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26 | The Modded Switch

This week is going to be a bit different! We have switch editing programs and things might sound a bit different for a bit until I (Marco) figure things out. But with that being said This week we get back to business starting with the bit of would you rather. "Would you want to die in Hill House and live forever or Die and not know where you will end up? We both give our answers on that and Mario updates us on his new Nintendo Switch Mod, we get lost in Zelda Breath of The Wild again,...


25 | The Leak Event

This week has the boys talking about Weed Legalization in Canada, A spoiler-filled discussion about Netflix's "The Haunting of Hill House", Googles new hardware announcements, and Huawei's new Mate 20 Pro Social: Facebook.com/PixelRefresh Twitter.com/@SparxSLX


24 | Apple, Turkey, Microsoft and Apple

This weeks episode is extremely late, Turkey and family got in the way. But the boys discuss Marios impressions of the Apple watch series 4, Costco Pickups, Microsofts new surface device line up, and how device experiences define brand loyalty. Social: Facebook.com/PixelRefresh Twitter.com/@SparxSLX


23 | It Doesn't Charge

This week is The boys catch up on what they have been doing. Mario shares a funny story about a work injury. They talk about Apple iPhone XS and XS Max charing issues, Mario Bought an Apple watch Series 4, Huawei cheating on benchmarks and the future of glass on smartphones. Social: Facebook.com/PixelRefresh Twitter.com/@SparxSLX


22S | We're Back for More

They're Baaaaack!!! Its been a couple of weeks since the boys got together to record a podcast and they have been itching to get back to it. This week they decided to focus mostly on the Apple Hardware event that happened Sept 12, but also find some time to talk about Samsung, software and battery life. Topics 0:16 Best Apple Style Intro You've ever heard 4:14 Galaxy Note 9 Explodes 4:58 Unbox Therapy covers Note 9 and iPhone XS Battery 8:27 Software = Better battery life 17:08 iOS 12...


21 | Eyes Of The Future

On the show this week show Marco brings back the God of War update with a bit of a surprise, Mario breaks down the Marvel Cloak and Dagger show, The boys have a spoiler-filled discussion on the Netflix movie Extinction, They give an update on the Tesla vs Ontario lawsuit, Talk about the Sonos Amp and Home theatres, mention the crazy future of prosthetic eyes and Finally get around to talking apple device leaks ahead of their annual hardware event on spet 12. Topics 2:32 God of War...


20 | Its Magic

Its been a little bit since you last heard from the boys. This week we hear about a big purchase that Mario made, Tesla's lawsuit against the province of Ontario, Marco shares his experience with his new Netgear Orbi mesh wifi router, Bell getting super fast internet speeds and finally, we check in on Marco's progress on his new boosted board. Social: Facebook.com/PixelRefresh Twitter.com/@SparxSLX


19 | I Just Deleted My Notes

This week the boys cover a bunch of happenings in the world of tech. They talk about Deadpool 2 with some spoilers, The Samsung Note 9 event, Android Pie, The Magic Leap One, Rumors on the upcoming iPhones and Marcos Boosted Board. Topics 0:54 Deadpool 2 Talks 3.02 Deadpool 2 Spoiler Warning 6:21 Infinity war Theories 10:01 Samsung Event 27:15 Fornite Samsung Timed Exclusive 30:51 Android Pie 43:10 Magic Leap One 45:54 Next iPhone Line up 1:07:53 Boosted...


18 | He Got LIGMA

On the show this week the boys talk about what's new in Life. Marco shares his spoiler-free thoughts on the new Misson Impossible movie. For this week in tech they discuss, Logitech buying Blue Microphones, Apple becoming a trillion dollar company, Marco's experience with the Apple Homepod, How they feel about iOS 12, Google's RCS rollout plans, KaiOS and the New Microsoft Surface Go. Topics 0:46 Work Stories 6:35 Mission Impossible 8:53 Is Mission Impossible in 4DX? 10:34 Netflix...


