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The smartest people in marketing talk to Jason about topics they know inside out. The conversations are always intelligent, always interesting… and always fun!

The smartest people in marketing talk to Jason about topics they know inside out. The conversations are always intelligent, always interesting… and always fun!




The smartest people in marketing talk to Jason about topics they know inside out. The conversations are always intelligent, always interesting… and always fun!






Laughing Your Way Through Outreach (Bibi Lauri Raven and Jason Barnard)

Bibi Lauri Raven talks with Jason Barnard about link building Bibi Lauri Raven (aka Bibi the Link Builder) is a very experienced Link Builder based out of Amsterdam. Very well known in the SEO industry – having guest-posted at major authoritative websites such as the Search Engine Journal - she has mastered the art of manual outreach down to a science. She explains the importance of focus, narrowing down and understanding your prospect list, in order to create an instant and personal...


What Problems Do CDNs Solve? (Ben Gabler and Jason Barnard)

Ben Gabler talks with Jason Barnard about CDNs Ben Gabler is the Founder & CEO at Rocket.net and has 17 years of experience in the industry, having worked with companies like HostNine and HostGator. He joined Jason Barnard to speak about the advantages of opting for a CDN as part of your web hosting solution. Turns out, the UX improvement and optimizations a CDN provides really does justify the cost and the advantages it brings to your business, your clients and Google makes it a no-brainer....


Cultural Differences in Digital Marketing (Pinar Ünsal and Jason Barnard)

Pinar Ünsal talks with Jason Barnard about significant cultural factors companies should consider There's a lot to be said when it comes to how important it is for companies to invest in adapting correctly to each market they want to enter. Pinar Ünsal is a Search Engine Marketing Expert no stranger to conducting marketing campaigns in different countries. She’s an ex-Googler with more than 14 years of experience in the industry, and now co-founder of the award-winning agency Kubix Digital....


All About Digital Transformation in B2B (Kelly Hungerford and Jason Barnard)

Kelly Hungerford talks with Jason Barnard about digital transformation The percentage of businesses that are still not ready for the digital reality of the 21st century is much larger than we tend to assume. Kelly is a MarTech strategist and consultant with over two decades of experience. Her job at Sunstar is to help the group (and their multitude of brands) successfully integrate digital into their marketing strategies, and reach a broader slice of their potential market. As Kelly...


How Review Attributes Work in Local SEO (Mike Blumenthal and Jason Barnard)

Mike Blumenthal talks with Jason Barnard about review attributes Mike Blumenthal loves to say “All Local, All the time”. He is an authority on local SEO with 20 years of experience under his belt... so, who better than “The Godfather of Local” himself to discuss Google's new feature — Google Review Attributes. This new feature in Google allows consumers to leave a quality rating about attributes concerning the business as part of their review and, according to Mike, as a business, there's a...


Engaging the Connected Customer (Adam Helweh and Jason Barnard)

Adam Helweh talks with Jason Barnard about customer engagement We are in the age of the technology-driven customer. It is vital to understand that the devices, platforms and social channels they choose to use dictate their relationship with friends, institutions … and businesses. That means brands have a complex problem to solve: with so many parameters at play, how can a brand align their engagement strategy to the Connected Customer in an effective manner? And that problem is becoming more...


All About Brand Affinity Marketing (Chris Savage and Jason Barnard)

Chris Savage talks with Jason Barnard about brand affinity Brand identity and authenticity is the key for Brand Affinity. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is trying to over-monetize their companies to the detriment of its authenticity. Chris Savage is the co-founder of Wistia, a very successful company designed to serve businesses with on-site videos for marketing purposes. He talks about the early challenges of building a multi million dollar company from the ground up, and the...


How to Get Featured on Top Websites (Eric Schwartzman and Jason Barnard)

Eric Schwartzman talks with Jason Barnard about press visibility What a blast this one was. The rather delightful Eric Schwartzman has 20 years of experience as a Digital Marketing Consultant and Digital Transformation Advisor, so you can imagine the amazing nuggets of wisdom he shared with us. He explains the best ways to break a story and explains how he leverages enormous visibility for relatively unknown companies through earned media. In the second half, Eric explains his strategy to...


Timeless Marketing Strategies That Still Work (Melinda Byerley and Jason Barnard)

Melinda Byerley talks with Jason Barnard about marketing strategies (that work). Melinda Byerley has 20 years of experience in marketing, having worked with multi-billion dollar companies like eBay and PayPal. She has seen trends come and go, and how the industry changes and adapts — There are timeless principles in marketing that always work… the four P's in the Marketing Mix should always be a key component in your strategy. Reminder to self : Product, Price, Placement, Promotion. Melinda...


How to Find and Hire the Right SEO (Stephan Spencer and Jason Barnard)

Stephan Spencer talks with Jason Barnard about his 7-step hiring process. Stephan Spencer has 25 years of experience in the SEO industry under his belt, having hired hundreds and hundreds of people. In this episode, he shares the process he has developed to make sure he hires the right people for his team. He has 7 steps, each one designed to sort the wood from the chaff and hire the right person. The techniques range from Rock 'n Roll (the “No Brown M&Ms” clause used by Van Halen's David...


