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SARD provide workforce management software to the healthcare sector. With our hosts Mariah Young and Joe Wilkinson, this podcast discusses about all the great innovation and rapid changes happening at SARD and throughout various industries.

SARD provide workforce management software to the healthcare sector. With our hosts Mariah Young and Joe Wilkinson, this podcast discusses about all the great innovation and rapid changes happening at SARD and throughout various industries.


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SARD provide workforce management software to the healthcare sector. With our hosts Mariah Young and Joe Wilkinson, this podcast discusses about all the great innovation and rapid changes happening at SARD and throughout various industries.






Episode 018: Giles Paley-Phillips, Author and Blank podcast

Have you ever experienced a blank moment? Most people have. This week we're joined by Giles Paley-Phillips, award-winning author and co-host of the Blank Podcast where he and Jim Daly speak to well-known people who share their personal moments of ‘blankness’ from writer's block, social anxiety, frustration and beyond. In this episode, Kevin Monk and Mariah Young chat with Giles about gratitude, compassion and how we're all human and can experience similar anxieties regardless of status or...


Episode 017: Joe McDonald, CCIO

The NHS Tech Vision created by Matt Hancock is beautiful, but needs help ensuring its execution. So, how can SARD and other invested individuals make sure this happens? Joe McDonald joins us on this episode of SARDisms to discuss his reignited hope that the vision can be brought to fruition. There’s a lot to think about in this episode, with Joe sharing the Professor Margunn Aanestad video that changed his life, several great book recommendations and a little nod to Simon Sinek’s leadership...


Episode 016: Emma Stewart MBE, Timewise

How will flexible working impact the future of businesses? On this episode, we speak with Emma Stewart MBE, Co-Founder and Development Director at Timewise UK, a flexible working consultancy. She has contributed to numerous government task-forces, reports and initiatives, focusing on how to encourage more people who need to work flexibly into the workplace, shape the labour markets of the future and raise family living standards. Prior to co-founding Timewise and Women Like Us, Emma worked...


Podcast 015: Dr Umesh Prabhu, patient safety

'Be proud of our amazing NHS; be proud of our great nation. Together we can build a great nation and the most wonderful NHS. We all need the safest and the best NHS; together we can build a safe and best NHS. That is my 2021 New Year's wish.' - Dr Umesh Prabhu In this episode, Kevin Monk and Mariah Young speak with Dr Umesh Prabhu about the challenges he's faced and what he's learned along the way. As a former Medical Director, Dr Prabhu has seen many changes in the NHS over the years. He's...


Podcast 014: SARD Quizmas

The SARD family are lucky enough to have their very own trivia king, Christy Hinchliffe. We’ve been graced with his wonder to produce excellent pub-type quizzes that have proven to really get those brain juices flowing. We didn’t want to keep Christy’s skill a secret, so we asked him to create a Christmas quiz where we could invite quiz enthusiasts to join us and compete! It was so well received, we’ve turned this into a SARDisms episode and the rest is history. We had so much fun and hope...


Podcast 013: Rory Sutherland, Ogilvy Group UK

“Everything is interesting when you’re curious.” Rory joins us for an informative chat covering a full gamut of topics. From the woes of procurement, to High Speed 2 scepticism, to the impact that ergodicity plays in our everyday lives, Rory and Kevin Monk have a lot to discuss in this rollercoaster of an episode. Grab your pen ready for the inevitable ‘mind quakes’ to come. Rory Sutherland is the Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy Group UK and writes The Spectator’s Wiki Man column. He is also a...


Podcast 012: Douglas Hamandishe, Centric Health Media

In this episode, we speak with Douglas Hamandishe who has many years experience as a Mental Health Clinician, as a CCIO and has now started up a new company: Centric Health Media. Douglas understands the importance of digital media and he believes there's a big future in it - and he's ready to help take organisations there.


