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How to get Patents in Non-PCT Countries. EP037

In this episode I go through to how get patents in non-PCT countries. Most industrialized nations are part of the Patent Cooperation Treaty, so you can use a single PCT application to enter into the national stage application of most countries throughout the world and generally have 30 months to do so from your earliest filed application. But some countries have not joined that treaty so you need to know what to do if you want patent protection in non-PCT countries such as Taiwan and...


PCT International Patent Application Timelines and Deadlines. EP036

In this episode I go over the PCT application timelines and deadlines. Most important are the 12 month and 30 month deadlines, but there are also events at 19 and 22 months that you should be aware of as well as some other events that happen at certain times. If you're at all interested in getting patent protection in foreign countries then you have to know you deadlines!


How to File a PCT Application. EP035

In this episode I go through all the details of how to file a PCT (international) patent application at the USPTO Receiving Office. I focus on how to fill out the document called the Request and how to upload your documents to the Patent Office.


Differences Between US and PCT Applications. EP034

In this episode I go over some of the main differences between U.S. and PCT (international) applications, including formatting differences, reference number differences, and claim drafting differences. If you want to take your U.S. application and make it ready for PCT filing, then you should know these differences.


What is a PCT International Patent Application? EP033

In this episode I go over what a PCT (international) patent application is and why you might want to file one. If you are interested in getting patent protection anywhere outside the United States, there's a good chance you'll want to file a PCT application.


What to do After You Submit Your Patent Application. EP032

In this episode I go over what to do after you file your patent application, including how to read the filing receipt, foreign patent licenses, and calendaring deadlines.


How to Submit Your Patent Application to the Patent Office. EP031

In this episode I go through how to actually submit your U.S. patent application the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), including how to register as an eFiler, how to upload documents and how to pay for your patent application.


How to Speed Up Your Patent Application Examination. EP030

In this episode I go over the different ways that you can fast track your application and bump it up to the front of the line at the Patent Office. The ways you can do this include: Prioritized Patent Examination Program (Track One), Accelerated Examination, Patent Prosecution Highway, and Petition to Make Special based on various criteria such as age, health, or subject matter.


How to Prepare the Declaration of Inventorship. EP029

In this episode I go through how to prepare the declaration of inventorship. The inventors must declare that they are an inventor of the invention in the patent application. If you don't want to pay a fine or go to jail, then this is a must-listen to episode.


How to Prepare the Application Data Sheet. EP028

In this episode I go through how to the prepare the Application Data Sheet (ADS). This is a form where you enter in lots of information about the application, the inventor, the applicant, priority patent information, and assignees.


How to Prepare the Power of Attorney. EP027

In this episode I go through how to prepare a power of attorney for a patent application. Although if you are filing and prosecuting your own application, you don't need a patent attorney, you probably should have one if your application has joint inventors. Listen to the details in this episode.


How Can I Get Reduced Patent Filing Fees? EP026

In this episode I go through how you might be able to get reduced filing fees and other fees that you have to pay to the Patent Office. There are three entity sizes: Large, Small, and Micro. In this episode I go through how to determine which entity size you are so you can pay reduced fees at the Patent Office.


Do I Need a Patent Assignment? EP025

A patent assignment is a transfer of your patent rights to another party. In this episode I go through the ins and outs of patent assignments, and if and when you might want to file one.


How to Prepare the Information Disclosure Statement. EP024

In this episode I go through the Information Disclosure Statement (IDS). You have to disclose to the Patent Office all the prior art (references) that you know about that could be material to the patentability of your invention. There's a particular way you have to disclose the information and this episode goes through the commonly used form to submit this information to the Patent Office.


How to Prepare a Design Patent Application. EP023

In this episode I go through how to prepare a design patent application. I explain how to draft the claims, the description, and how to prepare the drawings.


How to Format and Assemble a Patent Application. EP022

In this episode I go through how to format and assemble a patent application, including page formatting, line numbers, paragraphs numbers, where to put in page breaks, and how to order all the sections of your application.


How to Draft Other Parts of the Patent Application. EP021

In this episode I go through some other sections of the patent application that most inventors won't have to include, but should at least be aware of their existence. I go through four of these sections, and if your invention requires these sections for the application then you should consult an attorney.


How to Write the Cross Reference to Related Applications. EP020

In this episode I go through how to write the section of the patent application called, "The Cross Reference to Related Applications." Not every application has this section, and is this episode I go over the scenario where you might have filed a provisional patent application before filing your non-provisional application. In a future episode I will cover how to do this section if you are filing other types of applications, such as continuations, continuations-in-part, and...


How to Write the Abstract of the Invention. EP019

In this episode I go through some tips and tricks for writing the section of the patent application called the "Abstract." I go through a real Abstract example to show how the Abstract fulfills the requirements set forth by the Patent Office.


How to Write the Summary of the Invention. EP018

In this episode I go over how to write the section of the patent application called, "The Summary of the Invention." I go through two of the major approaches and some tips and tricks to get you started.