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Funding and the Law: Anthony Rose

Raising funding for your startup can be stressful and confusing. Anthony Rose from SeedLegals joins us to look at what you need to know about the legal side of funding. Anthony details the terms and processes you need to know before signing anything as well as showing off how his own startup can streamline the legal processes.


Funding with Grants: Danielle Robinson

As part of our month's look at funding routes, we welcome guest Danielle Robinson to look at how grants can help fund your project of company. We look at how grants have enabled Code For Society to fun open source projects and build their own products. Best suited to help fund projects for social good, grants can offer a valuable funding stream for growing projects.


Funding Personably: Katerina Pascoulis

Working out where to get the money to get your startup built and launched can be a massive challenge. We're joined by Katerina Pascoulis, CEO of Personably to learn more about the paths they took to funding. With a journey covering almost every funding route imaginable, Personably shares valuable learnings for startups just getting started on their journey.


Returnships: Tricia Driver

Coming back into the tech industry from a career break can seem like a daunting task. Select companies like CapGemini have begun returnship programs, internship-like support programs aimed at getting talented technologists back into work. Tricia Driver joins us to teach us more about the structure of these programs and what those on a career break should look for when coming back. We also look at the value of these programs and how companies can leverage these for new talent and perspectives.


Compassionate Coding: April Wensel

What if the way we build software could be more focused on human needs? What if the way we build and run teams could be more sustainable and healthy? These are the questions April Wensel sought to answer in founding Compassionate Coding. She joins us to look at how tech could better to work to serve humans in an outside the industry.


Sextech Wearables: Janet Liberman and Dame Products

Dame Products set out to rethink how technology could enable sexual experiences in accessible, meaningful ways. The brainchild of a clinical psychologist and a mechanical engineer, Dame's offerings are wearable sextech built and tested in data driven, iterative ways. Co-founder and CTO Janet Liberman joins us to talk about their journey.


Get Started With Wearables: Rachel Konichiwakitty

Stem cell scientist Rachel "Konichiwakitty" Wong has a high tech, high fashion hobby. In this episode she'll take us through her passion for building her own fashionable wearable technology and helps walk us through how we might be able to take our first steps building our own wearable projects.


From self teaching code to work: Linh Nguyen My

We've had a lot of guests on to look at different aspects of learning to code, or learning new technical skills. But what happens when it's time to use these skills to get your first tech job? Software engineer Linh Nguyen My joins us to talk about selling your skills, the job hunt and keeping up hope.


Computer science basics & BaseCS: Vaidehi Joshi

In the rush to learn the technical skills needed to get into work, many of us skip the deeper understanding of what makes our work possible. Vaidehi Joshi is the founder of BaseCS, a collection of podcasts, writing and videos aimed to teach you what you fear you should already have known about computers and computer science.


Creativity, Learning and Glitch: Jenn Schiffer

This week's episode features Jenn Schiffer talking about the aesthetics and creative community of the Glitch platform. This online platform allows code newbies and experts to remix and share their web and node.js projects and invites meaningful community collaboration. Learn more about the value of creativity in tech education and exploration.


Makers, Guilds and Robots: Lucy Rogers

The Guild of Makers came out of an idea: what if there was a way for makers of all manner of physical objects could come together, share knowledge and professionalize their work building beautiful, useful, sometimes strange things. Lucy Rogers joins us to talk about the Guild of Makers as well as a look at some of her work as a host of Robot Wars.


Not Learning to Code: Kit Englard

For folks looking to enter the tech industry, learning to code is often presented as the one sure fire route in. But what happens when learning to code doesn't work out? We're joined by tech journalist and accessibility technology specialist Kit Englard to talk about her experiences. As a Deaflblind student Kit found materials and working practices in physics and programming poorly adapted for her needs. She went on to carve out her own space in the tech industry.


Bad Advice Crossover Special: Scott Hanselman

This episode is part of a cross over special with the Hanselminutes podcast. Scott Hanselman and Jessica Rose air some of the worst advice listeners have sent in and talk about bad advice in technology. To listen to the first half of this podcast, visit hanselminutes.com


CodeNewbies: Saron Yitbarek

For people learning to code, feeling alone on their learning journey can be one of the biggest challenges. Join Saron Yitbarek, the founder of the CodeNewbies community to learn about how emerging developers are getting together to support each other on their journey. Learn more about CodeNewbies, learning to code and creating your own supportive communities.


Learning to Code While Blind: Parham Doustdar

Learning a new skill can be a daunting task, with programming being especially tricky. But what can you do when most learning materials and tools aren't accessible to you? Blind backend developer Parham Doustdar joins us to talk about how he taught himself to program, the challenges he faced and his advice for other visually impaired developers. We also look at the ways educational resources and programming as a whole can be made more accessible, opening up technology to eager new learners...


Learning to Code: Quincy Larson and FreeCodeCamp.org

For people learning programming languages for the first time moving beyond in browser tutorials can be a major hurdle to success. Quincy Larson joins us to look at his free, open source learning platform FreeCodeCamp.org and talks us through the challenges he faced founding the project. We also look at common challenges to learners and how the tech industry can better support new coders.


Writing a Tech Book: Tracy Osborn

As part of our series looking at working for yourself, the founder of WeddingLovely and publisher of the popular Hello Web Books series Tracy Osborn joins us to talk about balancing writing a book while working for yourself. Tracy talks us through the logistics of writing, publishing and marketing a book in detail while sharing how she balances running her own business alongside her writing.


Freelancing Long Term: Remy Sharp

Thinking about getting into freelancing and wondering what the long term impacts of working for yourself might be? Or perhaps you've been working for yourself for some time and want to see how your experiences stack up? Battle-scarred veteran freelancer Remy Sharp of Left Logic joins us to talk about the challenges of working for yourself long term. We'll look at isolation, avoidance and motivation, offering tips and tricks to help you do more.


Pivoting: Kim Crayton

One of the hardest parts of working for yourself can be moving on from an idea or project you love. This week, internationally renowned speaker and consultant Kim Crayton joins us to talk about her moves through several industries into technology, onto conference stages around the world and her most recent pivot into business skills consulting.


Managing Your Time: Rachel Andrew

Want to start working for yourself but not sure how to fit it all into a workday? Or you're already working for yourself and want to better manage your busy schedule? Expert consultant, internationally recognized speaker and co-founder of Perch CMS Rachel Andrew joins us to talk about being busy, fitting it all in and work/life balance.


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