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Michael Puldy, CEO of Puldy Resiliency Partners, has a thirty plus year career dealing with disasters, crisis’, and crazy adventures. In his business life, he has helped hundreds of companies navigate through business disruption, computer infrastructure failures and data loss, caused by a broad brush of reasons including human mistakes, natural disasters, and all out cyberattacks. Through work, adventure travel, and in everyday life, we face and confront risk every day and in all sorts of unexpected ways. Sometimes the experience is amazing, and sometimes we see the darkness that exposes the core of what makes us human.Join Michael and his guests as we listen to how people confront risk, and have successfully, and sometimes not so successfully, navigated a never-ending and challenging maze of chance.


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Michael Puldy, CEO of Puldy Resiliency Partners, has a thirty plus year career dealing with disasters, crisis’, and crazy adventures. In his business life, he has helped hundreds of companies navigate through business disruption, computer infrastructure failures and data loss, caused by a broad brush of reasons including human mistakes, natural disasters, and all out cyberattacks. Through work, adventure travel, and in everyday life, we face and confront risk every day and in all sorts of unexpected ways. Sometimes the experience is amazing, and sometimes we see the darkness that exposes the core of what makes us human.Join Michael and his guests as we listen to how people confront risk, and have successfully, and sometimes not so successfully, navigated a never-ending and challenging maze of chance.






Removing the Economic Risks to Deploy Clean Power

Deploying clean power starts with people, money, and culture. And then there’s the hardware: solar panels, batteries, wind turbines, transmission lines, and charging stations. Solving the puzzle to reverse the effects of climate change rests on making the economics of clean power work. Every day, Trenton Allen, CEO of Sustainable Capital Advisors, and advisory board member to the U.S. Secretary of Energy, works to build a climate-resilient future through financial advisory services for sustainable infrastructure projects. Implementing clean power on its own won’t achieve critical mass unless the economics make sense to a wide gamut of stakeholders. Trenton discusses industry changes in the clean energy investment marketplace, the concept of the “energy burden” and how it varies across the US, and he relays some of the energy and policy focus areas of the Biden Administration. Trenton also provides his perspective on the recent solar industry disruption that literally shutdown the solar marketplace for the last 3 months. Trenton Allen can be reached at allent@sustainablecap.com or through his company’s website at sustainablecap.com Made possible by a grant from the Hewlett Foundation, AskSustainable.com, a website that recognizes climate-friendly investment choices, is going live later this summer. © 2022 Copyright by Puldy Resiliency Partners, LLC, All Rights Reserved


Diversity, Equity Inclusion, and Belonging

If someone told you that your company could be 36% more profitable simply by implementing one thing, would you be willing to try it? Janine Hamner Holman, founding principal and CEO of J&J Consulting Group, is a diversity and organizational culture expert who has spent the last 10 years studying the intersection of brain science, emotional intelligence and communication. We are at a tipping point with the epidemic of employee resignations. Employees must feel they belong, they're seen and they're heard, or they will not stay in a job. Janine and Michael discuss today's seismic cultural shift, the continuing challenges with diversity management, and what employers must do to understand and make the necessary adjustments. Janine can be reached on LinkedIn or via email at janine@jandjcg.com. © Copyright 2022 Puldy Resiliency Partners, LLC, All Rights Reserved


Business & Career Lessons from the Trenches

Nick Warner, formerly an A-list lobbyist in Sacramento, California, and now a business and career coach, talks about his lobbyist days, and how he balanced lobbying with running a successful business. Have a notepad ready because this episode is chalked full of business axioms, media sound bites, and a quick inside glimpse of how the legal system really works. And then there’s the career basics: “You are only as good as what you are selling.” “Listen and ask smart questions.” “Don’t overspend your means." Although these comments should be considered table stakes for everyone as they go through their business journey, it’s amazing so many people forget the basics. As you can guess, there's more! Nick, CEO of Nick Warner Consulting, can be reached at his website www.nickwarnerconsulting.com. © Copyright 2022 Puldy Resiliency Partners, LLC, All Rights Reserved