2021, The Year Of The SERP (Dave Davies and Jason Barnard)

Dave Davies talks with Jason Barnard about the accelerating change in the layout of Google SERPs. When the Brand SERP Guy meets the Duke of URL, it's safe to say we're witnessing a match made in heaven. Dave Davis — co-founder of Oohloo Internet Marketing, author and SEO specialist — joins Jason Barnard on a fascinating discussion about the recent Google layout and functionality updates on the SERP, and what 2021 might bring. Things are really changing rapidly — Just in the last 30 days,...


Content-Focussed Google Updates (Melissa Fach with Jason Barnard)

Melissa Fach talks with Jason Barnard about content-focused Google updates. Long gone are the days where the number of inbound links would mostly determine a webpage’s position on the SERP. Today, Google has completely shifted its focus to quality content and user experience.During this very informative and enjoyable conversation, Melissa shares absolutely boatloads: her own philosophy on how to create a flawless piece of content, a reliable process for writing an article and the most common...


A Measured Approach to the SERPs (Cindy Krum with Jason Barnard)

Cindy Krum talks with Jason Barnard about MoxieScore. Moxiescore is MobileMoxie’s new SERP measurement tool, theWith Universal and Extended search (rich results), one of the biggest challenges in digital marketing is to explain SEO performance to a client or a boss in a clear manner that is easy to understand. Cindy developed MoxieScore to make that task simpler... Cindy explains the concept and the ideas behind her new scoring system. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQqkpEazdWg In...


Google is Your New Homepage (Greg Gifford with Jason Barnard)

Greg Gifford with Jason Barnard at SMX West Greg starts by singing the song back to me. Then we discuss his world-famous slide decks. Then onto Google is your new Homepage. Thanks to Google my Business, in local this has been the case for years - Mike Blumenthal said it is 2017. People searching your brand name in a near me / local context will probably not visit your site. So that brand SERP is the first and the last impression they get before engaging with you. When was the last time you...


Negotiation isn’t all about money (Christine McKay with Jason Barnard)

Christine Mckay talks with Jason Barnard about negotiation. As a seasoned executive and negotiator with decades of experience, she reveals the elements we should consider to be effective at it. Turns out, negotiation is not about money, is about a conversation to find a common ground, just like in a relationship. Christine explains how we develop our default style of negotiation by the time we're 7 and reveals the secret for not being bullied in a negotiation. In this podcast, you will also...


How NOT to Sabotage Your Social Media (Shaina Weisinger with Jason Barnard)

Shaina Weisinger talks with Jason Barnard on how to be efficient with your content strategy, and how to scale it appropriately. Social media is not about "me, me, me". Is actually about "you, you, you". Shaina shares her mindset when communicating with an audience if the goal is to generate interest in what you have to offer. You will find out the common mistakes made on social media, how to balance content strategy between different audiences, and the importance of generating educational...


How to Become the Go-To Brand in Your Market (Barnaby Wynter with Jason Barnard)

Barnaby Wynter talks with Jason Barnard about brands and acquisition funnels. The Brand Bucket Guy talks to the Brand SERP guy ! Barnaby has a 6 step process for building your acquisition funnel. In this conversation he goes through them in reverse order. He includes conversion rates between each stage which (apparently) apply to all verticals, all sizes of business and all countries. He then goes back through those 6 steps in the correct order and includes leakage rates.This make phenomenal...


Creativity is The Missing Ingredient in Most Businesses Today (Nir Bashan with Jason Barnard)

Nir Bashan with Jason Barnard at Kalicube Tuesdays. Nir Bashan talks with Jason Barnard about business strategies. Ask yourself this: Is creativity all that important in my business? Answer is a resounding “yes”, according to Nir Bashan.During this interview, Nir explains how creativity just might be the most important aspect of your business (and mine), and also shares the three steps that allow you to capture and nurture productive creativity in everything we do....


How to Generate Unlimited Content Ideas (Melanie Deziel with Jason Barnard)

Melanie Deziel with Jason Barnard at Kalicube Tuesdays Melanie Deziel talks with Jason Barnard about content creation. In this episode, Melanie shares a really neat way to ensure you always have ideas for your content strategy. In a nutshell - for each idea there are 10 types of content, and 10 formats... that's 100 opportunities already. Then with repurposing and what Melanie refers to as multiplying, the number of possibilities becomes astronomically large. So, settle down comfortably and...


Finding the Right Agency for your Brand (Joe Koufman with Jason Barnard)

Joe Koufman with Jason Barnard at Kalicube Tuesdays. Joe Koufman talks with Jason Barnard about the tips and tricks of working with marketing agencies. Brands take on an agency because they are missing capacity or capability. Not enough internal resources, or a lack of skills of the internal workforce. I try to suggest that the brand might simply want an independent, unbiased view,a nd we might consider that as a third reason. But that still falls inside the duo - it's a question of...