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Join us weekly as we explore the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. We strive to represent multiple perspectives in every discussion and always keep things fun and light hearted. Let us know what you think at

Join us weekly as we explore the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. We strive to represent multiple perspectives in every discussion and always keep things fun and light hearted. Let us know what you think at
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Join us weekly as we explore the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. We strive to represent multiple perspectives in every discussion and always keep things fun and light hearted. Let us know what you think at




17: Blok-Z

Summary 📚 #publicstate ep17 ⚡ Blok-Z ⚡ just landed 👽🛸!!! decentralized electricity, #Tachyon19, #Ethereum 🔥🔥🔥 This week we chat with Selim from @z_blok ( about enabling energy trade for producers and consumers for storing & using energy by utilizing blockchain technology 💪😃; micro purchases of power; P2P electricity trading👏👍; and saving electricity to make money🤑⚡. 💥Enjoy💥 Links 🔗 Blok-Z’s website ( CEO and Co-Founder: Selim...


16: See you at the Reorg

Summary 📚 #publicstate ep16 💥See you at the Reorg💥 just landed 👽🛸!!! Binance hack 😱, #Bitcoin reorg, #cryptocurrencies, #security 🔐 and #conspiracies. This week we chat about what we know around the recent Binance hack 😢 and what we think may have happened 🤔; tracking bitcoin UTXOs 📝; the importance of security on exchanges; Sherblock Holmes 🕵️; Tim’s issues with cleaning coins; Dave’s conspiracy theories and Al wants free #Yubikeys!!🤣 💥Enjoy💥 Links 🔗 Binance announcement of...


15: Gonçalo

Summary 📚 #publicstate ep15 🔥🔥🔥GONÇALO🔥🔥🔥 just landed 👽🛸!!! #smartcontracts, #solidity, #ethereum This week we chat with @GNSPS ( about his background and how he came to @ConsenSys ( Diligence 🥳; auditing smart contracts🔎& best practices; shutting down the #hobbitpub 😥; metrics📏 for numbers of developers working on a blockchain projects🤓; and why we’re passionate about proper developer tools🛠️, experience & community😃...


14: Denied

Summary 📚 #publicstate ep14 ‘Denied’ just landed 👽🛸! #Censorship, Delisting Coins/Tokens ❌,& #Faketoshi 😄🔥💥. This week Gonçalo @GNSPS ( joins us to discuss: exchanges delisting BCHSV 🔽; a call for regulation to hold back the crypto emperors from controlling 👎👍 listings; censorship 🤐 and if cross-chain atomic swaps 🔵🔄🔴can save us 🙏; Gab forking #Brave and ditching BAT for Lightning; and of course we tied the flat earth theory 🤷 into the discussion! 🤣!...


13: LawCoin

Summary 📚 #publicstate ep13 ‘LawCoin’ just landed 👽🛸!! ConsenSysVC's #Tachyon19, #LitigationFinance, #Ethereum 💪😃. We meet with LawCoin in Berlin and discus: tokenizing investments in litigation finance⚖️👨‍⚖️; security tokens; beers 🍻 from around the world; and 🍿 John Grisham's film about his unwritten novel 📖 Jack Nicholson and the case of the token 🤣👏😄 Links 🔗 Consensys’ Tachyon II Announcement...


12: Genomes

Summary 📚 #publicstate ep12 ‘Genomes’ just landed 👽🛸!! #Tachyon #Privacy #Identity and #Genomes🧬💪 We talk with about DNA🧬storage🔒solutions; controlling your genome profile; why your genome data is invaluable💵; 23-WITHOUT-me😱; and how we're all enjoying @ConsenSysVC #tachyon19 !!👏😀 Links 🔗 Consensys’ Tachyon II Announcement ( (


11: Wunderbar

Summary 📚 Identity Defenders Assemble!!! #publicstate ep11 ‘Wunderbar’ just landed 👽🛸! #privacy, #identity, US Elections🗳️, Digital #Estonia, #German 🍺, and Glimpse🔒😉. This week's discussions include: how we’re not ok with giving 🤲 away all our data!; how you can create behavioural profiles from a few likes 👍, principles of self-sovereign identity and how #cryptography & #blockchain can help; Tim🍎; and we discuss our upcoming trip to Berlin✈️; Enjoy! Links 🔗 The path to self...


