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Weekly podcast seeking out the best, brightest, and smartest creatives to find out why they do what they do and how they did it. Free trial plan, no CC required.


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Weekly podcast seeking out the best, brightest, and smartest creatives to find out why they do what they do and how they did it. Free trial plan, no CC required.








CSS in Depth — Keith J. Grant

Keith J. Grant stops by to talk with Christopher about his new book, CSS in Depth, and what he’s discovered about the design language of the web during the writing process.


Comic-Con, Scutoids, and Burnt Out Millennials

Simon St. Laurent stops by the show to discuss with Christopher the winners of Comic-Con San Diego, the finding of a new shape, and the bittersweet tanking of social media companies Twitter and Facebook failing to grow revenue off our data.


Erika Hall — Conversational Design

Co-founder of Mule Design, Erika Hall, joins Christopher to talk about her new book, Conversational Design, and also about how Mule Design works with teams to communicate and design better and more collaboratively.


Simon St. Laurent — GDPR n' Roses

Simon St. Laurent joins Christopher Schmitt to discuss Amazon recording personal conversations, Uber closing self-driving operations, the rise of GDPR, the new “Solo” Star Wars movie, and Twitter mixing it up with politics.


Simon St. Laurent — The Last Infinity Jedi Avengers (Deleted Scenes)

Christopher Schmitt and Simon St. Laurent talk about your cousin’s DNA and the legal system, Apple getting out of routers, Avengers Infinity War, getting off Google Analytics and Facebook, and Flickr getting bought by Smugmug.


Dr. Sean Brennan and Paul Schmitt — The Technology & Ethics of Self-Autonomous Vehicles

Joined with Simon St. Laurent in talking with Dr. Sean Brannon and Paul Schmitt. Dr. Brannon is Professor from the Dept. of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University; affiliated faculty to the Thomas D. Larson Transportation Institute (LTI); and Director of the Intelligent Vehicles and Systems Research Group. Paul Schmitt is Director of Automated Vehicles at MassRobotics and an invited expert to the White House on Autonomous Vehicles.


Brenda Storer — Practical CSS Grids

Brenda Storer returns! Brenda is a Front End Developer and Designer at thoughtbot. She recently won Best Presentation at CSS Dev Conf 2017 New Orleans. Her talk focused on the topic of practical CSS grid layouts.


Rachel Andrew — The New CSS Layout Technologies

Rachel Andrew returns! Rachel is a sought out expert on web design layout technologies like CSS Grid and Flexbox, an invited expert to CSS Working Group, and author of several books. Her latest book, The New CSS Layout, is out now from A Book Apart.


Aral Balkan — Certain Unalienable Cyborg Rights

Joined with Simon St. Laurent in talking with Aral Balkan. Aral is a cyborg rights activist and one-third of, a small non-profit organization working for social justice in the digital age. At, he works on Better, a privacy tool that stops trackers while you are surfing the web on Safari browser on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


Jason Pamental — Variable Fonts & The Future of Web Typography

Jason Pamental is the author of Responsive Typography from O’Reilly Media. He recently won one of the Best Of awards for his web typography talk at the annual CSS Dev Conference 2017.


Best of NBSPtv — Volume 2

The Internet’s Christopher Schmitt is out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the Best of Non Breaking Space Show. In this volume, hear about Matt Griffen landing Tim Berners-Lee as a guest star in his web documentary, What Comes Next is the Future; how Dan Jurgens and DC Comics created international news by killing off Superman, the first time; what the Big Bang looks like with Dr. Christine Corbett Moran; and learn why to avoid hourly billing in your business by Jonathan Stark.


Simon St. Laurent — Discovery doesn't get Star Trek, iPhone X's Notch, Jeff Koons in Snapchat

Discovery doesn’t get Star Trek or maybe it’s the biggest con since Star Trek II? Meanwhile, iPhone X’s Notch changes how we view web design and more in this week’s Top (n+1) News Stories of the Week!


Best of NBSPtv — Volume 1

Christopher Schmitt is out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the time Nicole Sullivan talked about how she read W3C specs for fun, Lou Rosenfeld trying not to start a war between IA vs. UX, and how Jessica Hische became a success.


Rachel Nabors — Web Animations API Tools

Rachel Nabors has worked with Mozilla, the W3C, and Salesforce. Currently, Rachel is a Program Manager on the Microsoft Edge Team representing Web design and animation communities.


Nathan Curtis — Deep Foundations of Design Systems

Nathan Curtis co-founded EightShapes in 2006 and is passionate about interaction design, information architecture, and front-end development. He specializes in design systems consulting for teams large and small, regularly writing about and speaking at events worldwide. Co-hosting this week is Micah Godbolt, Senior Design Developer at Microsoft.


Laura Kalbag — Accessibility for Everyone

Laura Kalbag is a designer from the UK. She’s one-third of, a tiny social enterprise working for social justice in the digital age. At, Laura works on a web privacy tool called Better. Her first book, Accessibility for Everyone, is published by A Book Apart.


Peter Nowell — SVG Sketch Workflows

Peter Nowell is an independent designer, whose clients include Apple, Flinto, and Juice Shop. Peter is also the creator of Sketch Master, a set of online video courses for learning Sketch app.


Dan Denney — JavaScript Developer Training

Since 2008, Dan Denney has worked closely with designers and writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He also founded the Front End Design Conference in St. Petersburg, FL. After working as a front-end developer at Code School, Dan is currently unemployed so as to focus on building up his skills as a front-end engineer and find the right team.


Jina Anne and Micah Godbolt — The State of Design Systems

Jina Anne and Michah Godbolt are back on the show, but together for the first time, to talk about design systems, how they are using design systems at their respective jobs, and what is the state of design systems.


Kirupa Chinnathambi — Animating the Web

Kirupa Chinnathambi works as a Program Manager in the Web Platform team at Microsoft. His latest book, Creating Web Animations published by O’Reilly Media, examines how animations are made in today’s user interfaces.