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The smartest people in marketing talk to Jason about topics they know inside out. The conversations are always intelligent, always interesting… and always fun!

The smartest people in marketing talk to Jason about topics they know inside out. The conversations are always intelligent, always interesting… and always fun!




The smartest people in marketing talk to Jason about topics they know inside out. The conversations are always intelligent, always interesting… and always fun!






The Knowledge Graph: Removing Wikipedia from the Equation

Rand Fishkin with Jason Barnard at Kalicube Tuesdays Rand Fishkin talks to Jason Barnard about Wikipedia and The Knowledge Graph Many marketers rely on using Wikipedia to get into Google's Knowledge Graph. This approach has multiple issues it is not appreciated by Wikipedia editorsit isn't helpful to Wikipedia usersit truly is an all-or-nothing tacticit fails if the article is never published, or is quickly deletedit is an unstable 'one trick pony' strategyit hands control of 'facts' about...


Gaining Return on Relationship Whilst Being Good to People

Ted Rubin with Jason Barnard at Kalicube Tuesdays Ted Rubin talks to Jason Barnard about RoR (return on relationship). Ted is famous for his mottos, including 'Return on Relationship' and 'Be Good to People'. In this conversation, he puts these two together in the rough and tumble world of business, aiming to build an audience that truly engages and is truly relevant to your brand and products. He is also famous for straight talking, so this is a thoroughly interesting conversation that is a...


Vetting Experts Through the Eyes of Google

Matthew Tenney with Jason Barnard at Kalicube Tuesdays Matthew Tenney talks to Jason Barnard about researching people. The discussion covers the best ways to use search engines such as Google, the pitfalls and the ways to avoid wasting time vetting the wrong individual. The single most important takeaway is that you'll do well to evaluate an expert through Google’s eyes. Matthew and Jason discuss in detail that, when researching, you should think more in terms of entities than authors, or...


Your Business Means Nothing if People Can’t Find You

Ryan Foland with Jason Barnard at Kalicube Tuesdays Ryan Foland talks to Jason Barnard about business and marketing. Truly effective marketing comes down to ensuring people can find your business when they need your products or services. Sounds simple? It is :) Ryan talks about his concept of the invisible like - a concept I love because it gives encouragement to all of us with our content creation. We then move on to inbound marketing to help people find your business, and specifically...


Standing Out From the Crowd Without Doing Anything Exceptional

Patrick M Powers with Jason Barnard at Kalicube Tuesdays Patrick M Powers talks to Jason (M) Barnard about branding. In what turns out to be a wonderful conversation mostly about making the most of what you have. You don't need anything spectacularly special to stand out from the crowd. Small differences make all the difference when it comes to both personal and commercial relationships. Much of it is keeping people engaged, whether on or offline…. but most of all, embracing what makes you...


The Golden Age of Influence Has Started. Where is it Heading?

Neal Schaffer with Jason Barnard at Kalicube Tuesdays Neal Schaffer talks to Jason Barnard about influencer marketing. There’s a lot of buzz around influencer marketing right now. Even I hear it! Neal explains what is happening, with a particular focus on social media. Awesome ! We start with a conversation about drummers, then quickly get onto the topic we initially intended to talk about: influencer marketing. First thing an influencer should do is optimise their personal Brand SERP. They...


It’s easy Enough to Sell. Retaining Customers is the Hard Part.

David Avrin with Jason Barnard at Kalicube Tuesdays David Avrin talks to Jason Barnard about customer retention. Personally, I have never found selling to be easy. It can often be a costly and slow process. But all that time and cost is wasted when you lose the client after that first purchase. Too many companies focus too much on on acquisition, and not enough on retention. Retaining clients is a challenge, but a challenge well worth taking on and doing properly. David promises to explain...


The Untapped Benefits of YouTube Most of us Miss

Bengü Atamer with Jason Barnard at Kalicube Tuesdays Bengü Atamer talks to Jason Barnard about YouTube. I talked with Aleyda Solis about optimising videos for YouTube. That was awesome. But here we're looking at additional, less obvious optimisations you can apply to your YouTube Channel (including monetisation). YouTube is the second largest search engine network ranked just below Google.com and yet a lot of us don’t know just how beneficial it can be for our business. Take a dive into the...


Strategic Live Streaming for Business Development.

