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RNR 160: React Native at Shopify with Ryan Christiani

Ryan Christiani is a development manager at Shopify building an android point of sale app with React Native. He wrote a blog post about how Shopify arrived at the decision to use React Native, how they plan to give back, and how it shapes the direction of mobile at Shopify going forward. Panelists Charles Max Wood Guest Ryan Christiani Sponsors G2i | Enjoy the luxuries of freelancing Infinite Red CacheFly ____________________________________________________________ "The MaxCoders...


RNR 159: React Native in the Call of Duty Companion App with Tim Jung

Tim Jung from the Call of Duty companion app team joins Charles Max Wood to discuss the ins and outs of working on the app. We discuss how it’s built, changes in technology stacks, approaches to team collaboration, and a ton more. Panelists Charles Max Wood Gues Tim Jung Sponsors G2i | Enjoy the luxuries of freelancing Infinite Red CacheFly ____________________________________________________________ "The MaxCoders Guide to Finding Your Dream Developer Job" by Charles Max Wood is...


RNR 158: Forms and Formik with Jared Palmer

Jared Palmer talks to Charles Max Wood about Formik and form managmenet in React and React Native. He's just started Formik, Inc to provide more form based services. He explains the origin of Formik and then talks about how Formik uses React hooks to manage the data flow in forms in both React and React Native through 2 way data binding. Panelists Charles Max Wood Gues Jared Palmer Sponsors G2i | Enjoy the luxuries of freelancing Infinite...


RNR 157: Building Great Offline-Ready Apps in React Native with Josh Warwick

This week, Josh Warwick teaches us how to build applications that work offline and on poor connections. He explains 6 approaches to working offline and when and how to use them. Panelists Josh Justice Charles Max Wood Sponsors G2i Infinite Red CacheFly ____________________________________________________________ "The MaxCoders Guide to Finding Your Dream Developer Job" by Charles Max Wood is now available on Amazon. Get Your Copy...


RNR 156: Progressive Web Apps versus React Native

The panel dives into the pros and cons of writing PWAs versus writing React Native applications. We work out the definition (sort of) of a PWA and having a web application that works well on mobile and the availability and complexity tradeoffs between the two solutions. Panelists Jamon Holmgren Josh Justice Charles Max Wood Sponsors G2i Infinite Red CacheFly ____________________________________________________________ "The MaxCoders Guide to Finding Your Dream Developer Job" by...


RNR 155: React Native Drax and Open Source with Joe Lafiosca

Joe Lafiosca gave a lightning talk at Chain React 2019 and wrote a library that allows you to drag and drop views in React Native. If you need to move, re-order, or manage elements or lists in your React Native app, you should check out Drax. Joe walks us through the capabilities of the library and how it came together. Panelists Jamon Holmgren Charles Max Wood Guest Joe Lafiosca Sponsors G2i Infinite Red CacheFly ____________________________________________________________ "The...


RNR 154: React Native at Scale at Wix with Omri Bruchim

Omri explains how to build React Native apps that will be used by thousands and thousands of users across a large website infrastructure. He explains the architecture and modules used and how they approach native code for Wix's applications. Panelists Josh Justice Jamon Holmgren Christopher Reyes Guest Omri Bruchim Sponsors G2i Infinite Red CacheFly ____________________________________________________________ "The MaxCoders Guide to Finding Your Dream Developer Job" by Charles...


RNR 153: Getting Down with Native Code

In this episode of React Native Radio the panel dives deep into native code. They discuss how it works and shares their experiences using it. They start by discussing why native code is useful and why would anyone choose to use it. The panel defines the bridge and what it means for native code. They consider why React Native developers coming from a web development background are intimidated by the native side. The panel shares use cases for native code, when native SDKs need to be...


RNR 152: Tips and Tricks When Using React Native with Yassir Hartani

In this episode of React Native Radio Josh Justice interviews Yassir Hartani. Yassir writes a blog about all he learns while programming with React Native. They begin by discussing his article about React Native Navigation. Yassir explains why he prefers React Native Navigation and walks Josh through the article. They move on to share tips for getting into React Native development. Yassir shares the differences between React Native development and developing on the web. He explains the...


