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The Podcast that interviews other podcasts about all things podcasting! Learn how to start a show, develop a show and market a show! Learn something new with every episode!

The Podcast that interviews other podcasts about all things podcasting! Learn how to start a show, develop a show and market a show! Learn something new with every episode!
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The Podcast that interviews other podcasts about all things podcasting! Learn how to start a show, develop a show and market a show! Learn something new with every episode!




From Podcast to Indie Book Author w Emily Prokop (The Story Behind Podcast

Emily Prokop, of the Story Behind Podcast, sits down to discuss the Crazy Random Happenstance from going from Podcaster to Indie Book Author.


S5E6 It Makes a Sound-A Year Later

Jacquelyn Landgraf, creator and narrator of, It Makes a Sound joins me on the show today to discuss writing, recording, producing, marketing an Audio Drama. She takes us behind the scenes to help us understand how her show came together, and how much work goes into an audio drama.


S5E5 Ant McGinley Creating a Podcast in 30 Minutes

Ant McGinley, Podcast Movement Superstar, Producer or A.K.A. "That Other Guy" from "The Left Side: The Funny Football Show", "Mondeo Law", "Mick's Martial Arts", and the reality TV pop up "Inner Circle:The Circle Podcast" joins me to discuss his life in Radio and beyond. This man is a podcast legend in the making. I met him at Podcast Movement. What was a random happen stance running into at one of the many nightly meet and greets turned into what I hope to be a continuing friendship...


S5E4 We Look Sh*t Up & Recovering From Podcast Movement

In this episode, I talk with Rachael and Kevin Schwaller of the We Look Sh*t Up Podcast. Only having started since February, we discuss the ins and outs of creating a podcast. The changes that are made when adapting from the original idea to something that is more manageable for the long term. Also, let's talk just how amazing Podcast Movement was! I'm sure you've heard a ton of podcasts cover this intensely. But a quick recap and some shout outs had to be done! Look for more new episode...


S5E2 Rob Greenlee-How Any Podcaster Can Monetize

Rob Greenlee, host of Spreaker Live and New Media Show as well as being Head of Partnerships over at Voxnest stops by to talk about what exactly Voxnest is and what the company can do for us podcasters! I know a lot of podcasters are interested in "monetization" and this might be an answer to your prayers. They have an interesting platform. It's built with the everyday podcaster in mind, and it doesn't sound like it's a difficult process as far as the "Ad Insertion" part goes. Rob shares...


S5E1 Rob Walch and Why Your Podcast Needs Alexa

Welcome back to a brand new season of Podcasting 101! In this weeks episode, Rob Walch, VP of Podcast Relations over at Libsyn stops by to talk a bunch of new things happening in the podcasting world. His advice, "if you're not on Spotify, you don't care about your podcast!" Rob updates us on how to use Apple Analytics, as well as why Alexa's new Alexa Skills is going to be a game changer for your podcast! We also discuss the death of Soundcloud, the life expectancy of Anchor and at the...


S4E8 Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks 101-Podcasting 3 Years Later

In this episode of Podcasting 101, Neil and Annaleis join me to talk about the wonderful world of Podcasting. From building a great community of listeners and friends to sharing not only the fun day to day events in their lives, but also the sometimes scary and tragic and very personal events in your life as well. Neil and Annaleis are a married couple who shares their world with the world, and your world is better for it. Listen as they take you on a quick trip to target, or maybe even to...


S4E7 Giving a Voice to the Voiceless w/ Dave Jackson & Elsie Escobar

Dave Jackson returns to the podcast to discuss the different ways people include their personal lives in their podcast. We also chat having a healthy balance between podcasting and the rest of your life. Once Dave takes off... we bring in Elsie, who is coming down from the mountains and into civilization. Just ignore the dog in the back ground... for she's calling from the road and we are doing a live broadcast so all quiet like studio stuff is thrown out the window for this episode. Elsie...


S4E6 Welcome to Night Vale Presents:It Makes a Sound 101

This episode was recorded live during the annual Podcasting Celebration event known as Podtoberfest that I do every year. In this first hour, Jacquelyn Landgraf from "It Makes a Sound" joins us to discuss her new Audio Drama. She tells us how the project first came together and about all of the hard work that goes into producing an episode. During that conversation, friend of the show, and amazing podcaster, Dave Jackson of "The School of Podcasting" calls in to join the show as well. This...


