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Podcast by Tobias van Schneider

Podcast by Tobias van Schneider
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Podcast by Tobias van Schneider




NTMY - Episode 16 - PER/se

Twins Hardeep and Mandeep Kaur believe we need to care more about what we wear. That’s why they release only one item of clothing every two months at their London-based clothing label, Per/se. I talk to the twins about their #JustOne concept, about living with intention, and the fear of losing sight of who we are. MUSIC BY FABIAN LUTTENBERGER - THANK YOU <3 EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY SEMPLICE - Thank you!...


NTMY - Episode 15 - Sarah Cooper

Sarah Cooper studied economics, became a designer, then quit her job at Google to be a comedian. We trace her wild steps and answer a few questions along the way, one being: How do you illustrate comics when you don’t even know how to draw? And if you enjoyed this episode, please let Sarah & me know via Twitter. and And of course, make sure to check out Sarah's work and get her new book at EPISODE IS SPONSORED...


NTMY - Episode 14 - Malika Favre

Malika Favre can’t be put in a box. Her art teachers tried, clients have tried – but the French illustrator won’t let that happen. She tells us why, and shares advice about perfection, taking risks, and choosing the right projects. And if you enjoyed this episode, please let Malika & me know via Twitter. and EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY SEMPLICE - Thank you! _____ Listen to more episodes on If...


NTMY - Episode 13 - Simone Giertz

Simone Giertz builds shitty robots. That’s not an insult. She calls herself the Queen of Shitty Robots and she’s actually a hilarious mastermind. Watch her YouTube videos then listen to our conversation about comedy, commitment issues and her strange immunity to haters. Watch her videos here: And if you enjoyed this episode, please let Simone & me know via Twitter. and EPISODE IS...


NTMY - Episode 12 - Piera Gelardi

Piera Gelardi didn’t grow her bootstrapped company Refinery29 to 25 million global readers by “working smart.” She got there by working fucking hard. We talk about growth and change and everything in between, including family, fashion and her infamous Instagram post. The music for this episode is by the amazing Fabian Luttenberger @fabianluttenberger - Follow him and check out his other music. EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY SEMPLICE - Thank you! _____ Listen to more episodes on...


NTMY - Episode 11 - Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister is a graphic designer and typographer, originally from Austria but living in New York City since the past 25 years where he also runs his own design studio together with Jessica Walsh. Besides working for a range of interesting clients all over the world he has designed album covers for Lou Reed, OK Go, The Rolling Stones, David Byrne, Jay Z, Aerosmith and Pat Metheny. Stefan and I talk about moving to Hong Kong, why running a small team is much more interesting than...


NTMY - Episode 10 - Brian Collins

Brian Collins doesn’t seek public recognition, but his work for Coca Cola, Levi’s, Spotify and more has earned him legendary creative status nonetheless. Brian and I talk about making the most of small opportunities, finding perspective as a designer and the difference between branding, advertising and product design today. Listen to more episodes on If you have questions, I love to get your feedback on Twitter And of course, if you...


NTMY - Episode 8 - Cesar Kuriyama

Director and animator Cesar Kuriyama knows how to just fucking do it. He decided to take a year off work and made it happen. He loved Ted Talks and now he gives them. He wanted to help people live better and now his 1 Second Everyday app’s at 1 million downloads. Cesar and I talk about his creative adventure, the 1SE app’s history and where it’s going next. Listen to more episodes on If you have questions, I love to get your feedback on Twitter...


NTMY - Episode 6 - Eric Bandholz

Here it is, Episode 6 of the #NTMY show! His facial hair is a wondrous thing, but Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz is also an entrepreneurial genius and brand storyteller. Beyond beards, Eric and I talk about surrounding yourself with people who support your vision, what it means to run a business without depending on it and the power of the niche. Intro and outro music of this Episode is powered by Fabian Luttenberger, an incredibly talented artist from Austria. Please have a look at his...


NTMY - Episode 5 - Q&A with Tobias

With a little delay, here it is! Episode 5 of the #NTMY show. As announced in my intro a couple weeks ago, I will take the chance during some of my episodes and answer some of the questions you sent me via email. In this episode we talk about how I stay focused, if a design degree is required as a practicing designer and what advise I would give to my younger self. New episodes will appear on If you like to send your own questions you can do so via Twitter...


NTMY - Episode 3 - Katie Rodgers

There it is! The 3rd episode of the #NTMY show, today with Katie Rodgers! Katie is a super talented fashion illustrator/artist and I had the honor to sit down with her for this episode. We talk about how to deal with critique & haters, feeling like a fraud, getting shit done and dealing with the "creative block" and much more. You can find Katie's work here: an please tell her if you liked this episode @paperfashion Thank you for your time Katie!


NTMY - Episode 2 - Able Parris

NTMY - Episode 2 - Able Parris by Tobias van Schneider


NTMY - Episode 0 - The Intro

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