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EPS 023 - Bring it to Market with John Teel of Predictable Designs

This weeks talk is with John Teel, the founder of Predictable Designs. In this show we talk about what it takes to bring an Arduino prototype to market. What are the steps, how hard is it, is it realistic - all these types of questions... I hope you enjoy the show - I think you'll learn a lot, I know I did. More about Predictable Designs: Predictable Designs helps entrepreneurs, startups, makers, inventors, and small companies develop electronic hardware products in a predictable fashion...


EP. 20: TinkerCAD with Joshua Brooks

Joshua Brooks teaches us all about TinkerCAD, a free and easy to use browser based software for 3D Modeling and Simulation.


Ep. 19: Electronic Textiles with Dr. Katharina Bredies

This week Michael has the chance to sit down with Dr. Katharina Bredies, the brain behind ‘The Light Curtain’, an interactive textile powered by Arduino. Katharina walks Michael through the design and implementation of this unique product (3:00), details how the curtain can be used for communication (12:30), and guesses what the future of textile and electronic integrations might look like (17:30).


Ep. 18: Miniature Arduinos with Ken Burns

This week Michael sits down with electrical engineer and entrepreneur Ken Burns. Ken is the founder of TinyCircuits, a company that designs and builds tiny open source electronics for makers and hobbyists. Ken talks about the inspiration behind his invention, ‘TinyDuino’ ,an Arduino compatible board that’s less than the size of a quarter (3:50), why he chose to manufacture all his own electronics in-house (10:35), and how he came up with the idea for ‘Tiny Arcade’, a miniature Arduino...


Ep. 17: Arduino Lie Detectors with Dante Roumega

This week Michael has a chance to chat with Dante Roumega who designed and built his very own Arduino Lie Detector. Dante explains how he came up with such a unique concept (4:25), how his initial product actually made people cry (7:00), and what iterations he has planned for the next may or may not involve electric shocks (11:25). Check out Dante’s Lie Detector in action here.


Ep. 16: FizViz with Trent Shumay

This week Michael calls up Trent Shumay, founder of Finger Food Studios, to talk about their latest invention FizViz, a large scale physical visualization for your stats. Trent talks about how his company was born out of wanting to combine the physical and digital worlds (3:10), how FizViz creates makes it easy, and fun, to track your analytics (12:40), and what additions they’re thinking up for version 2.0 (25:00). You can see FizViz in action here


Ep. 15: A Wearable Compass with Jelle Reith

This week Michael has a chance to sit down with Jelle Reith who has created an amazing project called ‘Compass’, an Arduino powered wearable used for navigation. Jelle talks about where the inspiration for ‘Compass’ came from (4:00), breaks down how this unique product functions (6:50), and explains how he’s planning to apply ‘Compasses’ technology to future projects (16:00). You can see Compass in action here.


Ep. 14: Arduino Drones with Nikodem Bartnik

This week Michael sits with 17 year old whiz-kid Nikodem Bartnik who recently built his very own Arduino Drone. Nikodem talks about challenges that came with 3D printing his own frame (4:50), how the internet was his primary resource when learning to use Arduino (10:50), and what advice he would give to other young programmers who are feeling intimidated by getting started (16:55). You can see Nikodem’s drone in action here.


Ep. 13: Eco-Monitoring Bird Feeders with Greg and Phillip Voronin

This week Michael has the pleasure to sit down with a father and son duo, Greg and Phillip Voronin, who recently took home first prize in a sponsored Arduino competition for their Eco-monitoring Bird Feeder. Greg and Phillip talk about the inspiration for the project (2:10), how they combined Arduino and Intel Edison (8:00), and why it was so important for them to share their learnings and code with the larger electronics community (18:45).


Ep. 12: Desktop Robot Arms with Gabe Bentz

This week Michael sits down with Gabe Bentz, founder and Chief Engineer at Slant Concepts. Slant recently concluded a successful Kickstarter campaign for their latest invention ‘LittleArm’, a 3D printed desktop robot arm. Gabe talks about how LittleArm was born out of weekend garage project (4:10), how the subsequent Kickstarter campaign blew away their wildest expectations (9:40), and why the next step is to make the ‘LittleArm’ not so little (16:00).


