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Scope out competitors, meet influencers (or become one), and meet your next co-founder…at events – with Mike Belsito

Mike Belsito is the co-founder of the INDUSTRY Conference (a conference specifically for product managers), Product Collective, is a former startup founder and director. Between talking about delicious Italian food, socks, and dating advice, Mike shared a lot of unexpected insights, including: how conference speakers are selected (and some of Mike’s advice for landing a spot on stage)...


Cleverly managing feature requests, Mobile UX Awards, and which side projects are possible with a daughter – with Alan Nowogrodski

Alan Nowogrodski is the founder of the Mobile UX Awards, former startup founder, and a Senior PM at Freshbooks. This episode is packed full of examples, actionable advice and a challenge for you for the next week. Alan drops some wisdom on us with this episode, including these gems: how he manages side projects (and...


Hello World, This is Product Radio

Product Radio is a podcast full of actionable insights from product managers. My goal, every episode, is to tease out not how they do what they do, but how they do what they do differently than most. I’ll eliminate the fluff and focus on just the unexpected lessons you’ve never heard before. I won’t be competing for...