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Listen to the weekly audio messages from Resonate Church
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Listen to the weekly audio messages from Resonate Church




Dying Grace

Christians like to talk about this idea of "grace," but if we're honest, it doesn't always line up with our idea of God. Sometimes we can look at God as a bully, or as a stickler for the rules waiting to zap us with a punishment as soon as we step out of line. But that isn't really God's character. In the Bible, we see a God who shows up in every circumstance and gives us more than we could ever need or deserve no matter what we're going through.


Waiting Tables

Who does the work of the church? Is it the pastor? The church staff? An elite few who are gifted and called? God doesn't just call pastors and people in full time ministry, He calls every single person who knows Him to be a part of what He's doing. When each of us works in our own way to bring the message of God to people, extraordinary things can and will happen.


GLOW pt. 2

Every one of us is called to be a light in the world. As Christians, our goal should be to shine a light into the darkness. But being light is a big goal, and it can be pretty hard. We all face circumstances that don't seem very "bright." So how do we do it? What are some practical steps to make sure we shine a lasting light into the world no matter what happens in our lives?


Glow in the Dark

Light is perhaps the most powerful force of nature. We're drawn to it. We use it to represent goodness. We even need it to survive. Followers of Jesus are called to be the light of the world. That's a powerful statement. If that's true, then everyone around us should be drawn to the light we give off. But where does that light come from? In the darkest places in the world, how can we shine a light so bright that everyone who sees it can't help but be drawn in?


Masks and Movements

The word "hypocrite" has almost become synonymous with Christians. And why wouldn't it? Anyone who's known someone who claims to follow Jesus has probably seen them fail to live up to their own ideals. Falling short is just a part of being human, but that doesn't mean it has to define us. We can choose to wear a mask and pretend to be a perfect person that we obviously aren't, or we can live honestly in our brokenness and watch God work.



"Safety" is something we all want. We've probably prayed for it, asking God to protect us or our loved ones. That's not a bad thing. It's only natural to want to be safe. But if that's our goal, we won't see everything God has for us. Safety doesn't see great movements of God. Living the lives God wants for us means stepping out of our "safe" comfort zones and risking it all on God's plans.


Catch the Wave

We all want to feel refreshed. It's often one of our biggest prayers. God promises refreshment in the Bible, but the problem is that we often aren't ready when he sends it. For all of us, there are areas of our life where we are going the wrong way. To experience everything great that God has for us, we have to turn around.


Keep On Running

We all feel discouraged sometimes. Life can be difficult. It can feel like we're all in a race, and we're falling behind. God knows our struggles, and he wants to encourage us. When things get hard, he will come alongside us and tell us to keep going. Guest speaker Jake Baird from Comeback City Church shares four things that God tells us when we need His help to keep running.


A Lame Man, Disappointment, and a Rawlings Big Stick

We've all probably not gotten something we really wanted. Maybe it's a job, health, a relationship, or a family. Whatever the situation, we've all felt like a kid on Christmas, waiting for that special toy that just wasn't under the tree. When disappointment hits, it can feel like God hasn't come through. He hasn't given us what we asked for. But these moments aren't God's rejection, but an invitation. All we have to do is trust God and watch what we thought we wanted be replaced by...


The Mission, Not a Man

Why do we do church? Have you ever thought about it? We get up on Sunday mornings and go to church, we sing and pray and maybe we even give and serve, but do we really know the reason? The church is called to something great, and that calling is far beyond what any one person can carry. If we follow a man, no matter how good he is, we'll fail. Following God's plan for the church means moving beyond a person and getting behind a mission.


Backstage Access

Have you ever met someone really famous? Someone you were a huge fan of? You shake their hand, maybe get an autograph or a picture, and then you go your separate ways. There's no denying that this is exciting, but it isn't real friendship. There's a huge difference between these brief moments as a fan and really spending time with someone, getting to know them and becoming close. Are we settling for being fans of God? Is it enough to just watch from a distance and maybe brush up against Him...


Acts 1 - Expectation

We're all waiting on something. But how are we waiting? Are we sitting around, wishing and hoping that God will do what we want? How we wait matters. God is ready to do some amazing things in our lives, and he wants us to live expecting them.


Go and Tell

There is a natural cycle to life. Babies grow into adults, and adults give birth to babies. As life grows, it gives birth to new life. As we grow spiritually, the goal is not just to be more spiritually mature. The last step in our spiritual growth is to reproduce, to raise up others in spiritual life and watch the cycle happen again and again.


Come and Die

The Bible has a term for the people who followed Jesus the most closely when he was on Earth. It calls them disciples. As our faith matures, we are called to become disciples too.But how? It's simple. Jesus asks us to follow his example, to die to ourselves and serve those around us.


Come and Follow

Our early years are crucial in making us who we are. It's impossible to grow up without being a child along the way. In our faith, God wants us to grow from a child into a mature follower of Christ. We are God's children, and like any good parent he's giving us everything we need to thrive and mature. Jesus is calling each of us to grow up in our faith. All we have to do is accept the invitation to follow.


Come and See

New life is exciting. From newly announced pregnancies, to baby showers, to the first time new parents hold their child, we're all used to celebrating a baby's birth. We cheer for first steps, first words, and every achievement along the way as a baby grows. Our spiritual lives start the same way. When we accept Jesus, we become spiritual newborns, and that birth is no less exciting. We can celebrate new spiritual life and each little step taken along the way as we watch each other grow up...


God's Plan for Our Lives

Growing up is something that happens to all of us. Each of us begins life as an infant, and over time we become adults. Many of us will in turn have our own children, and the cycle will continue again and again. Our spiritual lives work in much the same way. We begin as infants, but we shouldn't stay that way. God wants us to grow up in our faith until we are not only mature, but we can see new life begin and watch the cycle happen again.


Get Planted

As the body of Christ, the church has the potential to do amazing things. Jesus said that all of Hell couldn't stand against it. We have the opportunity to be a part of it, but only if we choose to plant ourselves in the church. Guest speaker Brian Cromer from Queen City Church shares how to tap into God's vision for our lives by being rooted in the church.


Keeping the Body Healthy

We all know what it feels like when our health is lacking. When we're sick or injured, our bodies suffer. Our health matters, and not just physically. Both individually and as parts of a greater whole, we are responsible for the health of the body of Christ. It's up to us to take practical steps to protect our spiritual health.


The Parts of the Body

Every part of the body has a different function, but they're all important. An eye is nothing like a hand, but no less vital. The body of Christ is no different. We are all unique and have different parts to play. We can find our purpose in life when we live up to the roles we were made for in the body.