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Hall of Fame Inductee, Dave Jackson!

Dave Jackson started out in 2005 as Jammi' Dave Jackson (since his name was so common) and kept trying to find a way to gain listeners and produce great content. He accomplished both. This year he was inducted in the Podcast Hall of Fame and he shares why he does what he does and how you too can. schoolofpodcasting.com


Stories and Podcasting, Shannon Cason and Matt Marr

Shannon Cason is no stranger to the stage. He started rapping in Detroit and has enjoyed performing in front of crowds ever since . Now he performs in front of hundreds and is a Moth grand slam winner and can be heard on several podcasts including The Trouble on WBEZ as well as his own podcast, Homemade Stories. Matt Marr grew up in Southern Oklahoma and has been called the Gay White Oprah. He has a masters in clinical psychology, does standup and improv as well as several podcasts...


Health, happiness and podcasting, Allison Melody of Food Heals Podcast

Podcasting and Podcast Movement has changed Allison Melody's life. She's built incredible relationships, traveled and created systems that allow her to concentrate on the important, creative things that she loves. http://foodhealsnation.com


Podcast advice from Finland (with an Italian Accent) Yann Ilunga

Yaun came to Podcast Movement from Finland, but he isn’t Finnish. He is actually from Switzerland, the Italian speaking part of that country. So when you hear his voice, it might throw you off. Yann’s podcast journey started in 2013 when he took a break from music and listened to a podcast instead. Started his first podcast, the jazz spotlight podcast, in 2014 and then realized he was getting more questions about podcasting than anything else. So he started the Podcast Success...


Spandex and Financial Advice, Lillian Karabaic of Oh My Dollar podcast

Lillian Karabaic left conservative Cincinati as soon as she could and went out west to Portland, Oregon. After working in a commune and 39 other jobs, she found that helping folks with their taxes was something she could do and enjoyed. Now she writes books, performs as a speaker and as an on-air radio personality. As Podcast Movement she dressed as Ziggy Stardust and proceeded to kick ass.


Empowered Millenial, Alexis Parris

Alexis Parris followed the rules. She danced, studied and did all the traditional things. Then when she was in college she started reading books about entrepenuership and decided to quit, her sophomore year. This is Alexis's first time at Podcast Movement she is enjoying it a whole lot. She got to speak and share her inspriational journey with a large crowd in attendance. Now she is on her own and living in Atlanta and launching the next pahse of her life.


Storyteller for Hispanic Entrepreneurs, LatinX America Host, Adriana Flores-Ragade

Adriana Flores-Ragade didn't know English when she came to the US at the tender age of 12. Just one year later however, she was taking main stream classes. Driven is a good word to describe Adriana. She suceeded in school and she made it her life's work to give back to the community. She worked in education and the American Red Cross, listening to loved ones' stories who were giving their DNA to identify remains from the 9-11 terrorist attack. Now she has a podcast and owes much of the...


From Foster Care to Podcaster and Entrepreneur, Kevin Y. Brown

Kevin Y Brown had a teacher problem in high school. The teacher refused to give him an A because he slept in class. When the principal had him sit in her office, she challenged him to change his life -- which he did. Now Kevin is an entrepenuer, motivational speaker and podcaster and this was his first podcast movement conference. The interview was on the first day, but Kevin follows up after the conference with his impressions, relationships and change in his direction based on what he...


Making connections and learning along the way, Edel Howlin

Edel's mum has a picture of her with ear phones on listening to the radio from age 5. Growing up in Clane, Ireland of modest means, she knew that radio was not a sensible choice -- or was it? Edel and Bill met in 2015 at Podcast Movement in Fort Worth, Texas. A conference her company did not pay for, but looking back, had a profound affect on her future career. Edel has some advice for future podcasters you won't want to miss. She also cuts up and reconnects with Bill as she discusses...


