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Will Facebook and Apple Privacy Concerns Drive Change Beyond The Great Hack?

On this episode Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo are back to talk privacy and security, a topic they're both passionate about and yet often share a different point of view and passion for the topic. On this episode they discuss: Also check out Daniel Newman's new book Human/Machine!


Elon Musk, Mad Genius or Still Stoned

On this episode Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman talk everything Elon Musk from Tesla latest earning numbers to Elon's most recent tweets to the future of autonomous vehicles!


Cybersecurity, Privacy and Transparency: What Does The Future Hold?

On this episode of SMACtalk Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo start the conversation off discussing recent cybersecurity breaches but this leads into a much bigger discussion on privacy and transparency posing a lot of unanswered questions... We would love to hear your thoughts on the topic.... post on twitter using hashtag #SMACtalk and @DanielNewmanUV or @iSocialFanz will jump in the conversation!


Mobile World Congress 2019: What to expect?

On this episode hosts Daniel Newman & Brian Fanzo preview the upcoming technology event Mobile World Congress 2019. Daniel will be heading over there to cover the event as an analyst and provided his predictions for the event.


Facebook + Apple + Google: Flexing Muscle or More Than That

On this episode of SMACtalk Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman breakdown the current drama and flexing of muscles between technology giants Facebook, Apple and Google. Article Referenced in this episode:


Marketers don’t get emerging technology or do they?

Marketers aren’t marketing in 2019 without technology but sadly most marketers don’t think of themselves at technologists but even more troubling aren’t doing the research to understand the emerging technologies that will massively disrupt the industry over the next 10 years. A recent Digiday survey found that 9% of marketers consider themselves fluent in blockchain… This mindblowing stat was the inspiration for this episode of SMACtalk hosted by Daniel Newman & Brian Fanzo. On this...


Leadership in the Digital Transformation Age

On this episode hosts Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman tackle a topic that they probably love talking even more than technology and that's digital leadership and more importantly what are some of the trends and changes that must be made by leadership and for leadership in this digital transformation age. As you’ll hear both Brian and Daniel are extremely passionate about this topic as its the main theme that they speak about on stages around the world and on this episode they covered a wide...


CES 2019: What you need to know before, during and after the show!

It’s CES time of the year and Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo are back again to talk about the trends they are excited about and what they expect to emerge from CES 2019 week in Las Vegas. Daniel wrote a CES post for Forbes titled CES Predictions: 5 Key Themes For CES 2019 and on this episode they’ll cover the topics in this post and also debate some other trends. Some of the trends discussed in this episode: Artificial IntelligenceSmart Speakers5G (Real vs Fake)Autonomous Vehicles and...


2019 Social Media, Mobility, .Analytics and Cloud Predictions

Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo are excited to be back for 2019 and have big plans for the upcoming year. On this episode they add a new twist to the yearly prediction show by focusing on each letter of the show acroynm S.M.A.C providing some bold and also some not so bold predictions for social media, mobility, analytics and cloud computing. What are Daniel and Brian’s predictions around: Machine LearningArtificial IntelligenceApple5G Real + FakeEdge computingLinkedin You’ll have to listen...


How Automation Will Forever Change Customer Experience

In this episode of SMACTalk, Daniel Newman invites IBM Automation (Client) GM/VP Gene Chao to share his insights on how Customer Experience is being impacted by Automation. On the show, Gene is asked the following questions. Packed with insights, Gene helps companies understand the ways that Automation is going to change the way people interact with companies. This isn't just customers, but employees too. But the positive thing is that automation isn't going to displace, but rather...


