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Getting the message, how things are done right, to a wide audience, through a new channel, by the right people.

Getting the message, how things are done right, to a wide audience, through a new channel, by the right people.




Getting the message, how things are done right, to a wide audience, through a new channel, by the right people.




Episode 120: A New Energy - How Utilities Companies are Pivoting with SAP – Daniela Sellmann

Guest: Daniela Sellmann: Global VP & Head of Industry Business Unit Utilities at SAP Host: Jonathan Fogarty – Industry Advisor – Utilities - ANZ Hello and welcome to the SAP Experts Podcast, my name is Jonathan Fogarty and I am absolutely delighted to be hosting another episode! The world of energy generation and consumption is changing drastically. Utilities are faced with incredible challenges in providing sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy for their customers – across all market...


Episode 119: Cybersecurity: Safeguarding Your Intelligent, Sustainable Enterprise – Himanshu Sewalkar

COVID-19 was a sobering experience for companies, globally. It exposed the need for rapid digitization; however, with digitization also comes an increased risk in cybersecurity. Times like these establish that a company’s success depends on its ability to balance the pace of its digitization with a precise focus on cybersecurity initiatives. Himanshu Sewalkar joins us to shed a light on how this balance can be achieved. Himanshu is a Senior Director at SAP’s Global Industry & Value Advisory....


Episode 118: Combatting Global Inflation with Technology – Dr. Martin Kotula

Halloween is still a ways away, yet over the past few months, across the globe, we have been haunted by the nightmare of inflation. Prices are increasing, and not just for raw materials but also for consumer goods, thus raising concerns for businesses and private households alike. Dr. Martin Kotula joins us today to share how we can combat global inflation with technology. Dr. Martin Kotula is a Global VP for Value Content & Thought Leadership as well as the Head of Value Advisory for Spend...


Episode 117: Transforming Human Resources in a Digital Economy – Shilpa Rani

Human Resource organizations are experiencing the first impacts of what is shaping up to be a paradigm shift as the world transitions towards a digital economy. To add to the mix, in a world that is just about recovering from a Global Pandemic, while simultaneously facing uncertainties caused by inflation, how can HR leaders pivot their organizations to become true strategic business partners? To shed a light on this topic, I am joined by Shilpa Rani. She is a part of the Global Industry and...


Episode 116: How Enterprise Architecture at Roche enables digital transformation with emerging technologies – Vikram Rawal

Hello and welcome to yet another episode of SAP Experts Podcast! My name is Akshi Mohla, and I could not be more excited about today’s episode. It is not every day that you deep dive into the world of enterprise architecture and emerging technologies, and that too with someone from a pioneer in healthcare like Roche. With its purpose of “doing now what patients need next” and their 125-year history, Roche remains committed to driving innovations that transform the lives of patients,...


Episode 115: Bringing and retaining the right talent aboard “the organizational bus” – Frank Sofia

In his book, Good to Great, Jim Collins emphasized the importance of “who” over “what” – by stating that “those who build great organizations make sure they have the right people on the bus and the right people in the key seats before they figure out where to drive the bus”. But in today’s rapidly evolving corporate culture, underscored by gig economy, great resignation, hybrid workplaces, how do organizations go about navigating the selective talent pool, in order to bring the right people...


Episode 114: Big Tech Trends in a Turbulent World – Dr. Martin Kotula

Hello and welcome to the SAP Experts Podcast, my name is Jonathan Fogarty and it is an absolute privilege to be hosting another episode of SAP Experts. My guest today is Dr. Martin Kotula: Global Vice President of Value Content & Thought Leadership for the Global Industry and Value Advisory team @ SAP Martin is going to take us through some of the bigger trends in technology and how enterprises will be impacted in the near, medium and long term by these trends. It’s a complex and rapidly...


Episode 113: The challenges ahead for utilities companies & how SAP is responding – Markus Bechmann

Hello and welcome to the SAP Experts Podcast, my name is Jonathan Fogarty and I am absolutely delighted to be hosting another episode! Today we are going to talk about the pressure on Utilities companies to respond to an incredible list of challenges that are being thrown at them. From de-carbonisation and the increased demand for green energy, to how they maintain and modernise their massive infrastructure networks all with the backdrop of increasing turbulence in Europe, and maybe just as...


Episode 112: SAP Communities Panel Discussion – ASUG, SIG & SAP Intelligent Spend Community

While pursuing your digital transformation, strategizing, and prioritizing your next steps in order to cross the innovation chasm is a daunting task. However, you are not alone on your transformation journey… SAP user groups and communities are here to enable SAP and SAP users, as well as partners to form strategic partnerships, exchange best practices and share experiences, while providing technical and functional feedback to SAP. Which is why, today’s podcast features a panel of three...


Episode 111: Reunion Episode: Role of partners in successful Digital Transformations – Alexander Greb

Guest: Alexander Greb – Vice President – Digital Transformation Consulting, Westernacher Consulting Host: Akshi Mohla – Business Development Director, SAP Global Industry & Value Advisory On August 21, 2019, Alexander Greb launched the very first episode of SAP Experts Podcast. And today marks the episode 111 of the podcast. We had to bring the original founder back for this special number episode! Today, Alexander will share what it was like to launch a technology podcast, with a relatable,...