Mother and daughter entrepreneurs and first timers at Podcast Movement, LeAura and Devani Alderson

I create daily podcast was the brain child of a mother and daughter duo. They focus on content and resources that help creators turn their passion into profit by building an entrepreneurial business around their artistic, creative and inventive ideas. LeAura and Devani Alderson’s own creative journey starts with Devani’s adoption, LeAura’s decisions on her education, the transition to homeschooling, and developing into entrepreneurs. Somehow they both juggle all their roles into a...


Podcast Movement: Sessions - Season Three Trailer

This year is all about community and in depth interviews. Bill Nowicki interviews podcasters and gets their stories during Podcast Movement 2018 in Philadelphia!


Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame 2017 Class with Gary Leland

In this episode of the Podcast Movement Sessions Podcast, we hear from Gary Leland, class of 2016 as he contacts the new inductees for 2017 to tell them they’ve been named to the Hall of Fame. The Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame is an exclusive club, and in this episode we get to know a bit more about the next five inductees. Get all the info on the Hall of Fame, the ceremony and THE conference for Podcasters, Podcast Movement 2017 at www.PodcastMovement.com


Full-Time Podcasting with Aaron Mahnke, Host of Lore

Aaron Mahnke went full time with his podcast after just 5 months of production with his award winning show, Lore. Now 2 years in he's on the verge of releasing a TV series based on the project. While we may not all have TV shows in our future, we can learn from the simple ideas that Aaron used to chart his path. Stay tuned next week as we discuss the new inductees to the Podcast Hall of Fame! Subscribe to check out all episodes, or download this episode directly here:...


Brutally Honest Storytelling with Shannon Cason

Brutally Honest Storytelling with Shannon Cason In this episode of the Podcast Movement Sessions, we get brutal honesty from Shannon Cason, the host of Homemade Stories and keynote speaker at Podcast Movement 2017. Shannon is joined in this episode by Alexander Adams from the Smash/Cut Podcast and Dan Franks, co-founder of Podcast Movement.


Rabid Fans, Funding and MONEY!!!

This episode features heavy discussions of cold hard cash. Featuring a panel from Podcast Movement 2016 with Jordan Kope, Colt Cabana, Rob Cesternino, Bob Ruff and Liz Covart. They talk about bringing sponsors to their show and finding funds from their audience directly. We also talk to Dan Franks about the origins of Podcast Movement, Jeni Wren Stottrup about funding her show, Gritty Birds and Chel Hamilton about how she found a whole new avenue for letting her audience support her.


Beginnings: What Podcasting and Childbirth Have in Common

In this episode, we highlight Anna Sale, the host of Death, Sex and Money and her keynote from Podcast Movement 2016. We also bring you the beginning of a few other podcasters, Nina Babel and Judith Registre, all while continuing the story of Podcast Movement's origins. Check it out and get ready to join us in Anaheim this August!


Bizness: How Podcasting Can Become a Part of Yours

In this episode we hear from people who've built a business in or supported by podcasting, including Jared Easley, Ramona Rice, Jonathan Oakes, Hani Mourra, Alex Blumberg and Aaron Mahnke.


The Podcast Community: Finding Yours, Growing and Maintaining it, and Why It can Be So Important

The first episode of Podcast Movement Sessions Season 2 is here! Featuring Pat Flynn, Felix Montelara, Christina Canters, Troy Heinritz, Ramona Rice and Podcast Movement Co-Founder, Jared Easley.


Podcast Movement: Sessions - Season Two Trailer

A new season of Podcast Movement Sessions is almost upon us! Catch the Black Friday deals on Podcast Movement 2017 registration as the movement goes to Anaheim. Meet your new host for season two of the sessions and get ready to dig into some of the best stuff of Podcast Movement 2016 as we get ready for next year's event.


Did Podcasting Kill the Radio Star? w/ Steven Goldstein

CEO of Amplifi Media Steven Goldstein shares his 30+ years of broadcast savvy with the podcasting world. From the opportunities to the challenges Steven gives some history and lot's of action tips that can help serve the Podcast Community. #Podcasting #Brand #radio #broadcast #curation