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Red Hat's software partners discussing topics such as application modernization, cloud-native development, workload security in the cloud and partnering with Red Hat. Contact us at to learn more about the show. Visit our website

Red Hat's software partners discussing topics such as application modernization, cloud-native development, workload security in the cloud and partnering with Red Hat. Contact us at to learn more about the show. Visit our website


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Red Hat's software partners discussing topics such as application modernization, cloud-native development, workload security in the cloud and partnering with Red Hat. Contact us at to learn more about the show. Visit our website




Security Series: Runtime Analysis - Don't let a good crisis go to waste!

Runtime encompasses the behavior of containers after their parent pods have been created in Kubernetes. Runtime security analysis is concerned with finding the indicators of compromise in this behavior. A Kubernetes focused runtime security strategy should be a combination of what to look for and in what context; who to notify and how that information should be used; and how to identify root cause and use that information to build better policy for defense.


OpenShift and NGINX: Moving from Test to Production

NGINX is not only one of the most widely web server on the internet, but it’s also the most commonly used data plane for Ingress controllers. In this episode, along with NGINX's Damian Curry, we’ll discuss how their different microservices technologies – which include an Ingress controller, WAF, and service mesh – add value to OpenShift deployments by giving developers and platform ops teams control of the application data plane.


Security and Governance for Modern Data Management Featuring: Cloudera

The key to successful digital transformation is being able to drive value and insight from new and existing data as fast as possible. Today’s perfect storm of radical change, supercharged by the impact of a global pandemic, makes this more important than ever. How do organizations ensure they remain compliant with ever-increasing data privacy regulation in a landscape that spans clouds and data centers? In this podcast we discuss the role data context plays in making this possible. What it...


Security Series: Simpler, Zero Trust OpenShift K8S networking using open source Security-as-Code

Kubernetes helps us innovate and automate by eliminating compute infrastructure dependencies, but traditional ‘bolt-on’ networking and security infrastructure impedes automation and innovation, and is actually not secure in a hyperconnected world. We can solve this by eliminating dependencies on security and networking infrastructure with a full as-code approach. On this episode, learn how NetFoundry and its open source Ziti software, puts Zero Trust connectivity into the nucleus of the...


Security Series: Automated Zero-Trust Network Controls for Containers

There’s been a lot of talk in the security industry about a ‘zero-trust’ security model as the new way to secure modern cloud services. In this podcast we’ll talk about what zero-trust is and how it relates to enforcing network controls in a container environment. Join our host and guest speaker Glen Kosaka, VP of Product Management at NeuVector, as we discuss security as code, automation, and declarative security policies.


The rise of cloud native machine identity security management & automation Featuring Jetstack

Cert-manager is a highly popular open source project, first created by Jetstack and now part of the CNCF Sandbox, which has grown to become the de facto solution for managing X.509 certificates in Kubernetes and OpenShift environments. On this episode, alongside Jetstack CTO Matthew Bates, we chart the rise of this popular project from its creators to its end users in TLS/mTLS machine identity management.


Security Series: Red Hat and Qualys collaborates on the first Red Hat CoreOS scanner

Qualys is currently the only vendor to secure both container and host operating system for the OpenShift Container Platform providing unparalleled visibility, actionable intelligence, and security auditing to the OpenShift stack while using Red Hat CoreOS. Join Qualys' Spencer Brown, Security Solutions Architect and Alex Mandernack, Director of Product Management, Cloud Security Solutions as we discuss a full-stack security for the OpenShift Container Platform.


Security Series: Securing data at rest and achieving data compliance

Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes are a fundamental part of successful cloud-native development migrations. Traditional ways of doing application security must adapt to the new dynamism of the cloud-native world because applications continue to be a primary target for anyone looking to steal sensitive data, and organizations continue to be subject to a range of data security regulations. As the world leader in digital security, Thales is partnered with Red Hat to secure customer application...


Security Series: Data Security Controls in Kubernetes

Security Week is part of Red Hat’s Security monthly series where you learn how Red Hat weaves together DevOps and Security to master the force called DevSecOps. This podcast brings you Red Hat thought leadership to aid in your journey. July is Data Controls month! In this episode, Dave Baker, Principal Product Security Engineer from Red Hat, discusses data security controls in Kubernetes and OpenShift, specifically ideas around storing, encrypting, and transmitting data in a cluster...