Derisking Software Development While Debugging Diversity

“The people who create technology must represent the communities that use it.” In today’s episode, Michael discusses software development and diversity in technology with Dan Draper. Dan is an entrepreneur, software developer and diversity champion, the CEO and founder of CipherStash, and the producer of the documentary “Debugging Diversity” where he uncovers issues facing women in technology. Programming data security is tricky and is ultimately the responsibility of the software developer. On the flip side, it’s hard to do anything in today’s world without sharing personal data so the trick is how can we safely share AND secure personal identifiable information (PII)? The reality is we don't do this very well. On average, we share our personal information with 1200 plus different companies, and at least in the US, 50% of all companies have experienced a data breach where PII is exposed. And then there’s the problem of diversity in the tech industry. Everyone talks a big game, but only a small percentage of software engineers and tech industry leaders are women. Dan is taking an active role in trying to change this phenomenon. Dan can be reached through his website www.cipherstash.com or on Twitter @danieldraper. His documentary Debugging Diversity can be viewed from the website www.debuggingdiversity.com . © Copyright 2022 Puldy Resiliency Partners, LLC, All Rights Reserved


The Abstraction and Magnetism of Cyber Security

Every business, no matter how big or small, can be the target of cybercrime. From his vantage point of author, educator, podcaster and founder and CEO of Cyber Risk Opportunities, visionary Kip Boyle discusses cyber security. Why do so many senior decision makers not invest in cyber security? Unfortunately, too many are not interested in preventing a problem until they feel the pain directly or are close to someone who is suffering. Kip discusses many real-world experiences including customer stories and true life actions that he relays in his book, his podcasts and to his clients. Even though the cyber security battle is focused on the endpoints – desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets – the reality is the landscape covers not only technology but people. There is no “Easy Button,” and an organization who believes they can outsmart, or game away such fundamental issues like phishing attacks are kidding themselves. Every computer is only milliseconds away from a bad actor anywhere in the world! This is one fun episode! Kip can be reached through LinkedIn or on his website at www.cr-map.com where you can also access his podcast. © Copyright 2022 Puldy Resiliency Partners, LLC, All Rights Reserved


Money Laundering and Financial Crimes

The topic of money laundering sparks thoughts of recent TV series like “Breaking Bad” and “Ozark.” However, this is a real-life problem that is challenging regulators around the world. Jamie Ramirez is a regtech thought leader, and Founder and CEO of Preventor. The methods of money laundering are constantly changing, and the criminals are becoming more creative hiding their cash. Fortunately, the technology to detect these crimes also evolve and thus the creates a perpetual game of cat and mouse. The days of a “financial paradise” where one could hide their assets are no more, and even cryptocurrency exchanges are no longer safe havens for fraud and washing cash. Connect with Jamie via his website www.preventor.com. © Copyright 2022 Puldy Resiliency Partners, LLC, All Rights Reserved


AI: Chasing the Right Amount of Perfection

Today’s episode highlights the good news and the bad news about the current state of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Dr. Ron Baecker. Dr. Baecker is an author, Emeritus Professor of Computer Science at Toronto University, and Founder and Chairman of the non-profit Computers and Society Organization. Ron explains how some areas of AI are mature and working successfully. However, there are other areas of AI that Ron considers immature, and at this point, unrealistic. There’s also an ethical side of decision making within some areas of AI that Ron finds disturbing. Listen in as Ron and Michael discuss the joys and the horrors of the next phase of the AI era. Ron can be reached by email at ronbaecker@gmail.com or on LinkedIn. Ron’s non-profit collective can be accessed at www.computers-society.org. Also, Ron’s latest book “Digital Dreams Have Become Nightmares: What Must We Do” is available at www.compsocietytexts.com. © Copyright 2022 Puldy Resiliency Partners, LLC, All Rights Reserved