B2B Content Marketing Innovation with Ginger Shimp and Jeff Janiszewski of SAP

On this edition of SMACTalk, Co-hosts Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman invite special guests Ginger Shimp and Jeff Janiszewski from SAP to talk about innovation in content marketing. While so many B2B companies struggle to evolve beyond traditional funnel marketing, Shimp and Janiszewski share how they have taken traditional funnel methods like white papers, lead generation and social media, and utilized new tactics like audio books white papers (


AI and Analytics Must Kill Prehistoric Marketing with Steve Rudolph

In this episode of SMACtalk, Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo welcome guest Steve Rudolph of Pegasystems. In his role at Pega, Steve leads the industry market group covering telco and all the industries it touches, from insurance to financial services. In his role, he focuses on how to create value in customer relationships by using data effectively. During the podcast, Daniel, Brian and Steve discussed the need for today’s industries to embrace AI and machine learning in advertising to...


Diving Into the Visual Cloud

In this Intel-sponsored episode of SMACTalk, Daniel Newman leads a show focused on the visual cloud. Joining Daniel is Lynn Comp, Vice President of Data Center Group and General Manager of the Visual Cloud Division Network Platform Group at Intel. During the show, they discuss what Intel is doing in the realm of the visual cloud and what we can expect in the future. Lynn focuses her time on helping cloud services be transformed. She talked about the visual cloud including visual workloads...


How Will Automation Impact the Future of Work

In this IBM sponsored episode of SMACTalk, Daniel Newman goes solo on hosting duties and leads a show focused on the future of automated work. Joining Daniel for the discussion was Mike Gilfix, Vice President of Digital Business Automation at IBM, a software that digitizes business operations and provides them with intelligence around digital labor to upscale their business. The show focused on how technology such as automation, AI, data and machine learning is going to make companies...


SMACtalk Live From VM World 2018: How Intel Is Driving Digital Transformation

SMACTalk Live at VMWorld with Intel In this special Intel sponsored episode of SMACTalk, Daniel Newman leads a show focused on digital transformation while attending VMworld 2018. Joining Daniel is Lisa Davis, Vice President and General Manager of Digital Transformation and Scale Solutions, Enterprise and Government for Intel’s Data Center Group. During this podcast, Daniel speaks to Lisa about what Intel is doing to further digital transformation and how data will make it all happen...


Business Value of Twitter and Linkedin in 2018

On this episode co-hosts Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo discuss the business value of social networks Twitter and Linkedin breaking down what's working for each of them and providing tips and tricks for all business professionals.


Exploring New Data Center Technology Driving IT and User Experience

In this special Intel sponsored episode of SMACTalk, Co-Host Daniel Newman goes solo on the hosting duties and leads a show focused on what to expect from Intel at VMworld 2018, starting August 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Joining Daniel for the discussion was Jake Smith, Director of Data Center Technology at Intel Data Center Group, where he focuses on Xeon Scalable Processors and Optane Persistent Memory product lines and how those products can be integrated with technology like...


Facebook Woes and Twitter Blows (Away their best quarter yet!)

On this episode co-hosts Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo discuss the massive stock drop by Facebook not as financial advisors because they won't claim to be that but they share their thoughts on what it means for the future of social media marketing. They also discuss why Twitter losses even when they do win and where they think social media marketing is moving in the future.



Today on SMACTalk Brian and Daniel welcome a new partner effort with IBM Call for Code welcoming David Clark, CEO of David Clark Cause and Angel Diaz, IBM Vice President. It isn't often enough that developers are recognized for the work they do. Sure, they have built those pesky apps that help us order books, coffee and listen to our favorite music anywhere we have internet connectivity. However, too often we hear about the negatives of programmers and developers. Those that are building...


The Now And The Future of 5G

In this episode of SMACTalk Live, cohost Daniel Newman goes one on one with Intel Marketing Executive Bryan Madden to get an inside look at this year's 5G World and to explore where 5G technology will take us. This exciting conversation live at 5G World London takes a look at the following... * Intel's 5G Strategy * How Intel and Intel Select are empowering the partner ecosystem to role out best of breed 5G strategy. * 5G applications that are market ready today. * What to expect for 5G...