Move Fast and Scale Up with Cloud Native Data Featuring: Couchbase

The cloud native promises of developer productivity and operational efficiency often hinge on modernizing the data architecture. Stateful workloads have traditionally and rightfully required more effort to manage, but contemporary tools and practices unlock the potential to have the right data in the right place at the right time without the clumsy burden of traditional enterprise data systems. Join Couchbase’s Matt Ingenthron and Red Hat’s Andrew Clay Shafer as they explore the principles...


Security Week: Developer-First Security Across Your Entire Application Stack

Security is best scaled when developers can take security into their own hands, empowered by tools that enable and encourage IT Operations and security teams to participate in, and gain visibility into, the vulnerability remediation process. As a result, Snyk has worked hard to develop tight interoperability with Red Hat products across the OpenShift developer experience, making it easier for developers to focus on building applications securely by leveraging developer-friendly outputs...


Scurity Week: Shifting Security Left, AppSec and Developer Collaboration Featuring GitLab

Come join Fernando Diaz, Technical Marketing Manager at Gitlab to learn how to shift security left on OpenShift with a variety of Different DevSecOps tools, which provide vulnerability scanning and enable collaboration between developers and AppSec.


What’s In a Name: The Evolution of Cockroach Labs

Annoyed by the lack of an scalable and survivable cloud database, the founders of Cockroach Labs were inspired by the Google team to build their own; and they named it after one of the most resourceful and resilient creatures on earth, the Cockroach. Join Jim Walker, VP of Product Marketing at Cockroach Labs, as he shares the origin story behind CockroachDB and Cockroach Cloud.


Security Week: Zero Trust Starts With Identity Management

As we race to implement zero trust architectures, identity and access management is becoming far more important than ever before. At the core of the zero trust model is moving authentication and authorization closer to the systems and data that need to be protected and modeling allowed access to control and limit usage. All this means users and systems will need to re-authenticate and re-authorize frequently and across the enterprise and against consistent identities and policies from IDAM...


Data Center 4.0: Why your data center needs an enterprise data cloud featuring: Cloudera

Data is king and plays a big role in an organization’s journey to become more data driven. Organizations need to derive insights from data faster than ever. With current IT environments, onboarding new data-rich projects can take weeks and collating/cleaning massive datasets can be resource intensive, impeding IT/data platform teams from quickly delivering data analytics. Therefore, organizations are adopting a more modern data platform that supports a hybrid cloud strategy, enabling them to...


Dynatrace – The Name, The Mission, The Vision

Founded 2005 in Linz, Austria, Dynatrace now is the world market leader in software intelligence and listed at NYSE. Bernd Greifeneder, Founder & CTO, will share his motivation for founding Dynatrace and it’s core mission and vision. You’ll hear about the company’s 7-year reinvention cycle, and how to scale a startup culture to a 1000+ R&D team working on one single product. Most of all Bernd will talk about the importance of AI-powered intelligent observability for cloud automation,...


Security Week: CIS and Kube Bench Compliance Featuring Aqua

One of the more popular Compliance Frameworks is the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmarks for Kubernetes. In this podcast, Rory McCune, Cloud Native Security Advocate at Aqua Security will discuss the CIS Benchmarks in depth, specifically how they are created and how people can contribute to them, how can companies Implement the CIS benchmarks to get the best out of them, and the limitations on the scope of the benchmarks and what can be done with them.


Security Week: Continuous Security and Compliance with Anchore Enterprise

Software containers, microservice architectures, and adoption of DevSecOps methodologies have massively accelerated the software development lifecycle. As speed of development continues to increase, it becomes more and more important to embed security and compliance checks in every step of their software developer process in order to find potential problems earlier when it’s faster and cheaper to remediate them. Anchore Enterprise is a continuous security and compliance platform that not...


How to Achieve Continuous Compliance in OpenShift Environment Featuring: Tufin

Join Tufin's Ben Grissinger, Cloud Security Architect, as he discusses the following on another episode of the Red Hat X Podcast.