Scuba Diving, Nursing and the Power of Data

What do cave diving, nursing and data analysis have in common? Meet Sari Megan Kern, CEO of Alpha Data Strategies. Many calculations go into determining the critical factors necessary for a safe and successful dive. Nursing and dealing with medical issues is also based on strong data. As Sari explains, you cannot make good decisions without data! Data maximizes your opportunities for success, and data drives decision making – in diving, in nursing, and especially in business! Data must be aligned with your “North Star” goals. Unfortunately, many companies run the risk of what Sari calls “technical debt,” where they didn’t take the time to invest in data practices and at some point, the costs become clear. Sari can be reached through her website www.alphadatastrategies.com or via email at sari@alphadatastrategies.com. Sari is also available on LinkedIn. © Copyright 2022 Puldy Resiliency Partners, LLC, All Rights Reserved


Inside High Risk Rescue and Recoveries

Hold on to your hat for this episode with Moose! Moose Mutlow is an adventurer, author, educator and rescuer. Since 2002 Moose has been a member and senior trainer of Yosemite Search and Rescue. He is also the Lead Trainer for Family Liaison Officers for the National Park Service. Moose gives us an uncensored view of what life is like inside the world of search and rescue. As Moose puts it, “In search and rescue you inherit someone else’s crisis, and you must choreograph the response.” Having been on the front line of around 60 deaths in the last 10 years, Moose explains how he must approach his job. “You have to break things down to determine what you can and cannot do.” As a Family Liaison Officer, Moose is the conduit between family and rescuers gathering information in both directions. He explains that when you are giving bad news, it is never going to come out right. He must be compassionate to those who are grieving and honor the memory of the deceased. There is no roadmap to grief. Crisis scrambles your brain and trauma is the thing that stops you from living your life the way you want it to be. Moose can be reached through his website www.moosemutlow.com or via email at moosemutlow@gmail.com. Warning: this podcast contains graphic discussions on death in the outdoors and direct conversations regarding human recovery operations. Listener discretion is advised. © Copyright 2022 Puldy Resiliency Partners, LLC, All Rights Reserved


Reshaping Organizational Friction

In this episode, Michael talks with Belle Walker, founder of Belleview Consulting. Risks can be found in the darkest corners of a business. And, all too often organization dynamics, including poorly defined reporting structures, inefficient approval processes, and overly complicated product manufacturing programs act as silent killers -- quietly and methodically sapping the life of a business and its employees. Belle is an Organizational Efficiency Engineer, and she will be the first to tell you she takes firms From Friction to Function. In short, Belle specializes in taking a company from operational chaos and inefficiency to a smoothly functioning organization by aligning structures and processes with strategy. Listen in as Belle describes these underlying business risks, and some unique stories about business owners who have come to her with “their hair on fire.” Belle can be reached through her website belleviewconsulting.com or on LinkedIn. © Copyright 2022 Puldy Resiliency Partners, LLC, All Rights Reserved


Extortion and Exfiltration? Call My Attorney!

Today’s episode focuses on the legal side of cyberattacks and threats. Robert Braun, an attorney who specializes in cybersecurity and privacy, talks with Michael about the risks involved when a breach happens. Robert explains that even though more and more companies are becoming security and privacy aware, many still don’t understand the real threats involved with “bad” security. The decisions regarding privacy and security must be made at the highest levels of a business with assigned accountability to make sure the impact is felt and owned. Robert also discusses the importance of running simulations, and building a business form of muscle memory helping people function through panic. Planning can result in acquiring better cyber insurance, avoiding embarrassment, and reducing the costs of potential litigation and downstream settlements. Listen in to find out how to prepare for that call with your attorney. Robert can be reached by cell phone at 310-785-5331 or by email at rbraun@jmbm.com.


