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RNR 141: EEON Mitch Masia

In this episode of React Native Radio, panelists Josh Justice and Charles Max Wood interview Mitch Masia. He is a software engineer from Chicago and works with all things JavaScript, React, React Native, Node, and is currently working on a project to create a financial research platform. The product is called EEON. It is inspired by the lack of apps for people to easily research and make informed financial decisions when it comes to investing with all the amazing zero commission trading...


RNR 140: Best Practices with Zain Sajjad

In this episode of React Native Radio Josh Justice interviews Zain Sajjad. Zain leads the team of frontend developers at Peekaboo Guru. They use React on their web interfaces and React Native on their mobile interfaces. Zain and Josh discuss some of the work Zain is doing and overviews his recent blog post outlining best practices for React developers. Zain explains how smooth the transition was to React Native coming from React. They had a good knowledge of how React worked from their...


RNR 139: Upgrade Helper with Lucas Bento

In this week’s episode of React Native Radio Charles Max Wood interview Lucas Bento. Lucas has been working with React Native for around four years. He helped create and maintains Upgrade Helper. Upgrade Helper helps React Native developers when an automatic upgrade fails. In this episode, they talk about Upgrade Helper, React Native Doctor and open sourcing software. Upgrading React Native can be awful. Lucas explains how this process has become easier and now most problems happen with...


RNR 138: Startup Mindset with Calvin Yu

In this episode of React Native Radio, Josh Justice interviews Calvin Yu. Calvin is a consultant mostly working with Ruby on Rails but also works with React Native and mobile development. He has quite the history of working with startups, all varying in size. Calvin shares what it was like working with startup companies. Calvin explains what you have to change mentally to work in a startup. First, you have to realize that you don’t have all the answers and that it takes a commitment. He...


RNR 137: Brownfield Applications with Michal Chudziak

In this week’s episode of React Native Radion the panel interviews Michal Chudzial about React Native Brownfield, his brownfield library. Michal is lead engineer at Callstack. He works with brownfield apps, integrating React Native into Native apps. The panel asks Michal about integrating with Native apps for both iOS and Android. Michal talks through an example fo how to add a tab in a new screen using React Native in a Native app. He explains how easy it is to use React Native...


RNR 136: Push Notifications with Narendra Shetty

In this week’s episode of React Native Radio, the panel interviews Narendra Shetty, who gave a recent talk on push notifications. Narendra introduces push notifications, explaining that every app needs something to notify customers. Push notifications have become a main feature in both mobile and web applications and there are a few things every developer needs to understand when using them. Narendra explains the topics he discussed in his talk. The first being how important push...


RNR 135: The Why's and How's of Keeping Current

Episode Summary In this week’s episode on React Native Radio, Charles Max Wood (Chuck) shares some of his thoughts and advice for keeping current. He has started a keeping current email course through DevChat.TV and describes what lessons will be taught in this course. He encourages everyone to subscribe to the email course. This idea of keeping current is something Chuck has been thinking about for a while. He gives an intro to the subject, explaining the frustration programmers feel...


RNR 134: Maintaining Stress and Opensource with Lorenzo Sciandra

Episode Summary In this episode of React Native Radio, the panel speaks with Lorenzo Sciandra about the stress of being an opensource maintainer and what is being done to help maintainers. Lorenzo gave a talk at Chain React about this his experience as an opensource maintainer, which fuels his newfound passion for helping maintainers everywhere find the support that they need. One way this is happening is through the React Native Community Organizationa and the Lean Core Effort....


RNR 133: The SwiftUI Compliment Egg Sandwich with Eric Lewis

Sponsors Infinite Red The Freelancers Show G2i CacheFly Panel Charles Max Wood Josh Justice Joined by Special Guest: Eric Lewis Summary Eric Lewis, from NearForm, starts by sharing his development journey and becoming a core contributor to React Native. Eric tells the panel about Fabric, Turbo Modules, and Code Gen. He explains how Facebook uses these three tools. Eric explains how he got into SwiftUI by trying to build the perfect egg time. He shares compliment sandwich about...


RNR 132: React Native vs Native Chicago Edition

Sponsors Infinite Red Adventures in DevOps G2i CacheFly Panel Peter Piekarczyk Don Bora Rob Volk Summary Don Bora, a Native developer, is being pushed by his company to cross-platform with React Native, he joins the podcast to ask the panel for advice. The panel begins by discussing the amount of code reuse. Rob and Peter explain the importance of using expo and how it can solve most problems. They share resources for Don to get started. The panel compares React Native and Native;...


