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Rigid-Flex ‘After the Webinar’ Podcast

Did you know that the global demand for flexible electronics is expected to reach $24.78 billion by 2026? From cellphones to wearables and to IoT devices and in every industry more and more products are requiring both static and dynamic rigid-flexible circuits than ever. In fact, rigid-flex design not only eliminates connectors and improves the performance and reliability of your electronics designs it empowers companies to meet today’s most challenging form-factor requirements. In this...


Electrical DRC ‘After the Webinar’ Podcast

Did you know, that on average, PCB designs undergo as many as 3 respins at an average cost of nearly $28,000 per respin due to undetected electrical rule violations that affect design integrity and performance? In this special “After the Webinar” podcast series we answer the questions addressed during our recent live webinar events presenting how PADS Professionals’ can ensure your project will meet its performance, time-to-market and cost goals by catching those electrical DRC’s that other...


Routing Automation ‘ After the Webinar ’ Podcast

Did you know that intelligent automated placement and routing can accelerate your design cycle times by 25-50% or more? You can eliminate issues due to collision and space constraints as well. In this special “After the Webinar” podcast series, we will answer the questions submitted during our most recent live webinar. Learn how PADS Professionals’ Routing Automation can accelerate your design cycles while improving quality with automated, 3D-eneabled, interactive placing and routing. To...


MCAD Collaboration and Co-Design ‘After the Webinar’ Podcast

To learn more about MCAD Collaboration and Co-Design described in this episode check out the on-demand webinar and other resources listed below. On-Demand Webinar: Electro-mechanical Co-design for Competitive Advantage White Paper: Bridging the Gap Between ECAD and MCAD Domains to Gain a Competitive Advantage in Electronic Product Design Datasheet: PADS MCAD Collaboration Did you know that today’s best-in-class companies are getting their electronics products to market faster by...


Game Changers in Electronics Product Design

Full show notes: Today, designing printed circuit boards in 3D is not the exception – it’s the norm. The same can now be said for many different areas in PCB design from part selection to the end products fabrication and assembly – So, what are the new exceptions – the new norms, the “game changers”, the “disruptive” emerging “shift-left” technologies in EDA? Well, let’s talk about it! To learn more about these “game changing”, “shift-left” product design technologies described in this...


Is Pre-Layout Schematic Verification Possible?

Full show notes: Is design verification at the schematic level, before you take any steps into the PCB layout phase in the PCB design flow, possible? In PCB design, we are all too familiar with layout design rule checks, even post-layout design for manufacturing, design for assembly and design-for-test checks. Many of us are even familiar with electrical design rule checks. But what about checks that look at the schematic before layout? In this episode, John takes a look at schematic...


Evolving and Emerging Technologies

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), ‘smart’ technologies have gone far beyond phones, enhancing products in all aspects of our lives. New technologies, such as augmented and virtual reality, can now be found in our living rooms and existing technologies are being upgraded and enhanced with bleeding-edge capabilities. So what might be coming down the road? In this episode, John explores some of the products and technologies that are evolving and emerging and some of the key...


Can Electrical Sign-off be Automated?

Electrical sign-off has become, more than ever, a critical part of the PCB design process. Manually doing this, as has traditionally been done, is time consuming, error prone, and requires expert knowledge in areas like Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, and Electromagnetic Integrity. In this episode, John discusses the advantages of automated EDRC (Electrical Design Rule Checking), and their ability to increase the efficiency and quality of PCB’s while reducing errors and decreasing time...


7 Habits of Highly Efficient PCB Designers

Designing a PCB is similar to a complex puzzle, except there’s no picture on the box to follow. Every step taken must be done purposefully, and requires extensive knowledge of electronic design and industry best practices. In this episode, John talks about seven shared habits that PCB Designers exhibit when they study, prepare, visualize, strategize, and complete PCB Designs. For more information on this topic: Whitepaper: 7 Habits of Highly Efficient PCB Designers Have questions or...


PCB Design Accelerators

Are you taking advantage of these PCB design accelerators? Are you taking steps to reduce your PCB design cycle and avoid fabrication delays? In this episode, John talks about some key areas in PCB design that can help accelerate product design and launch to market. Link: Free reference designsArticle: 6 Pillars of PCB DFMA SuccessWhitepaper:100 Ways To Ensure DFM Optimization In Your Desktop PCB Design Process Have questions or topics of interest? Interested in being a guest on the show?...


PCBTT010: DFM Analysis (2016)

Engineers, PCB designers, business execs, and even marketing and sales teams all understand the value in both time and cost savings for first pass success of printed circuit board designs. And, release dates are critical to the success of a product. In this episode, John explores design for manufacturing analysis. What defines a best-in-class design flow? What steps should be taken to achieve first pass design success? 6 Pillars of DfMA SuccessWhy Printed Circuit Board Design Matters to...


