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If you're looking to grow your podcast audience, radio, and podcast veteran Erik K Johnson helps you Transform your podcast information into Entertainment that keeps your audience coming back.

If you're looking to grow your podcast audience, radio, and podcast veteran Erik K Johnson helps you Transform your podcast information into Entertainment that keeps your audience coming back.


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If you're looking to grow your podcast audience, radio, and podcast veteran Erik K Johnson helps you Transform your podcast information into Entertainment that keeps your audience coming back.




Ways To Grow Your Podcast Engagement – PTC 341

Many podcasters ask me how to get more listener interaction with their show. How can you get more listener feedback and comments? They are looking for ways to grow their podcast engagement. We need to transform your information into engaging entertainment. When your content is engaging, people take notice and take action. If you want your listeners to interact more with your show, make your content engaging. You can download the list at www.PodcastTalentCoach.com/engage. The one struggle...


How To Improve Your Next Podcast Interview – PTC 340

On this episode, I want to teach you how to create powerful podcast interviews like the pros. There are a few adjustments you can make to create a better interview. REASONS There are many reasons we interview guests on our podcasts. They are content experts They know more than we do Guests add depth to the conversation Interviews can expose your show to others Interviews can cross-promote your products Guests add additional content to your show If you are like me when I started,...


Great Podcast Examples – PTC 339

On the show today, I want to give you a few podcast examples that will help you in various areas of your show. These are podcasts that I feel do many things well that you can model. We will also talk about a few of my past episodes. After over 330 podcast episodes, you and I have discussed quite a few topics. I looked at my stats the other day and pulled up my 6 most popular shows. If you are looking for the episodes that have had the most impact, you can give these a listen to help you on...


6 Steps To Start A Podcast – PTC 338

If you want to start a podcast, don't make it harder than it needs to be. Follow these 6 steps and you can launch a podcast in 30 days. The first thing you need to remember is patients. FISH Download numbers are is like a fishing stories. The fish in the story is always bigger than the actual fish. Many podcasters twist the numbers and inflate their stats to make their downloads look better. A podcaster might say, "I am getting 3,000 downloads." That could be true. It could also be...


Getting Started – Repurpose Your Podcast With Video – PTC 337

When you repurpose your podcast with video, you can increase your reach. However, there are a few other really big reasons to be on video as well as audio. PODCAST First, understand that I love podcasting. If you are only going to be on one platform, podcasting it the obvious choice. There are three ways to share your content … video, audio or text. You can publish your content using blogs, YouTube videos and podcasting. There is one way I feel is best, and you can probably guess which...


7 Tips To Help You Like Your Voice – PTC 336

Most people do not like the sound of their own voice. It is natural and quite common. Don't let it get in your way. When we hear ourselves, the Impostor Syndrome starts to kick in. On a coaching call the other night, we were talking about reviewing your podcast in order to improve. The only way to improve your content is to listen to your shows like a listener. My client said she finds it difficult to listen to her podcast. She said it is uncomfortable. NATURAL It is quite natural to...


How To Leverage Interviews To Grow – PTC 335

Interviews can add so much to your podcast and brand. You can benefit in many ways by leveraging interviews and guests when you look beyond the content. If you are looking for great guests and partners, you want to check out Collaborate. It is an event that is designed to connect people who want to work with each other. Regardless of your niche, you'll find someone that will make a great partner. Get registered at www.PodcastTalentCoach.com/collaborate. CONTENT Guests can add content to...


Double Your Audience – PTC 334

When I talk with podcasters about their goals, they tell me they want to grow their audience. Today, I want to show you the exact steps you can use to double your audience. These are the exact steps I took last summer to double my downloads in four months. I also want to let you know that Collaborate is coming again. This is my favorite event of the year. Your chance to meet hundreds of potential partners. Get the details at www.PodcastTalentCoach.com/collaborate. UNCOMFORTABLE Before we...


Unique Podcast JV Approach – PTC 333

One way to monetize your podcast is through joint venture or JV partnerships. When partners help each others grow and market, your audience and business can rapidly hit new levels. A joint venture in business is different than a JV partnership in online marketing and business. THE JV DIFFERENCE In business, a joint venture is a business entity that is created by two or more parties, generally characterized by shared ownership, shared returns and risks, and shared governance. Companies...


