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Wisdom from a CEO (Ep. 105)

Joshua Peach does a mic takeover for the podcast, interviewing Dude Solutions CEO Ed Roshitsh about what it’s like being a CEO, why he moved his office and what keeps him up at night. SHOW NOTES: Dude... Who Are You & What You Do series History of The Dude podcastA Solid Handshake by Ed RoshitshBe Au Sm podcast Ep. 34


Using Drones for Smarter Operations (Ep. 104)

Check out this interview with Bobbi Antonucci, Systems Analyst of Horry County Schools, to see how they’re using technology, specifically drones, to help with natural disaster clean-up and more. She breaks down how to get affordable drones, how to use them and then process data from them. SHOW NOTES: DJI dronesFAA website


Working Across Generations (Ep. 103)

Mary Beth Ormiston joins us again to talk about the current landscape of the workforce that has five generations working together for the first time in history. She talks about the differences and similarities of each group and calls out common values that can help us all work together better. SHOW NOTES: Navigating the Changing Workforce GuideWhat’s in a Number? Blog by Mary Beth


Gov Gab: City of Crescent, OK (Ep. 10)

Episode 10 features the City Manager from the City of Crescent, Oklahoma, Ryan Wallace. This episode takes us on a journey from Ryan's professional career in the private sector prior to relocating to Oklahoma to be closer to family. From there, Ryan got involved in Crescent's Fire Department about 10 years ago and from there has helped in various roles, including his current one as the City Manager. We get into topics around managing the Oklahoma weather, embracing technology, working with...


Special Series: The Future of Operations (Ep. 102)

Today, we finish our special series with a chance to look into the future of operations, of data and of Dude Solutions. Hear what longtime Dude clients and employees are most excited about with that future. SHOW NOTES: Special Series Episode 100101The Future with Exponential Technologies (Ep. 90)Getting Innovative with Dude Labs (Ep. 86)Event ManagerEnergy ManagerAsset Essentials


Special Series: What Makes The Dude Different (Ep. 101)

We’re back with the second episode in our special 3-part series on Year of The Dude (our 20th birthday), and this one is all about what makes The Dude unique from our clients to employees to our work and data. Hear thoughts (and even a song) from long-time Dude Solutions employees and clients. SHOW NOTES: Ep. 100 on the History of The DudeInside Dude University (Ep. 96)Gary’s Dude Family song


Special Series: History of The Dude (Ep. 100)

It’s Episode 100! Celebrate with us by enjoying this special three-part series as a part of the Year of The Dude (our 20th birthday year). This first episode will tell you everything you need to know about the history of Dude Solutions. You’ll learn about where our name came from, how the company got started and even a few funny and heartwarming stories, all from long-time Dude employees. SHOW NOTES: The Year of The Dude blog postInside Dude University (Ep. 96)


The Future of Workspaces (Ep. 99)

Brian is joined by Frank Cottle, Chairman and Founder of Alliance Virtual Offices, to look into the future of what workspaces will be like and how that affects facilities and operations teams. SHOW NOTES: Alliance Virtual OfficesAll Work resources


Embracing Authentic Leadership (Ep. 98)

Join Brian and Cynthia Berry, Director of Enterprise Safety and Security, Center of Excellence, for Adtalem Global Education, to get the highlights and key takeaways from her Dude University session on authentic leadership for women (and men). SHOW NOTES: EDGE programRegister for Dude University 2020


Gov Gab: City of Cortez, CO (Ep. 9)

Join Brian's interesting conversation with Mayor Karen Sheek of the City of Cortez, CO. Karen Sheek is a retired educator, former business owner, volunteer, mother of two and has been the mayor of Cortez since 2016, a role she sought after serving on the City Council. She moved to the area with her husband, John, in 1975 after he was hired as a park ranger at Mesa Verde National Park. “We liked the area and it was close to my family that lived in Phoenix, so we stayed,” she said. “Cortez...


Creating a Data-Driven Culture (Ep. 97)

We’ve got our first Dude University speaker interview to share with you and it’s all about building and sustaining a data-driven culture with tips from Frederick County Public School’s CMMS Data Quality Specialist Travis Tracey. SHOW NOTES: Frederick County Schools Case Study


Gov Gab: City of Scottsdale, AZ (Ep. 8)

This week on the Gov Gab series, Brian speaks with Mayor Jim Lane of the City of Scottsdale, AZ about making changes, leadership and more. Mayor W. J. “Jim” Lane served for four years on the Scottsdale City Council beginning in June 2004, and began his first term as Mayor in January 2009. He was re-elected to the Mayor’s Office in 2012 and began his third term in January 2017. Mayor Lane served on the 2002 Scottsdale Fire & EMS Advisory Committee, which was convened to evaluate and make...


Inside Dude University 2019 (Ep. 96)

What was Dude University 2019 like? Whether you were there or not, we give you a sneak peek (or listen) into the highlights of our recent user conference. SHOW NOTES: Dude University websiteFacility Innovators program


Gov Gab: City of Fort Wayne, IN (Ep. 7)

We have a great chat with Mayor Tom Henry from the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana who talks about his journey into local government, his 20-year run on the Fort Wayne Council and his current 3rd term as Mayor of the City. Mayor Henry shares some tremendous stories about the city and its growth, as well as him learning from other mayors across the state and the many challenges they face as a fast-growing city. Mayor Tom Henry's Biography...


Repost: World FM Day (Ep. 72)

We’re back with a repost of last year’s World FM Day podcast to celebrate this momentous day and week! SHOW NOTES: A Few of Our Maintenance & Operations HeroesFMs: Hear From Your Peers on World FM Day!Our Thanks to You on World FM Day


Gov Gab: Town of Needham, MA (Ep. 6)

Brian talks with Kate Fitzpatrick, Town Manager of Needham, MA, about how she got her start in local government, what they're doing to encourage women to join in and how she organizes her day. Kate has over 20 years over experience in varying roles at the Town and shares many stories of her journey growing with Needham. You can check out the Town of Needham website here - http://www.needhamma.gov/


Dude University Preview (Ep. 95)

Guess what time it is?! Dude University, our annual user conference, is about to kick off on May 5, so we’re giving you a sneak preview into this year’s event, the history of the conference and other fun facts from Kate Donnelly, Client Marketing Manager, and Nick Pendergraft, Training Manager, at Dude Solutions. SHOW NOTES: Dude University website


Gov Gab: City of Durango, CO (Ep. 5)

Join this interesting and uplifting conversation with Brian and Mayor Sweetie Marbury of Durango, CO. Sweetie discovered Durango as a skier in 1974 and moved to Durango in 1975. An area teacher for over 37 years, Anita "Sweetie" Marbury graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelor's degree in speech/drama and Adams State College with a master's in secondary education. She was honored to be selected to the Colorado State Thespians Hall of Fame for career achievements in 2006 and...


Gov Gab: City of Marshfield, MO (Ep. 4)

Learn some words of wisdom from City Administrator John Benson of City of Marshfield, MO on this episode of our special Gov Gab podcast series.


April Fools' Outtakes (Ep. 94)

Join us as we have a bit of fun on this April Fools’ Day with a few outtakes from the past year of podcast recording.