Ep. 11: QuadBot with Josh Elijah

This week Michael sits down with the Founder and CTO of ‘EngiMake’, Josh Elijah, to talk about his fantastic new Arduino powered invention, ‘QuadBot’. Josh talks about how QuadBot started as a university project (1:40), how the product’s design, and target audience, have evolved over time (6:00), and how QuadBot is being used by educators to get young people interested in electronics and coding (12:45). You can learn more about Quadbot, and see it in action, over at their Kickstarter...


Ep. 10: High Speed Camera Rigs with Ted Kinsman

This week, Michael sits down with Ted Kinsman. Ted is an assistant professor of photographic technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and has recently been doing some amazing projects combining photography with Arduino. Ted talks about how his interest in time lapse photography lead him to Arduino (2:10), how he’s been able to capture incredible images (like a water droplet impact) using an Arduino powered camera rig 6:00), and how his was inspired to create a printer that...


Ep. 9: COSMOS and Biohacked Dogs with William Osman

This week Michael sits down with Mechanical Engineer and Youtube sensation William Osman to talk about a few of the projects he's developed using Arduino. William talks about how his desire to build a Motion Control System got him interested in Arduino (1:00), how working on the TV Show 'BattleBots' got him working with COSMOS (6:40), and how his goal of steering his dog helped inspire his latest project (14:55). Interested in learning more? Check out William's hilarious and informative...


Ep. 8: Self Watering Plants with Eirik Sverd

This week Eirik Sverd, an Automation Engineering Student, sits down with Michael to discuss some of the amazing projects his created using Arduino. Eirik talks about how Arduino helped him overcome his early fear of programming (2:20), how learning to control RF signals opened a world possibilities (7:30), and the story behind his latest invention, a 'No Pump Automatic Plant Watering System' (17:20). You can check out all of Eirik's great work on his Youtube Channel.


Ep. 7: Astromech Droids and Basement Spaceships with Brian Thompson

For all the Star Wars fans out there, have we got an episode for you! This week our guest is Brian Thompson, founder of 'The Smuggler's Room'. Brian chats with Michael about how his childhood love of Star Wars lead to him building his own Droids from scratch (1:50), the support his found from the R2-D2 builders community (8:00), and how he convinced his wife to let him build a spaceship in their basement (12:10).


Ep. 6: Programmable Guitar Pedals with Electrosmash

This week Michael sits down with Ray from Electrosmash to talk about his invention ‘The pedalSHIELD UNO’, a programmable guitar pedal that works with the Arduino UNO. The two discuss how Ray was able to blend his love of programming and music (2:15), how Electrosmash users can program unique guitar tones using their open source hardware (5:35), and how he’s striving to make his products accessible for users of all experience levels (13:00).


Ep. 5: Spinphony with Nick Polito

This week Michael sits down with mechanical engineer Nick Polito to talk about his innovative new Arduino installation, ‘Spinphony’. The two discuss how Spinphony was created as part of Google’s ‘Made With Code’ initiative (3:35), how Nick was able to create a musical bicycle using Arduino and ‘Ableton Live’ (5:20), and how he and his teammates were able to put the project together in three weeks, despite their limited coding experience (11:05).


Ep. 4: Fingerprint Readers and Remote Igniters with Noah Del Coro

This week Michael sits down with engineering student Noah Del Coro to talk about a couple of interesting projects that he’s been able to build using Arduino. The two talk about the influence of ‘Instructables’ on young electronics enthusiasts (4:10), the value of joining his high school’s ‘FIRST’ team (5:45), and then get into the projects that Noah has created with Arduino, including his ‘Fingerprint Scanning Garage Door Opener’ (9:00), and a ‘Wireless Fireworks Igniter’ (14:50).