10: Gold Diggers

Summary 📚 #publicstate ep10 ‘Gold Diggers’ just landed 👽🛸!! Looking for consensus as we break down #MINING #POW #POS and #Ethereum’s planned switch to POS💪. We discuss: old mining stories📖; consumer vs professional mining; are we more concerned about the gamers🎮 or the environment🌍?🤣; bootstrapping POS; how to include everyone and village staking!; and consensus🤝 towards learning mining with #turtlecoin 🐢! Enjoy! Links 🔗 Long look at mining in the Pacific Basin...


9: Novelty and Non-Obviousness

Summary 📚 #publicstate ep9 ‘Novelty and Non-Obviousness’ just landed 👽🛸 #blockchain #patents and #stopbullying. This week we discuss IP challenges in the #opensource ecosystem, Walmart's Robots; who’s winning the race to patent💨 and the ⚔️ fight against it! We ask: how do we protect our company's intellectual property🛡️; where to find open source licenses📜; what’s the threat of banks 🏦 filing patents for startups; should highly specialized chemical formulas used to produce drugs be...


8: Strong and Stable

Summary 📚 #publicstate ep8 ‘Strong and Stable’ just landed 👽🛸 #stablecoins and #asteroid #mining! This week we discuss all things #stablecoin💰and a special thanks our friends at @bitassistuk. We ask: if it’s possible to visit your @tether_to dollar in it’s bank vault 🏦; whether we need the 50+ stablecoins coming in 2019 📈; if #Bitcoin is the only true stablecoin 💪; and if asteroid mining will impact the long term future of gold-backed stablecoins 💫 🤣. Enjoy! Links 🔗 BitAssist’s...


7: Follow the money...

#publicstate ep7 ‘Follow the money’ just landed 👽 We discussed the thankful non-event of the #Constantinople network upgrade; took a quick look at @getgitcoin for freelance work; checked in to see if crypto games are fun yet with @crypto_assault; marvelled at the latest twists in the Quadriga scandle; and @D7mac7 gave his latest torch update. Enjoy!


6: FaceCoin!

#publicstate ep6 ‘FaceCoin!’ just landed 👽 We discuss the dystopian future of Facebook’s rumoured #stablecoin 🤮; we celebrate @metamask_io reaching 1m installs 🙌; and take a quick look at @CFTC ‘s Request for Input on Crypto-Asset Mechanics and Markets 👀. We also look at the sinister side of pinging 🛎 Enjoy! Links 🔗 NYT article on Facebook, Telegram, and Signal cryptocurrencies ( Metamask Chrome...


5: First they ignore you ...

Summary 📚 #publicstate ep5 ‘First they ignore you’ just landed👽We discuss @csferrie’s exciting new novel ‘Blockchain for babies’🤣, why we think #JPMCoin is a good thing, @LeapDAO’s leap to the #ethereum mainnet, and revisit #LNTrustChain with @justinsuntron looking for a friend. Enjoy 🥕 Links 🔗 1. Chris Ferrie's Blockchain for Babies ( 2. JPM Coin Announcement...


4: Plasma can't strike twice!

Summary 📚 #publicstate ep4 ‘Plasma can’t strike twice’ is here 👾We discuss the #QuadrigaCX disaster, #LNtrustchain, @coinbase’s #BAT and #ZRX giveaways, the recently launched @LeapDAO plasma chain, and @D7mac7 shares his #bitcoin #lovestory. Links 🔗 1. Coin Telegraph Article on Prog POW Delay ( 2. Leap DAO’s Plasma Testnet Launch Announcement...


3: Krispy Coins

This week the team discusses the “tokenisation of everything”. We explore the bridge between Reddit’s /r/ethtrader subreddit and Ethereum itself and how instances like this are going to become more frequent. Jon brings up crypto malware and the trend towards hijacking your machine to mine cryptocurrencies. Is this better than having your hard drive encrypted? Finally, we’ll revisit Can'tstopthenople and some other developments in the blockchain ecosystem. Links Donut's Website...


2: The FCA says bitcoin is like a fine wine

Today we discuss the UK financial regulator's newly published paper on crypto assets. We'll give your our thoughts on the paper, highlight some of our concerns, and some of the paper's strengths. We'll also discuss some of the weeks news including a new Ethereum wallet for Android/iOS that has the team excited and circle back to the Constantinople upgrade that didn't happen. Recorded on 25 Jan 2019. Links 1. FCA consults on cryptoassets guidance...


1: The ConstantiNOPE Delay

We hope you enjoyed our very first episode. We have lots planned for the podcast and know there is loads of room to improve. If you have suggestions or comments, we'd love to hear from you at ( . Notes - For a good summary of the Constantinople upgrade see the Consensys Poster ( or watch this short video on You Tube ( . - You can learn more about Ethereum...