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Weekly technology podcast focused on Containers | Kubernetes | Red Hat OpenShift | Cloud Native Applications | Microservices | PaaS | CaaS | DevOps | Co-Hosts: Brian Gracely (@bgracely) and Tyler Britten (@vmtyler).

Weekly technology podcast focused on Containers | Kubernetes | Red Hat OpenShift | Cloud Native Applications | Microservices | PaaS | CaaS | DevOps | Co-Hosts: Brian Gracely (@bgracely) and Tyler Britten (@vmtyler).
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Weekly technology podcast focused on Containers | Kubernetes | Red Hat OpenShift | Cloud Native Applications | Microservices | PaaS | CaaS | DevOps | Co-Hosts: Brian Gracely (@bgracely) and Tyler Britten (@vmtyler).








Kubernetes Extended Authentication Model

SHOW: 66 SHOW OVERVIEW: Brian talks with Marc Boorshtein (@mlbian, CTO at Tremolo Security) about trends in Kubernetes security, and how to think about the Kubernetes Extended Authentication Model. SHOW NOTES: Try OpenShift 4 - http://try.openshift.comBeyond RBAC in OpenShift – Open Policy AgentOpenShift Commons Briefing: Securing OKD at Multiple LayersKubernetes Security SHOW TOPICS: Topic 1 - Welcome back to the show. Your focus is on security. What’s one new thing that’s really...


Multi-Cluster and Federation v2

SHOW: 65 SHOW OVERVIEW: Brian talks with Paul Morie (@cheddarmint, Sr. Principal Software Engineer @RedHat, Reviewer/Approver of Federation v2) about the evolution of multi-cluster and Federation v2 in Kubernetes. SHOW NOTES: http://try.openshift.comhttps://github.com/kubernetes-sigs/federation-v2https://operatorhub.io/operator/alpha/federation.v0.0.6https://blog.openshift.com/kubernetes-federation-v2-on-openshift-3-11/SHOW TOPICS: Topic 1 - Let’s start with some basics. The differences...


Project Quarkus, Kubernetes-native Java

SHOW: 64 SHOW OVERVIEW: Brian talks with Burr Sutter (@BurrSutter, Director Developer Experience @RedHat) about Project Quarkus (@QuarkusIO), Supersonic Subatomic Java for Kubernetes-native application development. SHOW...


Understanding Project Velero (formerly Ark)

Show: 63 Show Overview: Brian talks with Carlisia Pinto (@carlisia, Sr. Member of Technical Staff at VMware, OSS Maintainer of Project Velero) about Project Velero (formerly “Ark”), and backing up and migrating applications on Kubernetes. Show...


Ansible Operators

Show: 62 Show Overview: Brian talks with Fabian von Feilitzsch (@fabianismus, Sr. Software Engineer at RedHat) and Shawn Hurley (@shawn_hurIey, Sr. Software Engineer at Red Hat) about Ansible Operators, how they work with Ansible Playbook, on-platform and off-platform usage, and examples to help people learn the new Kubernetes technology. Show...


OpenShift 4 Architecture Overview

Show: 61 Show Overview: Brian talks with Clayton Coleman (@smarterclayton) and Derek Carr (@derekwaynecarr), Technical Leads of Red Hat OpenShift, about the upcoming architectural changes in version 4. Show Notes: http://try.openshift.comhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xJIvBpvEeEhttps://blog.openshift.com/the-modern-software-platform/Topic 1 - Welcome back to the show. Let’s talk about some of the architectural concepts that will exist in OpenShift 4, and why decisions were made. Topic...


Kubernetes Policies

Show: 60 Show Overview: Brian and new co-host John Osborne (@OpenShiftFed) discuss policies in and around Kubernetes. Show Notes: http://try.openshift.comhttps://www.manning.com/books/openshift-in-actionhttps://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/policy/https://github.com/kubernetes/community/blob/master/sig-list.mdhttps://www.openpolicyagent.org/Topic 1 - Welcome John Osborne to the show. Let’s talk about your background. Topic 2 - We decided to discuss “policy” in Kubernetes. Where do you...


The Show is Back, 2019 style!

Show: 59 Overview: Brian Gracely is back as the host of PodCTL for 2019, with some news about changes and improvements to the show. Show Notes: OpenShift 4 PreviewPodCTL.comFeedback? Email: PodCTL at gmail dot com Twitter: @PodCTL Web: http://PodCTL.com


Reviewing KubeCon 2018 Seattle

Show: 58 Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about the announcements, trends and highlights from KubeCon and CloudNativeCon Seattle 2018. Show Notes: OpenShift 4 PreviewEtcd Donated to CNCFEnvoy Graduates in CNCFHeptio acquired for $550MCNCF Project HealthTrends: Other Tidbits: https://github.com/aws/containers-roadmap/Announcements: A list of KubeCon 2018 Seattle AnnouncementsAll the Slides and Videos from KubeCon 2018 (Seattle)Feedback? Email: PodCTL at gmail dot com Twitter:...