At the Intersection of Design and Growth

Today Michael speaks with Karen Donoghue, author of patents and books, mobile app developer and owner of the company HumanLogic. Working with both startups and global 100 companies, Karen has built her career around design and the user experience as it relates to software and technology. Over the years, Karen has seen a shift in the software development industry where tight release cycles result in de-prioritizing the user experience, compromising the value delivered to end users while stressing development teams. If you don’t understand your target audience, how can you develop something that solves their problem? The user experience is its own discipline, and Karen helps companies build a product that balances the needs of the business and the end users under the constraints of technology. Karen can be reached at www.humanlogic.com. Local Haze can be downloaded free from the Apple App Store by clicking here. © Copyright 2021 Puldy Resiliency Partners, LLC, All Rights Reserved


Securing the Village

Dr. Stan Stahl is founder and leader of the non-profit organization Secure The Village. Stan talks with us about taking a grass roots approach to cybersecurity. He believes at the heart of information security is a conversation. Businesses must pull the right people together to talk about cybersecurity, truly have a program in place and then move that program forward! Stan also focuses on educating the residential and consumer markets on how we can reduce the risk that technology brings into our lives. Cybersecurity is serious business, it's broken, and cybercrime is at epidemic levels. Stan believes if we don’t get the word out to “we the people” on how to protect ourselves from cyber criminals everyone must realize freedom, democracy and liberty are at risk! Even though the government has a role in promoting national cyber resilience, it’s now time for a “cyber civil defense” approach. Listen in as Stan explains how to join movement and how to, well, secure the village! You can’t help but drink in his passion. Stan can be reached at Stan@securethevillage.org. Read about the Cyberspace Solarium Commission © Copyright 2021 Puldy Resiliency Partners, LLC, All Rights Reserved


Rolling the Dice with Your Crown Jewels

In this episode, we talk with Steven Colby, an intellectual property attorney at Rimon Law, and owner of more than 15 patents. Steven has a PhD in Analytical Chemistry and started his career as an engineer building instruments to test chemicals before jumping to the law track. During his early engineering and teaching career, he acquired his patent experience before going all in with a multi-decade career in IP law. Steven describes himself as a “patent prosecutor” who writes the technical documentation necessary to decipher value, originality, and successfully file a patent. He primarily works with early startups helping them create value in intellectual property, and helps companies build valuations by securing their “crown jewels.” Listen in as Steven walks through the patent ecosystem, and how strong IP can catapult a company into the big leagues. He also reviews the flip side, and covers some of the common mistakes that negatively impact a firm’s ability to achieve high valuations, market differentiation, and great exits. Steven can be reached on LinkedIn or at Rimon Law at www.rimonlaw.com. © Copyright 2021 Puldy Resiliency Partners, LLC, All Rights Reserved


Every Company is Somewhere

Stevan Bernard, founder of Bernard Global, has spent his career protecting people, protecting businesses, and protecting reputations. And through this experience, Stevan has seen and experienced crises and disasters that most of us have only read about. Most publicly was during his tenure at Sony Pictures Entertainment where he was an Executive Vice President during the highly public cyberattack of 2014. Every company is somewhere in their crisis planning journey. At one end of the spectrum is the business completely unprepared for crisis; at the other end is the firm who has created in-depth plans, crisis response processes, and most importantly, has tested those plans to demonstrate they work. Stevan outlines a number of different types of business threats experienced through his career, and how he has strategically and tactically handled these situations. He also provides an inside perspective of the North Korean cyberattack of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Stevan can be reached at stevan@bernard-global.com and on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/stevan-bernard-cfe/ © Copyright 2021 by Puldy Resiliency Partners, LLC, All Rights Reserved


Do the Math! How Long is Your Recovery?

