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Diving Into the Visual Cloud

In this Intel-sponsored episode of SMACTalk, Daniel Newman leads a show focused on the visual cloud. Joining Daniel is Lynn Comp, Vice President of Data Center Group and General Manager of the Visual Cloud Division Network Platform Group at Intel. During the show, they discuss what Intel is doing in the realm of the visual cloud and what we can expect in the future. Lynn focuses her time on helping cloud services be transformed. She talked about the visual cloud including visual workloads...


How Will Automation Impact the Future of Work

In this IBM sponsored episode of SMACTalk, Daniel Newman goes solo on hosting duties and leads a show focused on the future of automated work. Joining Daniel for the discussion was Mike Gilfix, Vice President of Digital Business Automation at IBM, a software that digitizes business operations and provides them with intelligence around digital labor to upscale their business. The show focused on how technology such as automation, AI, data and machine learning is going to make companies...


SMACtalk Live From VM World 2018: How Intel Is Driving Digital Transformation

SMACTalk Live at VMWorld with Intel In this special Intel sponsored episode of SMACTalk, Daniel Newman leads a show focused on digital transformation while attending VMworld 2018. Joining Daniel is Lisa Davis, Vice President and General Manager of Digital Transformation and Scale Solutions, Enterprise and Government for Intel’s Data Center Group. During this podcast, Daniel speaks to Lisa about what Intel is doing to further digital transformation and how data will make it all happen...


Business Value of Twitter and Linkedin in 2018

On this episode co-hosts Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo discuss the business value of social networks Twitter and Linkedin breaking down what's working for each of them and providing tips and tricks for all business professionals.


Exploring New Data Center Technology Driving IT and User Experience

In this special Intel sponsored episode of SMACTalk, Co-Host Daniel Newman goes solo on the hosting duties and leads a show focused on what to expect from Intel at VMworld 2018, starting August 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Joining Daniel for the discussion was Jake Smith, Director of Data Center Technology at Intel Data Center Group, where he focuses on Zion and Optane Persistent Memory product lines and how those products can be integrated with technology like VMware. During the show, Jake...


What Does Facebook Stock Down Mean For Social Media Marketing?

On this episode co-hosts Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo discuss the massive stock drop by Facebook not as financial advisors because they won't claim to be that but they share their thoughts on what it means for the future of social media marketing. They also discuss why Twitter losses even when they do win and where they think social media marketing is moving in the future.



Today on SMACTalk Brian and Daniel welcome a new partner effort with IBM Call for Code welcoming David Clark, CEO of David Clark Cause and Angel Diaz, IBM Vice President. It isn't often enough that developers are recognized for the work they do. Sure, they have built those pesky apps that help us order books, coffee and listen to our favorite music anywhere we have internet connectivity. However, too often we hear about the negatives of programmers and developers. Those that are...


The Now And The Future of 5G

In this episode of SMACTalk Live, cohost Daniel Newman goes one on one with Intel Marketing Executive Bryan Madden to get an inside look at this year's 5G World and to explore where 5G technology will take us. This exciting conversation live at 5G World London takes a look at the following... * Intel's 5G Strategy * How Intel and Intel Select are empowering the partner ecosystem to role out best of breed 5G strategy. * 5G applications that are market ready today. * What to expect for...


Digital Transformation: Impact On Life Sciences and Aerospace Industries

Special SMACTalk double interview episode with SAP's Torsten Welte & Joe Miles. Aerospace: Torsten Welte, Global Vice President and Head, Aerospace Industry Business Unit The demand for single-aisle airplanes is exploding, while large aircrafts are scaling down production. Space travel is shifting from a government ambition to a private enterprise, and there's a lot of research fueling innovation. With the increased risk of fraud, the promise of blockchain offers increased visibility and...


Coffee and Artificial Intelligence

On this episode of SMACtalk, Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman discuss the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the retail space including how Starbucks is leveraging data analytics and AI. They also breakdown the impact of GDPR but don’t worry this isn’t a full episode on GDPR because as we can all agree we’ve had enough of GDPR for the moment. Discussed on this episode: Do today’s consumers realize that A.I. is already impacting them every single day?What impact with the GDPR changes have...


