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Allison Sheridan's technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Apple bias

Allison Sheridan's technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Apple bias
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Allison Sheridan's technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Apple bias




NC #710 Apple Refurb Store, Apple Music on Amazon Echo, Security Bits

I was on Daily Tech News Show: Airplay 2: Remodel Boogaloo – DTNS 3429 at No live show next week. Bart comes on to tell us how much the Apple refurb store is. Then I'll walk you through how to enable Apple Music on your Amazon Echo. The we have an extended play version of Security Bits with Bart Busschots.


NC #709 Hydra HDR App, CalDigit TS3+ Thunderbolt 3 Dock, Power of AirPlay 2

We'll start with some corrections of my Epson ES-300W review, then I'll brag about my ScreenCasts Online tutorial about OmniDiskSweeper and GrandPerspective, and my appearance on Let's Talk Apple. Finally I'll get into new content by telling you about an HDR app called Hydra from Creaceed. I've got a review of my new favorite Thunderbolt 3 dock called the CalDigit TS3+. Then I'll tell the tale of how I piped holiday music throughout the house using AirPlay 2.


NC #708 Fission, Epson ES-300W, Security Bits

In this week's episode I'll tell you about a document scanner I actually like called the Epson ES-300W. Then I'll explain how Rogue Amoeba's Fission software will allow me to easily give you chapter marks in Programming By Stealth. Then we'll have some quality time with Bart Busschots talking Security Bits.


NC #707 Holiday Address Labels, Mind Mapping Thanksgiving, Road Warrior Setup, Smart Folio Keyboard for iPad Pro, Security Bits

I was on Mac OS Ken last week and on Clockwise this week It's time for holiday cards, so if you want to print your own (cute) address and return labels, check out an old but still useful post to two tutorials on How to Create Address & Return Labels. Bart and I discuss the T2 chip and the impact on your internal drive. Troy Shimkus Seeks the Perfect Road Warrior Setup, and Lindsay chooses a Mind Map to organize Thanksgiving. Then I'll give you my longer...


NC #706 Parallels Toolbox Revisited, Trackpad for iOS, Security Bits

In this week's show I'll tell you about all the new tools that have been added to Parallels Toolbox since I last told you about it, then I'll give you an awesome Tiny Tip about how to turn your iOS keyboard into a trackpad for text insertion. Then we have a really long and fun segment of Security Bits with Bart Busschots.


NC #705 snobOS, Luna Display, Apple Park

In this week's show I highlight a new Apple Podcast called snobOS. I have a new gadget - the Luna Display that's a hardware solution to let you use your iPad as a secondary display (spoiler, it's amazing.) Then Troy Shimkus joins us for a short interview segment talking about his adventure going to Apple Park, AKA the Spaceship campus.


NC #704 New Shiny from Apple, Accell Thunderbolt 3 Dock, Security Bits

I don't usually talk about the new Apple announcements at length on my solo show but I was inspired this time so I'll give you some thoughts about the MacBook Air, the Mac mini and the new iPads Pro. Then I'll tell you about a Thunderbolt 3 dock from Accell that has more power and costs less than some of the other docks on the market. Then Bart Busschots is back with Security Bits to help us stay patched and stay secure.


NC #703 HashPhotos on SCO, TCL Monitor and Bias Lighting, Choosing Your Activity Goal, Wonky Wifi Testing

I'm super excited about my latest tutorial on ScreenCasts Online about HashPhotos. In Chit Chat Across the Pond I interviewed a former NASA engineer turned science fiction author named Darren Beyer. George from Tulsa brings us his success story with a TCL Monitor and bias lighting. Then we'll go through the answers you gave to Rush Sherman's Dumb Question last week about how to best choose your Activity goal for Apple Watch. Then I'll tell you about a cool WiFi diagnostic tool that comes...


NC #702 In Touch with iOS, Mac Quadcast, How to Win Apple Watch Activity Competition, Slack, Dumb Question on Activity Goal, Security Bits

This week I'll tell you about how much fun I had on In Touch with iOS and The Mac Quadcast and Programming By Stealth. Then I'll tell you the secrets of the math behind the Apple Activity Competitions (and how to win). I've decided that Slack is our new home with the demise of Google Plus. I figured a lesson on how Slack works was in order so I'll walk you through the interface. We have a permanent link to join at In Dumb Question Corner, Rush asks everyone to answer his...


NC #701 Two Troys and Backblaze, Cord Cutting Solutions, Fat Lady Sings for Google Plus

In this week’s show, we’ll start off with a little more fun about the 700th show last week. Then I’ll tell you a tale of two Troys, and how a problem with Backblaze uncovered a lost recording for the NosillaCast. Then I’ll actually let you hear the lost recording. After that, we’ll talk about the demise of Google Plus by Google themselves and where we might want to move our community.