Podcast 011: Jan Eastwood

In this episode, we meet Jan Eastwood, SARD JV's business development guru. Jan has a wealth of experience in sales and business development. Jan is incredible at her job of building business relationships within the NHS.


Episode 010: Naomi Liddle

"The way you know you're doing [Operations] well is if nobody really notices what you're doing." - Naomi Liddle, Operations Director In this episode, we speak with Naomi Liddle who is the Operations Director at SARD. Naomi loves organisation (within her work-life) and ensuring that she's helping sail the SARD ship to success. Naomi (and others) has had many attempts at writing a job description, but her role is so varied, it seems to be an impossible task.


Episode 009: Kent Medway Medical School

A brand new medical school has opened in East Kent, what does this mean for the future of the NHS? In this episode, we chat with Founding Dean Dr Chris Holland and Professor Debra Towse about the grand opening of the Kent Medway Medical School, a joint venture between the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University. Both bring extensive knowledge to the school and look forward to training the future doctors of East Kent and beyond.


Episode 001: Lucie Nash

In this episode, we speak with Lucie Nash, one the sharpest minds in our tech development team. We asked Lucie to join us as a long-standing member of the organisation to help us dive into the developer’s viewpoint, speak about trends as well as current and exciting upcoming projects.


SARDisms: what's this all about?

What's SARDisms all about? We take great ideas and bring them together to have great conversations. Sit back and enjoy. You just might learn something.


Episode 008: Megan Holmes

What does a granny and her smart phone have to do with customer support? In this episode, we speak to Megan Holmes who is SARD's Customer Support Manager. She explains how SARD has grown since she joined, how she motivates her team to keep going and the unique aspects that make SARD provide quality customer service.


Podcast 003: Andrew Sandford, We Are Lean and Agile

In this episode, Kevin Monk joins back in to speak to the founder of We Are Lean and Agile, Andrew (Andy) Sandford. Andy has a plethora of project management experience in both the public and private sector. He's helped a significant amount of local councils work on their processes to run more smoothly and agile. You'll want to hear all about the Lego Serious Play workshops he uses towards the end.


Podcast 007: Peter McGraw, Professor of Comedy

Should all organisations embrace comedy in their workforce? How about hospitals? In this episode, we speak with Peter McGraw, a professor of marketing and psychology, a behavioural economist and globally recognised expert in the scientific study of humour. He's also a dual podcast host and the bestselling author of recently released 'Shtick to Business'. During our chat, we discuss what we can learn from the process of how a comedian creates humour. Kevin joins in with his analogy of the...


Podcast 006: Marcus Baw, Locum GP and IT enthusiast

In this episode, we get a chance to speak with Marcus Baw - a man of many talents including being a GP, Physician and coder. Marcus believes in a world of open source healthcare and is trying to tackle that need one step at a time. Kevin Monk, Managing Director at SARD, and Marcus are incredibly passionate about the world of tech in partnership with healthcare, sharing similar ideologies and hopes for the future of health.


Podcast 005: Chase Clemons, Basecamp

In this episode, we chat with Chase Clemons a Support Pro at Basecamp, a project management company based in the US. Great customer service is at the forefront of SARD JV and we've taken a lot of insight from Basecamp's ethos. Hear all about how great customer service can shape an organisation internally impacting the way you support your external clients.


Podcast 004: Pete Laven

In this episode, we speak with Pete Laven an Account Manager at SARD who happens to be the newest member of the team. He has a wealth of knowledge within the healthcare sector from training to customer service to crisis management. We'll learn more about Pete and his ambitions for his new role as well as a quirky characteristic that may (or may not) surprise you.


Episode 002: Kevin Monk and Phil Bottle

In this episode, Kevin and Phil discuss how SARD got its start. They discuss climbing the NHS interoperability mountain and the shortcuts SARD are achieving to avoid that unnecessary climb. From recruitment to procurement woes, there's a lot to unpack in this episode!