Overcoming 3 Podcast Growth Challenges – PTC 332

Podcast growth isn't some secret. I realize many podcast gurus tell you they have the magic formula. It isn't magic. Growth is a method. There are two ways to grow your downloads. Get more people to listen. Or, get people to listen more. There are three challenges podcasters face when developing podcast growth. Today, I want to help you overcome those challenges. MAKE IT EASY The first challenge most podcasters face is making podcast growth too complicated. The process is simple to...


Interview Secrets – PTC 331

This week many listeners sent me their questions when it comes to creating a great interview. On this episode, you'll get those answers to make your podcast interview more powerful and engaging. Here is the first question. I need help with getting interviews, when I send invites I don't get any response. - Stephen Aiken There are three steps to getting great guests. You need to have confidence, fish a lot, and get in their shoes. This just came up on a coaching call the other night with...


[CASE STUDY] How A Hockey Podcast Drives Business – PTC 330

The key to monetizing your podcast is determining exactly what your audience wants. Monetization is not built by getting your audience to buy what you have to sell. It is all about offering exactly what they want and are willing and able to pay to acquire. One of the most difficult classes I took while getting my Masters in Business Administration was Managerial Economics. In that class, we learned all of the nuances that affected the economics of business. At the end of the day, it still...


What You Need To Launch A Podcast – PTC 329

Launching a podcast doesn't need to be difficult. Many gurus make you think it takes a lot of technical knowledge and magic powder. Today, I am going to show you how easy it can be to launch your podcast. Even if you have a podcast, you'll find some tips here today that will make it even easier for you to succeed. CHALLENGES Let's start with the challenges. There are 3 big challenges that coaches face as they try to build their podcast and audience. - They make it more complicated than...


How A Meathead Podcast Makes Money – PTC 328

Podcasters often think you need to be a business coach or teach people how to make money online in order to make money with your podcast. That isn't the case. To make money with your podcast, you simply need a passionate, thirsty audience. Then, you need to be willing to take some smart chances until you find what works. Today, I want to show you a podcast that is less than a year old and well on their way to generating income with their podcast. Grab a pen and paper. You'll definitely...


Time Saving Podcast Production Tips – PTC 327

Is your podcast production eating your entire week? Do you feel like you finish publishing one episode only to start recording the next? On this episode, I want to help you streamline your process. There are five steps to producing a show each week. Those are plan, record, edit, publish and promote. Then, repeat. Today, I will show you how to save time in each of those areas to make you more efficient. GET HELP First, let me show you an option. You can always get someone to do all of the...


How Brodie's Niche Made Over $1k In 3 Episodes – PTC 326

There is a big misconception that narrowing your niche limits your potential. The truth is actually the opposite. The more narrow you make your niche the more defined your expertise will become. CAN YOU HELP? Before we jump in, I would love your help. I am refining my Audience Explosion Blueprint program, but I need some input from you to improve it. Could you give me 20 minutes of your time to answer 8 questions? If you have been trying to grow your audience and make money with your...


5 Ways To Grow Your Podcast This Week – PTC 325

If you want to grow your audience, you need to find ways to reach new listeners. Promoting to your current listeners over and over again won't do much to bring in new listeners. Find ways to get in front of people who are unaware of your show and invite them to listen. On the show today, I am going to show you five ways you can find those new listeners over the next few days. You simply need to take action. Before we jump into the five ideas, I have a little housekeeping. PODCAST...


Breaking Down An Effective Introduction – PTC 324

The introduction of your podcast is probably the most critical part of your show. A typical listener will give you between 90 seconds and a few minutes to entice them to stick around. Don't blow it. You can't catch up to a slow start. Today, we are going to break down six different podcast intros. I will show you which parts of the introduction are effective and which are not. When you create your podcast introduction, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your listener. What is in it...


The Difference In Your Next 12 Months With Lisa Sasso – PTC 323

Where do you want to go in the next 12 months? If we are a year from today and we are looking back over the past year, what would need to happen for you to be happy with your results? This is where your goals begin. CREATE SPECIFIC GOALS Be specific as you set your goals. How many downloads would be a success? If you have a goal to make money with your podcast, how much? What is the timeframe? When you are specific with your goals, you are able to visualize that victory. What are you...


My Story And Your Why – PTC 322

If you want to create a successful podcast, you need a strong "why". If you don't have a powerful reason for creating your show, it will feel like work trying to record it each week. This week, I will show you my "why" and share my story. TRAINING Before we start, I have a few great resources for you this week. I am doing another free workshop for you. It is called "6 Ways To Make Money With Your Podcast". If you want to make money with your podcast, this will help you develop your...