State of Digital Transformation

In this episode, Daniel and Brian discuss the data from the 2018 Digital Transformation Index from Futurum Research. This report goes in depth with over 1000 responses to understand how companies are adapting to new technologies, but also explores leadership, innovation, and culture as it pertains to companies being prepared for digital transformation and shifting consumer demands. Some specific topics covered in this episode include: Join us for this data rich, hot stove topic AND if...


Digital Transformation's Impact On Travel and Transportation Industries

SMACTalk special episode with SAP's Paul Pessutti, Global Head, Travel and Transportation Industry Business Unit Transportation companies have done a pretty good job at operational efficiency; however, the threat of new entrants is a forcing factor to push into customer-centric innovations. For instance, shippers could use blockchain to provide greater transparency into the journey of goods from factory to customer receipt. Increasingly, customers expect personalized services when they...


Who's To Blame: Facebook or Cambridge Analytica or Us the Users?

Cambridge Analytica situation.... Who controls our data? Is it a new problem or an old problem that people are just now making a fuss about? What impact will blockchain and other technology have on problems like this in the future? "We have a responsibility to protect your data, and if we can't then we don't deserve to serve you." - Mark Zuckerberg!


Exploring Intel's Strategy For 5G and Edge Computing

In this episode of SMACTalk, Co-Host Daniel Newman goes solo with Intel VP and General Manager, Caroline Chan to discuss the quickly evolving state of 5G as well as the growth of Edge Computing. This brief, but jam packed episode explores not only how these mega trends are impacting the future of technology, telecommunications and work, but Chan also provides an inside view from Intel as to their strategy to support the growth of these technologies as they become more and more a part of...


Mobile Future With 5G

What does our MOBILE future look like? Dan shares his thoughts from Mobile World Congress and Brian shares insights from this topic being discussed at Social Media Marketing World! For an audience looking for a business-centric multi­media experience on the topics of Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud, they will have to look no further than to LIVE. Founded in 2014 as a weekly podcast by Brian Fanzo & Daniel Newman, was featured as an iTunes “Top 10 New and...


Past, Present and Future S.M.A.C. Talk 100

SMACtalk launched December 18th, 2014 as an anti-niche video podcast show where hosts Brian Fanzo & Daniel Newman shared their thoughts and interviewed experts on the massive technology trends: Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud computing. Fast-forward to Jan 2018 for episode 100 and so much has changed around the platforms the hosts have used to push the podcast live not to mention the interviewing skills of the host while other things have stayed the same since the start. On...


Into The Future of Connected Consumers With Dan Mitchell from SAS

These days the way we shop is changing more than ever before. We have smart speakers that we can talk to, “Alexa, order paper towels, oh and grab me a burger from Wendy’s as well.” And voilia, in comes your paper towels and Grub Hub delivers you lunch. Of course, this is just the power of shopping in the home. What is even more powerful is how these in-home experiences, mobile experiences and in the store experiences are all coming together. In the next few years, we will see technologies...


2017 What It Was and What 2018 Will Be

2017 was an interesting year in technology and digital marketing but will it lead to great innovations through digital transformation in 2018 or will 2018 be the year innovations flat line. This episode is a must listen to show as you might be surprised by Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo's predictions for 2018 and beyond. Before you can talk about the future you must analyze the past and on this episode, Daniel and Brian spend much of the show discussing and in many cases debating the good,...


The Big Repeal: Net Neutrality

Today the FCC voted along partisan lines to repeal regulatory provisions we had come to know as “Net Neutrality.” The purpose of Net Neutrality was to ensure an open internet where all users can enjoy the same quality of access. We believe the FCC’s decision will put too much power into the hands of a few companies, and ultimately weaken the innovation ecosystem that relies on a free and open internet to grow and thrive. Most of the services we enjoy today, like Netflix, Facebook, Uber...


Future of Connected Vehicles with Lonnie Miller of SAS

Be sure to download and tune into this episode of SMACtalk brought to you in partnership with SAS Software (Link). We promise it is full of learnings that all business leaders can leverage in planning the future of their organizations.