Episode 110: Drive supply chain resiliency with SAP Business Network – Tony Harris

In a constantly changing world – which is simultaneously afflicted by a global pandemic and geopolitical uncertainties – supply chain resiliency becomes indispensable. The urgency for a diversified supplier base and increased automation is further underscored by exponentially shifting consumer demands. How can a one-stop-shop, integrated business network help alleviate these challenges, while also digitizing procurement workflows and connecting all your trading partners and suppliers, in a...


Episode 109: The future of customer engagements – Ana-Maria Manda

What does the future of customer engagements look like? Customers today, more than ever, expect sales ready experiences. They form a perception of your brand, before even interacting in person. So, in a such a world, how do brands differentiate themselves and tell their story? How do they create an interactive digital and virtual experience, that is simultaneously relatable to their customers? To answer these questions, I am joined by the dynamic Ana-Maria Manda. Ana-Maria is SAP’s Global...


Episode 108: How IDEI unlocked Sustainability and Agility with SAP – Jorge Martinez

Internacional de Inversiones SA de CV (IDEI) is an innovative real-estate developer known for creating some of the most iconic buildings in Mexico. This includes the the Torre KOI skyscraper which is one of Mexico’s largest buildings. To continue to offer best-in-class solutions and enable efficient vendor processes, they chose SAP S/4HANA as their digital transformation solution. How did IDEI digitize their operations to aid business continuity and agile decision making with SAP?...


Episode 107: How Knorr-Bremse Unlocked Value with SAP S/4HANA – Michael Hilzinger

“SAP S/4HANA is the biggest transformation project in our 110 years company history” – a quote that describes the significance of the change in the company of my today’s guest. Michael Hilzinger joined me and gave insights on his approach to transform to SAP S/4 HANA. Michael is CIO at the German manufacturer Knorr-Bremse. 110 years ago, they drastically improved the safety of trains by providing brakes and removing the so called “brake vans”, a manually operated braking system. We spoke...


Episode 106: Art of Storytelling & Value Selling – Eric Carino

From our very first memories, stories surround us, inspire us and enthrall us. The stories that we hear and the stories that we tell, define us. But can storytelling be a tool in Value Selling, packaging the customer’s desired goals, the art of the possible, and the value of digital transformation – all with a neat little bow? To answer this, I am joined by Eric Carino, the Chief Storyteller at SAP Executive Advisory & Architecture. In his 18 years at SAP, Eric has been a strategic leader...


Episode 105: Exploring the Metaverse – Karl Doose

Imagine an endless array of three-dimensional experiences, all merged into one shared, persistent and immersive Virtual Universe - the Metaverse. Is it another fad or the next big thing? Well, either way, buckle up, because in this episode of SAP Experts Podcast, we are off to explore the Metaverse! Which is why, my guest today is Karl Doose, a speaker and thought leader in the Metaverse space: explaining what it is, exploring its impact and supporting people in understanding how they can...


Episode 104: Does Transformation require Business Involvement? – Johannes Langguth

A fresh coffee and a new guest: welcome to the SAP Experts Podcast! Today I am in conversation with my manager, Johannes Langguth. He is Vice President in the Cloud Transformation and Architecture Office in the MEE region at SAP. And we discuss if bringing business onboard is always required for transformation in a company? Should enterprise IT be reactive or is it easier to be proactive? What if IT becomes an internal platform provider and turns from a cost center to a profit center? What...


Episode 103: If your muscles don't ache it wasn't transformation – Bernd Preuschoff

Hello and welcome to another episode of the SAP Experts Podcast. Today, we discuss the bold statement “If your muscles don’t ache, it wasn’t transformation”. The time of buzzwords is over, this episode is all about real challenges. We explore the importance of improving step by step, instead of going for the world championship when you have never even attended a tournament before. My guest today is Bernd Preuschoff, the Group CDO at Uvex, CEO at protecting people GmbH. He is a passionate...


Episode 102: The Great Resignation – is it real and should I be worried? – Michael Esau & Hannah Brier

In this next edition of the SAP EXPERTS Podcast, Jonathan Fogarty asks the question that seems to be on everybody's mind at the moment: Is the “Great Resignation” real? Is it just a new name for an old phenomenon? What should organisations do to prepare, or have I already missed the boat? Helping him make sense of it all are his guests and experienced Podcast hosts in their own right: Michael Esau - A Global HR Advisor who has spent the last 20 years helping individuals and organisations be...


Episode 101: Sports Analytics: Driving Innovation and Inspiring Performance Across Industries – Bernhard Escherich

It is an immutable law in business that words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises – but only performance is reality. This quote by Harold Geneen rings especially true for sports teams as well, wherein the goal is to win. But what role does a deeper understanding and data around your own team players, as well as the competitors, help in securing the wins? And what can other industries learn from the Sports industry. Since Superbowl was only last night, it is only...