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Retro Game Club is a podcast about retro gaming with a focus on programming, emulation, and projects you can do at home. Each episode, we will have two games you can play with us and give us feedback before the next episode. We will also have a topic or project of the week that will be the focus of the conversation.

Retro Game Club is a podcast about retro gaming with a focus on programming, emulation, and projects you can do at home. Each episode, we will have two games you can play with us and give us feedback before the next episode. We will also have a topic or project of the week that will be the focus of the conversation.
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Retro Game Club is a podcast about retro gaming with a focus on programming, emulation, and projects you can do at home. Each episode, we will have two games you can play with us and give us feedback before the next episode. We will also have a topic or project of the week that will be the focus of the conversation.




Ninja Gaiden & Food Fight

News RetroArch Disc Project – Run real games off CD-ROM with RetroArch, starting with Sega CD, Sega Saturn, PlayStation1 and 3DO! Coming VERY soon! Play! Libretro core (Playstation 2 emulator) ready for download RetroArch coming to Steam this Month - July 30 A look at the last sliver of hope for Nintendo 64, high-res PS1 and emulator shaders on the PSVita – The GXM Driver (GPU Acceleration) Bounty that’s gaining traction with over $500 raised and frangar is working on The History of...


Game Bundles + F-Zero & Lock N' Chase

Episode 15 News A Commodore 64 Clone With a Working Retro Keyboard Will Finally Arrive This Year EON Super 64 plug-and-play HDMI adapter for the Nintendo 64 Live-Action Final Fantasy XIV Series In Development From Witcher Producer Atari Centipede’s Hidden Code Trap Nintendo Switch Online may soon add retro games from other classic systems An Open World TRON Video Game Is Rumored to Be in Development! Pinball Hall of Fame & Bowl Expo Inside the race to (finally) bring pinball into...


Ristar & Faxanadu

News The Raspberry Pi 4 brings faster CPU, up to 4GB of RAM MY ARCADE RETRO CHAMP IS THE PORTABLE NES OF YOUR DREAMS TurboGrafx-16 R-Type converted to SuperGrafx 7 Forgotten NEC TurboGrafx-16 Classics MegaSD MegaCD SegaCD Fpga Cardridge Dizzy Scripting Engine This week in tech history: Nintendo's N64 goes on sale in Japan Are Mario Games & Zelda in the Same Timeline? This Theory May Convince You Someone Turned Mario Into A Battle Royale, And It's The Best Thing Dr Mario on ios &...


Dr. Mario & King Of Monsters 2: The Next Thing

News Konami to launch TurboGrafx-16 Mini console Inside Atari’s rise and fall The Atari XL Portable did exist... Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to the Xbox One for free next year COMMANDER KEEN RESURRECTED AS A MOBILE GAME - E3 2019 And What's inside the Atari VCS What's old is new again: retro remakes on the switch: new contra game, cotton, panzer dragoon, Mana trilogy, links...


Castlevania IV & Shark! Shark!

News Retro Shoot ‘Em Up Cotton Making A Surprise Comeback On Switch (We talk about this being a simple re-release. It is, in fact, a reboot.) Razer closing Ouya store, officially killing the console New Arcades Open In CA, FL, IA, ID, KY, MN, MO, NM, TX, WI, & The UK Knabber Rob - new Atari 2600 game PC Engine HDMI mod coming in August What Remains - A new NES game Knight Guy In Low Res World Quake II gets free real-time raytracing updates on June 6 Yes, You Can...


Virtua Racing & The Last Blade

News Konami Confirms Japanese Versions Coming to Castlevania Anniversary Collection Post-Launch YouTuber does what Nintendon’t and builds a working GameCube Classic Sega adds rare 'Mega Man' and more to Genesis Mini lineup 8bitdo releases DIY Modkits for PS1 & PS1 Classic Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 Getting A SNES Reprint Courtesy Of iam8bit The Curse of Illmoore Bay NEScape!, an escape room game for the original NES Rare’s bear ‘n’ bird duo come to Kongo Jungle in...


Rob Finally Gets It Right

News A basic gameboy emulator with terminal "Cloud Gaming" written in Go A brief history of Nintendo 64 In 1997 GoldenEye 007 Nintendo 64 Demo Footage Shows What Could Have Been Forgotten Interview With Miyamoto Sheds Light On A Classic Zelda Production 28 years later, hacker fixes rampant slowdown on SNES‘ Gradius III SNK Releasing Transparent Neo Geo Mini To Celebrate The Samurai Shodown Series Topic: Famicom games you can play without translation Game Club...


I Hope I Will Be Legendary

(Rob's Mic was on the wrong setting. Sorry about the room noise!) News Speedrunner Smashes A Computer-Assisted Super Mario Bros. Record By A Single Frame A New EARTHWORM JIM Game Is in Development with the Original Creative Team and Some Designs Have Been Teased The Game Boy's Biggest Rival Gets Revived By The Modding Community GoADF - A fantastic piece of Amiga software your Amiga will thank you for Super Mario RPG Google Translate hack now complete WINDOWS XP SUCCESSFULLY...