NC #700 iPhone X vs XS Cameras, Mark Up Emails Without Third Party App, Security Bits

We put on our party hats (literally) to celebrate 700 episodes of the NosillaCast. Then I brag about how may latest video tutorial on iThoughts made it into ScreenCasts Online Magazine. I try to convince the audience that the iPhone XS is a logical purchase if you already have an iPhone X just on the basis of the camera. I've got a Tiny Tip on how to mark up emails on an iPhone or iPad without using a third party app. The Bart Busschots is back with Security Bits.


NC #699 Tale of Two MacBooks, Nuke & Pave Mojave, Podcasts Filling Apple Watch, Fifth iPad Pro

Steve Davidson brings us his wonderful "Tale of Two MacBooks". Then I'll walk you through how I do a "nuke and pave", also known as a clean install, of macOS Mojave. Claus Wolf brings us a warning about how podcasts can fill up your Apple Watch. I'll tell you about a bizarre caps lock bug on Mojave. Finally I'll regale you with the tale of how I had to return my 12.9" iPad Pro - for those counting it's my fifth under AppleCare.


NC #698 Series 4 Watch Sizes Compared, How Not to By Apple Products, First Impressions, Security Bits

This week I'll bring you all the maths on how to compare the different Apple Watch sizes. Then I'll tell you how I managed to find the worst way possible to order new Apple gear (hard to believe it but I outdid myself). Then Bart Busschots is back with Security Bits were he tells us about the cold boot attack, Apple's Anti-Fraud Trust Score, and the EU Copyright Act Amendments.


NC #697 Affinity Publisher Beta, Rowenta Fan, Scanner Pro, 10 Reasons to Get an Apple Watch

My iThoughts tutorial for ScreenCasts Online is up and I'm really proud of it. I give Affinity Publisher beta a first look. I've found the perfect fan - the Rowenta VU2660 (and I throw in a heat transfer lesson for free). I'll tell you how Scanner Pro from Readdle might make me not hate scanning. I've got 10 reasons to get an Apple Watch.


NC #696 TouchRetouch, Security Bits

Why you should subscribe to the Podfeet Press (it's for when I mess up the show). I was on Let's Talk Apple hosted by Bart Busschots, and Chit Chat Across the Pond was amazing with Dr. Kramer. Be sure to join the friendly and enthusiastic NosillaCastaways in the live chatroom during the Apple announcement at 10am Pacific Time on Wednesday at I've got a review of TouchRetouch from Adva-Soft to edit your photos from iOS. We've got a nice meaty installment of Security Bits...


NC #695A Melodics, QR Codes for WiFi Passwords, Ethics in Reviews, iPad Apps to Entertain a Toddler

The NosillaCastaways will be hanging out in the live chat room during the Apple announcement on September 12th at 10am Pacific time and we hope you'll join us. You can find the chat at Toby brings us a review of Melodics, an application for the Mac to help you control your MIDI devices. In Dumb Question Corner, Lynda Gousha asks how to make QR codes to help our guests get on our WiFi networks more easily. I dig deep and come up with three or four different ways, including...


NC #694 Fortnite Security for Android, Archisketch, Security Bits

We've got a pretty big discussion on Fortnite for Android and the decisions Epic Games made that affect user security. I talk about it in the show, we talked about it in Chit Chat Across the Pond with Robb Dunewood and Bart and I talk about it during Security Bits. I've got a review of Archisketch for iPad, and then Bart Busschots is back with another installment of Security Bits. We talk about a zero-day exploit on macOS, how Facebook is rating their users' trustworthiness, how Facebook's...


NC #693 AppDelete, Diagnosing Remote Networks, Raspberry Pi as a Web Server, MacAlly Lampcharge, Bash Script for ID3 Tagging

I was on the MacCast this week with Adam Christianson, Reggie Ashworth's AppDelete will live on without him, a great story about Steve's mom and how we remotely diagnosed a network problem she was having, Ed Tobias tells us how he created a web server out of a $35 Raspberry Pi, I got a MacAlly Lampcharge that is pretty fun. Finally I'll tell you the story of how I spent around 7 hours writing a script that will save me 15 seconds a week on editing my ID3 tags for Chit Chat Across the Pond.


NC #692 MacAlly MacBook Pro Charger, Excel and Numbers and Elapsed Time, Code-Free Automation Video, Security Bits

After last week's brain-bending segment on battery calculations, I'll give you three easy steps to follow that literally summarizes the entire segment. Then I'll explain why I tried to use Numbers when I wanted to use Excel and how I continue to be disappointed by Numbers. My CMD-D video is finally up from last year where I talked about Code-Free Automation. Then Bart joins us for another segment of Security Bits.


NC #691 Portable Battery Technology, Knightwise on Butterfly Keyboard Replacement, Jackery and RAVPower Battery Reviews

This week we dive deep into battery technology to figure out if a high-capacity battery can actually charge a laptop. Warning, you'll learn about Watts Law and other terms so it's a bit of a propeller beanie episode, but in the end you'll have the skills to decide which battery is right for you. We take a battery break by hearing from Knightwise as he brings his butterfly key MacBook Pro in for repairs at the Brussels Apple Store. Then we'll take a look at two portable battery packs, the...