17 | Fitbits and Fortnite

Episode 17 On the show this week Marco talks about his time with Fornite. Mario speaks his thoughts on the Fitbit Alta and the boys discuss the what they find great and not so great about the Ticwatch Pro. As well as Apple fixing the MacBook Pro issue from last week. Social: Facebook.com/PixelRefresh Twitter.com/@SparxSLX


16 | You Can Find Me At

Episode 16 On the show this week Marco delivers on last teaser, giving his thoughts on Movies like Ant-Man and the Wasp, Ready Player One and how he thinks Rampage could have been a way better movie. Mario almost spoils his pick for a show he's been watching called Imposters and collectively they discuss the Nokia X5 Budget phone, Local transit adding USB charging to Buses and the new MacBook Pro's thermal throttling issues. Social: Facebook.com/PixelRefresh Twitter.com/@SparxSLX


15 | Origin Story

Episode 15 This episode is a bit different. Today we talk about the relationship we have and how technology has played a role over the years. Mario even tells a few freaky stories about things he's experienced while working. Social: Facebook.com/PixelRefresh Twitter.com/@SparxSLX


15 | Origin Story

Episode 15 This episode is a bit different. Today we talk about the relationship we have and how technology has played a role over the years. Mario even tells a few freaky stories about things he’s experienced while working. Social: Facebook.com/PixelRefresh Twitter.com/@SparxSLX


14 | Obscure But Useful

Episode 14 This week was a bit of a slow week in tech. But Mario had some very obscure but useful and recently acquired tech that we thought might be interesting for some. To round off the show we talk games we've been playing and Shows or Movies we've been watching lately. Social: Facebook.com/PixelRefresh Twitter.com/@SparxSLX Talked About: OPOLAR Battery Operated Desk Fan Apple Carplay Dongle Phone Case With Legs


13 | Cases, Phones, Maps and Laughs

Episode 13 We had a bunch of fun recording this episode. We talk about Mario's new waterproof case, a Bluetooth speaker with seemingly unlimited battery life, the future of phones, Apple's newly found dedication to make maps better and laugh a bunch while we're at it. Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker Oppo Find X Apple building maps from the ground up iBlason Aegis for iPhone X Social: Facebook.com/PixelRefresh Twitter.com/PixelRefreshPod


12 | Games, Games, and More Games

Episode 12 It's that time of year when all the major game publishers set up a fancy showcase to tell us all about what they have in store for the next year. This week we talk about all the gaming news that excited us coming out of E3. Social: Facebook.com/PixelRefresh Twitter.com/PixelRefreshPod



Episode 11 This week you're going to find two podcasts, we need to catch up. BUT...This week we are talking about Apple's WWDC event. Plenty of new a great features to come out of this conference for all of their products and we spend some time talking about the parts we found to be the most compelling. Social: Facebook.com/PixelRefresh Twitter.com/PixelRefreshPod


10 | iOS 12 Wish List

Episode 10 This week we talk about a whole bunch of stuff. Everything from movies we've been watching, games we've been playing, what we expect to see at E3 the biggest yearly video game conference and with Apple's World Wide Developers Conference or WWDC being tomorrow, we talk about iOS 12 and the things we both wish to see from Apple this year. Social: Facebook.com/PixelRefresh Twitter.com/PixelRefreshPod


09 | The Cross Over

Episode 9 After Missing a week and a corrupted recording were back with another episode. This episode centers on my experience with using and Essential Phone. We also get a pretty big reveal from Mario. Social: Facebook.com/PixelRefresh Twitter.com/PixelRefreshPod


08 | Avengers Infinity Spoilers

Episode 8 I'm back from Mexico and this week we catch up to talk about everything google IO had to offer. Another crash involving an autonomous vehicle and some of the movies we've watched lately. Including some spoilers for Avengers Infinity War. Google Duplex Video Android P Features Waymo Crash Google IO Round-Up The Alienist on Netflix Anon on Netflix Social: Facebook.com/PixelRefresh Twitter.com/PixelRefreshPod