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Discussing news and opinion from the world of smartphones, tablets, phablets, and everything in between.

Discussing news and opinion from the world of smartphones, tablets, phablets, and everything in between.
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Discussing news and opinion from the world of smartphones, tablets, phablets, and everything in between.




Can the Mate 30 Pro survive without Google apps?

Thunder E of Booredatwork returns to the show after an incredibly busy week - we had the iPhone 11 line dropping and then Huawei making headlines with their latest smartphones that are now lacking in one major aspect. After giving some impressions on the iPhones, we give our thoughts on whether or not Huawei will remain as successful as ever despite the loss of important and essential Google Apps like Maps. While there might be some relief for users who are open to sideloading and modding...


Is the iPhone 11 exciting?

The latest Apple keynote has come and gone, but was there enough to really get people excited about the company's latest products? Are larger, bug-eye cameras enough to excuse the design? Is a telephoto lens really a 'Pro' feature? Will a lower price on the iPhone 11 actually make people consider upgrading or jumping ship from other smartphones? JV is joined by Isa Rodriguez to talk about the new iPhone 11 line and how the latest versions of these smartphones toe the line between iteration...


Our favorites from IFA 2019!

This year's IFA has been almost surprisingly busy! JV is joined by Jaime Rivera as they talk about the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the LG G8X ThinQ with the Dual Screen case, and more from Berlin!


The Android REBRAND

The next evolution of Android is here, but what exactly has changed? David Imel, one of the people to break the news about the new branding, joins JV to talk about the latest version of Android that no longer includes a dessert name. (Android head animation created and provided by David Imel) Enjoy a video version of the show in our YouTube version and keep the discussion going by answering our question in the comments section! We encourage you to listen in on the whole conversation below...


Where is Huawei now?

Guest TK Bay has returned from a long trip beyond the Great Firewall, getting to know more about a company that is in a midst of a global crisis. Or, at least that is what it seems until Huawei themselves say otherwise. Sure enough, TK has a lot to share from his time in China with the massive company, who shared more about their company culture, revealed Harmony OS, and gave everyone another look at the much anticipated but currently nebulous Mate X. Business as usual for Huawei? Joshua...


Why the Galaxy Note 10 colors MATTER

We have the Galaxy Note 10+ in our hands and so far the experience has been enjoyable - but there is a lot to unpack (ha) about the latest version of Samsung's flagship line. The S Pen might prove to be a great tool for both productivity and creativity, but Joshua Vergara brings on Isa Rodriguez to talk about how important smartphone colors have become to both users and companies alike. After all, a smartphone can be a form of expression - and you had a lot of opinions to express about the...


The Galaxy Note 10 is a little confusing...

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is here! But is it everything that we wanted? Joshua Vergara is joined by David Imel to talk about the two different versions of the phone and why they think the smaller phone is a bit more exciting. There are definitely some potential problems with certain choices Samsung made - like losing the headphone jack - but there is plenty more to talk about with this latest Note line! Enjoy a video version of the show in our YouTube version and keep the discussion...


The India tech experience: democratizing technology

Mediatek announced their Helio G90 line of gaming chipsets in India this past week, where Joshua Vergara and Jaime Rivera sit down with Director of Marketing Kevin Keating to discuss how gaming has become a big focus of the chip brand. And then the three wax poetic about India as a tech market, how its users are vastly different from others, and how lovely the experience in Delhi/Mumbai has been. Enjoy a video version of the show in our YouTube version and keep the discussion going by...


Everything that's WRONG with Facebook

The FTC is cracking down on the major tech companies, but Facebook was given special attention. Following years of privacy and transparency issues, Facebook was finally fined $5 billion and must add more oversight via committees. Joshua Vergara and Jaime Rivera react to this development and talk about social media in general - and how much control it has over our data and our personal lives. Enjoy a video version of the show in our YouTube version and keep the discussion going by...


Should you use FaceApp?

FaceApp - the viral craze of the week. TK Bay joins Joshua Vergara for a live demo of the age filters - but concerns over the app's terms and conditions bring up the discussion of privacy on the internet. Also, they respond to some of your comments from the previous episode regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 10! Don't forget to get into the comments to answer the questions: What did you think of FaceApp? How much control do you think we really have over our privacy on the internet? Enjoy...


What do you want to see from the Galaxy Note 10?

