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Learning to Live with Machine Learning: Kenneth Cukier, Azeem Azhar, Ben Peters, & Jon Crowcroft

Machine learning is creating new barriers to entry for data-driven products and services. Yet sustainable competitive advantage and the ability to extract value and insight from data depends as much on the quality and quantity of input and output data as on the ML models themselves. Implementation of ML tools is both an art and a science, often opaque and invisible to users. What are the ingredients of a defensible ML strategy? How do we define the concept of “MVD” - Minimum Viable Data?...


Adtech and Hyper-Personalization: Susie Stanford, John Taysom, Ted Nash, Stephen Upstone & Andy Chen

One of the biggest innovations or disruptions in the media industry has been programmatic. The programmatic sector started with online banners, but has expanded into other formats such as video, TV, and, of course, mobile and apps. Programmatic has expanded and changed the way media and audience data is monetized and sold, and most importantly, it has made audience data exchanges possible in real time. At our inaugural Annual CEO Summit at Tate Modern, OpenOcean Partner Tom Henriksson...


The Disappearing Database with Monty Widenius, Trent McConaghy, Luca Garulli, and Spencer Kimball

You used to be able to get your hands on or around a database in punch card or magnetic tape form. From navigational to relational to NoSQL to New SQL. The likes of American Express, Uber, and others will not use hosted cloud service for their database. In fact, not only is the database ‘going away’, but companies are going to variants of serverless versions like Lambda. So, will all the variants of database we need be as essential and as available as air? Our Partner and technology wizard...


Renaud Visage, Nic Roope, Simon Woodward and Harry Stebbings on What Makes Delicious Software

Renaud Visage, Nic Roope, Simon Woodward and Harry Stebbings on What Makes Delicious Software by OpenOcean


Firestartr Spark Series: Crypto Debate

On 17th July, we co-hosted the 4th edition of the Firestartr Spark Series on crypto-economics and the transformational potential of decentralised economies. To debate the motion ‘This house believes that crypto economics is the paramount concept of this century’ we brought some incredible panelists: - Vinay Gupta — founder @ and #Mattereum - Jon Matonis — Founding Director @ the Bitcoin Foundation - Irene NG — Chairman and Chief Economist @ HAT Data Exchange; Professor of...


Azeem Azhar on the Technology Revolution, AI, and Inequality

Azeem Azhar of the Exponential View joined Richard Muirhead to discuss Artificial Intelligence, Inequality, and what we should do about it in what Carlota Perez called the “Deployment Phase” of the Technology Revolution. The introduction into the conversation, along with the questions Azeem and Richard discuss can be found on our Medium:


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