We are once again with Flick March, Director of Security and Resiliency for Europe, Middle East and Africa at the IBM spinoff company, Kindryl. When we last spoke to Flick in December, the topic was ransomware and all the crazy exposures she sees with companies and how they manage IT risk. In the last six months, ransomware has become a worldwide epidemic, and unfortunately, the concern for business risk management is just as concerning. For example, do you know what are your firm’s crown jewels? Are you confident your key business processes are defined, what technology do you need at time of recovery and where are all your assets? If you have a forty-three terabyte database destroyed, and you can only restore 2 terabytes a day, plan to be down for at least 3 weeks! And you probably need another week to make sure the data is correct. Confused? Join Flick as she shares another eye-popping round of stories about companies who are in deep trouble if the fickle finger of fate ever points in their direction! Trust me, one night in the pub and Flick could make your eyes bleed! © Copyright 2021 Puldy Resiliency Partners, LLC, All Rights Reserved


A True Life Adventure: Saving the Planet

Blair Palese, co-founder and former CEO of 350.org Australia, has spent her entire career protecting our planet. Her passion and commitment to saving the planet was once a unique voice while today Blair is one voice of millions around the globe fighting for climate justice. It isn’t easy to problem-solve solutions around climate change. There are big equity issues involved. Blair walks us through some of the major changes in how the world looks at the environment, how we solve the global warming of our planet, and she discusses the need to adopt a concept called “Climate Risk Finance.” And, don’t miss her amazing story about how Greenpeace was only a few days away from acquiring a nuclear weapon from Russia!


Solving the Employee Strike Equation

In this episode, we spotlight one of our four critical business continuity scenarios: what happens when employees are unavailable? Michelle Vincent, Senior Director of Marketing and Sales for MADI Corporation, spends her days, nights and weekends helping companies figure out how to keep their shops open if the time comes for employees to walk off the job. When employees strike, emotions run high, and anxieties and tensions are thick. One day everyone is sharing coffee, and the next day, tires could be slashed, and strikers are throwing themselves in front of vehicles. And then there’s “after the strike.” In the worst of situations, life may never return to business as usual. Michelle takes us through the planning and execution around contingency staffing. Negotiating contracts, finding, transporting and training people, and securing facilities so replacement employees can safely keep a business functioning are all parts of the critical path. And, this is just the tip of the staffing iceberg. Michelle can be reached on LinkedIn and at MADI Corporation www.madicorp.com Our Four Business Unavailable Scenarios Are: 1) What happens when your location is unavailable? 2) What happens when your people are unavailable? 3) What happens when your IT is unavailable? 4) What happens when there’s a regional outage and a combination of 1, 2 and 3 are unavailable? © Copyright 2021 Puldy Resiliency Partners, LLC, All Rights Reserved


E-X-I-T is a Four-Letter Word

One of the biggest risks in business is owner dependency. A business that can’t transition doesn’t hold a lot of value to a buyer. This is where Tom Bronson, CEO of Mastery Partners, saves the day. Tom has bought and sold over 100 businesses, and today works with business owners to design and execute their ultimate transition strategy. The author of the book, “Maximize Business Value,” and host of the podcast of the same name, Tom brings a level of business wisdom to the table that only surfaces from decades of personal experiences. Eighty-three percent of all small businesses (under $100M in revenue) that come onto the market don’t find a buyer because they aren’t prepared to transition. Emotion can kill a deal when trying to sell to an experienced buyer, and like hiring a cold calculating attorney, Tom relays his experiences of the deals that work and those that fail. While the stories are serious, there are some delightful surprises. Tom can be found at www.masterypartners.com. All content © Copyright 2021 Puldy Resiliency Partners, LLC, All Rights Reserved


A Force of One: Bringing Continuity to Everyone

Meet Mrs. Preparedness. Doniella McKoy is a rising star in the business continuity field. Her experience in business continuity and risk management began with a business undergraduate degree coupled with a master’s degree in Emergency Management. Previous experience working for FEMA and being a member of New York City’s Emergency Management Team only fueled her passion for managing and reducing both business and personal risk. Today, Doniella teaches Business Continuity & Crisis Management at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, solely runs the Business Continuity Program for Philadelphia’s Heath Partner’s Plan, a non-profit health plan providing services to 280,000 members, and she provides services to the homeless through her non-profit organization Gala Special Needs Foundation. Sleeping is not part of Doniella’s playbook. In this episode, Doniella shares some of her career experiences with an emphasis on the criticality of collaboration in managing risk. Link to Gala Special Needs Foundation