RNR 131: Free Code Learning with Mehul Mohan

Sponsors Radio Infinite Red The Freelancer’s Show G2i CacheFly Panel Josh Justice Charles Max Wood Joined by Special Guest: Mehul Mohan Summary Mehul Mohan, the creator of Codedamn, shares what Codedamn is all about. A Youtube channel and website, Codedamn is a free online learning resource for new developers. Helping others learn and to improve his own coding knowledge through teaching are the main reasons he is so passionate about Codedamn. The functionalities on the website and...


RNR 130: Performance that Matters with Ram N

Sponsors Radio Infinite Red G2i CacheFly Panel Josh Justice Charles Max Wood Joined by Special Guest: Ram N Summary Ram N, a member of the React Native core team, joins the panel to discuss performance. After a small sidetrack discussion about AR and VR, the panel jumps into the discussion about performance and how to measure performance that matters. Ram defines performance and what qualifies as a performance scenario. Josh Justice brings up Ram’s Chain React talk and the story...


RNR 129: Serverless GraphQL with Vladimir Novick

Sponsors Radio Infinite Red CacheFly Panel Nader Dabit Joined by Special Guest: Vladimir Novick Summary Vladimir Novick and Nader Dabit discuss GraphQL in the serverless paradigm. They explain what serverless and GraphQL are. They explain why people might use GraphQL. Why GraphQL is good for both the frontend and backend is discussed. The panel considers what options are out the for serverless GraphQL. They discuss how serverless GraphQL can be integrated with React Native. Vladimir...


RNR 128: Chain React with Jamon Holmgren

Sponsors Radio Infinite Red TripleByte offers a $1000 signing bonus CacheFly Panel Josh Justice Charles Max Wood Joined by Special Guest: Jamon Holmgren Summary Jamon Holmgren, one of the owners of Infinite Red, join the panel to discuss the recent Chain React in Portland, Oregon. Jamon shares how Chain React got started. The panel, who both attended chain react, share their experiences. They admire the small conference and the close-knit, family atmosphere. The Hermes Javascript...


RNR 127: The Mission and Journey with Charles Max Wood

Sponsors Radio Infinite RedTripleByteCacheFly Host: Charles Max Wood Episode Summary Charles talks about his journey as a podcaster and his mission with  is designed to home podcasts that speak to all developer communities. Charles also plans to host shows for technologies that are on the verge of a breakthrough and will be a lot more widely available in the near future such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality...


RNR 126: Native Web Apps with Florian Rival

Sponsors Radio Infinite Red TripleByte offers a $1000 signing bonus CacheFly Panel Josh Justice Charles Max Wood Joined Special Guest by Florian Rival Summary Florian Rival gave a talk at the recent React Amsterdam, he joins the panel in discussing the major points of his talk. Florian shares the high points of using React Native compared to other platforms. He discusses his game engine and getting it working in WebAssembly. The panel discusses Florian’s development journey and what...


RNR 125: Performance with Anna Doubkovar

Sponsors Radio Infinite Red TripleByte offers a $1000 signing bonus CacheFly Panel Charles Max Wood Joined by Special Guest: Anna Doubkovar Summary Anna Doubkovar, a developer at Hive, shares her experience switching to React Native from React. Anna and Charles Max Wood discuss the reusability when moving from React to React Native. Anna talks about using React Native Web. Charles asks Anna about performance, how they measure performance and what kinds of performance changes they are...


RNR 124: Testing Libraries with Michał Pierzchała

Sponsors Radio Infinite RedTripleByteCacheFly Panel Joined by Special Guest: Michał Pierzchała Summary Michał Pierzchała, a member of the JestJS core team, joins Charles Max Wood to discuss the React Native Testing Library. Michał explains why his team built the library and the problems they were experiencing with Enzyme. Enzyme and the React Native Testing Library are compared and the pro’s and con’s of using each is considered. Charles asks Michał about writing tests and pulling the...


RNR 123: Remote Work with Wouter Van den Broek

Sponsors: Radio Infinite RedTripleByteCacheFly Panel Summary Wouter Van den Broek explains the difference between a distributed team and working remote. The panel discusses what to do when you receive messages in your off hours. They share the benefits of working remotely for both the company and the developer. Wouter gives advice for companies who want to adopt a remote working model; including tips for onboarding, communication, and having a relationship with remote employees. The panel...


121 - React Native Open Source & the React Native Community feat. Christoph Nakazawa

Christoph Nakazawa, Engineering Manager at Facebook, joins the show to talk about the current state of React Native.