Dr Ai Addyson-Zhang with Jason Barnard at Kalicube Tuesdays Dr Ai Addyson-Zhand talks to Jason Barnard about live streaming. Live streaming is becoming more and more popular. But few people are using the format effectively. Dr Ai Zhang is one of the pioneers of the format, and one of the foremost experts of leveraging business value from live streaming. In this episode she talks about platforms for live streaming – LinkedIn, YouTube, Periscope, Twitter, Facebook… and how to leverage them for...


I Have a Podcast but Nobody is Listening. Now What?

James Mulvany with Jason Barnard at Kalicube Tuesdays James Mulvany talks to Jason Barnard about podcasting. James Mulvany today... who's next for Kalicube Tuesdays at Wordlift ? Neal Schaffer, David Avrin, Patrick M Powers, Ryan Foland, Ted Rubin, Rand Fishkin Wonderful conversation with James - loads of helpful advice about promoting podcasts (most of which I now need to take), plus some short and enjoyable meanders into some delightful anecdotes He's done more podcasting than I have had...


The Ins and Outs of User Experience

Mary Davies with Jason Barnard at SMX West Mary Davies talks to Jason Barnard about user experience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OS3gOC-Q2kI UX is all around us and it's part of everything we do from walking up the stairs to opening a car door.Figure out what makes your life hard and don't reproduce them for your clients. Mary has a notebook and writes down everything that gets in the way of a good User Experience for here, wherever she is and whatever she's doing. We quickly go...


White Hat Affiliate Marketing

Dejan Mladenovski with Jason Barnard at DMA Melbourne Dejan Mladenovski talks to Jason Barnard about affiliate marketing.... with a white hat on. Lovely conversation that gets me (back) on board with affiliate marketing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xU3rZUJD_w For his current project Dejan never even thought about using a PBN network, nor bought a link... he got hit by Penguin back in the day and he knows how much that hurts. He's found a great niche - he creates an independent overview...


Video SEO for Both YouTube and Google

Aleyda Solis with Jason Barnard at SMX West Aleyda Solis talks to Jason Barnard about optimising video for YouTube. There are three pillars: Relevance, Engagement and Retention. All based on understanding your audience, and creating videos that bring them value and that they want to consume. Sounds so simple. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSZxcIxmSC0 Aleyda learned loads from producing her practical / how-to series : Crawling Mondays. The series has been very successful with her very niche...


When Marketing and SEO Collide

Mordy Oberstein with Jason Barnard Mordy starts off by getting on my good side by telling me I have the best pipes in SEO… what a charmer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THvPtnGCvPY Mordy talks about why Google updates should matter to all marketers - that Google is getting closer and closer to reflecting your market, so playing the SEO game is just playing the marketing game through Google. His advice: do what you do, address your audience and Google will figure it out. Google is trying to...


How the Whole Page Algorithm Works at Bing

Nathan Chalmers with Jason Barnard at The Bing Series Nathan Chalmers talks to Jason Barnard about the whole page algorithm. Nathan had done his homework by listening to previous episodes…. And he loves the song :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5kJFlMIHVU A year ago I didn’t know about the bidding system in Google and Bing ranking... and 6 months ago I didn’t know there was a whole page team. Now I get to learn how the latter affects the former. First up, I had called the bidding system...


How the Image and Video Algorithm Works at Bing

Meenaz Merchant with Jason Barnard at The Bing Series Meenaz Merchant talks to Jason Barnard about the video and image algorithms. Meenaz is team lead for multimedia - and that includes image search, video search and camera search. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyPc-NqN9uY The single most important factor for multimedia is relevance - ie fit for purpose / answers the intent. But also authority and trust (that are built over time - proving oneself) and engagement. To understand images, they...


How the Q&A / Featured Snippet Algorithm Works

Ali Alvi with Jason Barnard at The Bing Series Ali Alive talks to Jason Barnard about the search algorithm for featured snippets. First thing we learn is that this feels a lot like a soccer interview. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0UhsQb5iAU Then Ali confirms what Gary Illyes said in 2019 - the different candidate sets use the core algo in a modular fashion. Ali is team lead for the Q&A candidate (Q&A is Bing's name for featured snippet) But also that all of the algos are end-to-end...


Practical Advice on Patents and Trademarks in Marketing

Rich Goldstein, Principal Patent Attorney at Goldstein Patent Law explains patents and trademarks in simple terms so you can protect your business.


How to do Competitive Research Using Search

Purna Virji, the Senior Manager of Global Engagement at Microsoft spills her top secrets for researching competitors using search.


The Convergence of SEO and Content

Digital Marketing Excellence Practitioner, Eric Enge shares the latest tips and trends to help you drive great SEO gains through high quality content.