PCBTT009: Bridging the Gap between ECAD and MCAD (2016)

Where does collaboration with MCAD fit into your PCB design flow? Are you still encountering communication barriers between electrical and mechanical domains? In this episode, John McMillan talks about the evolution of the handoff between MCAD to ECAD and the advances that make collaboration more efficient than ever before. ProSTEP iViP Whitepaper:Removing the Gap Between ECAD and MCAD Design Video: Communicate with any MCAD vendor Have questions or topics of interest? Interested in being...


PCBTT008: EDA Industry Update + Giveaway (2016)

Host John McMillan talks about EDA industry updates including cool gadgets, 2016 technology and EDA events, EDA industry news, and 01005 chips. Don’t miss the first PCB Tech Talk giveaway! Details included in this episode. Be sure to include #pcbtechtalk in all your podcast-related tweets! Events and articles mentioned: Computer Electronics Show 2016 DesignCon 2016 January 19-21 SMTA “Pan Pacific” Microelectronics Symposium 2016 January 25-28 IPC APEX EXPO 2016 March 13-17 Internet of...


PCBTT007: PCB Industry Design Trends and Challenges (2015)

Listen in as podcast host John McMillan and guest David Wiens discuss PCB design industry trends over the years and specifically new trends and challenges showing up in the most recent Technology Leadership Awards design competition submissions. Topics in this episode include: Have questions or topics of interest? Interested in being a guest on the show? Contact us at pcb_techtalk@mentor.com. Subscribe today so you don’t miss any future episodes!


PCBTT006: Key Advantages of 3D PCB Layout (2015)

Having a 3D view in PCB design tools is not new. However, 3D capabilities have greatly evolved over the past five years or so. What was once a “nicety” is now vital to the PCB design work environment. Join host John McMillan as he discusses why 3D is becoming (or perhaps already is) the layout environment of choice. What advantages have you noticed with 3D? Links: 5 Key Advantages of 3D PCB LayoutSurfing Video (view with mobile device for 360 experience)Try 3D PCB design for free Have...


PCBTT005: Addressing Your Comments and Questions on the Aging PCB Design Workforce (2015)

Join host John McMillan and producer Brittany Bach as they discuss listener comments in response to episode three: Are PCB Designers Becoming an Endangered Species? Fresh Faces in the Design Community, PCB&F, 2014 PCB Designer Annual Survey How did you learn PCB layout?, EDN Network LinkedIn Group Discussion, Old Timers PCB Designer Group Thanks to all our listeners for making PCB Tech Talk a top featured podcast in the Software How-to New and Noteworthy section on iTunes! Have questions...


PCBTT004: PCB Design Trends and How to Enter the Technology Leadership Awards (2015)

In this episode, I speak with special guest, David Wiens (Business Development Manager, System Design Division at Mentor Graphics) about PCB industry trends and the 26th annual Technology Leadership Awards (TLAs). The longest running competition of its kind, the TLAs recognize engineers and CAD designers who use innovative technology to address today’s complex PCB systems design challenges. Dave and I talk about various aspects of the competition as well as the trends that are revealed...


PCBTT003: Are PCB designers becoming an endangered species? (2015)

In this episode, I talk about the PCB design profession and, perhaps, bust the myth that PCB designers are quickly becoming a vanishing breed. Where did the PCB designers with 25 plus years of experience come from? When they retire, who will replace them? How did they learn what they know about PCB design and how will those skills be passed on to the next generation of PCB designers? Join me as I discuss these questions and more, looking into who the majority of today’s PCB designers are,...


PCBTT002: The Foundation for Every PCB (2015)

Ask any PCB designer what the foundation or building blocks are for printed circuit board designs and you'll get the same answer - "the component land patterns." No matter what you call them – land patterns, footprints, decals, package symbols, etc. – what really matters is that they are accurate. If land patterns are wrong, your PCB gets fabricated, and then a placement problem is discovered during assembly, you’ve most likely just wasted a lot of time and money. “The catalyst for some of...


PCBTT001: Sketch Routing (2015)

The NEW Path To PCB Routing Success Ask any PCB designer you know about autorouters and you’ll likely get the same response, “they just don’t get the job done.” You’ll often hear that autorouter results “aren’t good enough or even close” to being comparable to what PCB designers know they can accomplished with hand routing. Packing 10lbs in a 5lb Bag Fact is, when we break up todays PCB design cycle into individual tasks – like library development, schematic, component placement,...