Kube Security, Kube 1.13 and KubeCon

Show: 57 Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about a significant security bug in Kubernetes, the recently announced Kubernetes 1.13 release, and the upcoming KubeCon event in Seattle. Show...


Windows Containers with Microsoft

Show: 56 Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk with Mike Kostersitz, (@huskyat, Principal Program Manager (@huskyat) in Core Networking for Microsoft) about the basics of Windows containers, the differences between Linux and Windows containers, considerations for deployments, commons questions about Windows containers and the interaction between Red Hat and Microsoft Kubernetes engineering. Show Notes: Managing Windows containers with Red Hat OpenShift Container PlatformAbout Windows...


Kubernetes as the New Application Server

Show: 55 Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about how existing application developers and PlatformOps teams can map existing applications and framework services into a more distributed set of services that run in containers on Kubernetes and OpenShift. Show Notes: Why Kubernetes is the New Application Server Kubernetes: Your Next Java Application ServerWe mentioned last week that we’re moving into the 3rd Era of Kubernetes (automated ops, automated apps), with the 2nd Era being about getting...


Have We Reached Kubernetes-Native Yet

Show: 54 Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about how well the industry has created or evolved Kubernetes-Native platforms and services. Show Notes: Topic 1 - We’re more than 3yrs into Kubernetes, and almost at the 2yr anniversary of the 1st big CloudNativeCon / KubeCon in Seattle (we’ll be back again this year). So let’s ask a big question - how has the industry evolved to actually deliver Kubernetes-Native? Topic 2 - What is Kubernetes-Native? Topic 3 - Was reading a report recently that...


The Internal Build vs Buy Discussion

Show: 53 Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about how companies rationalize a Buy (or consume) vs Build decision for a Kubernetes platform or service. Show Notes: This show is somewhat free form, but it ultimately started with a listener question that asked: "We run an internal Kubernetes platform in our centralized IT group, but some other developer groups also run their own Kubernetes platform. How do we convince them, or our management team, to bring other groups onto our platform to...


OpenShift 3.11 and OpenShift Container Engine

Show: 52 Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about updates to OpenShift 3.11, including new Operations Console, integrated Prometheus monitoring and Grafana graphing and supported Operators on OpenShift. They also discuss the introduction of OpenShift Container Engine (OCE) Show Notes: Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.11 is GAOpenShift Container Engine (announcement)Kubernetes Operators & Operator FrameworkKubernetes Operators with Helm3.11 - Cluster Monitoring, dashboards, alerting3.11...


Reviewing Kubernetes 1.12 Updates

Show: 51 Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about updates to Kubernetes v1.12 Show Notes: Kubernetes 1.12 Updates (Official Kubernetes blog)What’s new in Kubernetes 1.12 (Red Hat CoreOS blog)OpenShift Commons Briefing on October 4 at 9 AM PT to discuss Kubernetes 1.12Operator FrameworkTopic 1 - Kubelet TLS Bootstrap moves to GA - simplify how nodes are securely added/removed into a cluster. As an add-on, server certificate rotation functionality moves into beta, and this will be tied...


Listener Mailbag Questions

Show: 50 Show Overview: Brian and Tyler answer questions from podcast listeners, about big data and analytics, application deployments, routing security, and storage deployment models. Show Notes: Spark and AnalyticsJupyter NotebooksPackaging Applications on Kubernetes (PodCTL #37)Topic 1 - From David - Is it possible to do a show about running Spark, Jupyter notebooks and analytical workloads on k8s? Topic 2 - From Matthew - it would be interesting to hear your thoughts for how apps...


Security & Service Meshes

Show: 49 Show Overview: In a joint show between The Cloudcast and PodCTL, Brian and Tyler talk with John Morello (@morellonet, CTO at @TwistlockTeam) about how Service Mesh technologies, such as Istio, can be used for more advanced security of containerized applications and Kubernetes environments. Show Notes: Twistlock WebsiteSecuring Istio and KubernetesMaking Istio Security Layer Easier to MonitorService Mesh TutorialsTopic 1 - Welcome to the show. Tell us about your background, and...


Patching VMs, OS, Containers

Show: 48 Show Overview: Brian and Tyler try and clarify some confusion about how much patching is still involved when moving from Virtualization to Containers. Show Notes: Lots of confusion about how to manage patching of VMs vs. Containers. Topic 1 - What do I have to patch in a VM-centric environment? Who is typically responsible for that patching? Topic 2 - What do I have to patch in a Container-centric environment? Who is typically responsible for that patching? Topic 3 - Is it...


VM Admin vs Container Admin

Show: 47 Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about how the day-to-day tasks of a VM Admin would change if they adopted Containers in their environment. Show Notes: Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a virtualization admin. How would we transition their day-to-day activities from VMs to Containers? Topic 1 - What does the virtualization infrastructure/platform vs. container infrastructure/platform consist of? Topic 2 - How do we get an application onto each platform, and how are...