RNR 151: JavaScript Language Features

In this episode of React Native Radio the panel discusses JavaScript Language Features. They discuss their uses, which ones they prefer and how they shape the language. Josh Justice starts the discussion with Babel, a transpiling tool. They explain what it is and invite listeners to donate to the project. Josh also explains what ECMAScript is. Next, they discuss arrow functions, explaining what they are used for. Arrow functions clean up code and encourage clean programming. They also...


RNR 150: React Native Pros and Cons

In this episode of React Native Radio the panel walks through an article written by Net Guru outlining the pros and cons of React Native. The first pro the panel discusses is that is React Native is faster to build. The panel shares their experience with building with React Native. They agree that React Native is fast unless unique customization is necessary; this leads them to discuss one of the cons of React Native, the lack of some custom modules. The next pro they discuss is the fact...


RNR 149: React Native Radio Still at RxJS Live

In this episode of React Native Radio Charles Max Wood continues interviewing speakers at RxJS Live. First, he interviews Mike Ryan and Sam Julien. They gave a talk about Groupby, a little known operator. They overview the common problems other mapping operators have and how Groupby addresses these problems. The discuss with Charles where these types of operators are most commonly used and use an analogy to explain the different mapping operators. Next, Charles talks to Tracy Lee. Her...


RNR 148: What's in My Stack?

In this episode of React Native Radio the panel overviews the libraries and tools they choose for their stack and explain why they choose them. Christopher Reyes starts by discussing his favorite notes app, Bear Notes. He shares the features from the app that makes him love it so much. The panel also discusses Notion as a good resource for organizing teams. Next, Chris outlines the stack he would recommend for someone new to development and React Native. He recommends React Native CLI,...


RNR 147: Libraries vs Omakase

In this episode of React Native Radio the panel discusses the different approaches frameworks have for building stack. The panel takes a moment to define the two major approaches, libraries and batteries included. They list various frameworks and discuss where they lie on the scale of libraries to omakase. Frameworks like React and React Native are the panels examples of a libraries approach framework. Developers pick and choose libraries to build their stack, React is basically just a UI...


VoV 092: Views on Vue at JAMstack Conf SF 2019

In this episode of Views on Vue Charles Max Wood interviews speakers at JAMstack Conf SF His first interview is with Ire Aderinokun. Ire works for Buycoins, a cryptocurrency exchange for Africa. She gave a lightning talk, “Headless Chrome & Cloudinary for progressively enhanced dynamic content on the web”. After giving a brief overview of her talk to Charles, Ire defines progressive enhancement for the listeners. Walking through how progressive enhancement works, she explains how...


RNR 146: React Native Radio at RxJS Live

In this episode of React Native Radio Charles Max Wood does interviews at RxJS Live. His first interview is with Ben Lesh, a core team member of RxJS. Ben has been working on RxJS for the last four years. In his talk, he shares the future of RxJs, the timeline for versions 7 and 8. With Charles, he discusses his work on RxJS and the adoption of RxJS. Next, Charles interviews Sam Julien and Kim Maida. They gave a talk together covering the common problems developers have when learning...


RNR 145: The Five Approaches to Using React Native

In this episode of React Native Radio the panel discusses Josh Justice’s blog post outlining four approaches to using React Native and a fifth approach he has heard about since publishing the post. Josh summarizes the post and explains how knowing the benefits of each approach can minimize the downsides of using React Native that scare people away from using it. Understanding each approach can also help you decide which approach would work best for your company. The first approach and the...


RNR 144: At RxJS Live with Hannah Howard

In this episode of React Native Radio Charles Max Wood interviews Hannah Howard at RxJS Live about her talk. Hannah is really enthusiastic about RxJS especially when it comes to frontend development. Her talk is about how to architect full-scale apps with RxJS. Hannah gives a brief summary of her talk. Charles having met Hanna previously at Code Beam asks her how functional programming and reactive programming work together in her mind. Hannah describes how she sees...


RNR 143: The Roles of QA and Development

In this episode of React Native Radio the panel considers the roles of QA and development teams. Charles Max Wood and Josh Justice share their backgrounds in QA and development, this gives them a unique perspective, having seen it from both sides. They begin by discussing and defining some terms. Charles explains that most terms are defined more by an organization than the industry. The panel discusses testing tools like Cypress and Detox, explaining their uses and value. They define...


The MaxCoders Guide To Finding Your Dream Developer Job

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