Meta We’re launching our new video format (now called “Code Comment”) next week! In the first edition, we dig into Claw Breaker! Look forward to it! And if you haven’t already, check our our Nice...


“A thousand monies.” Bad Game Design; Character Design

Mark is still in San Fransisco, so his lovely wife Dale (she of Evil Games Club) fills in and talks with Martha and Stephen about bad game design and good character design. Martha's VR talk, "Help I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up" is on April 23rd, as part of MinneWebCon 2018. You can get $50 off the price of the event by using the promo code friends50 at checkout! [0;02;48] "Bad" Game Design We put Martha though the worst Mario game ever in an episode of Nice Plays. Want some rye? "The...


GDC Special 2018

This week Dale from Evil Games Club joins us as we call in to Mark on location in San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference! Meta: Minneapolis is the Most Bikingest MOST Bikingest! Most parklandest! “Gayest city? Magazine says it's Minneapolis” Game Developer Conference Highlights: Sony VR with Joshua Bell Budget Cuts Gorogoa postmortem Classic postmortem on Sonic the Hedgehog Game Dev Union / Games Workers Unite The Other Party GameJolt’s Bring Your Own Indie Party, where Mark...


Nice Plays: “Everything” (2017) and “Slime Rancher” (2017)

This week on Nice Plays, the show where the Nice Games Club gamedevs play nice games, we continue a conversation from last week’s roundtable, and preview a topic from an upcoming episode. Your nice hosts talk about gamedev philosophy while Martha plays the zen-inspired game Everything, and talk about character design as Stephen wanders into Martha's ranch and makes a big ‘ol mess in the super-adorable farming game Slime Rancher. You can watch both episodes on YouTube by using the links...


“That Gets Real Meta, Real Fast” – Research for Games; Game Dev Philosophies

This week, your nice hosts get a bit personal as they talk about the research that has gone into their games and the philosophies behind them, as well what exactly a Nice Game is. Also in the episode: Stephen has confusing feelings about MAR10 Day, Mark finds more reasons to reference Star Trek and Martha discusses her previously undisclosed acting talents. Meta: Perhaps it is time for the… Millenium of the Peach. We’re all excited about the upcoming games described in this Nintendo...


“Smart Lazy” Game Programming; Work Spaces

This week Stephen made it to the clubhouse despite the Minnesota snow, Mark shares his knowledge of object oriented programming and Martha yells at the Unity docs. Photo is of Glitch HQ and is from Meta: There’s a #nicegamesclub channel on the MSPGameDev Slack now! Stephen’s interview on Tech.MN. Mark’s 30 Metro Nexus maps, in gif form! [00:09:13] Game Programming: Godot is a game engine similar to Unity, but with object-oriented programming as a base. We’ve talked about coding...


Learning Through Games (with Ellen Burns-Johnson)

Your nice hosts welcome instructional designer Ellen Burns-Johnson to the clubhouse, as we discuss the many ways to approach teaching using interactive games. Along the way, we talk about bugs (of the many leg variety), snow falling from buildings, and traumatizing but educational game experiences. Links You can follow Ellen on Twitter, LinkedIn or find her on the MSPGameDev Slack. Ellen works at Allen Interactions. There’s loads of info about eLearning on their blog. Gamification may be...


Nice Plays: “Verdant Skies” (2018) and “Newt One” (2018)

This week on Nice Plays, the show where the Nice Games Club gamedevs play nice games, we played two just-released local indie games. Martha played the life-simulation game Verdant Skies, and Stephen played the non-violent 3D platformer Newt One. We had a lot to say about both, which we loved, and not just because the developers are friends of the show. You can watch both episodes on YouTube by using the links below, or by visiting this episode's page on Download a...