S4E5 Reasons Are Several 101 w/ Matt G

In this episode my fellow podcasting pal Matt G from Reasons Are Several stops by to talk all things podcasting. A couple of topics discussed? Transitioning from one cohost to another. Rebranding your show... or broadening it's appeal. Advice for first time Podcasters and Matt Shares a quick How Has Podcasting Changed His Life story. Honorable Mentions: Alex Inc. (A new sitcom where the plot is PODCASTING). Marc Maron's 4 seasons television show "MARON" and a funny "Your Podcasting Will...


S4E4 How 9 Years of Podcasting Has Changed My Life

In this episode of Pod 101 I celebrate my 9 years of podcasting by taking a look back through out my Podcasting career. All the shows, events and things that I've learned. Don't worry...it's in broad strokes. Other wise it'd be more of Ken Burns Documentary!


S4E3 The Kitchen Counter

In this episode, Roger Anderson from the Kitchen Counter podcast, shares some delicious audible delights about all things podcasting! A few things discussed: Podcasting is great for introverts. Tips for letting your podcast grow organically. and Advice for podcasters just starting out. All of this and so much more! Curious where the show has been? What was all that construction going on in the last episode? A little more is revealed. Make sure you're subscribed. Exciting things are...


S4E2 Quadcast 101

Courtney Calkins, the man, the myth, the legend from the Quadcast Podcast joins me today for a discussion on being an authentic host. It's what attracts us as listeners, and it's what will attract listeners to you as a podcast host. Bring the energy! We also discuss methods to prevent "Pod Fading" and social media tactics in building your audience. I'll give you a hint, be social! Never stop learning or trying to master your craft. Courtney talks about bragging when he first started that...


S4E1 Lore 101

Aaron Mahnke from the world wide phenomenon podcast known as Lore is interviewed in this episode. Aaron takes us from what was a simple (almost deleted) mistake, to a podcast that is now an upcoming television show, with a full season coming to Amazon Prime. Lore is about to become a book series too. Listen to how one podcaster went from just wanting to tell stories....to living a dream! The man actually admits to having to sometimes pinch himself. I'll be honest, I was extremely honored...


Pod 101 Greatest Hits Vol. 2

Before Season 4 of Podcasting 101 starts, I thought I'd do a quick show to say hello, and let the world know that we're back! In this episode you will hear from some really great podcasters like Dave Jackson from The School of Podcasting. You'll also hear from Elsie Escobar of She Podcasts and The Feed, Libsyn's very own podcast. Jordan Harbinger of The Art of Charm graces us with his presence to discuss all things podcasting as well. If you like what you hear I strongly urge you to go...


Greatest Hits 101 (Part 1)

This week on Podcasting 101 we dive into the Pod 101 vault! I took the liberty of pulling some clips from 3 fantastic podcasters who gave so much information that I couldn't contain it all in this episode! There is about 15 or 20 minutes from each of my interviews with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur On Fire, Keith and the Girl, and Grammar Girl shared on this episode. If you enjoy what you hear, and I promise you that you will. Please dive back into the vault yourself and listen to the...


S3E6 Podcast Movement with co-founder Jared Easley

In this episode I get the chance to sit down with one of they easiest guys in to talk to in podcasting, Jared Easley. We've only ever had a couple of conversations on twitter but this is the first time ever having a chance to sit down and speak with him and what a delight! For those of you who don't know what Podcast Movement is, it's a podcasting conference specifically tailored for podcaster of any ilk. There are "Breakouts" and "Sessions" about Marketing, Monetizing, Building an Audience...


S3E5 Tell Me Stories with Paula Allen 101

In this episode of Podcasting 101 I get a chance to meet face to face with a fantastic story teller, Paula Allen. This is something I hope to be doing more often with this show. Meeting podcasters, and talking all things podcasting in person. Paula has been podcasting for well over a year now, but only releasing episodes now for just over 6 months. Lot's of practicing. Lots and lots of tape! We discuss everything from her evolution of recording stories, to creating a podcast revolving...


S3E4 Coaching Through Chaos with Colleen Mullen

In this episode of Podcasting 101 I sit down with Therapist Colleen Mullen, host of the Coaching Through Chaos podcast. For those of you just starting a podcast, this is a great episode to learn from. We discuss jumping right in to podcasting, and then pulling back a little to both manage a healthy life and a healthy podcast. Time management is key my fellow podcasters! Other things touched on in this episode: Blogging for your podcast. Does this attract new listeners, and do your current...