The Nintendo Switch Lite might have taken a lot of the airwaves this week, but anyone following Samsung's upcoming Unpacked event got a really good look at the upcoming Galaxy Note 10. Joshua Vergara is joined by Jaime Rivera to discuss the latest Nintendo console, why it might not live up to the name 'Switch,' and why they hate themselves enough to still buy it despite owning the original Switch. After that, we react to some of your comments from last week's show before getting into a...


When Facebook and Instagram go down... | #364

A significant shift occurred this past week, and we're not talking about the earthquakes in Southern California. Facebook went down, taking with it services like Instagram and Whatsapp. It led many of our team to explore other messaging applications, as well as ponder how often these outages have been occurring lately. In other news, Huawei made it back into the news by getting off the blacklist... only they're not being treated as such. And Samsung officially put out invitations for their...


Why do we like the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom?

A trip to Tokyo, Japan brings our hosts together to talk about Oppo and their latest phone, the Reno 10x Zoom. Oppo put a lot of faith in their phone that has a shark-fin pop up camera and a telescopic zoom - after all, they brought out a ton of professional photographers (and us) to the land of the rising sun! Interestingly, our time in Tokyo coincided with another announcement by the company: the in-display front facing camera! Jaime Rivera and Isa Rodriguez join Joshua Vergara to...


Google LEAKING Pixel 4 means a lot! | #362

Our hosts come from international locales to bring you this week's episode of the Weekly! Internet speeds be damned, a one day delay ended up benefiting the show because one of the year's biggest leaks occurred: the Google Pixel 4 is basically official. What was so interesting about this leak is that it came from Google themselves. Joshua Vergara broadcasts from the Philippines and is joined remotely by Jaime Rivera and TK Bay as they talk about the next Pixel device after following up on...


Would you 'Sign on with Apple?' | #361

We were actually pleasantly surprised at the substantial announcements made at WWDC, both in hardware and software. The beastly Mac Pro (and its insane companion monitor) aside, we got some awesome updates to iOS 13 and the iPad Pro, now a viable secondary display for Macbooks! But no talk was perhaps as impactful as the company taking a stance in data privacy, via a few very particular steps. Joshua Vergara is joined by Brandon Miniman and TK Bay to discuss Apple, Mac, and privacy. It's...


Huawei's BACKUP PLAN | #360

Huawei has had one hell of a last couple of weeks. After getting banned in the United States, high profile companies have been distancing themselves from the Chinese giant. We've already discussed what that could mean for the millions and millions of Huawei users around the world, but the news just keeps on coming - in one case, from the CEO himself! Huawei's leadership has stated that the company would protest a retaliating Chinese ban on Apple products. But in the days since then, a...


How bad is the Huawei ban? | #359

You know the top story of the week: Huawei's troubles with Google and the United States at large. While the initial ban on the Chinese giant has been changed to a grace period, the future is still uncertain for Huawei and its group companies, including Honor. Joshua Vergara is joined by Jaime Rivera and Brandon Miniman as the crew discussions the implications of this ban, what might come next for Huawei, and recount the recent release of the Honor 20 series that was also affected by the...


Does the OnePlus 7 Pro settle? | #PNWeekly 358

The OnePlus 7 Pro is finally here but we ponder how the Pixel 3a might have changed our perception of the 'Never Settle' mentality. Even then, a new challenger arrives with plenty of high specs but even less of the cost in the ASUS Zenfone 6. TK Bay of XDA and David Imel of Android Authority return to the podcast stage with Joshua Vergara trying to keep all the audio and technical problems at bay! It's all ahead on the Pocketnow Weekly! Watch our YouTube companion video recorded on May 17...


Google I/O and the Pixel 3a | #PNWeekly 357

Fresh off of a minimal but eventful Google I/O, TK Bay joins Joshua Vergara to give some insider thoughts from the show that JV could have easily attended. (More to that story in the first part of the show.) Meanwhile, out in Brooklyn, theunlockr himself David Cogen reacts to the Pixel 3a and why the phone might be more compelling than its original, more powerful counterpart. Color us all a bit surprised that a midrange smartphone impresses us this much. It's all ahead on the Pocketnow...


Speculation Week with Pixel 3a and Moto RAZR! | #PNWeekly 356

Our podcast crew talks about all of the devices that have leaked one way or another this past week as Joshua, Jaime, and Brandon finally say goodbye to Hangouts and move to a pre-recorded version of the podcast. Come watch and listen to the discussion regarding all of the phones that we're about to see in the next couple months - the Honor 20, the Moto RAZR foldable, the OnePlus 7, and the Pixel 3a! It's all ahead on the Pocketnow Weekly! Watch our YouTube companion video recorded on May 3...