Podcasters, Assemble!

News Did a vigilante ROM leaker go too far to “preserve” a lost Atari ROM? GB Studio lets anyone create a Game Boy game Relive Everyone's Favorite Traumatic Gaming Experience With This $16 Oregon Trail Handheld SKILLGRID (AMIGA) How Panzer Dragoon Defined The Sega Saturn Era Best Buy Is Giving Away A Free PlayStation Classic If You Buy A PS4 Pro (US Only) Konami Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection Review GET CODING WITH THIS ATARI 2600 DEVELOPMENT...


Hugues & Rob gonna make ya JUMP JUMP!

News Professional Translators Discuss Fan Translation Experience Q*Bert Prototype Arcade Cabinet The masterpiece graphic microcode behind two groundbreaking N64 games Kittenbot Meowbit is a tiny, cheap, and programmable retro game console Celebrate The Game Boy's 30th By Putting Your Raspberry Pi Inside This Awesome Case SEGA Genesis ROM Crackme Nintendo's big switch: Mario is finally going mobile, but the console king faces tough competition Capcom Home Arcade Is A Plug-And-Play...


Mister No News

News Humble 8-Bit Pixel Game Dev Bundle Fan Releases English Translation Patch For Namco's Famicom Game Youkai Douchuuki Unseen64 - Joust X [Nintendo 64 – Cancelled] Is it all over for pre-owned video games? Topic MISTer + LL Cool Joy Game Club Discussion Wind Jammers Mappy New Game Club Games Rock 'N Roll Racing Out Run Music By: I Love Lightning Bugs


More Action Than Strategy

News Disney bolsters Lucasfilm Games for a bright Star Wars future [Updated] Creature in the Well adds pinball to a dungeon crawl Build an emergency RetroPie (RetroArch/ EmulationStation) controller configuration reset button HERE’S THE FIRST PERSON TO PUT A PI IN THE RASPBERRY PI KEYBOARD SPECTRANET – Ethernet based ZX Spectrum device, loads games from the Internet Bridge Strike - Modern 'River Raid' on the Amiga SNES RGB + DeJitter Combo Board GAME BOY RECREATED IN VERILOG Big Box...


Portable and Retargetable

News Atari re-publishes Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic after accidentally making it free Sega Steam Sale CANCELED SEGA GENESIS GAME WOULD'VE HAD ALIEN VS. PREDATOR PLAYING FOOTBALL Unseen64 - Missile Fighter (PC Engine) RETROPIE NES CLOCK TELLS YOU WHEN IT’S GAME TIME Sega Reveals New Sonic Show And Shares More Details About Team Sonic Racing Atari Gravitar restoration project More Power...


E.T's Trippy Home World

News Why Almost Every Pac-Man Player Grabbed The Left Side Of The Machine New Wireless Sega Genesis Controllers From 8BitDo Perform As Good As They Look Hardware Review: Retro-Bit's Sega Genesis And Saturn Pads (Mostly) Hit The Right Spot Raspberry Pi Celebrates 25 Millionth Sale as 7th Anniversary Arrives Panorama Cotton Released In English MultiBoy 32 announced Piko interactive - 12 new games for pre-order Microsoft Open Sources Windows Calculator THE STRANGEST GAMEBOY EMULATOR...


Episode 02 - Reggie Is Rich

News Where Movies Get Their Vintage Electronics I want to work(or live) here. Tons of game systems, apple stuff, commodore etc etc etc... Humble Fantasy Game Dev Bundle Google May Be Announcing a New Game Console at GDC Hardware Review: 16Bit Pocket MD - An Unexpectedly Decent Portable Mega Drive Nintendo Of America President Reggie Fils-Aime Is Retiring replaced by Marketing exec Doug Bowser. He started in 2004, year the DS was released. Unreleased Genesis game will come bundled with...


Episode 01 - So Much Tetris

News Next Gen Dreamcast Controller Playstation Classic is only $40 at Walmart Launchbox 9.4 Released Launchbox 9.5 Released 1 Day Later This Tiny Pac-Man Game Is the Size of a Credit Card Tetris 99 manages to make the classic game more intense TRS-80 Network Interface Card Topic Lakka Game Club Discussion Tetris & Golden Axe discussion New Game Club Games Wings Of Fury Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective We are on iTunes...


Episode 00

Welcome to the debut episode of the Retro Game Club podcast! In this episode we introduce the hosts and discuss what kinds of topics the show will cover. We then dive right into some news and our featured topic on BleemSync. News RetroArch 1.7.6 Hatari 2.2.0 Humble Book Bundle: Break into the Game Industry NecroSphere released PC Speaker to Eleven Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and more PC classics make console debuts this year Proper Analog Retro Video Capture with the Datapath...