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Podcasts about the intersection of the metaphorical Heartland and Silicon Valley & more.

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Podcasts about the intersection of the metaphorical Heartland and Silicon Valley & more. Watch and read more at viodi.com or viodi.tv or subscribe to the ViodiTV YouTube channel.

Podcasts about the intersection of the metaphorical Heartland and Silicon Valley & more. Watch and read more at viodi.com or viodi.tv or subscribe to the ViodiTV YouTube channel.
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Podcasts about the intersection of the metaphorical Heartland and Silicon Valley & more. Watch and read more at viodi.com or viodi.tv or subscribe to the ViodiTV YouTube channel.








190820 - Viodi View

Ken Pyle reflects on what a great town Chicago is for conferences. He describes some of the topics, including reclaiming C-Band frequencies for 5G, and new tools to help broadband providers serve apartment dwellers. Electric mobility options are discussed as well. Read this newsletter at: https://viodi.com/2019/08/20/viodi-view-08-20-19/


190720 - Virtual Museum - Final

A zoo without a live animal, a high school lab that allows students to explore a beating human heart, or a realistic rendering of an architect's design are just a few of the potential use-cases for the Looking Glass Pro, holographic display. Looking Glass Factory Co-Founder and CTO, Alex Hornstein, describes this unit as "a Looking Glass for business." This podcast describes the interview with Hornstein, which may be found at:...


Educating The Wannabe Cord Cutter #CES2019

FlexVU aims to grow the number of cord-cutting households. Parks Associates reported in their December 2018 study that 13% of U.S. households have already fired their traditional pay television providers. As explained by Anselmo Pilla, Senior Director of Marketing of Pixelworks, FlexVU is an ad-hoc consortium of companies with a goal of educating consumers as to how to use over-the-top and over-the-air television services to create an effective substitute for the typical pay television...


Through the Air or On the Ground, CES2019 had Mobility Covered #CES2019

Whether by air, road, bike lane, hallway or virtually, via wireless, CES2019 had all aspects of mobility covered. Starting with wireless, announcements of so-called “5G” were everywhere. Of course, connecting IoT devices to artificial intelligence to create so-called smart cities is another opportunity for all communications’ networks. And, although some recent developments and public attitude suggest we are in a period of deflated expectations for autonomous vehicles, start-ups and...


An Independent Bikeshare Courtesy of an Independent Telecom Provider #TIS18

“An issue our community is facing is connectivity,” says Matthew Dosch of Comporium. The connectivity issue is not a broadband one, as Comporium, has been a leader in bringing high-speed Internet and other cutting-edge communications services to the Rock Hill, South Carolina area for decades. The challenge has to do with the ease of moving within the downtown area and to the local university. As a community leader, Comporium, which also has its headquarters in downtown Rock Hill, decided to...


The 360 Degree Camera Neckband - Viodi Podcast

Moms quite often claim to have eyes in the back of their respective heads. As demonstrated above, the Linkflow's FITT360 provides electronic, 4k resolution eyes integrated into a subtle neckband. With built-in auto-stitching and stabilization, the objective is to enable the average consumer to create a hands-free, high-quality point-of-view video. Spun-off from Samsung in 2016 and incubated in Samsung Electronics C-Lab, Linkflow's FITT360 is crowd-funded with an expected delivery of March...


The Emotional Computer – The Shape of Things to Come - Viodi View Podcast

When computers begin to perceive or feel things the way a human would they could be described as sentient. In a way, it may not matter what the computer feels if the human feels like they are connecting with something that is sentient; much like the storyline of the 2013 movie, Her. Patrick Levy Rosenthal, Founder & CEO of Emoshape, Inc. demonstrates their “emotional engine”, which he explains senses 64 million possible emotional states every 1/10 of a second. Analogous to a graphical...


Hidden Sensors, Smart Driving #CES2018 Viodi Podcast

To paraphrase Author C. Clarke, when the smart sensors that will make autonomous driving possible slip into the background, mobility will become magic. The concepts that North American Lighting (NAL), a Koito Group Company, displayed at CES2018, suggest that by the early to mid-2020s, driving will be magic. In the above interview, Kishore Ahuja, Vice President Technology of NAL, discusses how this large OEM is integrating various sensor technologies, from Radar to Lidar, into form factors...


The Pocket Digestive Analyzer #CES2018 Viodi - Podcast

Understanding the impact of diet on health is challenging as it is difficult to easily and regularly quantify the interaction of foods within the digestive system. FoodMarble hopes to change that with its innovative device that detects and analyzes the composition of one’s breath to help individuals and their doctors understand and diagnose issues people have digesting food. In the above video, Dr. James Brief, Chief Medical Officer of FoodMarble, explains how their simple technique of...


Fit and Forget & Many More Ways the World Is Changing - Viodi Podcast

Roads that generate electricity, solar-powered planes that stay up for weeks at a time and electricity storage that is a part of a structure are the types of things that Dr. Peter Harrop sees in the not-too-distant future. To the naysayers of mobility electrification and alternative power generation, he suggests that they are acting like those who suggested the cell phone could never replace the landline. He makes the point that what those earlier critics missed is that the smartphone didn’t...


A Concrete Plan for Wireless Charging - Viodi Podcast

The concept of wireless charging sounds great until literally, the rubber hits the road. It is one thing to make the technology work in a lab, but creating a wireless charging system that easily integrates into the existing road and withstands the stress and pounding of heavy vehicle traffic is an entirely different challenge. Magment's approach is unique in the world of electronics as they mix recycled ferrite material into concrete mixture, effectively magnetizing the road or parking spot....


Smart Paint – Giving Autonomy To Cars And People - Viodi Podcast

The Americans with Disabilities Act, championed by the late President Bush, has removed barriers and improved the lives of people of all abilities. For instance, everyone can appreciate the utility of levered door handles that allow one to open by simply pushing with their gluteus maximus while carrying a young child and bag of groceries. Still, some of the measures to improve access for some may harm others. For instance, truncated domes, which serve as a tactical interface between sidewalk...