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The Challenger Sale

Studies show that when people buy from a business the main attraction is in fact the overall buying experience. We welcome John Pittway (risual Sales Director) to risual radio to discuss the challenger sale. John will explore why as a business we have adopted the culture and how it provides new insights and learning to our customers. But what exactly is the challenger sale and how can you adopt it? Take a listen to the first podcast in this series as John explains the concept around the...


Technology's Impact On The Public Sector with Chris Perkins

Marking our 40th Podcast on risual Radio we have got an exclusive interview for you. We are delighted to be joined by the General Manager of Public Sector at Microsoft UK Chris Perkins for an exciting podcast addressing the impact that technology has on the public sector. Chris enlightens us with his vision for the public sector and how digital skills are key and play in to that vision. Also discover what new tech is driving the biggest change in the public sector in this latest podcast!


A Non Techies View On The World Of Tech

Not technically minded when it comes to IT? Don’t worry we have a podcast for you. Our very own Account manager at risual Will, gives his personal spin on working in a technical workplace without coming from a technical background. We chat through Will's take on the IT landscape and how his customers are digitally transforming and working towards a Modern workplace. It is possible to have a career in the world of Technology and if you are looking to do so, why not listen in and get a...


No App Left Behind!

App-tly titled “No app left behind” we talk migration in this podcast. The importance of who owns the project and what you can expect when it comes to moving applications to the cloud. Tune in and listen to risual architect James Brewster detail our tested models that you can adopt and how to master your approach before undertaking the project whether it be big or small. Listen in as we discuss everything you need to know when it comes to app migration and make sure you leave no app left...


Combating HR pain points with Dynamics365

We hear from Operations Director at risual Kate Lincoln, talk around some of the main pain points of a HR department. If like us and every other HR department in every business, large or small you are looking for a secure solution to move beyond traditional human resource management, this podcast is for you! Tune in and discover how through AI and technology such as Dynamics Talent (part of Dynamics365) we are changing the way we work and eliminating time-consuming management of data and...


Mental Health: Time To Talk Taboo

We take a break from the tech talk and talk mental health Mental health is sadly on the rise and yet it is still a taboo topic especially when it comes to the workplace. Bid lead at risual Dominique Bevington King shares her own personal experience in this podcast around mental health and talks around some of the stats that affect thousands of other people worldwide regardless of sex, race or age. Although the issue around mental health it is not always apparent, a friend, colleague or...


RMS .... Not Just A Green Light Service

There’s more to rMS (risual managed services) than meets the eye as the title of this podcast suggests. We deep dive in to what makes it so unique in an industry filled with managed services offerings. We chat innovation, accreditations and expertise with some great current projects being discussed such as how the service is helping organisations such as UKEF find a cost effective flexible solution that saved them 20% compared to their old partnership.


Females in technology

Who runs the world? Girls... but not in IT! risual is proud to be a diverse workplace, however the issue is very much industry wide. A big focus in the media recently has been around equal pay for females. Part of the issue we discuss is attracting females to choose a career path within IT. We discuss why females don’t always pursue a career in IT and what it is like being a woman working in the IT industry. There is also a fantastic Blog around the same topic which you can view here:...


Financial crash took us to the brink – where are we 10 years later?

September 2018 marks the 10-year anniversary of the financial crisis when the infamous credit crunch of 2007 became the global crisis of 2008! We look back to those bleak times financially and talk about how we are still seeing some of the fallout 10 years on today. Tune in and discover how technology is helping to change the future and preventing history from repeating itself especially as we look at the ongoing challenges facing the Local regional government and the NHS even today. For...


With todays technologies, why not utilise an app to address safeguarding concerns

"With todays technologies, why not utilise an app to address safeguarding concerns" "We only see serious case reviews that happen in the media and sadly some cases are lost due to lack of information" - Phil Morris Phil Morris is the Business Manager for Rotherham Local Safeguarding Children Board and has worked as a qualified social worker in the authority for over 20 years. In this podcast we talk to Phil about his thoughts on the raising of safeguarding information and getting...


Technologies are moving fast but organisations are not keeping up with the change

"Technologies are moving fast but organisations are not keeping up with the change" - Sam Barstow Sam Barstow was appointed as Head of Community Safety, Resilience and Emergency Planning for Rotherham MBC in 2017. Prior to that he was Public Protection and Anti-Social Behaviour Service Manager for City of Lincoln Council. In this podcast we talk to Sam about what he sees as the key priorities in his role and how we can make improvements to safeguarding.


Another day, another dog. Why we have a dog friendly office

Did you know that petting a dog is thought to be one of the best ways to relieve stress? Chew on this short soundbite all about why we as a business have “bring your dogs to work” days. We have had over 34 different dogs in the office at the time of this recording and counting. You may think we are barking mad but listen in and find out why we do it.


"AI in development and how YOU can get in to it"

Ever considered a career in application development? Tune in as we talk to software engineer Joe Tomkinson and hear about his journey in to the app dev team and his passion for the job. We discuss about the basic understanding and tools and sources that you can use if you are looking to get in to a similar role and a starting point within IT.


Why our risual apprentices are unique and why you should consider having one or two in your business

Why our risual apprentices are unique and why you should consider having one or two in your business by risual


risual Apprentices

risual Apprentices by risual


STEM Ambassadors

Tune in for some none tech Chat with HR lead Corrine Ward who returns to risual radio to talk about the STEM Ambassadors programme. We discuss the difficulties that and challenges that young people face after leaving school and how they are not always aware of the vast number of career options open to them. Listen in as we speak all about the programme and how its introduction can benefit your own organisation.


The advantages of Microsoft Financing

We are delighted to welcome Nick Sharp, Channel Manager at Microsoft to risual radio to talk around the advantages of Microsoft financing. Nick will be going into detail on how it can support your organisation, paying up to 100% for professional services on a payment plan spaced over 2-3 years and lots more. Tune in to discover how Microsoft Financing can support your organisation just like it has with risual.


risual Project Co - ordination - a PMO Podcast

If you picture risual as a busy airport and picture our consultants as the aeroplanes, then our Project Management Office would certainly be the air traffic controllers organising where and when the consultants need to be. Project Management office lead or PMO for short Phillipa Yates joins risual radio to talk inside PMO and the latest product offering Project Co-ordination. risual project Co-ordination provides essential project and resource management services across the risual portfolio,...


Security In Sport - World Cup Special ⚽

Move over Baddiel and Skinner, Jason and James are back with a new risual radio podcast World Cup Special number 2 all around Security. As the World Cup gets underway we talk behind the scenes and look at the security element needed to combat the growing dangers of cyber-attacks on the sport industry especially as people worldwide descend on the host nation of Russia. We gossip around the actions and increased security measures that are being put in place to combat the issue before closing...


Big Data In Sport - World Cup Special ⚽

Could Kris Kamara get it right using todays data? As world cup fever sweeps the nation in the wake of England kicking off their campaign, we look at how data plays a huge part in sport today and determines not only what goes on, on the pitch but also off it as we look at the business element also. We chat how the sport has digitally transformed over the years including the gambling aspect that always comes back to data. We also share our predictions on who we think will lift the world cup in...